Grid Syndicate is for sale. Please Contact Us if you'd like to purchase it.


As usual Liv Glam has a wide array of specially priced clothing. When you teleport to the main store there are a number of outfits all around the outside square. This one, Sky is Over, is a new Thursday special outfit for only 99L this week. The Thursday specials stay out a week before being replaced by the next weekly round of goodies. You get light (shown) and black pants and three textures in the crop top in this design. 

My shoes are the brand new release, Miranda, from L.Warwick Handmade Shoes for SLink high feet. 

Slink Enhancement Hands and High Feet
R.icielli - COLOR BLOCK Makeups / Eyeshadow 02
Jewelry: Donna Flora SEAHORSE Set
[L.Warwick] Miranda -High Platform Wedge- Sky
[Liv Glam]KCSP14 Sky is Over Set
Glam Affair - Aria - Jamaica 02

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Wicca’s Wardrobe for K.I.D.S. – Through the eyes of a child

13783588063_cd9a9a4f67_o(Picture & Model: Sazzy Nirpaw)

Through the eyes of a child

Sweet innocent child with your open eyes.
You’ve seen us for who we really are.
And I know that there’ll be tomorrow.
So that hope can have it’s glory day.
And I wish that this world would embrace you
from magic stars and mystery.
My open heart …

I know you, I’ve seen your face before
you brought me to this open door
afraid to walk through.
Please take my hand.

I know that there will be tomorrow.
So that hope can have it’s glory day?
And I wish that this world embrace you
from magic stars and mystery.
My open heart …

I see where we’ll go from here.
‘Cause love doesn’t break
with the right amount of care
in your hands is whom you’ve choosen to be.
Life is a freedom.
Now go out there and be free.

Why did we make it so hard, this life is so complicated
until we see it through the eyes of a child.
Why did we make it so hard, this life is so complicated
until we see it through the eyes of a child.
Why did we make it so hard, this life is so complicated
until we see it through the eyes of a child.
Why did we make it so hard, this life is so complicated
until we see it through the eyes of a child.


 Fashion for K.I.D.S.  is a week-long charity event which will take place from April 14th to April 21st, 2014. that will help to feed the bodies and minds of young children. The two Miss Virtual World 2014 Candidates, Sienna Bellios and Shelby Matfield will collaborate in this effort , and raises funds for K.I.D.S., a children’s charity that aids in the development of children through nourishment and education (literacy). K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distress Situations) donates 97 percent of donations to the children and families they serve. The charity helps many kids in distress situations such as homelessness, low literacy rate, victims of domestic violence, children with serious illness, and military families. More information on this charity can be found at

During this event, a host of 18+ designers  willing to set up small vendors of their creations – with one creation donating 50% or more to the children’s charity. Since the charity is to aid children, the designers will have an array of bright colors to represent children, and just in time for spring! To cap off this event, we will host a grand fashion show on the BOSL sim, featuring the awesome women of Miss Virtual World 2014! It is our hope that through this colorful, spring fashion event, that we raise a substantial amount of lindens to give to K.I.D.S.


Each day families all around the world struggle for food, clothing, and shelter. Each day a parent loses their job and with the loss of a job, usually the loss of their home follows. We work hard to make ends meet, rob Peter to pay Paul, struggle to care for our children but the truth is, the vast majority is just one pay check away from poverty. And while as adults we suffer, those who suffer the most are our children. (Sazzy Nirpaw,


I really was very happy when Sienna IMed me and asked me, if I would like to participate in that event. I worked or over 10 years in children home for abused and homeless kids and it really touched my heart, when Sienna asked me. All the memories came back, the eyes of the children looking at me, their little hands reaching out for something the would like to have, the sparkling in their eyes for candy if I brought some with me to work…

I was thinking a lot what I could make for such a charity, because I really wanted to have something that has the kids theme in it. The idea of the “Lolliopop Gown” was born. All kids love candy and the idea of a gown made of lollipops just seemed for me the right idea for such a charity ;)

The gown comes with the mesh corset, a mesh skirt, the huge lollipop back-fan, the ribbons and ruffles and some little parts like the hair decoration and the lollipop for the hand. I left all the prim parts modify, so that you can play with them and reattach or resize them to your likings.

I hope you all like the idea, my little candy dream because 100% proceeds of the “Lollipop Gown” will go to the K.I.D.S. charity.

Please help those who cannot help themselves!

