.. 2016 Home and Garden Expo ..

The Home and Garden Expo of Second Life opens tomorrow. This annual event is one of the mega-events that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFLofSL) and The American Cancer Society.  In 2016, the Expo celebrates its 9th year on the grid. This event brings 10 sims of home and garden designers together where each exhibits their exciting new offerings.  Each exhibitor is required to offer 2 exclusive items for 100% donation to Relay For Life of Second Life.  Additionally there are hunt items throughout the sims that can be purchased for a L$10 donation as well.  Also at the Expo, you will find The Breedables Expo where you can find some awesome and unique breedables. Any auction presented at the Expo will result in 100% of all proceeds donated to RFLofSL.

All in all, the Expo is always a wonderful time. You can stroll around discovering new creators and designs, find a fun new breedable, attend the many events, and donate – donate – donate to Relay For Life of Second Life raising funds for The American Cancer Society.

The 2016 Home and Garden Expo opens on February 14, 2016.  To find out more, check out the website.  To find out more about Relay For Life of Second Life, click here.


In this post, I am featuring some of the designers/creators found on the Hope 7 region at The Expo.

HGE Blog 021316

HGE Blog b 021316


From The 2016 Home and Garden Expo:
House:  Jolie by Glas Houses created by Sandi Glas
Fern Terra Pot by Broken Creek Decor created by Cinders Vale
Hibiscus Terra Pot by Broken Creek Decor created by Cinders Vale
Modern Bench by Wild Kajaera created by QueenFelinea
Garden Compass by Nola’s Notions created by Nola Hellershanks and Leviathan Hydraconis

Other Items:
Trees: HPMD and Alirium
Grass: Frog’s Garden and Botanical
Flowers: Garden of Dreams
Car: Wax On/Wax Off Convertible by Con. (past Arcade)
Car: Hitsuji Motors AH3000 D2 white by Deci Dojoji
Road: Spring/Summer Road by Izzie’s

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Prim and Not Proper



Hair: Truth-Austen

Lingerie-MoDANNA– (Mesquine Collection)-Lace & Satin Lingerie

Tattoo-IGOTIT– Zodiac Mini Tattoo (The Chapter 4)

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♥ Catwa – Gwen Mesh Head Review ♥

Hey loves!
It’s been a while since I have actually written a review for you guys so please excuse my dustiness :P

Now most of you know (and if you don’t I wonder how cosy that rock is :P) but Catwa has released heads in the past namely Jessica, Annie and Vampire Annie.
Well her recent release was Gwen which was an amazing head all by itself but with the promise of more emotions. Well… For those of you who were waiting patiently that wait is now over.
The new updates for Gwen are now out and I will be telling you about it and where to find it and how to activate it.

I hope this will somewhat informative to you and if you do have any questions you can either IM me or Catwa have a live support chat group in which you can
copy and paste the following link in local chat, then click it, Join the group & ask away!


This is the Gwen head and with it I am using an applier from *YS&YS* which I will link down the bottom in the credits.
If you do not use YS&YS however you can find a whole list of skin creators HERE

I did add a small filter in Photoshop to the whole image but I didn’t edit or shape the face whatsoever.

Also you can DEMO the head at the Catwa store the demo’s do everything the full version does, this also includes being able to try demo’s of appliers at the skin creators stores.

All omega appliers will work, please purchase omega Catwa relay

As for eyes you need to have mesh eyes to wear with this head.
I am using ones from IKON.

Catwa included a shape with the head but you can use your own just remember to put the Eye Depth to zero.

Using this head with your favourite mesh body?
The head is more compatible Maitreya, Slink and Belleza as they have a nice alpha neck fix extension.
TMP and SL system body also work too but it’s possible you might need to enable the neck fix of the head.
This head is not modifiable, but you can edit your shape using head stretch and head length.

Below is an image that will show you what comes with your purchase.
Oooo Pretties!
Pack include

You get a bunch of HUDs mini HUD, main HUD, and teeth neck hair HUD and one for Animations.

Your Mini HUD can be worn to walk around everywhere in SL because it doesn’t have re-texturing buttons which makes it lag FREE. Which is smashing because not all of us can embrace the lag without wanting to punch it square in the face ;)

Main HUD and Hair/Teeth & Neck HUD both have many save slots, you can save your favourite appliers on them if you are like me and can be forgetful :P
The Main HUD and Hair/Teeth and Neck HUD both can be very laggy if you have saved many appliers on the save slot buttons.
It’s best to detach these once you have finished making your face all pretty lol.

