Atomp Discusses: Crowdfunding, Early Access and Gaming Part 2

Tom Hooper aka Atomp This is the concluding half of a two part article discussing the current significant trends in gaming of early access and crowdfunding and the changes these are having upon the industry. We are now seeing shifts … Continue reading

Aphrodisiac Jeans


[Aphrodisiac]: Aphrodisiac Jeans -Comes In 14 Different Colors- @ The Black Dot 7/25

No Complaining


How can you complain when you get great deals like this? A new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room has started and these designers are FABULOUS!!! I have been a part of a few different sales rooms and different PR groups since I have begun blogging, but none have changed so much as CSR. Every round there are bigger and better designs and designers and I am honored to be a part of a constantly growing business.  Here’s to the future and happy shopping! TOOTLES


Skin- Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes- [Buzz]- Ardent Eyes in Angel

Hair- EMO-tions- * DOREEN * @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Dress- [orage]- Typical in letters @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Jewelry- Candy Crunchers- Neva Bracelet in silver @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shoes- [hh]- Estefania Glass Heels @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Tattoo- Letis Tattoo- Tau Puppis (Slink Physique Hud)


Small note on these [hh] shoes…. They come with a clear bottom, a bottom full of roses, a bottom full of lipsticks, and a bottom full of coco signs…. THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!

Summer Days Driftin’ Away..

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Snapshot_010* Morphine : Nadine Peach Skintone (Blush/BrownBrow), CATWA FLEXI Basma [5], MONS / Rounded Sunglasses  (fatpack) at TDRF, SLink Physique fitted mesh body

Lacie Socks ;)



 [Aphrodisiac]: Lacie Long Socks -Comes In 6 Different Colors- @ GFW 7/25

I Came to Lay Claim to this City.


Catching Ideas when they fall from the sky isn’t easy …… it only storms so offered and they start flowing in to where you over flooded with shit running through your head.But good thing do become them. This post, I was offering up my dark side … I loved doing the look and enjoyed all the items I worked with in this one. The Hair I am sporting is by Yasum and it is part of the next round of fantasy gacha. Yes Folks it’s that time again …. for you to upload as much money as you can and spend it there …. then walk away …… broke! lmfao. They are called the cyber dreads …. the epic is holding the mega hud. And who doesn’t want to buy more hair …… this I know is going to be a big seller since … it’s the hair you must have for the certain look. And yes , it is unisex … she didn’t want the men feeling so left out this round Love them!!

Of course you have heard through other blogs that the secret Affair is going on , it’s definitely worth going to. DRD and Pixicat was fav there. sexy ass chest and shoulder armor is DRD…. their stuff is always boss. It is the reason why this post came along … it inspired me if you want to say that. Then there were the shoes, by pixiCat. I don’t know what to say but ….. even since I found out about this store ….all her stuff has been on point from beginning to end. Boo does her thing, no lie.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Bring the Noize bitch…..Freedom.

And make sure you tell me Happy Birthday!!

claim_002redo claim_003redo



Weave: Yasum *Mesh* Cyber Dreads*Epic ((Fantasy Gacha Upcoming round))

Horns: Ariska (faun) limited collections  ((Limited project))

Face tattoo: Riske- tessellate tattoo v1((Limited project))

Necklace: shi Gift: Ravel fabric Necklace

Shoulder and breast Armor: DRD-brynhild Armor((Secret Affair ))

Tattoo: letis Tattoo, Passion MM931

Hands: Pfc~gauntlet

Shorts: Yasum*Mesh* Army shot*

Weapons: EZ crossbow

Stocking: Ripped thigh high set

Shoes : -pixicat- Royal shoe((Secret Affair ))

Wings: glam affair- Essential Wings

I’m a gangster

Lark – Amaurotic Hare Mask – Black
Magika [02] Wait
-Glam Affair – Rose – Artic
[Buzz] Late Night Lip – French Kiss
.Loud Mouth. – Alli (Rez to open)
.Loud Mouth. – Vampire Teeth (Rez to open)
(r)M~Posture Collar ~ No.09
+Spellbound+ Cult Harness // Black
elska – Blackwork (N21) (unpacked)
*MUKA* Cuff Love
Knee pads:
.Shi : Leg harness (PATENT-FEMME}[Rigged Mesh]
:::Sn@tch Strapped Halters:::
Body Suit:
** Little Bonbon Sheer Ripped
IlliadCorp Corset Onyx
(fd) Basic Bikini/Underclothes – Black
Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Happy Shopping,


The One That Got Away..

