Last Drag

Last Drag



Outfit: Nya’s- Rachela-Leather Jacket,A Line Skirt-ShySparkle & DocMartens (PENUMBRA AW14 Fashion Week)
Decor & Pose: Soy. Lounge Chair-Grey Leather (The Neighbourhood)
Decor & Pose: Soy. Medical Machine & Hoses (The Liaison Collaborative)
Earrings: Enfant Terrible- Cross (The Arcade Gacha- Sept)
Hair: booN MKT012
Hairbase: KMADD-paved
Lipstick: Pink Acid Thick Em Lip Gloss

I Ride 4 You

So you say that you’re in love, but do you want as bad as me?
I just wanna show you, baby, I can be all you need
Whichever way you want it, boy, you can count on me
Know I’m that girl/You know I got it, babe..
In anytime, babe
You know that I’d be nothing but a caught in way
And don’t be afraid to say when you be needing me
Don’t let it pass you by
You know I ride for you, boy
You know I ride for you, boy
I know how you be feeling when you’re lying next to me
And I be on the same, cause you give me what I need
So I, I, ain’t no doubt about it


Bodysuit: Exposed Bodysuit Mary J – Pink @ The Appliers Expo
Jewelry: Saffi Set by Lazuri
Shoes: :L&P: Rihanna Studded Pumps (Slink High) by Licked & Painted
Lips: VH: BERRY2 – SORBET by Vanity Hour
Nails: :L&P: Boho Nails Set (Slink) by Licked & Painted
Hair: Usher Mohawk by Unorthobox

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Look #338

Кожа - -Belleza- Venus - новинка!
( В комплект входит обувь и нижнее бельё)
Волосы (r)M Hair No.21'14, oneSize - Copper Blond - новинка!
Украшение - [ glow ] studio Take on me Necklace SilverTur

So let me tell you some of the important details about the fitted mesh body.   includes 2 versions one made with Bellezas hands and feet and one that will be compatible with Slink hands and feet. Also included is the lingerie in 3 colors and 2 pairs of shoes.  These items will be included with the set that will be sold in store.   
For the Belleza FULL mesh body the HUD works as follows...

SKIN tab:
- 7 Belleza skin tones to match all of our previous Belleza releases
- 16 skin tone presets that you can use to work with numerous other skins on the market
- 8 slots to save skin appliers (you will be able to save them in the hud as other creators releae them)
- On/Off switches for your 3 mesh layers - tattoos, underwear & clothing layers

ALPHA tab:
- You can toggle off areas of the body using one of the buttons (neck, nipples arms, etc.) or you can directly select areas of the body that you want to show/hide. 
*We have tested this and it seems to work very successfully with most clothing, however the breasts and buttocks will need some shape adjustments as you will find. 

- Natural & Cleavage push up options
- 7 Nipple textures

HANDS tab:
- 16 different hand poses with the ability to change for both right and left hands.
- 3 nail lengths 
- 20 nail polish options

FEET tab:
- 3 different feet heights to select from
- Just Design feet option
- 20 nail polish options

New Releases at KaTink

KaTink has released some great new couples poses. One.. which I am in love with…called “My Lady” is only available at Pose Me Amazing right now.

Katink "My Lady" available at Pose Me Amazing

KaTink “My Lady” available at Pose Me Amazing

Katink "My Lady" available at Pose Me Amazing

KaTink “My Lady” available at Pose Me Amazing

Next we have “Noticed” a new release at KaTink







Our lovely duo wears:
Arturius wears:
IKON Immortal Eyes – Evening
Wasabi Pills Darious Mesh Hair
Illusions Arnot Mask
Exquisite Arthur Ring Gold
Exquisite Jamali Black Titanium Mesh DIamond Man’s Ring
JUNBUG .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Trousers [Green Tweed]
JUNBUG .-. Heathcliff .-. Rake’s Waistcoat [Green]
Aradia wears
Exile Lady Versailles Hair
Junbug Principessa in Crimson
Izzie’s – Lipstick dark red
Lazuri Marzia Necklace
Illusions Mask-*~*Civetta Venetzia
Exquisite Fairytale Princess Blue Diamond Platinum Ring
Exquisite Jamali Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Ring
Poet’s Heart – Reverie – Hair Rose
IKON Spectral Eyes – Passion

Home and Garden Expo RFL

Park Slope Townhouse by Thistle Homes

The Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo opens today.  From giant flower-filled pots to ultra modern homes, there is truly something for everyone. Log cabins, villas, fantasy builds and an impressive castle, it is easy to get lost in all there is to see.

