1) Foxes

– Sweet Tee’s, and mini skirts, a throwback for sure.
Per usual made perfectly, here I am featuring the skirt.

– Tied up tops, and some bell bottoms! yet another amazing throw back.
Here I am featuring the tied top, I love it!

Also, on a side note. The Birdy Collective Sim is finally opening.
I have yet to explore it but, from what I hear it’s amazing!
So, be sure to check it, join the group, get some gifts, and shop for the items you missed!

&everything else.


[:: Look 1 ::]


Hair: .Olive. ~ the Steffi { Uber }
Skin: .random.Matter. ~ Ashri
Make Up:
– NOX. ~ Rature Brows { TDRF }
– Lovely Disarray ~ Blush : Cheekbones
– Dead Apples ~ Double Moles – Monroe Left + Medium Under Eye Right
– Sagan. Liner { oo5 }
– Essences ~ Eyelashes 04
Eyes: [Buzz] ~ Elysium { Uber }
Body Mods:
– [PXL] ~ SweetLips
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Smoking
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed


Dress: Third Eye. ~ Mesh Tee [Alien] { TDRF }
Shirt: Color.Me.H.O.F ~ BasicPushupSet Shirt
Skirt: Foxes ~ Throw Back – Denim Mini { N21 }
– C h a r y . ~ Black Thigh High Sporties
– *League* ~ Side-Gartered Stockings
Shoes: The Secret Store ~ Vintage Roller Skates


Tattoo: .Reckless. ~ Electric
Necklace: Cute Poison ~ Poison Necklace
Bracelet: Eclat ~ Tube Bracelet
Cig: .:Hermony:. ~ Ultimate Cigarette
Drink: [Love Soul] ~ Green Tea Cream Frappe
Cat: Birdy (Foxes) ~ Melancholy Familiar RARE


[:: Look 2 ::]


Hair: Beusy ~ Pretend { SLFW }
Skin: -Glam Affair ~ Grazia
Make Up:
– NOX. ~ Rature Brows { TDRF }
– Lovely Disarray ~ Blush : Embarrassed
– -UtopiaH- ~ Black Eyeliner #12
– Essences ~ Eyelashes 01
Eyes: [Buzz] ~ Elysium { Uber }
Body Mods:
– [PXL] SweetLips
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Gesture
– Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Hands – Splayed


Top: Foxes ~ Throw Back and Tied { Uber }
Shirt: [LF] ~ Ripped Shirts – Coke Girls
Shorts: *T.Whore* ~ Vintage Jeans Taylor
– illmatic ~ Knit Garter Socks
– Chary ~ White Sporty’s
Shoes: The Secret Store ~ Vintage Roller Skates


Tattoo: *Bolson ~ Llanowar
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer ~ Bangles – Black Dare
Boombox: CARGO ~ CPMD2020 Boombox


oO RollerBalls Oo


-.label motion.- ~ Berry

x Dream Afterthought

Let Me Be With You

Let Me Be With You

Let Me Be With You

hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Chii hair
skin: .tsg. MeiMei :: Vampy
eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
nails: DP – Koffin Nails – Slink Nails HUD – Heart & Soul (with love fair )
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
hands: Slink avatar enhancement

collar: [LJ] Toulouse Collar – Bolds (Fresh@ROMP)
dress: *BOOM* Cafe Bijou Dress (Fresh@ROMP)
shoes: .tsg. Ruffle Platforms

dollbox: hopscotch (Fresh@ROMP)

poses: embody, hopscotch (in the doll box), champloo

Tokyo Ghoul SHIRO x KURO

Tokyo Ghoul SHIRO x KURO


Skin : Essences - [Salt] pale01@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Hair : !lamb. - Whoop Dee Doo - Grayscale Pack

Eye[L] : Lovely Disarray - Ghoul Eyes : Set One@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Eye[R] : [Buzz] - Celestial Eyes - Fatpack {Wear Me}

Eyeliner : .Pekka. - Eyeliner combo # 3

Lip : .tsg. - Loud Mouth Makeup Applier - Sheer Lovely Chapstick -Light

Face Tattoo : NOX. - Ethereal [Fatpack]@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Tattoo : Quirky + Lovely Disarray - Little Death Dealer - Red (unpacked)@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Hoodie : -Nomi- - Sweet little kitty@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Stocking : [ abrasive ] - Sugarbone Thigh Highs ( Ghost ) RARE



