.:Lotd:. Those Yoga Pants Tho

Hair: Lamb Flower @ Collabor88
Eyes: Lovely Disarray Ghoul Eyes : Set One @ Marketplace
Eyeshadow: Lovely Disarray - Aggressive Intentions [UNISEX] @ Marketplace
Lipstick: Lovely Disarray I'm No Priest @ Marketplace
Skin: Pink Fuel <Vamp> Doll V2 (Pack #3 - Slink)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Facial Piercing: Suicidal Unborn Kara Facial Piercing Set (Group VIP Gift)
Lip Piercing: HollyWeird [PC - 25 Mesh Piercing]
Top: Goth1c0 Ombre Loose Tank Top - White
Pants: Blueberry Sylvia - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - White
Shoes: DirtyMind Platform Chucksters - Black (Not Available Anymore)
Nails: Scene Mani Panic @ Suicide Dollz
Bracelets: Katat0nik Maiu Bracelet - Origami Hunt Gift @ Origami Event (Mall LM)




::- LOOK 1 -::


Hair: [taketomi] ~ Ningyo
Skin: -Glam Affair ~ Katra
Make Up:
– Soiree ~ Moondust Eyeshadow #Iridescent
– Soiree ~ Moondust Eyeshadow #Purity
– MONS ~ Eyeshadow Pastel Dreams – cotton
– Soiree ~ Last Call Eyeshadow #Bare Minimum
– -SU!- ~ Add On Your Face *Tattoo* 03
Lovely Disarray ~ Blush : Apple
Lovely Disarray ~ Blush : Embarrassed
– NOX. ~ Rature Brows
Eyes: [Buzz] ~ Crystal
Lashes: Sweet Thing. ~ False Lashes – Romantic
Body Mods:
– .Loud Mouth. ~ Alli {Closed}
– Maitreya – Mesh Body ~ Lara
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Smoking
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Feet – Flat


Shirt: Foxes ~ Peplum Top
Skirt: [whatever] ~ miniskirt
Shoes: Elysium ~ Linnda ballerina


Flower: . Quirky . ~ ME!ME!ME! Flower { Kawaii Project }
Piercing: – .HoD. – ~ Lisbeth
Necklace: . Quirky . ~ Zipper Choker { IDK }
Cuffs:. Quirky . ~ ME!ME!ME! Arm Cuff { Kawaii Project }

::- LOOK 2 -::


Hair: [taketomi] ~ Sairen
Skin: -Glam Affair ~ Katra
Make Up:
– Soiree ~ Moondust Eyeshadow #Iridescent
– Soiree ~ Moondust Eyeshadow #Purity
– MONS ~ Eyeshadow Pastel Dreams – cotton
– Soiree ~ Last Call Eyeshadow #Bare Minimum
– -SU!- ~ Add On Your Face *Tattoo* 03
Lovely Disarray ~ Blush : Apple
Lovely Disarray ~ Blush : Embarrassed
– *Bolson ~ Head Tattoo – Gus
– NOX. ~ Rature Brows
Eyes: [Buzz] ~ Crystal
Lashes: Sweet Thing. ~ False Lashes – Romantic
Body Mods:
– .Loud Mouth. ~ Alli {Closed}
– Maitreya – Mesh Body ~ Lara
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Smoking
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Feet – Flat


Dress: -Pixicat- ~ Sheer.Dress
Tights: .Atomic. ~ {Gacha} Mermaid Dreams – Black Stockings
Shoes: Elysium ~ Linnda ballerina


