The Dead

Skin : ~Tableau Vivant~ Echo - Tone 7
Hair :  ~Tableau Vivant~Prophet "NEW" @ Mystic Realm Faire
Piercings & make up : - .HoD. - The Dead "NEW" (60% off) @ Tengoku No Rakuen
Necklace : [MANDALA] - ONLIEST "NEW" 
Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Angry Wolf

Through Glass

Hey guys! So I picked up another new skin this week. I was going to get the new Hermony skin, but the lips didn’t really work for my shape. I know I could have changed my shape, but I liked one of their older skins instead, so I bought the one I was supposed to buy last week lol. I also made my avie a bit taller cause Grace thought I needed to be a bit taller than her lol. Also, I got some not so scary clothes on today. I love winter on second life because you can get all the comfy looking sweaters and the big warm coats and scarfs. I can’t wait to see what stores come out with amazing stuff this winter.
Through Glass Blog Post
Hair   Damselfly – Vilam

Glasses   Sorgo – Flint (9L$)   *K9*

Skin   Hermony - Leon

Tattoo   Speakeasy – Creep

Sweater   Fe Style – Mortthy Sweater   *Cosmo*

Pants   Pumpkin – Skintight Pants

Boots   FLite – Autumn   *K9*

New @ Blueberry & Truth

Blueberry NewsHello ladies, Blueberry just released two new items, for one the Radi Mesh Short Tied Cardigans & the Radi Mesh Belts & Jeans Boots friendly.

The best feature about the jeans is that it comes as a regular AND a boots friendly version, I had to try it out right away with a pair of boots by JD which I bought a while ago at Fameshed and it fits wonderful.

Finally no more system pants with boots needed, you can wear these beautiful mesh jeans with your boots, try a demo and see for yourself ladies ♥

Skin, freckles Glam Affair – Amberly – America 09

IKON Ascension Eyes – Evening


Blueberry – Radi – Mesh Short Tied Cardigans NEW

Blueberry – Radi – Mesh Belts & Jeans (Boot Friendly) NEW

JD – Penny – Black B @ Fameshed


# 818

^^ Hair: [RA] Kayako Hair - NEW!!! in event Halloween Fair 24th oct - 7th nov

GLoves: Nana - Chelsea Gloves Halloween Gift NEW!!!
Nana Store

^^ Top: M&M Body Shapes  Axami Bra NEW !!!!
M&M ( Marita Karu)

^^ Pants: *SIREN* Tights Rock  NEW!!! various colors in Store !!


Twerk or Treat

Canday @ Life Of Style (L.O.S)
Nails: Halloween Scene Fingerz and Toez (not free)
Shoes Queen peep Toe Chocolate
Trinite @ Fresh Style (not Free)

CS Sweater Twerk or Treat (free)
CS Cecily Stockings (free)

It’s Only Art #8

It's Only Art With Halloween coming, scary pictures are starting to take over Flickr and there are several in this week’s gallery of my favorites. They aren’t all scary though. There are also pictures celebrating the seasons of Second Life, the fashions, the quirkiness as well as some that are just slices of life.

Kayako by Candela Kira

Kayako by Candela Kira

sampleCandela Kira’s Kayako is inspired by Kayako Saeki from the movie Ju-On and The Grudge. I have not seen either one, but I assume they are terrifying as is this wonderfully scary picture. There is a lot of artistry at work making this such a scary picture. As you can see, she used the Rule of Thirds to put the focus on that outstretched hand. By centering her subject in the long hallway, the natural lines of the architecture create sight lines leading to her subject. She also used any eye control HUD to cross her eyes, giving them a spooky intensity. I don’t know if that hand is available in SL or a morph, but if it is a morph, it is the most successful one I have seen. It is out of focus, making its reach for you even more frightening because it adds depth and motion. This is a great photo that does exactly what she wants it to do. I was startled when it came on my stream – a small jolt of fear. What more can you ask for?

Lullaby by Del May

Lullaby by Del May

lines I get more creeped out by things with the eyes than just about anything, so this Lullaby picture from Del May sent my creep factor into overdrive. But as creepy as it is, it is an arresting photo. There are several things making it work. First, she used the Rule of Thirds to make the eyes the central focus. Notice, too, how the top of the towel behind her falls exactly on the horizontal third, creating a horizon. By the way, the mask and the cucumbers were put together by Del May. They were not even made by the same creators. The pose is integral to the power of this picture to capture our attention. That is more than fitting since Del May is a pose maker. Her mouth is open so that it similar to the mouths on the mask, making a triangular trio. Also the colors all have the same value which keeps our eyes on what she wants us to see, not on some pop of brightness that is out of place.

Untitled by La Plegua

Untitled by La Plegua

shapesLe Plegua’s composition in this photo is stunning. The subject is framed by two triangles of colors that create a perfect triadic color scheme. These are colors that are equidistant on the color wheel and using them together usually produces a vibrant picture with strong contrast. As you can see in this picture, it works beautifully. The picture is vibrant, rich in color but still in harmony.

