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ECCO Aureole Necklace & Bracelets GG Vendor by Nissa...

ECCO Aureole Necklace & Bracelets GG Vendor by Nissa Rayna
Via Flickr:
New JULY Group Gift Instore Now! ECCO

#209 Wild Intentions

Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Oliver

Facial Hair: Unorthodox Teen Facial Hair @ TMD

Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Hort @ TMD

Skin: Clef de Peau:Calum Face  @ TMD

Brows: Clef de Peau:Eyebrows 10 Blondes @ TMD

Fetch Closing Sale by Gretchen Wienerschnitzel - [Fetch]...

Fetch Closing Sale by Gretchen Wienerschnitzel - [Fetch] Owner]
Via Flickr:
<3 50% off for the month of July. GET IT BEFORE IT’S GONE!

Renewal Open Gift by MENI from ASO! & Soothe. Via...

Renewal Open Gift by MENI from ASO! & Soothe.
Via Flickr:
Skin | (*ANGELICA) APRIL :milktea: #5 sakura Hair | +elua+ Fran_Brown Tops | Emery Cora Top Nastur Eye | [UMEBOSHI] Bubble Milk Eye -Cherrywood- Eyelashes | //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes Cheek | violetta. -Jyouki cheek Location | ASO! & Soothe. Main store ——————————————————————————— We have moving under the sea! We have GroupGift for you! Please go to under the sea after TP :) ASO!とSoothe.が海の中に引っ越しました! 今回は海の中に飾り付けをしてみました。 リニューアルオープン記念にグループギフトをご用意しています。 ぜひ遊びにきてくださいね^^ TPしましたら、海の中を歩いていってくださいね! New group gift ▶ ASO! Vintage Ribbon copy,modify,resize 5colors including. ASO! & Soothe. -Under the sea-

Silks and a New Face Save the Faery Queen

When I was a child I was terrified of the tooth-fairy — and of fairies in general actually. I remember other children dressing up as fairy princesses for Halloween, and all I could think of was how deceived they all were! Fairies were horrible, malevolent creatures that stole your teeth and made you stay a child forever! (Wasn’t that what Tinkerbell did to Peter Pan?!) I could certainly think of nothing worse!

5 July 2015 [1]

In fact, my fear of fairies never really went away until I became an adult. And interestingly enough… it turned from fear to something akin to a malevolent dislike. I saw them as creatures of deceit and even in lore, they really are.

In traditional Irish Lore, the word “Faerie” comes from the word “fay,” which is related directly to the Fates — and some believed they were women who influenced and overlooked the births and lives of men… and not always in very nice ways (obviously). Those who upset the fair folk, were said to be doomed to suffer eternal bad luck unless they made it right by the fairy they had had the misfortune of angering.

But fairies, of course, come in many shapes and sizes… and can be good or evil (though even both the good and the bad can be equally capricious according to ancient lore) and in the traditional lore all fairies were very powerful.

So is it any great surprise, that so many in Second life would wish to recreate the magical look of the fair folk for themselves? I think not! And this week, I give you a chance to do it without having to steal from the winged ones themselves!

The first thing you need is the outfit I am wearing. Because no self-respecting Queen of the Fairies would be caught without first-rate attire! So head to ~Soedara! Once there, join the group (don’t worry it’s FREE) and look for the teleport to the gift area.

There are actually quite a few very nice gifts in ~Soedara!‘s FREE area, but the one I picked up for my look in these pictures is called the Precious Haifa Silk. When you enter the FREE area, you’ll find the gifts in Vendors. You must wear the ~Soedara! group tag to get the vendors to work. You do have to pay the vendors 1L to get your items, but they will immediately refund your 1L back to you — thus making your item a FREE gift. You may find yourself there for a while going through all the choices! There are many beautiful gifts to be had!

5 July 2015 [2]

The second thing you need is this fabulous rigged mesh gift hair from rezology called Save the Queen. It is a steal that even Queen Mab will approve of for the sweet price of only 1L on the Market Place and comes with a fully customizable hud that lets you tint the hair first with a base color and from there even further with a secondary tint to get the hair your perfect shade. It’s the first hair hud of this kind I’ve seen and I was very impressed with the way it worked (and the control it gave me over the colors I could achieve!).

5 July 2015 [3]

And if a picture is worth a thousand words and the eyes are the window to the soul… then your last stop should definitely be New Faces skin store for their FREE gifts. New Faces seems to be a secret saved among friends and it’s one worth sharing. The group is FREE to join and there are currently three FREE group gifts available. I am wearing their current gift skin called Lorna as well as this beautiful eye make-up called Erotica (there are several shades in the make up pack but I chose blue) and both are currently up in the store as FREE gifts. She has all the appliers you need if you use mesh bodies and attachments and at very reasonable prices.

One of the things that really impresses me about New Faces is the detail put into the realism of the skins. These are not “Barbie Doll” skins. Though her line is still small compared to some of the larger more well known designers, she has a couple of ethnic skins available, and many of her skins feature (purposeful) ‘flaws’ such as moles or irregularities on the bodies (such as tiny vein markings and/or bone shadows). There are other realistic details on the bodies that are just too many too mention.

I spoke to the designer myself a few months ago (long before I was a FabFree blogger for her to have any reason to treat me as just another customer) and she mentioned that she is considering a men’s line at some point in the future (so cross your fingers gentlemen!). I can’t say enough about her with regards to customer service and courtesy. Hands down she was helpful, polite, and personable. And there were others in the store, and I watched her treat each of them with the same courtesy. I look for this lady to be up and coming!


Astrid (Portia Swords) got this magical look by wearing…

Skin – New Faces Lorna (Free Group Gift/0L to Join)

Make Up – New Faces Erotica Make-up (Free Group Gift/0L to Join)

Eyes – Ikon Hope Eyes – Starfall

Hair – rezology Save the Queen (RIGGED mesh hair) (Gift) (1L on the Marketplace)

Hands and Feet – Slink

Silks – ~Soedara~ Precious Haifa Silk (Free Group Gift/0L to Join)

Wings – Faeline Fairy Wings – Sachiko (snow)

Poses by !Bang

Sim – No Limits – Garden of Whimsy

Signature use 320 size

Jian-Starry Nation Group Gift! by Gretchen Wienerschnitzel -...

Jian-Starry Nation Group Gift! by Gretchen Wienerschnitzel - [Fetch] Owner]
Via Flickr:
A bit of a freebie in store for you all today! This piece of wall art is made specially to celebrate the fourth of July! Come on by to the mainstore today to get your free gift. While you are there do not forget to check out our other group gift and awesome items as well! Website: Plurk: Flickr:

Force your way

hair: Blues. Vanessa  @TSS (soon)
skin: Go & See * Sia * Skin – Pale (unpacked)
ears: AITUI– Ear System: Gen 4, Pixie Heart Plugs
choker: Eclat– Choker Star
shirt: Nana – Lilli Sinner Shirt FitMesh @Suicide Dollz
short: {ABC} Marilyn Vintage Shorts Stone
sandals: Slink Ilena Sandals Black

FREEDOM CHUCKS - 4TH OF JULY by klari55a.resident Via...

FREEDOM CHUCKS - 4TH OF JULY by klari55a.resident
Via Flickr:

klari55a.resident 1d

       1. MARKETPLACE: 76L ONLY…


Little cute piggie say hilittle cute piggie is free :OLittle...

Little cute piggie say hi

little cute piggie is free :O

Little cute piggie is only to click and pay and get

Little kawaii piggie says ‘i’m waiting for you to take me homeee’