There are nine sims to explore and one of the easiest ways NOT to get lost (yep, I still did when flying WITH the map open) is to find the info center for each sim. From there you can see the layout for that sim as well as tp directly to your favorite designers.

Don't miss the folks you DON'T know however; this is a great way to find new shops that reflect your style.

The sims are running well now, better than last year with less stressful trees in evidence, but still when opening time comes it is bound to get laggy. So, you know the drill. Dress down. Textures and minimal scripts are your friends. Turn off shadows and lower your draw distance. You really don't need to see the next sim -- or even the other half of the one you are on -- until you get there.


Hey Hey Everyone

Today im showcaseing for you all, another one of the amazing stunning and unique gowns from   Romance Couture's New Golden selection for Penumbra Fashion Week.

.PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), 13th – 22nd of September is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. Set over 10 days, the schedule is packed with 20 shows from 43 emerging and established designers, over 250 new designs in the designer Showrooms and fun-filled events and after parties hosted by Energy Club. .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is ready to highlight the best of the industry’s designers and showcase what makes Second Life one of the most exciting and dynamic places on Earth- its creativity!

Any way paried it up with some of my favourite accessories from the Sumiana crown and the very cool and unique Darshana Hand Jewelry from . a i s l i n g .

And then put on some Make-up from Madrid Solo, and a glitter mask also from Madrid Solo and im ready for the Ball ...yay ..

The Look

Gown : }RC{ - Ishtar Gown Vendor - @ .PENUMBRA. AW14

Crown : . a i s l i n g . -Sumiana 

Hand Jewelry : . aisling .- Darshana Hand Jewelry

Eyeshadow : Madrid Solo- All That Glitters

Lips : Madrid Solo -Lip Designs- Facade Lips

Glitter Mask : Madrid Solo -Mesh Glitter Mask

Hair : Vanity Hair::- Anchor - Light Blonds

Eyes : IKON Lucid Eyes - Lush

Lashes : *MC*-  "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

Skin-Glam Affair - Zara - Europa

Hands : Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual

Poses IsoMotion

News from merchant NSP Florals on Jewels Isle

NSP Florals is holding a special sale! She had recently released the Lady Gwynevere Crown on several events and these beauties are now in store.

You can find them at the back of the store on two lovely displays. ONLY $249, reg will be $399. Below we give you an example of a couple of colors.

NSP Lady Gwynevere (Amethyst) BOXED
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Crimson Bride) boxed
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Emerald Isles) boxed
NSP Lady Gwynevere (Monochrome) boxed

 NSP Florals also has a new group gift out! This is a must grab so come on down to Jewels Isle to get yours.