You can practice analyzing color schemes using Sessions College Color Calculator. I entering the Hex Code of the orange in this picture, I clicked Triadic to get the following scheme. What is cool about triadic schemes is that even with relatively pale colors, you still get an intense, vibrant feeling.

Triadic Color Scheme from Sessions College Color Calculator

Triadic Color Scheme from Sessions College Color Calculator

Ison II

Ison II by Morgana Nagorski

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.27.44 PM I am in love with this landscape from Morgana Nagorski. There is such stark beauty in its simplicity. The sky is a matte black without a ghost of a star or cloud, casting the sands of Ison into sharp relief. The lighting brilliantly reveals the complex ripples of wind-driven sand. It is so beautiful. And at first glance, you might think it does not conform at all to the rule of threes since the horizon is at 3/4ths of the way up. However, the highest peak and the one that dominates the picture crests at exactly 2/3rds of the way from the left.

One Day I'll Fly Away by Deliah Lecker

One Day I’ll Fly Away by Deliah Lecker

One Day I’ll Fly Away is a moving photo. The relatively monochromatic colors give it a somber mood. We don’t need to see her tears to know she is grieving. The grief is in the colors. I love that we see a bird flying in the distance – a visual reminder of her loss. However, the sun is breaking through, there are flashes of light on the water and she seems steadfast and strong. She will fly again, you know it.

1764. NS::, M.Second, fashiowl poses [NEW @ Fashion's Story Fair Event]


Hair : [LOVE SOUL] Hair*150*Black NEW - By By bluestarrui villota
Glasses : NS::  Retro Sunglasses (Dollarbie 1L) @ Fashion's Story Fair Event - By nani soulstar
Dress : NS::  Mesh Dress 60`s (HUD) NEW @ Fashion's Story Fair Event - By nani soulstar
Shoes : 9ty- Febraury Heels Mesh B - Group Gift - By zombiehill
Bag (with pet) : TuTy's - FREE Mesh Pet Carrier with 12 bag textures - By tutys


= fashiowl poses  = Old Mobile - Female (4 female poses) NEW @ Fashion's Story Fair Event - By goizane

Photo taken at :

Luck - zon


Hair : [LoQ'ue] Rosolio FatPack (Subscriber Gift) - By Gia Pawpad
Glasses : MiWardrobe - My glasses addiction - Brown - MW - B - By Neftisis Rhiadra
Necklace : MiWardrobe - Crosses in My Soul - Necklace - Gold - MW - B - By Neftisis Rhiadra
Top : [M.Second] Cropped Retro Fashion African NEW @ Fashion's Story Fair Event - By dayanemaciel
Pants : [M.Second] Retro Fashion Pants NEW @ Fashion's Story Fair Event - By dayanemaciel
Bag : MoiMoi Elegant Bag Cream Group Gift for SLF&O - By Moi Deluxe


Kirin - Hikari Pose 5 NEWKustom9 Event - By carolina sautereau

Why don't you do something

Why don't you do something

LOTD# 236



  • Pants: ::K:: Drape Sarrouel GrayishPlain-Black
  • Boots: Lucien.Marcelo // SUEDE ZIPPED MILITARY BOOTS 


  • Hat: RO - SpellBinder **New** @ Tag Gacha
  • Scissorhands: RO - Scissorhand
  • ArmHarness: ~Tableau Vivant~ Arm harness **New** @ TMD October 2014
  • Pauldron: [The Forge] Gorged Pauldrons
  • Glaive: [EZ] Draeger Glaive
  • ArmStrap: tapi :: leather armband
  • Necklace: - .HoD. - Mercenary
  • Belt: [The Forge] Daerwen Belt 
  • HipSpikes: C h a r y . - Horizontal Body Horns
  • Collar: [CX] Skin Deep Collar


LEA 19 The deeper mining of words - Lesungen Eroeffnung

LEA 19: The deeper mining of words
Firlefanz Roxley, Moewe Winkler und Chapter Kronfeld

Ab 25. Oktober 2014, beginnend mit Lesungen von Kueperpunk Korhonen, Zauselina Rieko, ChapTer Kronfeld und den sprechenden Fische von Moewe Winkler, wurde die genannte SIM eröffnet.
- Das war die Ankündigung.
Eine Ehre für die Gestalter_innen, die eine LEA - SIM zur Nutzung bekamen - eine absolute Attraktion für alle SL - Bewohner_innen!

Sehr unterhaltsam, inhaltsreich und amüsant waren absolut auch die Lesungen!
Später spielte auch noch Deception Digital - leider musste ich aber früher weg. 

Und hier nun einige Fotos.
Free und full perm, Vergrößern auf Klick.

BukTom Bloch