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Candy Fair- Sweet Shop Framed

Do you have a sweet tooth?  If you had a choice between a box of chocolates or lingerie, would you select candy?  Did you ever want to be baker?  Well, I’ve created an old-fashion sweet shop that answers all your desires.

Sweet talking w:bear

He whispered sweet nothings…

The Candy Fair 2014 is well under way and offers a delicious delight of dubious delectable from clothes, accessories, shoes, candy, poses and home decor.  As an interior designer, I was inspired by a mix of speciality gift shops from yesteryear and my local ice creamery.  “Glory’s Sweet Treats” offers an array of cotton candy, pick candy, ice cream, milkshakes, occasion cakes, cupcakes, seasonal treats, fresh-baked yummies, tea, coffee, and some darling plushies you’ll want to take home.  With multiple seating areas inside and al-fresco, we can cater to all your sugar pleasures.  Enjoy the photos and let me know if you want to visit (I’ll keep the build up until the 14th).

Taxi to Sim 1

Taxi to Sim 2

Candy shop main counter

Alouette: Shelf, Candy Jars, Stools, Counter, Fetch: Sweet, Sugar Spice Signs & Organic: Milkshake Machine

Sugar & Spice Sign:Shelf

Alouette: Counter, Organica: Milkshake Machine & Shakes, & Fetch: Sugar Spice Sign

Window cafe set

Myrrine: Candy Tree, Bistro Cafe & Roses Tea Set, Fetch: Sweet & Sugar Spice Sign, Blueberry Hill: Retro Candy Signs, Alouette: Candy Jar, Shelves, Counter, Stool, Chevron Chairs, & Organica: Cotton Candy Machine

Sweet Shop left side-candy machine

Blueberry Hill: Retro Candy Machine & Retro Candy Signs, Alouette: Shelves, Counter, Candy Jars, Stools, Organica: Cotton Candy Machine, & Myrrine: Roses Tea Set

Blueberry Hill: Retro Candy Signs, Alouette: Shelves, Counter, Candy Jars, Stools, Chevron Chairs, Myrrine: Candy Tree, Bistro Cafe & Roses Tea Set, & Fetch: Sweet, Sugar Spice & I Scream for Ice Cream Sign

Blueberry Hill: Retro Candy Signs, Alouette: Shelves, Counter, Candy Jars, Stools, Chevron Chairs, Myrrine: Candy Tree, Bistro Cafe & Roses Tea Set, & Fetch: Sweet, Sugar Spice & I Scream for Ice Cream Sign

Special Treats

Left Side Shelf

Alouette: Candy Jars, Aphrodite Shop: Cakes & Treats

Halloween & Chocolate

Halloween Shelf: Alouette: Candy Jars, Aphrodite Shop: All Cakes

4th of July & Dr Who sweets

Alouette: Candy Jars, Aphrodite Shop: 4th of July Treat & Dr. Who Cakes

Valentine day shelf

Valentine Shelf: Alouette Candy Jars

Right Side Candy Shelf

Alouette: Candy Jars, Aphrodite Shop: Cakes, Apple Fall: Plum Pudding, Cherry Jubilee & Cookies

1st birthday

Blueberry Hill: Retro Candy Sign, Aphrodite Shop: Circus Party Set


Blueberry Hill: Retro Candy Signs, Sway’s: Sweet Set in Cotton Candy, Heart Candy Poufs, & Myrrine: Bistro & Roses Tea Set

Cafe at sunset

Goodnight, sweet dreams sweetheart!

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Eyelure, Wow Skins and The Body Modification Expo, ILLI, The Little Branch.

 Ready for some fall fun outfits? Let's start the season with a _"Basic Tank" and "Short Skirt"

( mesh - 5 sizes) from Eyelure  . These cute sets different in color and skirt graphics. The top

has an angled cut-out at the neck and wide-enough straps to cling to your shoulders.

The skirts have a micro mini look and fun prints to choose from.

Just hop over to the Mainstore to choose yours!

I teamed up this outfit with the superb and unique Slink "Alexa Heels" from ILLI.