Skin : Essences - [Pepper] pale01@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Hair : !lamb. - Whoop Dee Doo - Grayscale Pack

Eye[R] : Lovely Disarray - Ghoul Eyes : Set Two@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Eye[L] : [Buzz] - Celestial Eyes - Fatpack {Wear Me}

Eyeliner : .Pekka. - Eyeliner combo # 3

Lip : .tsg. - Loud Mouth Makeup Applier - Sheer Lovely Chapstick -Light

Face Tattoo : NOX. - Ethereal [Fatpack]@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Tattoo : Quirky + Lovely Disarray - Little Death Dealer - Red (unpacked)@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Hoodie : -Nomi- - Sweet little kitty@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Stocking : [ abrasive ] - Sugarbone Thigh Highs  (Blackout )

p a s t e l

p a s t e l


Skin : {Dead Apples} - Lora - Vampire Edition (Bone)

Hair : [LCKY] - Sugar // FATPACK "New"

Piercings : [NI.JU] - Carnival Piercing@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Eyebags : Nox. - Eyebags

Bows : [VN] - Bone Daddy - Eye on You

Hat and Coat Dress : *Epic* - Bone.Daddy Coat Dress {Baby.Pink} [Vendor]@anyBODY "New"

Socks : .tsg. - Prissy Ruffle Socks - Sheer White

Heels : .tsg. - Corset Trekkers - White - Slink HIGH@burlesque "New"



Skin : [PF] - Doll V2 <Vamp> Skin + Bonus Uber Skin

Hair : Blues. - Krystalia - FATPACK@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Necklace : . Quirky . - Love Lockdown - Black (unpacked)@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Earrings : LaGyo - Vintage bow and pearl earring@C88 "New"

Nails : Lovely Disarray - Dripping Nails@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Wings : Sweet Thing. - Demon Mini Wings (Creepy Kawaii) (unpacked)@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Dress : Sweet Thing. - Little Succubus MiniDress Fatpack (Creepy Kawaii)@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Stockings : Quirky + Lovely Disarray - Little Death Dealer - Lilac@Creepy KaWaii Fair "New"

Heels : *Epic* - Creepy Dorothy Gales {Ice} [Vendor]@Fashion Fair "New"

[Deadpool] Oni Hair
[Fresh] Eyeliner Curly
[Baubles] Excessively Diamond Ring
[ILLI] Arrowed Heart Heels
[Glaze] One Love Slink Nails [@ We Do Sl With Love Fair]

Lipstick is [Pink Acid] Holiday Lip Glaze Pink Party 

Tattoo is [Kharma] Lace Tattoo

Adventure 73

So I liked the jeans from yesterday's adventure I decided to wear them again.  What can I say I love my ass in them.  I also have a lovin' for tied shirts so I'm wearing one from Nadia Fantasy Designs.  And this weeks favorite hair from Tameless.

Today's start is Southwest of Nadia Fantasy Design where I snagged the shirt to Solange!  When you walk in you will see 2 boxes out. One pink, one purple, the pink one has a Red dot mini & the purple has Tango appliers..  Right across that is the scribo, in case you ran out of groups.

If you wanna participate in the fun stuff like member only discounts, special gifts, first access to new releases, and lucky boards.  To snag it, it'll cost ya 200L.  The quality of clothing makes it worth it.

Just behind the scribo is the group gift, which I assume changes every month. Along with Gift Cards, check store credit, redelivery terminal, & something I've talked about some adventures back, the Wishlist.

Into the open room, each item is displayed awesome.  You can purchase individual colors which there are many or you can by the fatpack and save 40%.  They also give you the option of buying it as a gift.  There is nice fashion here looks like some is system somes mesh.  So guys can come and get their gals some nice lingerie or dress for the night out.

If the outfit is applier friendly they will have the appliers for the outfit below the ad.  Some times however some outfits come with them.  Look at the signs closely as some have Omega, TMP, Slink, Wowmeh, Maitreya, Belleza, & Tangos.

They sell an array of different clothing from silks, cocktail dresses, fantasy RP clothing & clubwear.  You can also find jewelry here.  And teleport to the Bargain basement to find great deals.

Upstairs there is a small section of men clothing.  With kilts Highlander, and male silks.

Next door is a building for petite avatars.

