Won’t you dance with me?Quickie Fifty Linden Friday post!...

Won’t you dance with me?

Quickie Fifty Linden Friday post! I said I’d be on the lookout for more Glam Affair skins, and so when she put two more skins in the Ellie line out for Fifty Linden Friday, I had to snap them up. Plus also, discount Junbug! Here I’ve modded the Naomi dress into something ballerina-like. The cups that cover the breasts have been made fully transparent, the underskirts have been made fully transparent, and the top two layers of skirt have been made sheer. The result is a corset with a sort of drapey dancing skirt attached. I quite like it.


Hair: [elikatira] - Control - White 05.

Skin: Glam Affair - Ellie skin - Asia - FLF - G (50L! @ Glam Affair). 

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara (@ Maitreya).

Lace Bodysuit: Enelya’s Creations - Fara (@ Enelya’s Creations). Comes with Omega appliers, which are awesome, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CHELLYNNE BAILEY FOR THE OMEGA SYSTEM.

Dress: *{Junbug}* - Naomi - [Sky] (50L! @ Junbug). 

Stockings: Izzie’s - Sheer Toeless Stockings (@ Izzie’s). 

Pose by Kirin! Photo taken @ Asalia House, Seni Seviyorum.

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 26: Absinthe

The Drax Files: World Makers is back with another great human interest story from a Second Life user. This episode is all about the well-known virtual model Absinthe and the thriving fashion community inworld.  Absinthe opens the episode with a statement that many Second Life Residents can relate to:

“You’ll know what your avatar looks like when you find your soul avatar,” she says, “You’re like - that’s it. That’s me. That’s who I am.”

This episode looks into the way in which Absinthe and others identify with their avatars. Like many of us, Absinthe’s avatar represents a facet of her personality, but doesn’t necessarily bear a complete physical resemblance.

Offline, Absinthe works with patients who have HIV/AIDS and volunteers at Camp Hope as a clinical pharmacist; inworld she indulges her love for fashion through her modeling work and her FEROSH project. FEROSH is a visual arts digital publication that interprets current fashion trends in the context of Second Life.

To hear more of Absinthe’s story and find out more about her FEROSH project, watch the video embedded below or follow this link.


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Outfit chico y chica;  AUGUSTA CREATIONS - Group Gift

Zapatos chica: Jewelry Sandals  con Hud- ::Tukinowaguma Hair Style:: - Group Gift
Pelo chica: LAKSHMI - Group Gift

A mi manera en la red

Nuestro grupo en Second Life:
Nuestro grupo en Facebook:


Pose - Vetrovian Sin Poses - I Will Be a Skatist Like Daddy


Pose - Verovian Sin Poses - Surf Couple 1
(Surfboard with various textures)

Beach / Praia - Ns Surf Beach
(Surf, Praia, Brazil. Beach, Waves, Pranchas, Surfboard, Brasil, Praia do Forte, Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Ondas,Ubatuba, Ocean, Nature, Japão, Namoro, Natureza, Fotos, Japan, sex, Private Beach, Surfer, Surfista, Haole,Sol,Praias, Beachs. Hawaii)


Pose - Vetrovian Sin Pose - Surf Brothers
(Surfboard with various textures)

Look #165

Outfit - *FashionNatic* Sinthia Female Outfit (*New Release - Hud Color - Promo*)
Promo Price 200L$

Tatoo*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] HipLeaf [1] (*Exclusive - Hud Applier*) @The Hipster
 The Hipster Fair 2015
Open 01 Fevereiro

Spanish Lullaby

She's wearing:

Outfit by GizzA
Frida Inspiration
Includes the top, skirt, flowers, head piece
Landmark to GizzA

Mesh Head by The Mesh Project 
Lanmark to The Shops

Hair by CaTwA
Selena in messy braid
Landmark to CaTwA

The Quiet Roar

“Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering ‘I will try again tomorrow” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher


A lot of what happens “to” us is jaded by our perception and world view. I have a very close friend who recently made a big change in his life and moved to a big city. Okay, I will say it, Denver. Things didn’t turn out quite how he planned. When he got there the promised job had been given to another and he hasn’t found anything yet, though he’s been out looking daily for about three weeks now. He’s not destitute yet, just humbled. But since he arrived, he’s been mugged, twice. He’s been turned down for jobs three times because he isn’t a “local.” I spoke to him over the weekend and he was making the plans to move back to Florida to a job offer in the panhandle. As he went to leave on Tuesday, he stopped by the grocery store for some travel supplies and as he parked a man jumped into his car, the intruder only knowing Spanish said simply “hospital.” The man obviously had been stabbed or shot because he was bleeding all over my friend’s brand new vehicle and my frightened friend found him a hospital as quickly as his GPS would allow. His quick thinking saved the man’s life.

I spoke with him last night and he is just beside himself, wondering why his luck has turned so bad, why is all this happening to him? I had to think about this a while and in the end all I could come up with is this; If you think this is bad luck, change your perception, this is just a set-back, things will get better. But bad luck? That’s the guy who was stabbed, and you are lucky that you were placed right there in that situation, at that place thousands of miles from home and at that specific time because you are a hero, you saved his life. Change in perception, yeah, a little bit, but I have the lucky position of not being in the situation and able to see it from afar. Usually even when you “think” you are at your lowest point, you seldom are, it could be worse, he could have been the victim of the other guy’s crime, so even in times of crisis we should try to find things to be grateful for, even if it’s just a minute thing we can find. I get it, being grateful all the time isn’t easy, but it’s when you feel least grateful that you are in most need of gratitude because the thing about gratitude is it gives you something very important, it gives you perspective. And this new perspective moves you from negative energy to positive energy which is the single most powerful way to affect change in your own life.

Gratitude is a gift, when we put our egos aside and concentrate on our gratitude, we create compassion and understanding and the funny thing about those two feelings is they in turn, release frustration and make us feel more hopeful. To my friend, and to each of you, I am here for you, just know, this, whatever it is in your life that makes you angry/sad/jealous/[insert adjective here], this too shall pass. Think of all the other disturbances and let downs prior to right now that have been long forgotten, this too will pass. Have faith, have compassion, and show gratitude and watch your world change for the better. Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on it, take it for what it’s worth to you, I know probably not all that much. But that’s ok, I need a reminder for myself every once in a while too.


Hair/Hat: *Argrace*, Kanade
Jacket/Shirt: Gizza, Valerie trench  **NEW**
Pant:  ISON. Side-laced pant
Glasses: Ison, Quinton
Skin: La Petite Morte, Emmy
Pose: DelMay


The Night Is Still Young..


Mutresse – Nadya Tank Top (comes with 12 color change hud of shirt and lace and trim)
Ariskea Trance Rings – Kustom9 – new!
The Secret Store – Structured Blazer
Bueno Skinny Jeans in steel – Kustom9 – new!
Epoque – Menotte Deuxieme Bangle and Stud Earrings
necklace- (Yummy) Celestial – Star and Burst – Uber – new!
{dami} Mountain Hat in Black – gacha in store (hat had to be edited to fit this hair)
Hair – Blues Niki – Trend3
Pink Acid Burrry Cold Penguin Coin Purse – gacha at Seasons Story – hurry – ends Jan31st!
Bens Beauty – Pamela Stiletto Black-Silver