These beauties are hud controlled  allowing you to choose between a wide array of colors.

These heels are a must have in your wardrobe so hop over to the  ILLI Mainstore to grab them !

Remember these heels require the Slink High Feet.

I am also wearing  here "Alena" from Wow Skins, an exclusive for the Body Modification

 Expo running from October 10th until October 30th

Four skin tones available : Milk, Bronze, Tan and DarkTan ! Each shade includes 12 skins

( with and without cleavage) a modifiable Alena Shape, 2 freckle adds, black and red

eyebrows adds . Also are available slink appliers hands and feet, all skin tones installer,

appliers baby bump, mesh body, phat azz, lolas tango!

And then I hope you like the background of this photo which I put together with all unique

fall trees in 100% mesh and low prim impact from Mr Cari McKeenan, creator and

owner of The Little Branch . You can notice too on the left the beautiful mesh sunflowers

 and on my right side some super pumpkins!

You want these items ? Nothing more easy, come to the I Heart the Cart Sale Event running

 until October 30th and grab them now!

Eyelure Short Skirt     CopperStripe
Eyelure Basic Tank     Copper
WoW Skins::. Alena Shape The Body Modification Expo >>>> Oct 30
::WoW Skins::. Alena Bronze 03 CL  The Body Modification Expo >>>> Oct 30
D!va"" Hair "Chika4"
..::ILLI::.. SLink Alexa Heels (Slink High feet)
Slink Avenhance hands/elegant - feet/High
"The Little Branch" trees, pumpkins and sunflowers : I Heart the Cart Sale Event>>>>> Oct 30

The Devil of Love

It's the end of the month, Uber has opened, and lots of good events will be rolling over soon, so if you have not been to Arcade, C88, or others, get there before they close!  For me, I felt like being sexy in the lingerie that Izzies has available at The Dressing Room Fusion for only 70L, with Physique appliers.  (Finally, I can break out my body for something)  Lindsey Warwick has these wedges out at Uber in an array of colors.  They have a very edgy look- and I think would be great for a goth or sci-fi look as well.


Skin:  Deetalez -Anka Brows 2 Mediterranean
Hair: Exile - Locomotion
Undies: Izzie's - Jolie Lingerie Mauve (@ The Dressing Room Fusion)
Shoes: L. Warwick - Validation Noir (@ Uber)
Garter: Remarkable Oblivion - Frost Melancholy Garter (@ Arcade)
Harness: Spellbound - Cult Harness
Tattoo: Letis - Dreaming
Face tattoo: Nox - La Catrina
Hair bow: The Sugar Garden - Gigi Hairbow Eyeball Rainbow (Group Gift)
Earrings:  ieQED - Cut Obsidian earring

You Ain't Seen Nothin` Yet - Featuring Morphine from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, Persefona from Four Seasons Market, !Lybra, and Chop Zuey

I hope that though .PENUMBRA. Week, ( Penumbra Fashion & Events ) draws to an official close today, the new collections I've had bits and pieces to share with you might still be shared. Designers will be taking their new designs home with them and stores will have all sorts of new goodies to tempt you. The SL - Morphine sandal heels are the last official post I'll make for .PENUMBRA.
A new event begins today and has an array of Autumn items styled for both avatar wear and decor. I hope to share a little of both though I primarily stay with fashion these days, I don't want to disappoint the Event organizers or the many creative people who participated. The wreath from Persefona is one of several autumn leaf color accessories. Whether you're looking to add to an outfit for a night by the campire, something adorably perfect for such an outing, or searching for a unique piece to wear in your next Autumn fashion show, you might enjoy this from Four Seasons Market.
!Lybra has gone out of their way to make their world accessible even while they build a new store around their ever present ever classy designs. I had read about the special little corner they set up for those who maybe never tried Lybra before or are new to Second Life or simply on a very threadbare budget - this corner has an array of really darling designs for almost any occasion and they're all 1L. This Nurit red dress came from that section. It was the perfect frock for playing at a Carnival tonight.