NSP September Group Gift

Nerd Couture

When I was little, I wanted to be a civil engineer. Not a ballerina, not a doctor, a civil engineer. I was such a nerd.~ Bitsie Tulloch
nerd couture
 At times I hear things that really bother me. My most faithful reader’s know I am a huge advocate for stopping bullying. In Central Florida, bullying has just taken it’s next victim in the form of a fourteen year old male who committed suicide. That kind of bullying is blatant and obvious, and no child (or adult) should be subjected to it, especially at a school with adults in attendance. But this time, that’s not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about a more subtle type of bullying. A friend on Facebook mentioned a person in the audience of a runway show was heckling a model as she walked. Out loud. In local chat. There is a reason I retired from runway, I find shows painfully laggy and as an awkward, hyper-active nerdy type in RL, sitting for hours at a time makes me antsy, stressed out and dysfunctional. And that’s at a good show. But I’m not the point here, the heckler is. And I want to share something I’ve learned while working in the business world, well, lets just say, for a while now. I’ve worked pretty much since I was fifteen years old, you see, nerds don’t need prom dates and homecoming games.  These aren’t just related to work, they are related to living a well-lived life but for now, we will call them “Cao’s Rules of Modeling 101.”
The first two are light and easy, I’ll begin with “quit telling everyone you are miserable,” when it’s laggy and you can’t move, guess what? Everyone is typically having similar issues and when you constantly mention it to everyone who will listen, they begin to think you’ve missed a little training somewhere. Make the best of the situation and move on, this show too shall pass. If you choose keep up that type of prattle, people won’t want to walk in shows with you anymore.  Another one, “don’t tell lies” is always important. If you did something wrong and get caught, tell the truth, because the nasty thing about lies is they are perpetuating and it’s exhausting to have to keep finding that fake face and putting it back on. And the third. The most important one, also the one I hope the heckler reads and writes to heart.
 In life, and in work, never speak or behave out of rage or revenge. Why? Easy, I call it my “It’s a Small World” theory. When you backstab people, or in this case front stab, it is aimed to hurt the recipient but the sad part it’s typically the stabber who gets hurt. In all honesty, your really just humiliating and embarrassing yourself because that type of behavior tends to come back to bite you on the arse. How do I figure? I’m glad you asked! It because it’s truly is a small world. And you may not particularly like this model, but I reckon maybe one day you will want to work for someone they work for. Oh wait, you already burned that bridge, didn’t you? Or just maybe, one of the people you want to work for sees or hears about it and it causes them to reconsider or form an opinion of you. Now that’s the caviar in the lesson plan isn’t it? Surely everyone learns in training, whether for a real life job or a Second Life one, networking is the key. And your network is only as strong as your weakest link. And if you run around grabbing what you think is a strong key link and discarding others who may or may not be (yet) strong links, well, you’re going to end up with some pretty shoddy workmanship at the end. Of course, if that’s what you were going for, I’d say good job.  But, that’s just my wooden nickels worth anyway, take it for what it means to you. I know, I’m “retired” so probably not a lot.
Necklace/Earrings: Zibska, Kjersti,  **2014 JEWELRY FAIR** RUNNNNN!!!!
Hair: Boon, ZPO133
Glasses: Ison, Quinton
Shirt: Ison, Geometric corset
Knickers: *Just Because*SC, Highwaisted bottom
Boot: Ison, Carazon
Bag: Ison, Pandora duffle
Pose: {Imeka}

When You Really Like the People Behind the Designs - Featuring Lyrical B!zarre Templaces at Fashion Collective and Loovus Dzevavor at .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week

My other look took on a completely different style. The frock has been cut by the completely, unbelievably, overwhelmingly... (okay yes, a few adjectives but I love this girl) amazing Lyrical B!zarre Templates designer in such a way that it's both avant garde and casual. I think that's a great feat in design.
The whole outfit, called Under, consists of a bra-like layer, a high waist skirt that then has cutouts just above mid thigh and down to the knee, a unique cape that hooks around the back instead of over the shoulders and then to complete the look, she added legwarmers. Such a sexy set! Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing both Victoria Vikeejeah James and Blac Quartz as a part of an article that introduced the owner and designer of Loovus Dzevavor and 2014's Face of Loovus Dzevavor and now fellow designer for the brand as women of distinction.
As I got to know them, I admired both for their accomplishments, professionalism and warm nature. The heels and purse (called Satchel) are matching items, Signature Stilettos Silver and Signature Satchel Silver. These and many other items comprise the Autumn/Winter collection from this fashion house.

Featuring Lyrical Bizarre Templates Under Mesh at The Fashion Collective
Featuring Loovus Dzevavor Satchel Silver from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week
Featuring Loovus Dzevavor Signature Stilettos Silver from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week
1. MG: Wild 
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. October's 4 Seasons: Alabaster Skin Tone
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hand
-- Female Feet High
5. Pure Poison: Tomnia Jewelry
6. Exile: Voodoo Extreme
7. Countdown Poses

NEW ! PRISM for men ! BRISTOL !!

I love PRISM for a long time , beautiful designs for ladies ! You can find this brand at Mimi's Choice.

CHECK THE FIRST OUTFIT FOR MEN  "B R I S T O L "! designed by Lam Erin for PRISM !

BRISTOL pack 1

                                                                       BRISTOL pack 2

BRISTOL PACK 1 : white jeans (all sizes) and the shirt in beige, light blue and orange

BRISTOL PACK 2 : dark blue jeans (all sizes) and the shirt in dark blue, , green and pink.

Come try a demo , gentlemen :