Butterflies: *BOOM* ~ Metamorphisis
Piercings: – .HoD. – ~ Lisbeth
Tattoo: .DirtyStories. ~ Mandala Tattoo
Necklace: . Quirky . ~ Lovable Collar { Kinky Monthly }
Garters: . Quirky . ~ ME!ME!ME! Garter { Kawaii Project }
Cuffs: . Quirky . ~ Lovable Ankle Cuffs { Kinky Monthly }

x Dream Afterthought

LOTD 235

LOTD 235

Shoes~ |Remarkable Oblivion| GearJammer Heels
Bracelets~ |Katat0nik| Maiu Bracelets
Horns~ |Quirky/Lovely Disarray| Reaper Horns @ Manga Fair
Hair~ |Olive| The Chelo Hair
Pet~ |ViraTech| Proto-Dragoon
Top~ |NoName| Tramp Top @ Hunt for Your Inner Slut
{Hint: Is that a cock poking me in the back?}
Skin~ |Glam Affair| Artemis
Necklace~ |Altair| Drink Me Necklace @ Kawaii Project

Pose~ |Exposeur| Top Model
Location~ Insilico

069. Welcome to the Monster Plaza


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Blythe – variety
Eye (Left): Lovely Disarray – Ghoul Eyes : Hunger
Eye (Right): {S0NG} :: Toki // Ice Eye
Lace Tattoo: {PHRESH} Sultry Lace – Face Tattoo with eye liner (Tintable) (Not Available Anymore)
Skin: VCO ~ Mona Skin
Mesh Lips: VCO – LULU Red lip
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Top: [N] BOX Seether Corset cross2 [Suicide Dollz]
Bottom: [N] BOX Seether Pants blk [Suicide Dollz]

Headdress: [LF] Flower in Chains Headband Black (Gacha)
Choker: 2PM. Tattoo choker / black (Lucky Board)
Armband: .DirtyStories. Bullets Armband [Suicide Dollz]

Chair: +MC+Baroque Chair v2-Bright [Suicide Dollz]

~Love is my religion...and I'm a sinner~

Indie Teepee Links

Loves & Kisses

Skin:  DeeTaleZ - Miranda blond Mixedtype - NEW
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Vinyl -  Jagger-Love  Crop Top - NEW @ Project Limited
*MUKA* Shirley - White - NEW @ Chapter 4

Kibitz - Clitch ring - pearl - NEW @ OMGacha
Kibitz - Pricey bow necklace RARE - NEW @ OMGacha

 Indie Teepee - Teepee - Limited Edition - NEW @ Indie Teepee
Indie Teepee Ukelele Anthem - NEW @ Indie Teepee
 Ukelele - Wood Etched - Flower - NEW @ Indie Teepee
 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nomad Leather Pouf Brown - NEW

#390 A walk in the forest

Post #391

Today's outfit started right at the tip of my head with this beautiful crown from Zuri Rayna, which comes in an array of different colours and metals. The Junbug gown was already in my inventory, it was a 55L or 60L offer (cant remember which) a while ago, and like maybe 90% of my inventory, has never been worn.  It is truly gorgeous - look at that back view, absolutely stunning. 

Post #391

My hair is a recent release from Elikatira - it is so elegant and understated and has become a real favourite updo.  My shoes from KC Couture come with their wonderful extensive texture change hud - these are the suede Antea, but you can also buy them in snake.  In your box you get the shoes rigged for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.  

Post #391


Mesh Body:  Belleza Isis 
Skin:   Belleza Amelia
Hair: Elikatira Karee - Brunettes
Eyes:  Ikon
Hands & Feet:  SLink 

Eyelashes:  Mon Cheri Falsies
Freckles:   Belleza Amelia Freckles Medium
Manicure & Pedicure:   DaneMarkZ - Belleza nails - Ten Shades of Passion

Gown:  Junbug Valetta [Violet] 
Shoes:  KC Couture Antea "Suede" for Belleza

Crown:  Zuri Rayna - Asherah Crown - Amethyst/Pewter 
Necklace:   Sax Shepherd Designs - Nia Moon (gacha)
Earrings:  Sax Shepherd Designs - Nia Moon (gacha)
Bracelet/Bangle:   Sax Shepherd Designs - Nia Moon (gacha)

Poses:  KaTink  - Haute and Karolina
Backdrop:  KaTink Kingdom

There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.
SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).  