** Lag Rating: 2

South takes me to Garden of GreenBerg.  Landing at the end of a tree trails, in the middle is a pose for you to kiss your frog.  This place is set up a little mystically.  With a bird flying above.  Places to take pictures.  It's still set up as a winter wonderland.  Covered in snow and crystals.

There is a lot around with small surprises around like some small boats.  Maybe you want to sled down the hill, or cuddle up to an animal.  There are cuddle spots scattered about. And romantic dancing spots in ruins.

This place is just awesome to wander in.  Following bridges and pushing through trees, you find fantastic cubbies.  I think I've reached the top of the sim as I make it up a high bridge into a cave of romance.  Full of places to spend time together with a little privacy.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next direction is East taking me to Mina Hair.  When you walk into the store on the right hand side there is a wall that shows you not only the events they are participating in but the hair that is available along with the landmark of the locations.

If you join the VIP group which costs 200L you will receive 10% off your purchases.  She has gorgeous hair done with nice mesh textures.  It's unrigged mesh and hud driven.

The type of hair is very mixed.  I've seen very long hair, punk hair, and retro hair.  Looking across the way they also have men hair as well.  Make sure you try a demo before purchase.

Looking for discounts?  Move upstairs to check out the hair available that's 50% off.  Gacha machines and even a group gift on the desk.  Maybe you don't wanna pay for it.  Sign up on Wishlist and get someone to get it for you lol.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

After meetin' yet another hottie, distracting myself for a while for well over an hour chattin' back to work.  Goin' Northeast and landing on Tramps #1.  Tramps is a high traffic freelance strip club.  They take a mandatory 20%.

They also have escorting here, which you must grab a diamond from the ground and wear.  There is no direct tipping as the house must get their cut.

The walls are covered with advertisements.  If you're in the sex industry you might want an ad here.  Some spots are open.  Another thing on the wall is pictures of the top tippers of the day.

Towards the entrance there are 3 rooms available for free. Pick your entertainer and pick a room all in one spot.  And outside the building is a strip mall where you can get your shoppin' on.

Some things you need to know, no direct payments, vampire bites, children (duh), pimps, weapons, voice morphing, huge avatars (guess the biggest get no loving). There is more but you can get the information near the entrance.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Direction #5 takes me to AEG Bad 80's Club.  Which is flippin awesome cause I dig the 80's & 90's so this is somewhere I should probably frequent.

When I landed I noticed one of the name tags was green.  I looked over and its an old friend from back in the day Tia. We haven't gone clubbin in ages together.  It was nice that she was here to hang with for a bit.

I was lucky she was around.  As I was down on the ground chattin' with her she invited me to jump up on the bar with her and shake my grove thang with her.

The DJ does a great mix of music.  Their also very friendly here.  Although at this time the club was full of girlies.  So guys should definitely step up.

Bad is part of the Ambrosia Entertainment Group, has a Miami Vice type of feel.  It is set up very 80's, which of course it's suppose to.

Several dance balls are in the front of the stage to satisfy every dancing need.  From singles to couples.  Too even dancing with a buddy in sequence.

** Lag Rating: 2

Till Tomorrow...

~ JL

~Coming for Meany Pants~

Loves & Kisses
Skin:   -Glam Affair - Grazia skin - In the Air - Polar 01 - NEW
  Hair:   [ SIXTY NINE ] - HAIR 04 - NEW
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual/Flat
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1

[CX] Leather Scarf (Black) - NEW @ Uber
::LC:: Leather Harness [Silver] - NEW @ Whore Couture
*chronokit* Long Sarouel Pants black
[CX] Sawblade Axe Belt - NEW @ Level Up
- .HoD. - Sillage - Slide - NEW @ Creation.JP
Kibitz - Edgy nipple - obsidian - NEW

Look Book ✿ 041

+ Pose : Label Motion - Dina Pose  ✿Fashion Fair 2015

+ Skin : Lara Hurley - Ivy
+ Eye : (*ANGELICA) SWEET EYES #blue grey  ✿Cosmetic Fair
+ Mesh Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
+ Lip : (*ANGELICA) KISSABLE LIP BALM #rosy  ( Project Limited Event ended 
+ Lip gloss layer : Lara Hurley - Ivy (Including skin) - Gloss layer
+ Blusher : (*ANGELICA) KANON MAKE UP CHEEK #Pink / (Including skin)