Wicca's Wardrobe - Lollipop Gown Vendor Charity


A Lovely Shade of Pink - From !Lyrical B!zarre Templates - Also Featuring K-Code - and From Japan Fair: Candy Nail

I would style a handful of designers every day, every hour, because far more than just the artistic people they are, they're also truly beautiful people in their heart and soul, and they share that with everyone in their company. It makes me feel like I'm connected to something far more than "JUST" a business.
I'm blessed. I've noticed that as time passes, those relationships that go far beyond just the work place type of business acquaintance slowly shifts towards a truth that most of these people are now wonderful friends, people I admire, for their clothing and content creation? Yes, Sure. But it's so much more than that.
Lyrical B!zarre Templates owner Lyrical Bizarre aka Loredana works harder and puts so much of her time into her store, and it shows. She's developed the skill to make her own templates. In a world where few know how to manipulate the programs needed to render new mesh forms, her skill adds depth and beauty to collections and designers all over the grid.
If you're a designer and you're looking for a new template to use, something fresh, a new perspective, and you haven't visited her store, it would be a great time to visit. You'll find an array of glorious spring colors, new items, and loads of fun. And you'll meet one of those irreplaceable people who I know will touch your life magically.

This pretty in pink styling comes to you from these outstanding content creators:
Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Youthful Mesh
Featuring K-Code Megan Boots Black
Featuring from Japan Fair Candy Nail Twist Chiogami Blue
1. EMO-tions: Anita
2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Felicia
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Chocolat with Makeup 05
5. Manifest Poses

Fab Advice – Edition #14



QUESTION #1:  I am a new resident in SecondLife or a “newb” as I have been called and I would like to know how I can get people to speak to me???  Most that I approach see my rez in date and run for the hills. :( Thank you for this blog.  I’m sexy this early on in the game  ~ thanks to you.

Love Says:  It’s hard being the new girl/guy in most types of places, and Second Life is no different.  Everything is foreign in this world and it will take time to learn the ropes, and meet your friends and family.  My advice is to just explore different sims, join groups you find interest in and be friendly  but respectful :).  If you IM someone and they don’t respond, just move on.  Not everyone is in SL to meet people.  Some come to escape for peace and quiet!   Thank you for your kind words regarding the FabFree Blog – we are glad to help!

Xiu Says:  First, welcome to SL!  I would suggest finding things that you enjoy…such as music, art, books, poetry, education, building etc.  Then look for groups to join that focus on those activities…for example Builder’s Brewery has been around forever and it is a fantastic place to meet people while exploring the amazing plethora of FREE classes they offer.  You can find a directory of their classes, like photography, jewelry making, clothing design etc., right at their landing point.  Join Facebook and start chatting people up there or start following blogs that feature posts about activities and places to see around the grid.  Daniel Voyager, Quan Lavender and Eddi Haskell all have fantastic blogs that feature an amazing array of activities and places to visit on their blogs; you can also friend them on Facebook to help get you started with making connections there. If you’re into photography, there is a HUGE presence and a ton of SL groups you can join on Flickr; where you can meet fellow SLers and establish connections there. I’m not covering dance clubs, though it is a great place to see people, I think there are better places to truly meet people and make friends.  You can also find lots of opportunities, through reading the Linden Labs updates on the SL dashboard, to volunteer for events…where you will be helping others AND making friends!  Good luck and have fun! <3 <3


QUESTION #2:  what are some fun and free activities to do in SL?

Love Says:  Almost everything in Second Life is free!  There are of course some things that cost money… like shopping and there are fees to enter a small amount of sims, but many, many fun activities are free!  Freebie shopping of course is one of my favourites, but you can also visit events, attend live shows, visit clubs, go to poetry readings, and open mic nights!  There are also amusement parks and RP sims if you are into that kind of thing!

Xiu Says:  My favorite activities are exploring and sailing…well shopping also, but that isn’t always free lol.  For sailing…look for Sailor’s Cove or Fisher’s Island Yacht Club…both are public places connected to the Bake Sea.  You will be able to find a lot of information on sailing, classes for sailing, racing, and various sailing groups you can join to become more involved with sailing.  You can also get a free starter boat at those locations.  As for exploring…there is the SL Destination Guide where you can find great places to explore; many also have great interactive things to do, at their location, as well.  You can also do a search for Quan Lavender and Eddi Haskell…both individuals have really great SL travel blogs; where you will find so many great places to explore and activities to enjoy!  If you like RP (Role Play), there are TONS of places you can explore and often you will be able to get started for free.  If you’d like to try flying in SL…do a search for airfields…they will often have temp rezzers where you can rez a plane or helicopter and fly around the Blake Sea.  There are also a ton of Art Galleries, Exhibits, Museums, Educational Centers and Live Music venues…use your search option and enter those key words/phrases into it…you’ll be surprised how many places there are to have FREE fun! <3 <3



For more information – see THIS POST.

How to send in a request:  Name your Notecard “Fab Advice Request”, and send it to LOVE TRILL (who will never share your personal details, promise!)