All of the head textures can be tinted via HUDs, Also all layers have Shininess enabled and can be controlled and tinted via HUDs.
So let’s see what these HUDs look like.


The HUD is very self explanatory but if you do struggle be sure to read the notecard that comes in the box.


The HUD includes a variety of lashes that you can change to and tint any colour you like, I actually really love these, they look so natural but at the same time they make your eyes pop and look amazing on pictures. Just don’t forget to click the Blend button to make sure they don’t look clumpy! 
Which you can see below. 

lash off_001 Lash on

                                      Before Blend                                             After!

:-P She seems happy now eh? 

Now for the big reveal, I know you didn’t all just read this through to see how I make my lashes so pretty so here goes…

Ladies… You can now purchase an extra hud with 504 animations, that wasn’t a typo, I double checked :P 504!

The activator is sold separately and only works with the Gwen Head BUT it is now available at the store so you can really show people how you are feeling lol.
All you have to do is swing by Catwa (Landmark is in the box) and buy update activator.
Simply wear the Animation HUD that you got with the head, along with the activator, click “Activate” and bobs your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt, you have lift-off :D

If you are still unsure on how to activate this Catwa was kind enough to provide a 6 minute video in which you can watch HERE  

And here’s what that little HUD of preciousness looks like.

New Anims

Don’t you just want to play with it? :D Well you know what to do now incase you do ;)

Catwa also added an update with the teeth HUD which means you are able to have a cut version of the bunny teeth… So damn adorable!


And of course not forgetting a quick preview of the Hair/Teeth/Neck HUD.
Which is perfect obviously for tinting your hairbases, especially with Catwa Hair. ♥

Hair b Hair A HairTINTneck


And last but not least before I wrap this up, I have made two short video’s showing off the expressions and how she looks when she talks I have so you get the general idea of how they look.


I really hoped this review helped you and it wasn’t too boring :P and if you get the animations you enjoy them to the fullest.

*YS&YS* – Ava – Tone 02 – By Monicuzza Babenco

Catwa – Gwen – By Catwa Clip *NEW*

Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Armor – By  Ikon Innovia

Maitreya – Lara – By Onyx LeShelle

Catwa – Bree – Black – By Catwa Clip

Pixicat – Dusk – By Areve
Marketplace Inworld

White Widow – Chocolat – By Julie Hastings *NEW@Shiny Shabby*
MarketplaceInworld Shiny Shabby

HGE 2016 Preview with Nomad, True North Designs

On the ocean blue_1024

Welcome Saturday internet surfers of the virtual kind, to CozeySL’s first preview of Second Life’s longest running Home and Garden event, The Expo!

Nomad will be featuring this beautifully meshed (crafted!) golden, glittery themed set as a Gacha for The Expo. Gachas are relatively new to the Expo, and I had a chance to tour both areas (yes there will be 2!) with utmost excitement! (yes judge away!)

Nomad’s Broken Makeshift set will be available for you savvy shopperettes, and this year’s donated items. For this scene, I took the glam factor down a notch, or 10, and thought the pieces would go perfect with a few things from floorplan. I’m really pleased with how the shot turned out and decided to share it in all its raw glory.

On route to Nuisance_1024

I still use the Black Dragon viewer for a majority of the Home and Garden posts here on CozeySL and the Windlight today cooperated for like, the fiiiiirst time in foreeeverrrr. (I sing that a lot around here.)

True North Designs’ Mediterranean Lounge set is available during the Expo as well with a special intro price, so be sure to look that all up and close like. Also here are TND’s Expo items this year:


This particular exhibit will take you through many of TND’s existing sets for each of the rooms in your home.. lots of decor to nab as well so do browse thoroughly.

I’ve created a page here on Cozey which includes pertinent Expo information, its not meant to replace the main website, which I encourage you all to visit. It’s more of a reference sheet I suppose. The Landmarks will take you to each exhibit throughout the 9 regions. There are teleporters available as well, and that first slurl will take you to them. 

Feel free to bookmark my ‘Second Life Home and Garden Expo Reference Page’ for your own personal use. Remember the slurls will not work till the day of opening, in our case this’ll be at Midnight SLT tonight (February 14th). Please let me know if any of the links do not work, and I’ll holler for another limo.

