Let's go little ones!


Ok, no not really babies, but lil fairy cats! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THESE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! *flails*

There was cat scaring squealing happening when I first saw them on a page with Gacha Garden previews and KNEW I had to have the entire set.

They are called Flutterpaws and are by lassitude & ennui *slurl*. There are 15 of them that you can get from the gacha and after the 20th pull you get a special 16th one! Four of them are rares. They are exclusively at the Gacha Garden for its current round, so only about for a month!*SLURL*

You can wear them like I am and they are then animated or rez them, at 3L each, with no animation.

Oh and they came with a cute lil poem about them!

Within the Gacha Garden, past a mossy garden wall,
Along the leaves and flowers, sleepy Catapillars crawl.
Their bellies full of Tunaleaf, they find a spot to sleep,
And, in cocoons contrived from cardboard, they curl up and slumber deep.

Slowly, magic happens in the misty moonlit air.
They stretch, they yawn, and greet the dawn as something new and rare.
From fluffy bodies now emerge bright wings as thin as gauze -
They mew, they spring, and now take wing to soar as Flutterpaws!

The Tabby and the Tiger glide as regally as hawks,
The Sealpoint and the Snowshoe both admire each other's socks.
Sakura, by the cherry tree, tucks blossoms in her hair.
Savannah bats at all the bugs that come too near her lair.

Curled up tight, the puffy White drifts like a tiny cloud,
Sleep-flying just above the grass, his purring long and loud.
Bashful beauty Vintage grins and preens a lacy veil
'Til rough-and-tumble Calico tries dive-bombing her tail.

With Russian Blue, and White-Grey too, they play among the trees,
As Moustache bows to Jewelled and takes her dancing on the breeze.
Rainbow sprawls to catch the sun and watches their ballet,
And, far above them, Galaxy laps at the Milky Way.

One Flutterpaw, most rare of all, hides in the rosebush leaves.
He proudly wears bright pink – and wears his heart upon his sleeves.
But, if you're kind and patient with the others of his crew,
Then, in due time, shy Valentine will come on home with you.

(Poem by Aposiopesis Fullstop)

I don't know if I want to just rotate which one i wear or rez them on my land somplace. SO FREAKING CUTE!!

other credits

Outfit !gO! Steam Lara - corset & Skirt *SLURL*
Hair ""D!va"" Hair "Nene" *SLURL*
Pose Le PC *Upon a Winter's Night* Honeyed Light *SLURL*

Miele Rouge Dress@SWANK

Miele Rouge Dress by BYRNE was designed exclusively for the February Round of SWANK.  Miele is a long sleeved dress created in an abstract design on soft linen fabric.

I love the deep plunging backless effect of the dress.  It's sure to capture the attention of all as you walk into a room.  Just look at the collar of this creative design.  It only takes one look at this stunning collar to know this sleek dress is a show stopper.


Dress: (BYRNE) Miele Rouge Dress@SWANK

Mainstore: (BYRNE) Boutique

Hair:! Sugarsmack ! - Adara

Makeup: Madrid Solo - Lust

Nail Color: {Meghindo's} - Slink High Gloss Color Nails

rebelkiddos: Mask : S&S. Summer Splash - Shark Mask Trunks...


Mask : S&S. Summer Splash - Shark Mask

Trunks : .:LBM:. Eric Swim Trunks - Baby / Link

Shark : Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Jump the Shark / Link

Board : .S&S. Summer Splash -  Fishy Swim Board

Baby boy, im so beyond proud of you baby! Mommy Loves you :) #ProudMommy

LOTD. 319.

Hair: CatWa - Mia
Head: CatWa - Gwen
Skin: Mignonne - AVA skin NEW
Crown: Suicide Gurls - Fire and Blood Warrior Queen crown ULTRARARE @FGC
Top and shoulders: Suicide Gurls - Fire and Blood Warrior Queen RARE @FGC
Wings: Murder of Ravens - Demon wings
Tattoo: White Widow - Lost river


What Next Scooter Done
That’s the theme for February’s round of Collabor88. I’m making my get away on What Next Monaco Scooter which comes in eight different colors and four styles. The single seat scooter comes in all eight colors, and includes two different options for luggage, because you can’t flee the scene without your carry-on right? If you have a partner in crime there is a sidecar option for you as well, which also comes in all eight available colors, but does not include a luggage version. I love What Next‘s driveable products, they always move super smooth and have tons of options for customization. Just remember though, each style and color is sold separately! The sidecar scooters come priced affordably at $L188 and only 11 land impact. If you’re interested in the single seat scooter, it gets even better at $L88 with a land impact of only 8. If you can’t get into the event right away it lasts until March 6th, so don’t wait to long.