When you live life fully, to the edge and then some, everything fires on all cylinders. You're a human engine and whatever your passion, it's pumping thunder and creating lightning. Some designers offer a few new items each year while others create scads each week. One designer that uses her imagination brilliantly is Belle Roussel. Today, she released Be Da' Buddha as a clutch (not shown) and as a shoulder bag. If this isn't clever, and beautiful, and so perfectly Chop Zuey, I don't know what is. Every time I think I've seen it all in Second Life, I realize that certainly hasn't happened yet!

Featuring Chop Zuey Be Da' Buddha Clutch
Featuring Morphine Slink High Heels Sandals from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week
Featuring Persefona Autumn Wreath from 4Seasons Market
Featuring !Lybra Nurit
1. {NanTra}: Wanderlust
2. Chop Zuey: Kharma Earth Gold Set (Bangles and Necklace)
3. SLink: Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
4. October's 4Seasons: Chocolate Cosmos
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. Truth: Chilali
7. Gaeline: Starlia

Validation Ohai! It’s Friday and I’m feeling super...


Ohai! It’s Friday and I’m feeling super lazy but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some things to talk about! A new round of Uber has started and it’s ubersexy! I have a ton of items from the event to post, but for now I’ll leave you with these amazing platform wedges from L.Warwick! They support both Slink AND Belleza feets, and you can get ‘em in an array of colors, so be sure to check those out! And can I have a drumroll please? Little Bones is in this round of Fameshed! and Nova has made some absolutely gorgeousssss hair! I’m wearing Nightingale in this post and I’ll be showing off the other style later! Also, my skirt is from Modanna at The Young Spirit event, which closes soon, so check that out also if you haven’t, there’s lots there to check out! Credits below! <3


(* For other items in this post, please refer to the sidebar on the front page!)

The Jewel in the Crown with [Sakide], [Stitched Gods], [Lost Junction], [Runaway] and Lumae

The Jewel in the Crown with [Sakide], [Stitched Gods], [Lost Junction], [Runaway] and Lumae

[ SAKIDE ] Anawyn Outfits PACK


Bella Elephante - Shadow Play Nails

Bella Elephante

[Stitched Gods]  Ignis Crown - Obsidian
Crowns come in Obsidian ( Worn), Silver, Gold, Copper and Yekstac all with different colour Jewels in the crown

[Stitched Gods]

[Lost Junction ] Masks  - Enigma Mask
A vast selection of masks to choose from for whatever your looking for - happy masking!

[Lost Junction ]

[Runaway] Oni Hair - Ombres
So many colour options for this Hair style - hard to choose - had to get them all !

[Runaway] Main Store

Lumae :: Fable ~ Earth

Lumae's Fable lush skin ranges come with a vast array of 6 Skins with varying options for brows and eyeliners and the following - Normal Shape and Loud Mouth Shape - Cleavage and Uber Cleavage options in Vest or tattoo layers - Brow bases - Loud Mouth, Slink (All body options in one HUD) , Boobs, Butts and Baby bump, Lena Body, Omega, Perfect Body, Slink Nails, and Wowmeh HUDS - No Eyelashes, lashes, long lashes options - White Brow option


Kirin Poses - Rinka Pose Pack

Kirin Pose Store

.:::Endless Pain Tattoos:::..Eyes Grey Dragon
.:::Endless Pain Tattoos:::.

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
SLink - The Art of Beauty

So Proud To Live

"So Proud To Live" by Bambi Chicque

“So Proud To Live” by Bambi Chicque

They took the whole Cherokee Nation

Put us on this reservation

Took away our ways of life

The tomahawk and the bow and knife


Took away our native tongue

And taught their English to our young

And all the beads we made by hand

Are nowadays made in Japan


They took the whole Indian Nation

Locked us on this reservation

Though I wear a shirt and tie

I’m still a red man deep inside


But maybe someday when they’ve learned

Cherokee Nation will return….


Cherokee People

Cherokee Tribe

So Proud To Live

So Proud To Die…

Paul Revere & The Raiders

 ~ Indian Reservation Cherokee People ~

Here is another “sneak peak” at what is coming your way

for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014!