+ Hair : * PINK HUSTLER * 8065 hair *  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Dress : {MB} Jumper Banana Pastel  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Stocking : Moon Amore - Sweet Lydiah Socks  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Choker : Kibitz - Stretch choker / cat #RARE  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Necklace : Kibitz - Eyeball creep necklace / blackened steel v1  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Ring : REIGN.- Jupiter's Love Ring- Purple  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Biscuit Bag : Violent Seduction - Biscuit Bag
+ Shoes : *Cila* Waterfall Heels / Metal  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Giraffe : +Half-Deer+ Creepy Kawaii Fair - Tiny Teacup Giraffe / Valentino  ✿Creepy Kawaii
+ Nail : Lovely Disarray - Dripping Nails  ✿Creepy Kawaii


Hair: TRUTH - Esther - Light Blonde

Skin: GLAM AFFAIR - Sophie [C4] - Asia 04 | Coming February 4] - @THE CHAPTER 4

Lingerie: MON CHERIE -  Showgirl Set # Purple | [Coming February 6] - @WITH LOVE FAIR


My Second Life Haiku Meme - Faye

"Before I start this meme, I must give credit where credit is due. A while back, designer Kellie Iwish of Elate messaged Strawberry Singh, and said she enjoyed reading Strawberry's memes every week and she has a suggestion for one, "ask people to sum up their SL lives in a single haiku." At the time Strawberry told her that she was horrible at haikus, however she would give it a try"

A bit of information about haikus for those not familiar with them. A haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. We are of course going to do the English imitation of this. Strawberry used this website to help, and so did I. WriteAHaiku.com

So the meme for this week is, write a haiku about your Second Life. Remember to leave your link in the comment, and at the bottom of Strawberry's Post, so that everyone can read your answers.

My Haiku!

          The Little Fairy
          Photographer and Lover
          Joyous of Both Lives

Hair: Exile - Give {Fantasy 1}
Eyes: Lovely Disarray - Children of Jenova {Rose}
Skin: Logo - Chloe {Bloom}
Piercing: Peeka - Soul Piercing {Edited}
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Hands {Elegant & Flat}
Nail Polish: Alaskametro - Beauty {Candy Apple}
Ring: EarthStones - Devotion {White Gold}
Necklace: Wimey - Elastic Heart
Dress: BN Designs - Greek White and Pink
Feet: Slink - AvEnhance Feet {Flat}
Pose: Aeon - Coming Soon
Location: Sparta on The Spartan Empire
(An RP Sim)

 Fayette means Little Fairy
 I am a photographer, but I am also polyamours 
 And I am filled with joy in Second Life and in Real life
Disclaimer: Photos may be editing in some fashion (more then just cropping). Unless other wise said. If you find something you would like to buy in sl, please look for the DEMO and try it first. Feel free to leave comments or message me in world with anything you need to ask, or what to say!

The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.

The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.

little bones. Nebula @ FaMESHed Feb. 2015
MG – Necklace & Earrings- Love Surrender @ With Love Fair  2015
_CD_ Belle Jumpsuit Champagne @ BULESQUE Event – February 1st to 15th, 2015
_CD_Carisa Cream – TheMeshProject – Ouch! (Also available for Slink, Belleza, N-Core & Maitreya) @ Fashion Fair  – Feb. 2015

Very Bad Men

Sometimes the characters I play are good men – bumbling tinkerers or well-meaning, if chaotic, forest spirits. Other times… they are bad men.

Very bad men.


I’m gearing up to play a character in a new story who presents himself as a something of a hunter. He has darker secrets of course – those I’m working together for his back story, and certainly those he’ll acquire as the play goes on – and unlike most of the characters I’ve been playing lately, he’s very much the fiend. I think roleplay changes for me like that – I swing through phases of good guy, bad guy, guy-who’s-not-quite-sure-yet. Some folks do well with one or the other, but ever since I started roleplaying in Second Life I’ve found I enjoy a balance. A little good… a little evil.

Maybe a bit more evil than good.