** Note – Names have been XXXed out, and small edits were made to protect privacy.

Night Silk

Night Silk

You know what time it is! time for a brand new release from Egoisme: KHEDAR!
This new release has a vast array of textures for both the shirt and pants.

Get to it!

Shirt: Egoisme KHEDAR

Belt: Egoisme KHEDAR

Pants: Egoisme KHEDAR

Hair: Action “Sam” HAIR

Glasses: Sunglasses AVIATORS / V1.1 – REDGRAVE


#746 NewNess From ALLI & ALI

Some Fresh New looks this spring Compliments of 

2 women's hairstyles and one men's/unisex (Rock Out). All  are new releases in the Alli&Ali store this April 2014



unisex hair

Each hair has a vast array of colors.
is the place to go this April 2014
For unique color's and Style!

LoTD – It’s a little, lazy Sunday

Hello fellow humans, or.. beings.  I am having a Lazy Sunday today and put together a little LoTD, hope you enjoy <3

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday

A few event bits in the good old look, including the gorgeous maxi dress from VinCue, one of the offerings at The Seasons Story, it’s available in an array of colours, all bright and breezy but I adore this coral colour, seems cheery!  Also from The Seasons Story is the skin, it’s Amaranth from Essences!  It’s only available in Light Rose but comes with a bunch of brows to choose from and 4 makeups!  This is just one of the four shown.   From another event is the tiara!   It’s from HopScotch and is out at the Fit for a Princess event as a gacha prize.  Soooo pretty on top of my Truth hair, which is yet another event item, this time at Collabor88, a gorgeous braided and wafty number, perfect for pictures, it also comes with an intricate, optional clip (not shown).

LoTD - It's a little, lazy Sunday - Up Close and Personal

Also worn for my look are the extreme wedges from Blah, in Yellow!    They are also available in a bunch of colours, although the colours are only really the straps an inner sole so pretty much you can wear any colour with anything! YAY!   My necklace is an oldie from Olive, but still a cutie <3

New @ Essences

Also in my bid to play catch up from the Skin Fair, I am showing you the four skins from Essences that were released for there, which I assume are now available in store (I couldn’t TP to double check, don’t shoot me!).  There are four faces to choose from, each one in an array of tones and of course, appliers available!


Skin: Essences | Amaranth | TSS01 | Light Rose | Brown *The Seasons Story*
Hair: Truth | April *Collabor88*
Tiara: HopScotch | Amira | Silver Rainbow *RARE* *Fit for a Princess*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Mon Cheri | Falsies
Necklace: Olive | The Catch – My Starfish | Pink/Silver
Dress: VinCue | Maxxi Dress *The Seasons Story*
Shoes: Blah | My Extreme Wooden Wedges | Yellow

Pose by Ploom
Slink Av Enhancements worn with appliers from (I forgot to look but I will update this when I log back in!)

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I See In Black and White With a Dash of Red


This outfit comprised of a Bustier and Hot Pants are part of the new 2014 Spring/Summer Collection at Dead Dollz called, Minnie.  The long latex gloves I am wearing are from Maai called, Suki.  The gloves come in an array of colors for you to choose from and each set comes with this HUD that changes your hand positions..I love how easily this came together.

My husband, Gabriel LaCroix took these amazing pictures of me.


I would like to thank Kiddo Oh from Dead Dollz and Snow Wolfhunter from Maai for allowing me to blog their designs.


Dead Dollz Minnie in Black

Maai Suki Fitmesh Gloves in Black

MIAMAI Titania Headpiece in Black

BSD Design Studio IT Girl Heels in Apple

Zibska Amelie Necklace (Part of a set)

Poses from Castiel


The Kollective – [KRC] & Aphrodite Shop (April)

TKAPRILADThe Kollective 

Designer and Bloggers will be paired for each cycle of the Boutique. Designers will create a new exclusive design for the boutique inspired by their partnered Blogger. Bloggers will then Blog and review the inspired design featuring their partnership with the designer. We are hoping this collaboration and partnership between blogger and designer will deepen the relationship between blogger and designer as well as provide the public with a Singular shopping opportunity.

Two amazing designers offering some positively fun items for spring.  First from [KRC] comes the Spring Romper Outfit.  This standard mesh sized outfit comes complete with dress and fantastically cute high top sneakers.  And from Aphrodite Shop comes some stunningly spring decorations.  First comes the Decorative Easter Arch.  Perfect for adding a bit of spring to any area or even for a fun spring wedding.  Next comes the Easter Egg Decoration.  This fun and festive decorative piece is perfect for your garden, or to add some excitement for the kids while they search for the special prizes left by Mr. Easter Bunny.  And to celebrate the occasion comes three furniture pieces sure to bring light into your event.  The Easter Brunch Buffet, which features all the yummy goodies one would need for Easter brunch, as well as a decorative sign screaming Happy Easter!  Next is the Spring Picnic furniture set, that is a beautiful rustic table featuring a delicious array of food stuffs.  And lastly, the Spring BBQ Picnic Table, which is a fantastically cute and classic table featuring an umbrella to keep you comfortably shaded from the hot sun.