Second Life 10th Annual Hair Fair - My Top Picks (Part 1)

The 2015 Second Life Hair Fair is here at last! It runs from July 11th to July 26th. This is one of those events that always gets everyone talking and rushing to the sims. You can find the map of the sims and all the store SLurls here.
There are 4 sims full of fabulous hair styles from some of the bet creators and stylists from around the grid - Blonde, Brunette, Redhead & Noirette - plus this year for the first few days there are a couple of 'off-sim' shopping locations too where you can cam shop or wait to get onto the sims, which you can find here & here :P
You can check out all the demo's before TPing too so there is no need to be fighting lag when you are there - just join the demo group inworld by copy and pasting this code into local chat: 

All hairs in this post can be found at the SL Hair Fair and all donate a portion of the takings to the Wigs for Kids charity which is such an unbelievably good cause. The amount donated varies from creator to creator, with some even donating 100% of the takings (e.g. Blues Hair).
This is my first post for this years Hair Fair and trust me when I say there is plenty more to come (really, I have absoloutley no L$ left jingling in my pockets after yesterday's shopping! lol)

The first hairs in this post are all by Adoness, who always provides edgy cuts in an array of eccentric, punky and more natural looking shades. All 3 hairs come with shaves hair base tattoo layers. I love 'Asgardis' with its super-long length mixed with cool choppy layers.

Main pic:
Hair - Adoness - Asgardis
Piercings - CerberusXing [CX] - Split Set - Black *TMD*
Tattoo - White Widow - Tombstone *Anybody*
Bikini - [sYs] - Solaris
Wings - Aitui - Mechanical Wings - Industrial (from June Arcade)
Eye Makeup - Zibska - Ltd Noir 1-12 *Project Limited*
Skin - Glam Affair - Katra - Polar
Mesh Body - Maitreya Lara

Pose by Del May
Pic taken at rez-friendly Ironwood Hills

Below (left to right):
Adoness Asgardis
Adoness Frigg
Adoness Valhalla

Left - Lamb - Need You
Right - Mithral Apothecary - Verbena

Below (left to right):
[e] [elikatira] - Brooklyn
Exile - Walking on Sunshine
Blues - Freya
eXxEsS - Lora

All by Tableau Vivant
(L to R) Cara - Last Train Home - Ten - Scarlett 
(Scarlett also includes a hat version)

Below (left to right):
Runaway [RA] - Harajuku 
Runaway [RA] - Waterfall 
Lelutka - Deanna
Analog Dog - Psylocibin

Dress - Pixicat - Darling Dress
Necklace - .random.Matter. 
Tattoo - White Widow - Music Box

Lelutka Stella mesh head with [PUMEC] Inga in Winter skin applier

Bandana Day is 26th of July where we remove our hair to show we care. All bandanas sold at hair fair have been created by Residents all over SL and 100% of sales of those go to Wigs for Kids, and are only available for sale during this event, and destroyed after it ends. They will be transfer, so you can gift them.

Birth of a Reaper, 1

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: A wandering woman in fancy garb stopped dead in her tracks. She had no care that she was in the middle of a busy cobblestone street. She had just seen a frightful sight. There, before the Undertaker's shop was a scary looking man in bonds. "You," she glided towards him. "It's a faint memory, but yes. Yes. I do remember your face. You were dear to me. Why do you look so frightful? What happened to you? Why are in chains?" His dazed eyes looked towards her. They flickered like candlelight through the moving picture Mutoscope. "I am cursed," he moaned pitifully. "I have committed a terrible sin." As if to demonstrate, he lifted his straightjacketed arms and rattled his chains. She was taken aback. "Well surely, it can't be that bad." She made a gallant effort to sound cheerful and dusted the cobwebs off his shoulder. "Tell me what happened."