Scooters Featured:
* {What Next} ‘Mint’ Monaco Scooter & Sidecar – Collabor88 February 2016
* {What Next} ‘Red’ Monaco Scooter – Collabor88 February 2016
* {What Next} ‘Turquoise’ Monaco Scooter (Plain Luggage) – Collabor88 February 2016

I’m Wearing:
Mesh Head: LOGO Alex v3.0
Skin Applier: Lara Hurley Aria
Eyes: Whatever
Hair: Damselfly – Kingslie – FaMESHed February 2016
Trench Coat: Erratic – Chloe – Trenchcoat
Jeans: Ison – Celen jeans
Shoes: Essenz – Pennsylvania (Cognac) – Midnight Madness February 2016

Kiss Me Baby! :D

Monkey Pox ~ Pretty in Punk Gacha
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
Today I barely made it out alive. All my Aunts were giving me kisses and pinching me on the cheeks saying how cute I am. They even made me put on a "Kiss Me" tie. I was lucky enough to escape from their clutches and hide away. Although I can't blame them because these clothes I'm wearing are pretty adorable. ・゚✧

Kiss Me <3
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
The outfit I am wearing is a new Gacha item by Monkey Pox named Pretty in Punk. The set includes a cute punk top, tights, skirts, shoes, and a ton of accessories from head to toes. The Gacha is available in Toodledoo baby and kid sizes.

* {Monkey Pox} Pretty in Punk by GetUrCrayOn - New Gacha
* {MP} Prettty in Punk Top Baby
* {MP} Prettty in Punk Tie 
* {MP} Prettty in Punk Skirt Baby
* {MP} Prettty in Punk Tights (Layer Hud)
* {MP} Skully Hair Bow
* {MP} Pretty in Punk Sun Glasses
* {MP} Batty Mouth Chew
* {MP} Bracelet Piramid Studs (Left and Right Bracelets)
* {MP} Bracelet Hemisphere Studs (Left and Right Bracelets)
* {MP} Upper Piramid Studs (Left and Right Arm)
* {MP} Pretty in Punk Timber (Left and Right Shoes)

* Shape: Kimiko Shape, Eyes, Braces - New @ Marketplace
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Lime_1L by milok Hermit
Face Tattoo: ~*Buglets*~ Kissy Face [Pink] by Elli Kenin - New Group Gift L$0 to Join
* Hair: CriCri-Bon10-All by Aska Watler
Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears by Bit McMillan
Mesh Body: Toodledoo Body - BABY - Girl by Bit McMillan
* Pose Used: Kirin - Keiko Poses by Carolina Sautereau

The game time with yummy chocolates



NEW @ The Mens Dept
[NO CONCEPT] Leather Sofa & Coffee table
└ [NO CONCEPT] leather sofa 2seater(beige)
└ [NO CONCEPT] leather sofa 2seater(black)
└ [NO CONCEPT] leather sofa 2seater(brown)
└ [NO CONCEPT] coffee table A
└ [NO CONCEPT] coffee table B

NEW @ yumyum Group Gift
└ {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(cinnamon)
└ {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(crisps)
└ {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(almond)
└ {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(strawberry)
└ {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(cracked)
└ {yumyum}Chocolate REZ(orange)

HY’s / Hot Drink Mug Gacha* @ Pomponne
└ HY’s / 3.Mug-Cappuccino (rez)
└ HY’s / 4.Mug-Latte Heart (rez)
└ HY’s / 5.Mug-Cocoa Latte (rez)
└ HY’s / 8.Mug-Cocoa Panda (rez)
└ HY’s / 9.Mug-Matcha Latte (rez)
:CP: Modern Industrial Planter
{ affaire } dartboard clock decor
:HAIKEI: white cosmos pot
:HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {2}
:HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {2}
:HAIKEI: Old Stray Paper
junk. old radiator.
junk. potted tree.
junk. arch lamp. tall.
junk. operator’s chair. dark.
{vespertine-table game}
Fancy Decor: House of Postcards
{what next} Beach Hut Clock
=EliBaily= Skybox

Flower Man

flowermanblogCyber Arms:

Cybrex Arms, Black – [The Forge & EZ Weaponry] IW/MP This item is currently available at the February round of The Men’s Department. Teleport to event.


Dark Legacy, Full Soft Black RARE – Fallen Gods IW /MP Currently available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, open as of February 7th. Click here to visit the event website. Teleport to event.  


Berlin – [KoKoLoReS] IW / MP This is a new release.


Corduroy pants – black – Deadwool  IW


Necktie (Black) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP

105. Strive for the Best

. strive for the best


Hair: [RA] Mona Hair [We <3 RP]
Eyes: NINI:3 Coco Eyeball violet
Eyelashes: { more more } DROP Eyelashes 02
Skin Blusher: { more more } LILY Skin blusher (Part of the Lily skin)
Skin: VCO ~ Doran Skin Gacha
Mesh Lips: VCO ~ Mira’s Mesh Lip
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Dress: *Cila* Daenerys Queen Dress RARE01 [Fantasy Gacha Carnival]
Floral Feett Wraps: *MUKA* Feetwrap Rosa

Headdress: Glam Affair – Leona Headdress Marry Me
Necklace: Violent Seduction – Strega Necklace (Gold)
Belt: *Cila* Daenerys Belt 02 [Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Pose: Glamrus . Sia 01

@1335@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring -Sweet Tart – Molly


Cherish is wearing:
S<3T Molly (Omega ) (Red)
S<3T Molly (Omega ) (Teal)
S<3T Molly (Omega ) (Green)
TRUTH HAIR Nayeli –  black & whites
HHC – Lexa Platinum Set

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