The pieces here are from a mix of recent events – one I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get around to visiting until this weekend. The shield and shirt are both from a new event called The Arena, which (as far as I can tell) is focused exclusively on roleplay items for men. There’s a pretty phenomenal array of items here, from most of the mainstream (and some unexpected) brands in medieval menswear and decor – Artisan Fantasy, Swagga, Forge, PFC and !gO! are all there, as well as a number of promising brands I haven’t encountered at RP events before.  My fiend, above, is wearing part of the collaboration set between Fallen Gods and Faida, Il Principe. While the pants fit my character a little funny (there was quite a wide thigh gap that made my character feel a little bow-legged), the shirt fit fantastically and the texturing was beautiful. It comes in both brown and black (each version with a plain or bloody appearance) and I definitely recommend it for those doing medieval, rustic roleplay.

Other pieces are collected from a smattering of other events – my character is wearing another of the Exile hairs out at Collabor88 now, One Way or Another (the pack has a woman on the ad, I believe, but it fits male avs perfectly as well). For those on a budget I definitely suggest grabbing the “naturals” pack – it includes all your standard colors, and the creator makes his hairs mod so you can easily tint the black a little darker (or the red a little… redder, I suppose?) if it suits you. Both my arrow-pierced shield and the candles strewn around the cottage are new releases at We Love Roleplay (the shield is from EZ, and the candles come in a ton of colors from aisling), while his chair is from Artisan Fantasy, out now for ROMP Monthly this weekend. And it’s ROMP, so… be forewarned the chair contains adult animations (certainly a bonus in my mind, though it can easily fit in most medieval rooms as a standard lounging chair as well).


Skin: Nivaro – Zan
Hair: Exile – One Way or Another (out now at Collabor88),
Tableau Vivant – Nyoki Hairbase
Beard: Spellbound – Monster Beard
Eyes: #adored – cloud eyes
Makeup: Glamorize – Guyliner Eye Makeup
Shirt: Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. – Il Principe (Nero) (out
now at The Arena)
Pants: !gO! – Captain pants
Boots: Kahli Designs – Woodsman Boots

*AF* Gentleman’s Pleasure – Weathered (out now for ROMP)
EZ – Belligerent Shield (out now at We Love Roleplay)
.aisling. Candles 01 /Black/ (@ We Love Roleplay)
*AF* Renaissance Fur Rug
Sweet Poison – Regal Shelf

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A new future

For centuries past, all the lands and seas around the citadel had contributed to its greatness. From beginnings many in the capital today would call inauspicious, a small fishing village on a natural harbour, amazing changes had occurred. Morgyn was a descendant of that hamlet, though her rise had little to do with lineage.
She had spent more than hours, more than days pondering the reasons behind the world, and the way it was today. This intellect had played a part in her attaining her current status, but had not helped her reach any concrete conclusion. Night followed day, and still people came, came bearing the profits of their labour, came to offer it up as part of something bigger than themselves. Those with nothing came to look upon what was made, and were inspired by it.
Still she had to wonder, what was it all for? The charm of the village, as rustic and run down as it was, had been buried beneath stone. Stone was topped with iron, steel, then silver and gold. Precious metals were chased and inlaid. It brought prestige, it brought envoys, it raised the working coastline to an empire. Had piled up riches in the hands and under the feet of those who had never toiled to earn them. Tradition and tradition alone, of appointment by lottery had brought her to these halls, to rest on drifts of diamonds.
She had it. The long night of the celebration ball and all its revelry faded as morning light crept across the shining floor of her chambers. The people came, they brought all they could. Her plans would unfold swiftly, those of the citadel were more misguided by greed and practice than malice, they would see the error of their ways, and the rightness of these new actions. All desired the betterment of their world, it would no longer be confined to their capital. Each would turn their talents and the fruits of their enterprise to their homes, to the lands of their friends. Diamonds and pearls would no longer outshine the beauty of wood and earth. All that could be made would be made, all that minds could imagine, and all would be able to see it.

Outfit : :[P]:- Esme Outfit:// Mermaid  L$ 289
Beautiful top and skirt MESH outfit. Available in a fantastic array of colours, here shown in Mermaid. Check out the side lacing!
Sofa : DS'Elles Baroque Sofa  L$ 700
Fabulous MESH sofa, with 20 individual poses. All poses can be shifted on X, Y, Z axis for a perfect fit.