[KRC] - Spring Romper Outfit & Aphrodite Shop - Easter Arch (The Kollective)_001 [KRC] - Spring Romper Outfit & Aphrodite Shop - Easter Arch (The Kollective)_002 [KRC] - Spring Romper Outfit & Aphrodite Shop - Easter Arch (The Kollective)_003 [KRC] - Spring Romper Outfit & Aphrodite Shop - Easter Arch (The Kollective)_004 Aphrodite Shop - Easter Egg Deco (The Kollective) Aphrodite Shop - Easter Party (The Kollective)_001 Aphrodite Shop - Easter Party (The Kollective)_002 Aphrodite Shop - Spring BBQ Picnic Table(The Kollective)_001 Aphrodite Shop - Spring BBQ Picnic Table(The Kollective)_002 Aphrodite Shop - Spring Picnic Table (The Kollective)_001 Aphrodite Shop - Spring Picnic Table (The Kollective)_002


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Anais | Exquisite Cream | Cleavage
Shape: Anna Shapes | Christie | Available at Designer Circle – Round 77
Hair: Truth | Harriet
Hands: SLINK
Nails: {Wicked} Peach | Galaxy Nail Appliers | Available at Seraphim Social – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Outfit: [KRC] | Spring Romper Outfit | Available at The Kollective
Pose: !bang
Props: Aphrodite Shop | As Listed Above | Available at The Kollective

Forest Cafe

Decor post today!

Lots of items from lots of events.

Forest Cafe

This build is from Kuro available at The Home Show and it is themed to be a ” cafe ” but I am sure it can be used for an array of things. I did stick to the cafe vibe though and wanted to make something along the lines of a relaxing coffee shop.

Here are some close-ups of the interior:

And before I forget, The Season’s Story opens tomorrow! This is one of my favorite events and I will be doing lots of posts to cover all the items available – but first up I set up the cute garden set from Sari-Sari at the entrance to my little cafe:

In The Garden

These items are in a gacha and you can go try your luck tomorrow when it opens <3

I split the credits up by exterior/interior but if I missed anything please let me know!



→ Build: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) – Forest cafe @ The Home Show

→ Path: +ILO+ - (ZoZo Raven) – Wooden Path – M [Moss]
→ Trees: 3D Trees – (Nadine Reverie) – Mossy double oak with ivy
→ Trees: 3D Trees - (Nadine Reverie) -  Weeping willow
→ Trees: [DDD] – (Anke Hatchuk/ Kalia Firelyte) – Low Poly Trees @ We <3 RP
→ Grass: [we're CLOSED] - (Wendy Xeno) – Grass Field – Lush
→ Flowers: Terrashop – (Terrasum) – Blue Garden Pansy @ The Home Show
→ Flowers: Terrashop – (Terrasum) – Brownish-yellow Garden Pansy @ The Home Show
→ Flowers: Terrashop – (Terrasum) – Light blue Garden Pansy @ The Home Show
→ Tent: 11th Hour: – (River Stromfield) – Karen’s Makeshift Garden Tent
→ Stacks of Pots: 11th Hour: - (River Stromfield) - Karen’s Pot Stack
→ Bench: 11th Hour: - (River Stromfield) – Thatcher Bench
→ Wheelbarrow: 7 – (Agustkov) – Yard Mule Cart @ The Home Show
→ Mower: 7 – (Agustkov) -  Old Mower @ The Home Show
→ Crates: {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) – crate simple.
→ Bunnies: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Oopsie Daisy Bunnypups @ Collabor88

→ Table: {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) -  garden table plain/poppy
→ Gardening Set: Sari-Sari - (stupidmonkey) : @ The Season’s Story4.10.2014
Our Little Garden – Potwoman RARE
Our Little Garden – Potted Seeds
Our Little Garden – Bucket of Tools
Our Little Garden – Potman RARE
Our Little Garden – Rake
Our Little Garden – Garden Sign
Our Little Garden – Signpost
Our Little Garden – Hose (green)
Our Little Garden – Hoe

→ Table:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) - garden table w/table cloth/leaf
→ Food/Tray: Poche - (miyu Adder) – Bread of an apple and honey
→ Chair:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) - garden chair/leaf
→ Chair:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) - garden chair/poppy
→ Dog: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Fawn
→ Crates: 7 – (Agustkov) -  Lab Crates – Animated @ The Home Show