Hey Girly's Thought Id Blog This Cute
Wings And I Just Love This Halo..
On Me
Hair- Rosy mood hair / Satsuma / Gold set
Top- .PANIK. - Bag - Fishnet Top (unpacked)
Panties- .PANIK. Kerli Undies - Black + Bow Flexi Prim
Shoes- (r)M~(ePunk) Boots~No.07 (WEAR ME) BLACK TY<3
LegStrap- .random.Matter. - Vessel - Spiked - Black ((BOXED))
Halo- .random.Matter. - Deucalion Halo - Gold
Collar- (epoque.s) Neo Classicist Collar // Studded - Black
Cuffs- .random.Matter. - Bastille Wrist Cuff - Gold
Shoulder Pads- {PopTart} The Messenger Shoulder Piece   TY<3
LipStick- *V.Sinister Store* Red Lips (Loud Mouth)
FacePaint- Damned War Stripes 

Fairytales Can Come True; They Can Happen To You -- Featuring Sabra Style, {{BSD Design Studio}} and Wicca's Wardrobe

What a difference a day makes. I'm not one who gets too tied into a specific day because I've had health issues that were indiscriminatory as the good or not so good days happened every day, special days, regular day, it didn't matter. It means I grew up learning to be flexible and also to make the best of the good moments so that when another dark valley swooped in for a few weeks or days or months, I'd have something warm and wonderful stored up in memory, close to my heart; I used those positive memories to support me. This week was part of our annual beach trip. In recent years, I've traveled and stayed in one place for two weeks consecutively. Unfortunately, the military status and leave and all that jazz is slightly different at the moment, so I'm at Myrtle this week and this time next month, I'll be at Taibee Island Georgia. I love getting away from the same four walls, even when I'm not in the best of health or head space. I also know it helps my sweetheart. I was unplugged for a bit more than 24 hours this year, just to make sure he knew he was the heart and soul of my life, and nothing was more important than him and his special day. We ate well, played well, went to see the One Show tonight, and then he's snoring and I'm writing briefly to each of you on Facebook.
It's never too late to keep up with family and friends. It's never too late to have a small vacation. An actress on one of the day time talk shows commented about making time for 'me parties'. She just put on her favorite pj's, had wine, listened to her favorite music and even danced. Sometimes we need a me party and sometimes, like today, I needed a we party. I think he does an amazing job of taking care of the details. My thought patters get terribly crossed, and not intentionally so. But when I can put aside my needs and stresses that I seem to heap on his head, I think he really does try to relax and enjoy a day all about him.
I had fun the day before yesterday putting this latest 'spy girl' look. Once dressed, I thought about the story of Black Bart and his cronies who were trying to come across the back yard of the little fella on A Christmas Story. The traditional mask paired with the black and white stripes of prison uniforms in that time period. I could have snuck away with something. I'm just not sure what I would want to take. I'd make a very bad cat burglar. I'm sure I'd sit and enie-meanie-minie-moe and my partners in crime would shake there heads and whisper as loud a whisper as possible, "Let's Go Karyn!" The Tori gown in black and white and encircled at the ankles with mounds of dark swan feathers comes from Sabra Style. The mask comes from the always clever Wicca Merlin at Wicca's Wardrobe. You'll notice a small pink bag, over the shoulder. From BSD Design studio, this bag comes with color change options on a HUD allowing you to make it suit any style and interest.

All the joy of this blog and style come as a result of a compilation of talented designers:
Featuring Sabra Style Tori Black
Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Black Mask with Studs
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Supermodel Resort Bag Pink
1. Moondance Boutique: Livia
2. Caryn - Tattoo - No Hate
3. [Chic Zafari]: Rose Hair
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
5. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Latte Skin Tone
6. Poetic Color Eyes: Quick Silver

006 O Little Explorer




 “I am a free soul, singing my heart out by myself no matter where I go and I call strangers my friends because I learn things and find ways to fit them into my own world. I hear what people say, rearrange it, take away and tear apart until it finds value in my reality and there I make it work. I find spaces in between the cracks and cuts where it feels empty
and there I make it work.”  ~ Charlotte Eriksson


*Skin- Kina- Pink Acid (Available at the Showroom)

Eyes- Mesh Eye Linds- Slink

Hair-Lucas- ~.Damselfly~ (Available at Hair Fair)

Hands- Elegant Hands – Slink-

SwimSuit- Retro SwimSuit- Mishmash Fashion (Free #10 in The Fruit Salad Hunt)

Hat- Summer Red Hat- 2pm (Available at Okinawa Festival)

Feet- High Feed – Slink

Shoes- Sabeth Heels – {Crimson} -  Regin (Available at No. 21)