~Every Little Thing~

Loves & Kisses

Skin: -Belleza- Beth Pale 3 - NEW
  Hair:  enVOGUE HAIR - Melanie - NEW
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1
SuPerBia WhiTe CLoWn TiP & BanDs ADDoN - NEW @ 100 Block
Slink Womens AvEnhance Mesh Feet Mid
-Belleza- Venus Mesh Body

[Cynful] Boss Lady Dress - Petroil - NEW @ The Black Fashion Fair
{Livalle} Danica -Platform Pumps- Spring - NEW @ L'accessoires

*MUKA* Ankle Chain - NEW @ anyBody
Kibitz - cloud necklace steel - NEW @ IDK
Kibitz - cloud ring - steel - NEW @ IDK
Kibitz - Rain drops ring - steel - NEW @ IDK

Ice cream Friday

There is nothing better then ice cream on a hot afternoon.

It’s gotten up to the 70’s and I’m ready for the tank tops, shorts, and sunburns.

And the Flip-Flops.

I am always ready for Flip-flop weather, they are the perfect shoe, except if you step on something, or plan on doing 15 miles of walking, then you should probably wear regular shoes.


Little Sparrow made some of the cutest jellies for a new release at the event Big Dreams.

Available in 3 different color packs, and an array of single colors, these are a must have for every person this summer!

The best part about these jellies, isn’t just the fact that there is a pink glittery pair, but the fact that they fit ALL feet sizes!

They are modifiable, meaning not only can adults wear them, but also those cute little kiddos can too!

As I mentioned previously, there are 3 color packs to choose from.

PicMonkey CollageThere are the Glittery ones, with just a touch of sparkle.

The Metallics pack with silver and gold, neutral colors, and the Basic jellies pack which includes all the previous glittery colors, without the glitter of course.

I of course had to wear the glittery pink pair for this post, they are my favorite and are absolutely ADORABLE!

For each color pack of 10 colors, it’s going to cost 150$L.

Wayward Hunt Poster For In SL_512The Wayward Hunt begins Friday, and you will not believe all the amazing, cute, fun, sexy, items that are being placed out.

Check out the style card below to find out which ones they are, and a little bit more about them!

Get the look!-  

Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* Mhmmm

*Pose Fair*


Shirt: Blueberry – Beaded Tops – Maitreya (Tight) – White

*New Release, 199$L per color*

Shorts: Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts – Belted – Maitreya

*Not Free*


Nail Applier: Nailed It – Maitreya Select – Night Diva Set HUD (wear)


a72db6b55a06e479700048f5ef3145beJellies: Little Sparrow – Lauren sandals – Jellie/Glitter

*Big Dreams*


Wayward Hunt items!- 


Skin: Clef de Peau:Jemma Tan:Wayward Hunt (Standard skin) WITH Clef de Peau:Eyebrows 3 (f) Blonde

*Includes the base skin and appliers for Slink and TMP installer, all other appliers and eyebrow packs are sold separately.*

Hair: !Oleander ~ Oz.

*Includes HUD with 5 colors, mesh hair in regular and breast friendly options*

Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (Vernal, w1)

*Includes 4 versions of eye in one color, and HUD for different pupil sizes.*

Lips: PICHI – Superstay Lipstick [please me]

*Includes 5 lip colors, and a Style Me HUD installer.*

Watch: ^^Swallow^^ Watch Pink Silver

*Includes 4 watches in 4 colors*

Bracelets: Ninety– Candy Bangles

*Includes mesh bangles for each arm, and a color change HUD with 4 colors.*

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Rock Wit U ft. KELINI + Lazuri + Alterego

" Rock Wit U "

How are you all? Have ya'll been down to The With Love Fair?  Well check out the beautiful dress I picked up to dance my Valentine evening away in.
Yes, I picked up yet another beautiful and stunning designed dress called "Valentina" by K E L I N I. As you can see I got it in a classic and passionate red, because you all know I'm addicted to roses and the color red.  But I couldn't resist this exclusive from Kelini at The With Love Fair still going on right now. Of course I paired a few new favorites with this look as well, so if you'd like to check those out - Keep scrolling or click 'read more'.

.Happy Valentine's Day.

Shape: Maliyah by Alterego
[ Modified ]

 Skin: Mayumi - Honey by Alterego

Hair: Hatsuhi by Tableau Vivant

Eyes:  Hearts Afire - No Flame by Madrid Solo

Lips: Tessa Gloss - Red by WoW Skins

Jewelry: Princess of the Forest by Lazuri

Dress: Valentina - Red by K E L I N I @ With Love Fair

~*~ MAHALO TO: ~*~

.: K E L I N I :. 
.: AlterEgo :.
.: Wow Skins :.
.: Lazuri :.
.: Madrid Solo :.
.: Tableau Vivant :.