Ah yes, the Great Spirits in Second Life’s Designer’s world

has forged an array of incredible accessories and I am

especially smitten with JUMO’s Lekker Skull Head Piece

and the feathered add-on accent!  The Head Piece is available

in 3 color palletes, too!  To coordinate a bit further, I splashed on

Static’s Crow Skull Void Amulet (necklace) and summoned my

eagle companion to dash around amid my Indian Reservation!

Moondance Boutique’s Elizabetha Slink Nail Enhancement has

some vivid color selections for your toes and fingers!!  This HUD

is now sitting comfortably and forever in my fav folder!

Brilliant Designs!!

STYLE CARD by Bambi Banner.PS.

Lekker Skull Head Piece Yvory & Feathers Head Piece~ JUMO ~ J&A Expo

Crow Skull Void Amulet Necklace ~ Static ~ J&A Expo

Elizabetha Slink Nail Enhancement ~ Moondance Boutique ~ J&A Expo

Lay Pose 03-5 ~ Terra Design

EMPRESS Corset RP Blue ~ EMO-tions *NEW!

Windblown 6 Hair ~ EMO-tions

Banrion Faolchu Face Paint ~ House of Darcy

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Remnants. Oh dear! It seems I’ve taken a wrong turn on...


Oh dear! It seems I’ve taken a wrong turn on getting myself back home from the ball at Elysion last night! Hah. But joking aside, I wanted to do one post completely dedicated to this round of the  The Secret Affair, because it has been my favorite so far! There’s only ONE DAY left to check out this event, so do go if you haven’t yet! oyasumi has out this amazing shipwreck of a boat out for it! The textures are completely gorgeous and it comes with an array of cute sit poses! May’s Soul is another creator for the event, and this gorgeous gown and stole (which is gacha!) is available! And to top it all off is this amazing mask from Pure Poison! Like I said, there’s one day left for the  The Secret Affair, so go now and grab these amazing items while you still can! Credits below. <3


Boat by oyasumi and available at The Secret Affair!

Picture taken at The Colder Water.

(* For other items in this post, please refer to the sidebar on the front page!)

The time draws near

MRF opens soon


Once in a blue moon the circumstances arise that bring about a rare and very special event.  When all is in place the world of mankind aligns with that of fantasy and a celebration occurs like seldom seen. At the merging of these two different realms a Faire springs up allowing folks of both to mingle amongst a shopping extravaganza. The Mystic Realms Faire is such an event and the wonderful news I bring is that it is about to open. At midday on the 10th October the portals to the two enchanting sims are thrown wide and all are welcomed.  Just remember to travel light especially with your scripts.


I was fortunate to be able to access a blogger preview and was absolutely entranced by the array of designers and items available. So I have much to share, I was lucky to be able to request blogger copies and have been excitedly unpacking and arranging items for blogging. A big thank you to the support and generosity of the designers.

First up a closer look at this gorgeous feathered gown without the post editing light effects. The feathers have a lovely iridescent sheen to them and the colours blend beautifully. The gown is mesh with an overlay skirt of long feathers and an optional jacket with feathered shoulders.

Lady Corvus, Vengeful Threads @ MRF

Next up the skin base for my look is the lovely Alaska from Lumae, I chose the palest tone and added extra lipstick to play up the purple eyeshadow. This skin has also a delicate trail of dots just above and to the side of the eyebrows so I chose the Royal Command hairstyle with add on crown to leave my forehead exposed. For added drama I added on the fantastic curved horns tipped in gold that are on display at Hopscotch at the Faire.

Alaska skin, Lumae+ Enchanted from Hopscotch

The perfect shoes were too well hidden by the long skirt of my gown so no peeking as I removed it for this last shot. ANE combines strength  in the form of brutal looking metal studs and a nice chunky heel with delicate straps in fantastic bright colours giving these shoes for Slink mid feet some definite wow factor .

High Studded Sandals Neon Plum, ANE @ MRF

Once the event is open the SLurls will be made available, but meanwhile set the clock and make sure you have some lindens ready to enjoy the Faire.