→ +Fireplace: CONVAIR+ – (Tobias Convair) – Wood Stove @ The Home Show
→ +Fireplace Tools: CONVAIR+ – (Tobias Convair) – Fireplace Tools @ The Home Show
→ Clock: Kalopsia – (Isabeau Baragula) – Clock (Mountain Wood) @ The Home Show
→ Table: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) -  Round cafe table @ The Home Show
→ Chair: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) -  Metal chair @ The Home Show
→ Coffee Set: 8f8 - (8f8) – CEO Coffee-To-Go SET Open (Rez me) – DELICATE
→ Coffee Cup: 8f8 - (8f8) - CEO Coffee-To-Go CUP (Rez me) – DELICATE
→ Frame with Photos: [tea.s] - (Tea Soup) – Heart Frame – Black @ The Home Show
→ Flower in Cup: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) - Cafe center piece @ The Home Show
→ Books:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom)  - bookstacks
→ Couch: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) -  Forest loveseat (white) @ The Home Show
→ Shoes: fri. - (Darling Monday) –  Lizzie.Slippers (Antique)
→ Hanging Keys:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) -  -key hanging mobile
→ Light Bulb Chandelier: Bazar – (Ria Bazar) – Toronto-Living room chandelier @ The Home Show
→ Wall Art: Collage – (AdalineB) –  This Life  @ The Home Show
→ Lamp: *. emm ; – (Snowy Melody) – curly swirly lamp { mixed : flores } @ The Home Show
→ Table: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) - Square cafe table @ The Home Show
→ String Lights: [*Art Dummy!] -(Gala Charron) – shine. (string lights) @ The Home Show
→ Bookcase:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom)  - bookcase unit 2.
→ Crate of Bottles: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) - Bottles crate @ The Home Show
→ Cafe Sign/Menu Board: {iD} –  (HAZ Starship) – CaFe_BoRd (dark wood 1) @ The Home Show
→ Bag of Coffee: .:Standby Inc. - (StandbyInc) –  CH Gatcha – Coffee Bag (French Roast)
→ Shelf Crate: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) -  Shelf crate 1 @ The Home Show
→ Bag of Coffee: .:Standby Inc. - (StandbyInc) –  CH Gatcha – Coffee Bag (Vanilla)
→ Cake Case: pomkotsuYA - (himehime Andel) – *glasscase*
→ Plate: *Laika* -  (Soleil Criss) – cake dish
→ Peach Pie: *KOPI* - (Surfash Bade) – Peach Tarte_1/8 cut
→ Fruit Pie: *KOPI* - (Surfash Bade) – Fruits Tarte_M
→ Strawberry Pie: *KOPI* - (Surfash Bade) – Strawberry Tarte_M
→ Wire Basket: *KOPI* - (Surfash Bade) -wire basket
→ Shelf Crate: Kuro – (Luana Dawg) -  Shelf crate 2 @ The Home Show
→ Hanging Lamp: *. emm ; -  (Snowy Melody) - bohojo lamp { magenta } @ The Home Show
→ Hanging Lamp: *. emm ; –  (Snowy Melody) – bohojo lamp { green } @ The Home Show
→ Hanging Lamp: *. emm ; -  (Snowy Melody) - bohojo lamp { teal } @ The Home Show
→ Cat: Zooby – (Carrie Tatsu) – Black Cat
→ Coffee Cup Picture: Collage – (AdalineB) -  Cup’O Art @ The Home Show
→ Coffee Bar: Collage – (AdalineB) – Coffee Bar @ The Home Show
→ Globe: 22769 – (Paco Pooley) – ~ [bauwerk] Vintage Globe @ The Home Show
→ Book:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) –  book of scientist.
→ Book: {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) - book of dreamer.}RARE
→ Poufs: Bazar – (Ria Bazar) – Toronto-Leather pouf @ The Home Show
→ Curtains: Nordari – (Jordan Giant) – Chobird.curtain
→ Hookah: -JoHaDeZ- (John2010 Dexler) – Hookah @ The Home Show
→ Book:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) -  book of tale lover.
→ Stack of Books:  {vespertine} - (Amelie Knelstrom) -  - bookstacks
→ Rug: Zigana . – (Nalena Fairey) – rug . naturel


Stop To Smell The Flowers

Today I have more goodies from The Boutique and Poser Pavilion to show you along with a pretty new skin from Wow Skins.  Luna is one of two new skins that can be found at The Skin Fair which comes in four tones with six makeups(each with a choice of cleavage) and also has skin appliers available.  From The Boutique we have cuteness from Coquet with the Selene dress which is available in four series packs which include three color blocking variations in each pack.  I chose blue which was perfect with the gorgeous Butterfly set in Pigeon from Izzie’s that also comes in five other colors.  Then we have new shoes from ieQED that has such a sweet delicate quality to them that I was sure to include a close up of them so you could see what I meant, I mean look at that heel!  They also come in an array of choices and are made for Slink’s High feet so be sure you own the feet if you buy these.  Helping me show off my look are new poses from Mien Poses in the Nouvelle Belle pack, which includes five poses, ten total when you count the mirrors.