ROMP Fair Summer is in full swing, and among the interesting items you can pick up is the new Contraption straightjacket. It comes in male and female, lighter and gunmetal color, fitted mesh version with arms unbound, and one with arms wrapped up. It's wonderful and I am so excited to see Contraption making clothing now. The Leg Prosthesis also by Contraption are on sale at The Men's Department. They are fitted mesh so you can scale the foot to any size you like, and adjust the thickness at the upper thigh. Also at ROMP is the fun Chains Set by Swagga. It comes with boxers, and fits for the default avatar and The Mesh Project body. In the background is an awesome new release by Death Row, - The Funeral Hearse. It's 15 land impact, and loaded with poses for singles, and couples, plus an adult version. The top hat and monocle are from the Death Row outfits gacha from last month's Arcade. The Flourish hair is by Magika, and works great on the guys and under hats. The Flesh Eater teeth are from [ni.Ju]. They come in clean and bloody, open and smile. ... I was really inspired by all these awesome new goodies. Part two of the Birth of a Reaper will show some more goodies from ROMP. You can read more details about ROMP Fair Summer here: https://rompfair.wordpress.com/

On Him, The Reaper:
Chains, collar: SWaGGa Chains Set [mesh](ROMP)(299L)
Straitjacket: Contraption Gainsley Straitjacket Unbound *gunmetal* Fitted [mesh](ROMP)(250L)
Legs: Contraption Classic Leg Prosthesis *gunmetal* Fitted [mesh](The Men's Department)(150L)
Hair: Magika Flourish [mesh](250L)
Eyemakeup: Lovely Disarray Haunted Souls : Eye Shadow (140L)
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild S'Wear "Biker "mens leather pants (199L)
Teeth: [ni.Ju] Flesh Eater Teeth [mesh](50L)
Tatoo: [ni.Ju] Hime-yu blush (no longer available)
Eyes: Clemmm Ghost eyes (130L)
Hat: Death Row gothic male Hat, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Monocle: Death Row gothic male monocle, gacha [mesh](no longer available)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Ryan - Sent to destroy 4 (Boystown)(no longer available)
Pose: Le Poppycock Ain't 2 proud (35L)
Prop: Death Row funeral hearse - old, 15 LI [mesh](pg 550L, adult 899L)

Port Babbage - Noctis undertaker



I don't even know where to start with this outfit.  VA VA VA VOOM, Its incredibly sexy and so detailed, with dozens of chain links, beads and medaillions, and you have 3 different metal versions to win, yep its a gacha :P  Oh and I can't forget that there are tons of color options on the belt and bra as well.  I also want everyone to take an hour and go to the Hair Fair, its for a great cause firstly and there are a ton of beautiful hairs there filling 4 sims, and there are some lovely gifts as well.

The newest release from Essences is this stunning skin, I did not edit the face at all so it is flawless as you can see.  Its a must try for sure.

Loves & Kisses
Skin:  Essences [LouAnn] medium02 - NEW @ Kustom9
Hair:  Moon. Hair. // Tangerine - HAIR FAIR GIFT
Bossie. alice eyebrows [angry]
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

.aisling. Aphrodite - Bra - Copper - NEW @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Aphrodite - Panty - Copper - NEW @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Aphrodite - Belt - Copper - NEW @ The Secret Affair

.aisling. Aphrodite - Headdress (RARE) - NEW @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Aphrodite - Belt - Copper - NEW @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Aphrodite - Hand (Circle) - Copper - NEW @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Aphrodite - Bracelet - Copper - NEW @ The Secret Affair

Infiniti - Sweet 8 - NEW @ Candy Fair



Special thanks to Cerberus for posing with me.
His Flickr
His Store Blog


.Hair:  *Dura-Anime*01(White)

.Eye:Lovely Disarray – Ghoul Eyes – Hunger


.Belt: DRD – Utility Belt

.Jacket: [ContraptioN] Gainsley Straitjacket  @ Romp

.Legs: [ContraptioN]  @ TMD


.Hair: Action Inkubator – Oliver

.Mask: [ContraptioN] – Riders Mask

.Jacket: [ContraptioN] Gainsley Straitjacket @ Romp

.Pants: LikeA : Denim BK



Body :