Skin:Alaska : 1 – Icing/The Oracle {Mid Cleavage}, Lumae ( COMING soon to Mystic Realms Faire)
Hair: Royal Command, Exile ( includes crown)
Eyes: Immortal Eyes – Midnight , IKON
Makeup: Toni lips Periwinkle (past GROUPGIFT) , ~Oceane~
Gown: Lady Corvus, Vengeful Threads  ( COMING soon to Mystic Realms Faire)
Accessories: Entwined White, *~*HopScotch*~* ( COMING soon to Mystic Realms Faire)
SteampunkWing ( past gacha event item), Una
Shoes: High Studded Sandals Neon Plum, ANE ( COMING soon to Mystic Realms Faire)
Extras: Slink mid feet and casual hands with Industrial polish from Bliensen + MaiTai
Poses: Posesion and Ma Vie

Style, Style, Style! - Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from The Wash, Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe from The Couturier's Dock, Featuring LavandaChic from Four Seasons Market, Featuring Face Paint

Sometimes I get in the mood to style and style and style and forget to pause and take a photo, post notes about it, share it on my Facebook and blog and all that jazz. I guess on different days I'm more motivated by different things. Sometimes, I know you know, I write epistles!
Lyrical B!zarre Templates has items at this month's event, The Wash. It's a really huge, really inexpensive way to shop. The sky is the limit on the type of items they sell there including a portion of the outfit I have on... There's a lovely set of arm warmers, leg warmers and top for this pieced outfit, but I wanted to mix and match. The poncho from Lavanda Chic has almost the exact same color as the brightest color on the skirt and it's on these cute little squirrel tummies and can be purchased at the Four Seasons Market Event.
== Insert random thought here. Have you seen the movie UP? It's animated and some of you might not realize how special it is. If you watch it, you'll understand. It's my movie rental selection recommendation for this week, and its family friendly. The talking dog has conversations, but then finds himself easily distracted, "Squirrel!" and he's off running, no time to talk, being a dog == Fashion WICCA style - wonderfulamazingIwishIcouldseetheworldthroughhereyes! So now that she's creating clothing, I'm always on the edge of my seat, waiting eagerly to get a peek at the next great thing she releases. I'm a massive boots fan. I could own eleventy-one pair of boots and not have enough. You can find these Ripley Heels at The Couturier's Docks, but this event happens FAST zippety slick fast. The HUD allows for a whole array of autumnal colors and lets you play with the metallics and detail colors as well.

One of my most favorite of people, Eve Express, took time away from her business Face Paint, but after a six month hiatus, she's back and creating new items. I worked for and with her for two years, and lovingly call her 'Mom.' After my mother passed, well really long before that, there has been a little hole in my heart that needed a little filling. Eve made the time to fill that spot and for that, I'm forever a part of her and she a part of me. So, I said all that to tell you that she's got new makeup out and Trini G Lip is one of the new items. If you were in her group previously and left when the store closed, I suggest and encourage you to get back in that saddle because the adventure continues!

Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Ripley Heels from The Couturier's Docks
Featuring LavandaChic Autumnal Poncho from Four Seasons Market
Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates Lexx from The Wash September
Featuring Face Paint The Trini G Lip
1. SLink: High Female Feet
-- SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
2. October's 4Seasons: Marigold Skin Tone (Laila)
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Maxi Gossamer: Wild Full Thick Lashes
5. Tukinowaguma: Azumi
6. Avante Poses

Smells like... 25L$ Tuesday!

Today brings to us another round of 25L$ Tuesdays~! 

This week we're offering the adorable "Perfumery Set" which includes a wide array of bottle & jar arrangements of 5-6 containers each.

Four are included (2 shown) and each has 4 texture options, some which are very gender neutral~

As a bonus, all bottles are included individually to spruce up individual spots!

Only 25L$ until 11:59pm SLT!