flickr look 500STYLE CARD:

Hair: Truth – Renata in Browns

Skin: Wow Skins – Luna Bronze 01 Cl. /NEW @ Skin Fair 2014

Dress: Coquet – Selene Blue 3 / NEW @ The Boutique

Jewelry: Izzie’s – Butterfly in Pigeon / NEW @ The Boutique

Feet: Slink – Women’s High AvEnhance Feet

Shoes: ieQED – Savoy Sandals in Light blue/Platinum / NEW @ The Boutique

Pose: Mien Poses – Nouvelle Belle Pack /NEW @ Poser Pavillion

Laid Back

While it is still fairly cool in NY, the weather and fashion is definitely warming-up in SL. Spring is most definitely here! With the onset of a new season, there are always mega events all over the grid. This post is made-up of some of my favorite event exclusives this month.

The talented Gyorgyna Larnia of LaGyo, created this AMAZING Miranda mesh bustier, which is adorned with beautiful mesh flowers in contrasting colors. This bustier is also part of her Carmen Miranda inspired 'Miranda Collection', which is available at The Arcade. This collection is made-up of the above bustier in several brilliant colors, earrings that match the same flower on the bustier and also color turbans. Each play is on 50L, so make sure you stop by The Arcade and try your luck at winning one or all of these gorgeous creations!
Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice, created this beautiful and sleek Ivana High Slit Skirt for FaMESHed. This skirt comes in nice array of Spring inspired colors and also has matching marbled top that you will see later in an upcoming post! 

Skin Fair 2014 is still going on strong! While you are at this yearly event, you absolutely must stop by the -Glam Affair- vendor and demo this stunning new called, Romy. Aida Ewing, as always, went all out and created so many unbelievable options for this new skin. Instead of buying full make-up skins, you buy one base skin (in Arctic, America, Europa, Asia, Jamaica, India and Africa skin tones)with the following the options: 
  • 5 cheek styles (on tattoo)
  • 6 eyebrow styles in 8 different shades (on tattoo)
  • 9 freckle and mole styles (on tattoo)
Now, here is where the fun part comes in! You can purchase the following make-ups and facial features to customize and personalize your look. Here are the packs you can purchase:

- Eye shadows - 3 different packages to choose from (all on tattoo)
  • Light Line (6 styles included)
  • Dark Line (6 styles included)
  • Color Line (6 styles included)
- Glosses and Lipsticks (4 different packages to choose from )
  • 7 yummy styles of gloss (on tattoo)
  • Temptation Lipsticks - 10 different shades (on tattoo)
  • Goddess Lipsticks - 10 different shades (on tattoo)
  • Flower Lipsticks - 10 different shades (on tattoo)
  • Fruits Lipsticks - 10 different shades (on tattoo)
- 5 Nose Styles

There are also Loud Mouth and Slink Visage appliers available for purchase too! The only hard part is choosing what gorgeous make-ups to get. Make sure you demo them ASAP!

I know this post is getting long, but I had to mention this fabulous Salcombe Gazebo set from Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea! It is a FaMESHed exclusive this month and perfect for your Spring outdoor decor. Plus, I love the fact that it is materials ready. 
If you notice in the above pic, there are bouquets of wild flowers strewn about,more wild flowers in a vase and also a yellow Refurbished Table.These are Arcade exclusives from Maylee Oh of The Secret Store.You absolutely MUST try your luck at winning this lovely mesh wildflowers and refurbished tables. 
Oh! I almost to forgot to mention the fabulous Rose Sandals that I am wearing! They are latest release from Sigifaust of eQUED. These delicate strappy stilettos with a rose petal heel are literally wearable art. They are available in a bunch of brilliant colors and were made to worn with Slink's AvEnhance Feet Med mesh feet. Please make sure you check them out!
Both of the beautiful hairstyles that I am wearing in the post are recent recently from Kavar Cleanslate of Exile. If you haven't been toExile lately, you should definitely go over there ASAP and try on all of Kavar's stunning new releases. 
So with that said, here are your LMs and Credits:

~Style Info~
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Evening (XS) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me by Thora Charron
Hair (Pic 1): ::Exile:: Slow Burn: Natural Fusion by Kavar Cleanslate
Hair (Pic 2): ::Exile:: Right Through You: Natural Fusion by Kavar Cleanslate
Earrings: LaGyo_Miranda earrings Madame by Gyorgyna Larnia (avail @ The Arcade)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Romy skin - Base ( America )by aida Ewing (avail @ Skin Fair 2014)
Eye Shadow: -Glam Affair- -Glam Affair - Romy - Eyes makeup - Dark line 02 by aida Ewing  (avail @ Skin Fair 2014)
Lipstick: -Glam Affair- Romy Lipstick ( America ) Temptation 09 by aida Ewing  (avail @ Skin Fair 2014)
Moles:  -Glam Affair- Romy - Freckles & Moles 07 by aida Ewing  (avail @ Skin Fair 2014)
Necklace: -Glam Affair- Embellished Ruffle Collar Black by  Amberly Boccacio (avail @ FaMESHed)
Bustier LaGyo_Miranda bustier Madame by Gyorgyna Larnia (avail @ The Arcade)
Skirt:  Baiastice_Ivana High slit skirt-iceberg by Sissy Pessoa (avail @ FaMESHed)
Hand L: Slink (av) Elegant1 by Siddean Munro
Hand R: Slink (av) Bag by Siddean Munro
Appliers: -Glam Affair- Slink Hands Skin Appliers (America) by aida Ewing
Nails: Nailed It - French Manicure - Pastels Set HUD Rose by Giela Delpaso
Ring: Cae  :: Royal :: Ring (R)  by Caelan Hancroft
Feet:  Slink AvEnhance Feet Med by Siddean Munro
Feet Appliers: -Glam Affair- Slink Feet Skin Appliers (America) by aida Ewing
Shoes: IeQUED rose.sandal.white. by Sigi (sigifaust) (NEW)
Pose 1: Bauhaus Movement Sun by LouLou Teichmann
Pose 2: My Own
~ Decor ~
Gazebo: :CP: Salcombe Gazebo by Isla Gealach (avail @ FaMESHed)
Sofa: :CP: Salcombe Sofa by Isla Gealach (avail @ FaMESHed)
Rug: :CP: Salcombe Rug by Isla Gealach (avail @ FaMESHed)
Table: The Secret Store Wild Flowers - Refurbished Table - Yellow - RARE by Maylee Oh (avail @ The Arcade)
Flowers in Vase: The Secret Store Wild Flowers - Mixed Flowers Vase - RARE by Maylee Oh (avail @ The Arcade)
Flower Bouquets: The Secret Store Wild Flowers - Bouquet/Daffodils and Bouquet/Cornflowers by Maylee Oh (avail @ The Arcade)
Flowers in Small Vase: The Secret Store Wild Flowers - Lavender by Maylee Oh (avail @ The Arcade)
Candles: [Atooly]  My Candle Gacha - Tiny Candles w/plate - Pinks & Green by rockstarroo GossipGirl
Bunny: Birdy/Alchemy Spring Babes - Bunny - Smoke by nina Helix (avail @ The Arcade)

Perfectly fitting

perfectly fitting

Well it is in my opinion perfectly fitting that this post is perfectly fitted out with creations from three amazing designers, the only difficulty is where to begin. So let’s begin with the fitted mesh. Yes that’s right this gorgeous gown from The White Armory is an example of the newest thing to hit SL shopping, fitted mesh. Not everyone can see fitted mesh yet so it is fortunate that this gown includes both fitted mesh and standard mesh in the usual sizes, so what have I learned about fitted mesh .. not a lot admittedly but here’s two main points. First you do need to wear an alpha, originally I thought that fitted mesh removed the need for the alpha layer but no, instead fitted mesh gives some stretch to your mesh clothing. Take a look at the collage below, in both pictures I am wearing the fitted mesh version of this gown and the only change I made was to my size. On the left my usual size and on the right.. I pushed up the breasts and belly as well saddlebags.

collage twa fitmesh

Perhaps I should have used the same pose, but anyway you can see the changes to the bust and hips where the dress just stretched to fit.. now the second thing I learned was there is a point when the mesh ” breaks” becomes distorted, but fitted mesh does allow for a lot more variation in curves than standard mesh so a move in the right direction. For those with more subtle curves.. fitted mesh isn’t necessarily going to be as noticeable or always as positive an experience. Some fitted mesh items  ( from other stores) made my shape look overlarge in some places, the hip and butt area in particular . So there are features I love and at times I will grab a fitted mesh version of another, but as with all mesh outfits DEMO demo demo.

perfect mix

Next up in my appreciation of perfection is the re-release of the Symphony set from Zuri Rayna Jewelry. I have the original version and still wear it as I love the way the necklace sits so beautifully.. but now it comes in a whole new range of vibrant colours I have a new appreciation of the possibilities. Seen here in the bold combination of Parrot green opals, onyx and sterling this set is like a breath of fresh air ..exotic tropical fresh air. I was thrilled at how great my polish from {ZOZ} echoes the intensity and shine.. love it!