Skin : + Cold Virus Skin w/Veins no Brows + {aii} <= N E W @ The Mainstore

Hair :   *Dura-Anime*03(White)-WH <= N E W @ The Mainstore

Body :   Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes : Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll /// Blood Disaster-Concave- (R) + antielle. & *Katat0nik* Nebulae Eye (L) + antielle. & *Katat0nik* Nebulae Lens (L) <= N E W @ IDK


Eyelashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes <Tintable> (marketplace)

Teeth : *The Collective* SHARK Tru Mesh Teeth GIFT BOX v1.5 (marketplace)

Accesoiries :

Makeup :  Clem’s – At death’s door pale + Lovely Disarray – Pestilence ( marketplace )

Piercings :[ni.Ju] Terymn Piercing . full + [ni.Ju] Devils Gangway Piercing . nose bridge + [CX] Split Piercing (Black)  <= N E W @ TMD 

Horns : The Horror!~ Horror’s Dream <= N E W @ Origami

Toe Claws : [CX] Talon Nails Maitreya Flat (Black) <= N E W @ ROMP

Ankle cuffs : [LAB737] Cuff Ankle <= N E W @ ROMP

Outfit :

Top : [ContraptioN] Gainsley Straitjacket *gunmetal* BOXED  <= N E W @ ROMP

Pants : *MUKA* Shirley – Black – Maitreya Lara <= N E W @ TC4

~I'm Yours~

Well a new round of The Men's Department started off while I was away so I'm still sorting through things but I fell in love with the [ kunst ] accessories so I thought about how best to show them off and here we go, I made a pose that displays them quite well I believe :P  I also wanted to show off the amazing owl tattoo that White Widow is releasing for the upcoming Wizarding Faire.  It comes with all the appliers and in 3 different tones.  Mark your calenders for this one <3

Loves & Kisses
Skin:  DeeTaleZ - Miranda blond Mixedtype - NEW
Hair:  pr!tty - Anna - NEW @ Chapter 4
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Bossie. isla string [pink] - NEW @ anyBody

[White~Widow] Insidious - SOON @ The Wizarding Faire
[Z O O M] Caline Lux Watch - NEW @ Chapter 4
[ kunst ] - Magnus ring (right) - NEW @ The Men's Dept
[ kunst ] - Maximus ring - NEW @ The Men's Dept
[ kunst ] - Lucius bracelet (right) - NEW @ The Men's Dept
[ kunst ] - Lucius ring - NEW @ The Men's Dept

Hair Fair 2015 Preview

It’s that time again! Hair Fair opens tomorrow, July 11th. I’ll be showing off hairs from several stores… Check out the previews below!


Pictured from L to R: Miko, Etsuko and Hisako

Ayashi is quickly becoming one of my favorite hair stores! They have three hairs available at hair fair this year. Miko & Etsuko come with a color change HUD for the accessories.


Pictured from L to R: Sol, Luna v2, Luna v1 and Estrella

Beusy hairs come with roots & solids options. There are 4 hairs available. Estrella has optional kitty ear buns.


Pictured from L to R: Waterfall, Harajuku, Harley, Spring

Runaway is a new hair store for me this year, and a great find! These styles fit my personality so well!


Pictured from L to R: F068, F069, F070, F067

Cheveux has several hairs available and they are all super cute! Especially the one that covers the eyes… reminds me of Daesung. :X hehe


Pictured from L to R: Aurora 1, Aurora 2, Desire 1, Desire 2, Maude

Amacci hair has several options for you at this years hair fair and they all have a sort of retro vibe going on. Very cute!


Pictured from L to R: Kai, Jie, Ida, Hilda

Blueberry has four hairs to choose from in an array of unique colors.