The Majicker at work....... Mystic Realms Fair - LAST DAY with Lumae, an lar poses, Runaway, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Ravenghostm Papermoon, and Dark Passions

The Majicker at work....... Mystic Realms Fair - LAST DAY with Lumae, an lar poses, Runaway, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, Ravenghostm Papermoon, and Dark Passions

Lumae :: Fable ~ Earth

Lumae's Fable lush skin ranges come with a vast array of 6 Skins with varying options for brows and eyeliners and the following - Normal Shape and Loud Mouth Shape - Cleavage and Uber Cleavage options in Vest or tattoo layers - Brow bases - Loud Mouth, Slink (All body options in one HUD) , Boobs, Butts and Baby bump, Lena Body, Omega, Perfect Body, Slink Nails, and Wowmeh HUDS - No Eyelashes, lashes, long lashes options - White Brow option 

[Runaway] Oni Hair - Ombres
So many colour options for this Hair style - hard to choose - had to get them all !

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Captive Moon~ white wood}horns  
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Captive stars~ day} tail 

an lar [poses] Incantations Series

*paper moon* Amazigh Bandeau - Brown/Purple
Beautifully textured Mesh Bandeau in sizes XXS to L

*paper moon* Amazigh Skirt - Brown/Purple
Beautifully Textured Skirt to match the Bandeau although both can be worn as mix and match with other items in Fit Mesh XS to L and Standard Mesh XS to XL

Ravenghost Alchemy Experience

Beaker Tier: 
Can turn on and off, can see smoke and effects and colour changes   
Alchemy Table:
Can touch the leaves on either side of the table extend or retract them. 
Lectern & Spell book
Marble Pestle and Morter
Vial Set

Mystic Realms Faire

Mystic Realms Faire I 
Mystic Realms Faire II 

Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Leaf Me To Fall 10L item
Night of the Living Cart Sale and Hunt (Oct 1 - 31)

Frogstar - The Theme Park - Starry Night Stage
Dark Fantasies round of The Theme Park - Oct 15 - Nov 6
The Starry Night Stage rezzes in at 6 LI and will be priced at 150L

.:::Endless Pain Tattoos:::..Eyes Grey Dragon
.:::Endless Pain Tattoos:::.

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
SLink - The Art of Beauty

Team Fox and a Great Charity Event -- Featuring Sabra Style

My greatest passion amidst the passion I have for the fashion business in Second Life is how well and often this community of people participate in and celebrate and donate to charities. Today, at the LeFevre Mansion, I got to see some of the most beautiful models on the grid from BLVD rock the runway in an array of designs that were on display purely to raise finances for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's.

To donate directly follow this link please:
At the LeFevre Manshion
Artizana Ethnic Couture, Blue Moon Enterprises, Dot-be fashion, Image Factory in Second Life, Sabra Style, Soul Designs, and Surplus Motors donated the items used in the fashion show with 100% of the proceeds donated going to the charity.
A Wonderful Reason To Celebrate
I looked in my little folder of "Blog Me" for a design by one of the designers represented at the event to show my support. (Not the designs shown that day but items I might have to blog from them from other places, other times, just to clarify...) I found Vivienne in Gold from Sabra Style by Kylie Sabra. I got to sit with her at the event, which made it even more special, and cheered on her many contributions as the BLVD models showcased them, and she and I both found the designs presented by the other designers in the show fantastic and cheered for them as well.

It's really hard for me to step out of my little work zone and go anywhere, really. I'm far more shy than many of you might have imagined, and the anxiety of 'I won't know anyone.' follows me whenever I do gather my wits and put on my brave face. Once I arrive, I'm usually so glad I made the effort to attend, but it's the making myself go part that I have to overcome. Events occurred all afternoon as part of this program, two fashion shows, live music, DJ music, and more. I attended the first fashion show and heard one of the musicians play. I even got to dance for a bit, after poking in IM and asking if he liked to dance, would he dance with a stranger.

Marcus LeFevre and his team, Team Fox and all of their representatives, and everyone else responsible for making the event possible made it beautiful as well.