~!~ EVENT INFO ~!~

With Love Fair 2015
February 06 - February 20th 
Hot Air Balloon: With Love

.Feathers Wrapped in Metal…

“Who could of thought that it would
come crashing down on us,
Sweet smell of freedom with
hints of phosphorus.”


You have all you need. Inside.
Only problem is
How dark is your imagination,
so you’re too afraid to seek.
(lyrics © Lautricienne)


Every day in SL in the past few month has been incredibly weirdly beautiful. Lots of things happening.
Most amazing news is that L’accessoiress (oh, that spelling was killing me!) is now On9.
New, improved event with even more great designers and even greater items to become poor once again (with the feelings, ofcourse). It started on 9th, you have many days ahead, ready, steady, go!

…and always carry sparkles with you!


  • SKIN: -Glam Affair – Grazia skin – In the Air – Polar 01 NB (past FLF item)
  • MAKEUP 1 – eyeliner – Lovely Disarray – Mistress Eyeliners : Angular Fade w/ Lumi
  • MAKEUP 2 – undereyeliner: [KoKoLoReS] – BP – UnderEyeLiner (mesh)
  • MAKEUP 3 brows: – NOX. – Harlot Brows [Grey]
  • MAKEUP 4 – freckles: alaskametro<3 – Freckles (many) for lighter skins
  • EYES: -SU! Tender Eyes  *Clean* (group gift)
  • HAIR:[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Lilou
  • TATOO – arms:  { DATUM }  – XXX 88 shirt – FADED
  • TATOO – head:  { DATUM }  – Salted Wound (NEW! @CarnEvil)
  • NAILS: Nailed It – All in One Pack – Monochrome Set (NEW! @On9)
  • EARMUFFS: AZOURY – Sybil Earmuffs – White (NEW! @On9)
  • SHOULDERS: ALEGRIA Minerva Shoulders with spikers (R) Silver
  • DRESS: :[Plastik]:– Arona Dress [XS]:// Stark (NEW! @We <3 RP)
  • LEG FADERS: Clemmm – Leg Fade Black
  • SHOES: [Cerberus Xing] – Sexy Massacre (Onyx) (NEW! @On9)
  • POSES: part of prop: Nightingale’s Sorrow by Diesel Works (Prop)
  • LISTENING: Bridges of Koningsberg – Feathers Wrapped in Metal




Body :

Skin :  -Glam Affair – December skin – Pearl 01 RARE

Hair :  +Spellbound+ Kiki // Grimoire <= N E W @ The Mainstore

Mouth :  Psychosis – Sharply Smile (marketplace)

Lashes : //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes <Tintable> (marketplace)

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Eyes :    Clemmm – 16mm Eye /// Bloodshot Rare < =  S O O N @ TAG


Accesoiries :

Makeup : Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #1: Doll  ( marketplace ) + Clem’s – Death’s door /// Bruise

Piercings : [ni.Ju] Cloe Piercing . monochrome + [ni.Ju] Devil’s Gangway Piercing( cheek )

Goggles : RO – Sandstorm Goggles – RedOut – Purchase Container

Nose Blindfold : =Kio= Abandoned – Connections – Black 1

Gloves : ::TI:: Iron Fist – Silver& Bronze <= N E W @ COSMOPOLITAN

Plushie : [SWaGGa] Heartmore – White/Red

Sword key : [SWaGGa] Keyblade Blk/Slv RARE

Belt :  RO – Hipster Bag – Coffee Container (unpacked)

Outfit :

Shrug : AP: Zipped Cowlneck Shrug v1.1  (marketplace)

Jumpsuit : *MUKA* Lazy Jumpsuit <= N E W @ Season Story

Shoes : [SWaGGa] Kingdom Boots

#344 Spring Ramblings

Post #344

The starting point for this blog post was the stunning jewellery set from Zuri Rayna.  In the set you get necklace, earrings and bracelet, and there is also a separate headset to complete the set. Both are available in a gorgeous array of colours.  The hair I am wearing in the first photo wouldn't work with the head dress so I did a separate photo below - indulging myself in my love of close shots at the same time!  If you are curious as to why I didn't wear this hair for the whole shoot, it is simply because I love it so much I have worn it on quite a few blog posts, and wanted to ring the changes - and also I think the Ploom do is more in fitting with the princess like jewels from Zuri.