Pictured from L to R: Claire, Desta, Rayne

I’ve been a customer of this store since I was a noob. I remember going to sales there with large groups of friends and buying all the things!! haha So glad she is making hair again. Elikatira has four hairs out which include Rayne, Desta, Claire and Brooklyn.


Pictured from L to R: Charlotte, Evelin, Cynthia, Renesmee, Britney

enVOGUE has a lot of unique hairs out this year. Some of them require the use of a hair base, others do not. All are gorgeous!

How’s that for a preview?? 😀 I will be doing a post with some of my favorite freebies from this years Hair Fair as well, so stay tuned!

On Guin:
skin: Angelica – Mina Sugar
eyes: Mayfly – Desert Dawn Shadow
eyeshadow: Angelica – Summer make up babypink *new* at The Seasons Story
lipstick: Angelica – Summer make up pink rare *new* at The Seasons Story
tops: Luas – My Boho Top (all styles) *new* at Indie Teepee
shorts: Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts Belted

pose by Kirin – Maki *new* for Fifty Linden Friday!

The post Hair Fair 2015 Preview appeared first on hump muffin.

Dirty Stories are the best stories 

Skin: Deetalez: Miranda
Hair: Spellbound - Kiki
Arm Band: Dirty Stories - Bullets Arm Band @ Suicide Dollz
Face Mask: Goth1c0 - Leather Mask 2 @ Romp
Piercing: CerberusXing - Venom
Tattoo: Inhale - Violence
Eyes: Clemmm - The Whites
Eye Make Up: Dead Apples - Glam
Teeth: Deetalez - Teeth and Tongue
Lip: Lovely Disarray - Underworld Allegiance
Top: Corvus - Hands Bandana Top
Shorts: Cynful - Demin Shorts
Boots: Razor - Onslaught
Body: Belleza - Isis



Well, count on me
When the world isn’t kind
And it leaves you behind
All alone

.Skin: THESKINSHOP ‘Fox’ (Athletic)

.Hair:   {aii}  +Thresh & Gld Hooks @ The Arena

.Eyes: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes- Wolf


.Face Markings: Lovely Disarray – Reno Reloaded

.Nose Pierce: [CX] – Menace Arc

.Necklace: .:Angel of Metal:. Thor Hammer Necklace [GOLD]

.Talons: [CX]  Lethal Talons

.Armor: Yasum – Shoulder Dragon

.Waist Belt: [BODY FACTORY] Desert Belt @ The Fantasy Collective

.Hip Belt:  [The Forge]  Arwen’s Belt, Black, Unisex

.Bracers: [The Forge] Plaid Bracers

.Arm Wraps: [CX] Wraps

.Leg Straps: [BODY FACTORY] Legend Knife Holster

.Pants: Wimey – Tybalt Trousers @ The Arena

.Feet Talons:[CX]  Lethal Talons @ Romp (7/3)

.Weapon:  RO Mercenary Guild CrosShot Cont – CrosShot RARE @ The Arcade

.Panther:  Alchemy  – The Huntress – Panther

#389 We'll drink a drink a drink to ZsaZsa the pink the pink the pink

Just Because, Mina, Belleza

I rarely wear pink in either life, not because I don't like the colour, I do - but in sl I like to experiment with colours I might not wear in rl - greens, browns, neutrals - and today, pink.  For some reason when I was getting this post together I thought "go pink".  So I pinked Zsa up big-style.  I wish I was being paid for everytime I said pink in this blog post!

As a mesh body addict, I am really into items that are rigged to the various mesh bodies, and Annie Melson is one of the designers who do it incredibly well.  My Corset and Cami come in a great selection of colours, and in 4 leather and 8 lace options - or you can go for the fatpack which gives you all those options on a convenient hud.  You can wear the corset and cami together as I have here, or the corset on its own. Whichever you choose, you will receive it rigged for Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and classic avvie fitted mesh.   The textures are incredible, very detailed, and the creases on both cami and corset are very realistic.