Featuring Sabra Style Vivienne in Gold 
(Photos Shot at LeFevre Mansion)
1. .:JUMO:.: Riyadh Gold Heels
2. SLink: Female High Feet
3. Candy Nail: Harvest Beige
4. October's 4Seasons Marigold Skin Tone
5. Face Paint: Gold and Silver
6. Gold Speckles by Caryn
7. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
8. Truth: Lunara
9. Maxi Gossamer: Swallow Wings
10. [[j'adore]]

Losing My Ground

Losing My Ground

Happy Saturday! Today is such a weird day of weather here in South Florida! First it was sunny, then there was a gloomy hour of non stop rain…moments later it is very sunny outside. That won’t be the last of the rain though. It is expected to rain and produce inches of rain so my butt is staying inside and enjoying some comfort foods :D Talking about comfort food, we have opened our place for you all to come and enjoy! You will see this harvesty bit with such warmth and golden colors…and as you progress it gets dark and gloomy into a house where perhaps a murder transpired? Who knows, you are allowed to make your own perceptions :)

Today I am blogging on a few new items. This dress is one of the newest items from Twenty. 13 called Raegan and comes in an array of colors. Also new from the Jewelry Fair is this set from Zenith called Rita(thankies Ema!). It has a collarbone lace necklace and earrings in either gold or silver. Finally, I was accepted again to Bella Elephante (THANK YOU) to blog her cosmetics. I am rocking the newest group gift which are slink appliers for the fingernails and toenails called Nightly Sparkles. Make sure you check out these places for new and awesome stuffage.

<3 Saxxy

Hair: Medusa-Spellbound

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Ghost-Ikon

Makeup: Plum Orgueil Rogue Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Black Eyeliner Series 5-MONS

Kat Brows in Ebony-Soiree

Nails: Nightly Sparkles-VIP Group Gift(One time fee is required)-Bella Elephante

Tattoo: Henna # 2 Back Tattoo-Pimp My Shit

Jewelry: Rita Set-Zenith@the Jewelry Fair(Opened until the 28th of September)

Dress: Raegan Dress in Black II-Twenty.13

Shoes: Shay Sandals-Pure Poison

Poses: LeiLeen-ColdAmbitionz

Done Wiv a Twist Location

Fall Formals at Liv Glam

Liv Glam has started to release its Fall 2014 fashion line and this weekend that consists of an array of gorgeous mesh with optional flexi attachment formals. I love an all mesh base formal with a bit of swoosh as an option- those are my absolute favorite kind and they are being released in abundance this weekend at Liv Glam! They are all being released at introductory low rates for  Super Sales Weekend (SSW), Steals and Deals, or Fantastic Friday- all located in the main LG store.  Liv Glam has a new main store so make sure to update your landmarks when you take a trip to see the new fall fashions. 

Here you can see the mesh base of the formal which can be worn as is if you prefer mesh only or the swishy flexi attachments that you can choose to add as well on Petite Rose. This gives the designs great versatility. It is gorgeous either way. I prefer the mesh and the flexi together and I am so happy these come that way so I can SWOOSH. 

Look at the colors on Port Royal Azul! The blues and greens are almost sparkly irridescent, gorgeous! This one comes with optional "mermaid" style flexi. 

I am ready to go salsa dancing in "Inside a Dream." It does not have any flexi options but it does have gorgeous mesh ruffles surrounding the lower portion and culminating in a very sexy side slit. 

Jewelry: Lazuri Esme Set
Dress 1: [Liv Glam] Boutique-Fall 2014 Sympathique Noir *SSW Special*
Dress 2: [Liv Glam] Boutique-Fall 2014 Petite Rose *Steals and Deals*
Dress 3: [Liv Glam] Boutique-Fall 2014 Port Royal Azul *Steals and Deals*
Shoes 4: [Liv Glam] Boutique-[ SPRING14] Gesso High Heels
Dress 4: [Liv Glam] Boutique-[ SPRING14] Inside a Dream *Steals and Deals*
Skin 1 and 2: Glam Affair - Vera - Jamaica - 10
Skin 3: Glam Affair - Neva - Jamaica - 01
Skin 4: Glam Affair - Cassia - Jamaica - 03
Poses 1-3 Aushka&Co Annie;  Pose 4 Elephante Poses I need your love #6

Love, Kirsten Corleone