Post #344

I have never blogged any Paisley Daisy items before, but have been a fan for a long time, and have had a little pile of their items in my "to blog" folder for ages.  I just love this gown, the addition of a few wispy flexi pieces really brings it to life - very subtle, but effective.   The texture of the gown is a beautiful muted paisley pattern.  As with a lot of Paisley Daisy items you get various options - I am wearing the solid top but you have a choice of sheer or solid, and fitted mesh or standard mesh sizes.  I am wearing the fitted mesh and it required no alpha editing on Maitreya Lara for it to fit perfectly.

Post #344


Mesh Body:  Maitreya  Lara 
Skin:   .WoW Skins V2 Enya Tan - available at Designer Circle
Hair: Ploom Carrie, Alice Project Persephone
Eyes: IKON
Hands & Feet:  SLink 

Eyelashes:  Redgrave
Eyeliner:  WoW Skins Eyeliner 02
Lips: WoW Skins Lipstick 1
Manicure & Pedicure:   Desert/Silver - Alaskametro at anyBody (In SLink, Eve, Maitreya and Omega formats)

Top: Paisley Daisy Stitched with Love Solid
Skirt: Paisley Daisy - Stitched with Love  
Shoes: KC Couture Joliette Heels

Necklace:  Zuri Rayna Jewelry Ariel Necklace, Champagne
Earrings: Zuri Rayna Jewelry Ariel-Earring, Champagne
Bracelet/Bangle: Zuri Rayna Jewelry - Ariel, champagne
HeaddressZuri Rayna Jewelry - Ariel, champagne

Poses: KaTink - Pics 1 & 3 from the Houston St set exclusive for the Pose Fair 2015 (Url will be added when open), other pics from Leona set in mainstore
Backdrop:  KaTink 

There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.

I don't give information for my engagement, wedding and eternity rings as they are private between Tomm & I.

SLURLs are current at time of posting.  If you need help with anything I have blogged, feel free to send me an email, inworld IM or nc, or a plurk (all links on contacts page).  

Clean lines


There are a huge array of wonderful shopping events in SL, I must admit sometimes it get’s difficult to remember where I found what. I prefer mixing up my items and even if something comes with multiple parts ( for example a jacket with matching pants) I prefer to swap an item out for something by the same or a different designer.

So today its a mix of items from C88, and On9-  Collabor88 opens on the 8th of the month and On9 opens on the 9th. On9 is a re-make of the past l’acessoires event and includes a wider range of items with the added bonus of one item in each stall being reduced by 20% or more- you just need to find it in the display. I found that items were reasonably priced so this is definitely an event to stop and shop at before it closes on the 29th April.


I am loving this new braided style from EMO-tions, sometimes I really want a “clean” style with all hair pulled off my face, and this style delivers while still keeping fantastic texture and interesting lines created by the hair being braided and wrapped into a bun.

The other day I showed off some makeup (for the LeLutka mesh heads ) from Adam n Eve Skins, while I was there picking up another set, I grabbed up the wearable sampler for another eyeshadow. It includes a hud to wear it with the Slink Visage ( also a  mesh head) but comes with the tattoo layer for you to wear with the standard SL head. For added WOW factor I added another pair of gorgeous lashes from Oceane.on9_003

Skin: Aeryn OL ~ Makeup 04 DEB C2, [PXL]
Hair: * IMANI *.:EMO-tions: ( @ On9) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Orchid/239/193/999
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Leonine, IKON
Clothing: structured crop top – white, (Milk Motion) ( @ C88)
Lulu Pants in Black MESH, :: PM :: ( @ On9)
Makeup: AE Eyeshadow Bucks Fizz Eyeliner- free wearable sample, Adam n Eve Skins
Deep Impact Mesh Lashes, Oceane http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oceanside%20dAlliez/197/241/22
Jewelry:Elwen necklace – sapphire, Kunglers ( @ On9)
Shoes: Jinan Sandal – Midnight (LARA), Hucci ( @ C88)
Extras: Maitreya Mesh Body – HUD V3.0 Lara
Poses: Mid~night , (marukin)