Just Because, Mina, Glamistry, Belleza

My pants are again from Just Because and come in a dazzling array of colours - I love this vibrant fuschia, and actually had a pair of jeans this colour when I was a teenager! There are 15 fantastic colours to choose from, whether you are wanting to go neutral or vibrant, and again you can go for individual pairs or a fatpack of 15. They are one of Just Because's slightly older items and in your pack you get classic avatar fitted mesh and custom made for Belleza.

My shoes from Glamistry are, as with all his creations, simply stunning, with his impeccable attention to detail. As if that wasn't enough, his revolutionary hud system allows you to add new colours without leaving your house, and every new colour added is added to your pool of colours available to mix and match.  

If you are curious about my strange blog title, click here, I think there are probably only two people who read my blog who will have even heard of The Scaffold.  Random useless info - the guy on the left is Paul McCartney's brother, stage name Mike McGear.


Mesh Body:  Belleza Venus v3
Skin:   Belleza - Amelia SK
Hair:  Mina - Ariana - Dark red
Eyes:  Ikon Promise
Hands & Feet:  Belleza 

Eyelashes:  Mon Cheri Falsies
Manicure & Pedicure:   Somnia- Dual Drippy 

Top:  Just Because - CamiCorset Combo - Lace - Belleza PushUp
Pants:  Just Because  - Skinny Pants - Belleza
Shoes:  Glamistry - Hyacinth Heels - Belleza

Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace -  Annette 
Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer -  Annette
Bracelet/Bangle:  Maxi Gossamer - Annette

Poses: KaTink  - Leona
Backdrop:  KaTink - Skies

There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.
SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).  

Blog 174

The Secret Garden.

Tableau Vivant \ Elvi [svelte guy] :Tableau Vivant

Tableau Vivant \  Rays Skin - Tone 01 - eyeshadow:Tableau Vivant

[CX] Scaled Deity Halo & cuffs [CX]/Totally Top Shelf

[CX] Diamond Septum (Silver): [CX]

[D]oki - Antlers Fae; Sherbert ULTRARARE:[D] oki/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

[Gauze] DragonBorn Eyes-Silver:[Gauze]/We <3 RP (4th Aug)

Lovely Disarray - Forgotten Nobility : Matte Noir [Complete]: Lovely Disarray MP/Totally Top Shelf

::TI:: Essential Nose chain - Black:  ::TI::/Fantasy Collective

{L} Collar; 'Tri Rings' {Noir} UNCOMMON:{L}/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

Una: Jewelry Skull CRani shoulder pads:Una/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

Una: Chained Pad Taluna & TALUNA SCARF:Una/We <3 RP (4th Aug)

Ghost'Ink Class Avatar:: Baka Tattoo  ::White RARE:Ghost Ink MP/Fantasy Gacha (14th Aug)

:Enigma: Ragnar [Kilt] White::Enigma:

~*S.E.*~ Draconian Wings:*S.E*/We <3 RP (4th Aug)


Vrooooom, Vroooommm....I once seen a license plate on the back of a suped up Corvette with the that said Vroooom made me giggle quite a bit because I thought it was quite clever.  I have always loved fast cars and bikes, yes I drive both regularly and have the record to prove it.  So I've always enjoyed looking at what creators can come up with for vehicles in SL, well of course I needed a bad a$$ outfit to go on my look see.  I had this brand new Blueberry top that looks great with jeans as well as this 3/4 length skirt from Cynful.  Don't forget to stop by Event@1st for this gorgeous White Widow tattoo, its available in 3 different colors.