I have another collage to share as it was the easiest way to explain about the amazing perfection that is [Mock] makeup. The owner and creator behind this gorgeous makeup has pulled together a huge array of miscellaneous make ups che has created and not released fully before. SO she has packed them all into one small box with a small price – 50L. This is not a group only offer, tp to the store and you will find it sitting on the main desk. In the pictures below I am wearing a mixture of makeups, some full sets, some eye only or lip only.. so you can see the possibilities of how you wear this makeup is enormous.

collage perfect make up

Phew done with the writing now I will drop in the details and a few SLurls to make your shopping easier, have a great day everyone !

Skin: Skin Erin Pale Pearl Brunette Chest D, *League
Hair:Carol ~ Dark Brown, Amacci
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Machine , IKON
Gown: Lostwithiel Lake Mesh Gown Set-Lunetta_Dress-FITTED MESH, The White Armory
Jewelry: Symphony Cyrstal V2 ~ Parrot Green/ Onyx/Sterling ( set includes necklace, earrings , ring and 2 bracelets), Zuri Rayna Jewelry ( new release -25% discount for group members with tag on )
Makeup: various, from [mock] -365 days of “when did I make that?!” pack
Extras: Slink mouse hands with floral etch spring polish by {ZOZ}

SLurls to – The White Armory:

Zuri Rayna Jewelry:


.†o Cas† A Spell.

Hello~ Spouge readers!

This is yet another blog post which I mean to do way earlier in the week but couldn’t get to it, until today… (ノ´д`)

In this post I have another exclusive from The Big Show & I also wanted to show off an awesome backpack from Hex Appeal.

{Anatomy} is participating along side Elska in this month’s round of The Big Show.
Glitch of {Anatomy} made a super cute set of Anime Blushes! The set of Anime Blushes comes in many shades to complement different skin tones so you have a handful of options.
Definitely a must buy if you’re into cute things & want to have that shy anime style blush for your avatar.

Now, Hex Appeal is the new venture of Lix Biscuit. Many know Lix for her out of the box style & blogging @ Spook Show.
For Hex Appeal, Lix joined Dream, Glitch & myself over at out little shopping district where we all have our main-stores at. Hex Appeal’s official release is a super cute & awesome set of mesh backpacks! There’s a vast array of these backpacks to choose from so I’m sure you’d find one, two or maybe all ten of them that you’ll like!

Hope you enjoy the look I put together & get to shopping~

//LovelyAlien// – HexHeadband 150L$

[taketomi] - Megu Dessin [DippuDye/Kage] 330L$

.Birdy. – Megan Skin ~Porcelaine~* Past Skin Fair 2014

//LovelyAlien// - StarryEyelashes 50L$

Lovely Disarray – Liner Set #1 110L$
(Doll is worn.)

TSG – WetLook – Deep Blue 100L$

Anime Blush:
{Anatomy} – Anime Blushes*
Available @ The Big Show

//LovelyAlien// - Webbed Ears Set 125L$

.nantes creep collar – spectre (silver) RARE
(Past gatcha item from The Legion Project)


(NO) – Openback Lace Tee – Black 90L$
*I modified the collar of the shirt*

HEX APPEAL – BACKPACKS in Black Heart* 150L$

Color.Me.H.O.F – [MyCropCorset[Black] 50L$

The Secret Store – Crepe Skater Skirt – Charcoal 150L$

[MANDALA] - OKAKI Bracelet set/BLACK Unisex 357L$
[MANDALA] – POLLY Bracelet set/BLACK 387L$

(epoque.s) – Amen Knuckle Ring – Obsidian
.olive. – Bow Rings (SL Fashion Week Group Gift)

Q – ombre sheer tights 15L$

-FAUN- Jemma Leather Boot / Classic 250L$

<3 Astrexia Chrome

The asterisk(*) beside the products name denotes that it was received as a promotional or review copy.


RicoRacer Flux:

I’ve been wanting to open a Coffee/Tea House in SL for everyone to come and hang out. My hubby Editorial Clarity has been busy for the past several days making my dream come true and it turned out to be grand and amazing. Come and visit. <3

Originally posted on Love To Decorate:

Rico's Tea House


A new Tea House is opening tomorrow at 10amSLT in Second Life and you are all invited to use it!

The building contains a casual tea room filled with an array of food and drink, a more formal lounge area, plus outdoor seating to soak up the sun and take in the gorgeous views.

This will be a great place to spend time, relax, socialise with friends and hopefully meet new people. And you get to do it all in style!

Check back here tomorrow for a landmark. 

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