The Horror Movie

(first 10 people to the left on your profile)

1. Decides the creepy house is safe: Rock Nansen
2. Screams like a baby: Cazzy Halasy
3. Scares you as a joke: Laciecamell
4. The first to go missing: Mrs. Francine Charron
5. The first to go insane: Mrs. Jaleighse Alexander
6. Murdered saving you: Selmita Doran
7. Has your back no matter what: Tiffany Hausner
8. Survives by faking dead: Lady Eboni
9. Has a solid survival plan no one listens to: Bif Bilasimo
10.Is really the killer: Autumn Xomotron 

*Suggested by Abel Streeter Crow 

*P.S. Sorry guys and gals on my list... it's just an imaginary scenario.
Feel free to create your own list and share the link, so we all enjoy!

Merry Meet!