Loves & Kisses

Skin:   ..:: AYA ::.. Iris - Oak Buff - Natural Eyebrow B - NEW
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Randa - NEW
[PXL] SweetLips02  v1.0 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.3
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual

Blueberry - Knotted Tops /Bra/ - NEW @ Uber
[Cynful] Denim Skirt 3/4 - Maitreya Lara - NEW
Razor/// Dread Boots - SHORTER

[CX] Soldered Armlets L (Onyx) - NEW
::AME:: Cadwyn Collar Onyx - NEW
*MUKA* Ari Belly Chai
[White~Widow] - Music Box - Blue - NEW @ Event@1st

Bauhaus Movement - Intruders 1

338. LOTD

Skin by Alterego - Kensi - Ash tan LIMITED EDITION
Shape by me
Hair by Shi - Bob Knot @ Uber
Mouth by Loud Mouth - Brandee
Body by Maitreya
Hands by Maitreya 
Ears by Soul - Uni ears - Dobby
Make up by Loverly Disarray -  Forgotten Nobility Eye Makeup : Matte Noir @ Totally Top Shelf ( August 1st - August 22nd)

Bra by FDD - Joselle RARE  @ Totally Top Shelf ( August 1st - August 22nd)
Camisk by FDD - Joselle RARE @ Totally Top Shelf ( August 1st - August 22nd)
Socks by FDD - Joselle Common @ Totally Top Shelf ( August 1st - August 22nd)


Armtattoo, Crown & Halo by CerberusXing - @ Totally Top Shelf ( August 1st - August 22nd)
Nosebone by random Matter - Bone Harvest w/shadows v1

1 year anniversary
August 1st - 22nd

Last of the Red Leaf Tribe

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Many moons ago, the prodigal son of Red Leaf carried out unspeakable crimes in far away place beyond the sky. They said his heart had been twisted by evil. Many fearful foreigners with terrifying weapons came to hunt down the Red Leaf. It didn't matter they were innocents. If one dark seed came from the Red Leaf surely there could be another. But the hunters missed one, the shy Devva Vauke who lived alone in the forest of the fire snake. He was now the last of his tribe.

I wrestled with this character all month and finally I got a look I loved. He's like an alien Last of the Mohicans. You can pick the Legacy of Maul skin at WLRP on sale today, and then after that head to the Fallen Gods mainstore. Maul includes appliers for slink nails, lotus, Uniear, TMP, and L'Uomo. ... A new event for role players is The Conquest. The druid tree body jewels is by Swagga. It's fitted mesh and works great with the TMP body. I tinted the light tree bark for a darker color. ... The one year anniversary round of Creation.Jp has begun! There are lots of excellent goodies and gifts too. Above is the Eastern Promises hair by Tableau Vivant. It comes in rigged, unrigged, whole, and two separate parts and a complete hair color selection. It also has excellent new hair bases for the TMP head. .. And if you haven't stopped by Tengoku no Rakuen, today is the last day to scoop up the deals like the Haus of Darcy Kyo piercings.

On Him, Devva Vauke:
Body jewels: SWaGGa Weir Tree Druid [mesh](The Conquest)(199L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Eastern promises [mesh](Creation.jp)(190L)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy KYO Mesh Ear, Facial Piercing [mesh](Tengoku no Rakuen)(75L)
Scalp horns: Souzou Eien Celestial Horns Serrated Goblin Horns [mesh](300L)
Nose: Barerose Dragon Nose Silver [mesh] (60L)
Temple horns: Death Row horns dark pack [mesh](180L)
Forehead horns: Cubic Cherry Kii~ coal horns [mesh](210L)
Brow horns: Death Row Creature - dragon horns, gacha [mesh](50L)
Claws: CerberusXing Metal Claws Nightfall [mesh](250L)
Loincloth: Pucca Firecaster Jungle Men - briefs (200L)
Makeup applier: Lovely Disarray Hakutaku : Makeup Set TMP Unisex (150L)
Skin, head applier: Fallen Gods Legacy of Maul, male skin Coal TMP(We <3 Roleplay) (660L)
Eyes: Candy Mountain orbs of nightmare [mesh] (no longer available)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Body: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M [3M]*_w4-13 (40L)