So SL Home and Garden faaammm! Are you ready to Expo?

Don’t forget to check out the official HGE 2016 Flickr pool that includes fellow blogger images and previews. They’ll give you that inspiration to relay just yet!


Scene 1 – Near the ocean Blue

*True North Designs Mediterranean Lounge Set | HGE 2016 Coming Soon!
True North Designs Fish Wall Mosaic
True North Designs Mediterranean Table Lamp – Sea Foam
True North Designs Mediterranean Low Cabinet
True North Designs Mediterranean Hexagonal Side Table
True North Designs Potted Canopy Palm Plant
-Special introductory price only at the Expo
-Click here for full ad with all pieces

*True North Designs Monterey Wall Lantern – Owner Touch

*NOMAD All that Glitters Gacha Set | HGE 2016 Coming Soon
NOMAD // 06 // Gilded Gold Room Divider
NOMAD // B // Golden Pinapple Deco // RARE
NOMAD // 03 // Deco Armchair B
NOMAD // 01 // Deco Armchair A
NOMAD // 02 // Deco Pouffe
NOMAD // A // Antique Palm Tree Lamp // RARE
-Click here for full ad with all pieces

*NOMAD // Repurposed Barn | Shiny Shabby (ends Feb. 15th)

Other Items:


The Loft – Stone Bowl
The Loft Claryon Curtains
Zaara [home] : 6 Sandstone elephant
Zaara [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *beige*
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style 1
AF Fern Specimen
AF Unknown Specimen
AF Huge Fan Palm
Tartessos Arts Sensation Plant

Scene 2- Route to Nuisance

*NOMAD //Broken Makeshift Set (RFL Donation Items) | HGE 2016 Coming Soon
NOMAD // Makeshift Bench 01
NOMAD // Makeshift Bench 02
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Green
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Red
NOMAD // Old red worn chair
NOMAD // Old blue broken chair

Other Items:
Apple Fall Omega Beer
Army Stone Tap Hose
floorplan. commit no nuisance sign
floorplan. route 66 leaning sign
floorplan. headlamp lights
Junk Windchime by Angharad Greggan
oyasumi / rakes&stuff
.02 [ kunst ] – Pegboard RARE
dust bunny . garden wheelbarrow
Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Fence Corner
Sari-Sari – Log Cabin
Frog Garden Ivy Black
[we’re CLOSED] wild flowers
[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry




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LOTD 2.13.16

Body : Maitreya : Lara
Shape : N-Joy : Celine *modded*
Skin : Essences : Aribeth
Hair : Truth : Kizzy Group Gift
Eyelashes : Mai Bilavio : Essential Lash
Eyes : L'etre : Mesh Eyes #29
Mouth : .Loud Mouth. : Elena Kissy
Shirt : :FY: : Zero Top @ Suicide Dollz
Shorts : Blueberry : Conie New Release
Shoes : CandyDoll ; Lucy Wedges



Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya
Hands – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya
Shape – Lumae :: Eirtae – Average [5ft 10] – Enchantment
Eyes – [Buzz] Cora Eyes – Honey – [Buzz]- currently moving store.
Skin – Lumae :: Eirtae – T1 – Milk // Amalthea (Brow 1) – Enchantment
Ears – Lumae :: Leevi Medium Ears – T1 – Milk – Enchantment
Hair – [RA] Amalthea Hair – Grayscale – Enchantment
Necklace – .aisling. Alicorn Necklace – Enchantment
Dress – *Figment* Molly Dress-Blue – Enchantment
Pose – //elephante poses// Amathea #4 – Enchantment

423 When I´m Alone

I Think And Think And Think

Hair: Rowne Salon.Sanna Hair.Large uber

Skin applier: Elysium – Rosie skin for LeLutka – creme Shiny Shabby

Jacket: Rowne.Minou Leather Jacket – Onyx.

Pants: Blueberry – Denise – Leggings Full Length – Maitreya

Shoes: N-core NIKA “Fatpack” for Maitreya High Feet Coll88


.:revival:. vase of tulips white 2  FaMESHed

.:revival:. vase of tulips grey 2  FaMESHed

Concept} 06.  Nature – TRI Pots edit Kustom9

junk. potted tree. edit

.05 [ kunst ] – Raw carpet

Soy. Mini Leather Stool w/ texture change

[ zerkalo ] Tavern Night – Drinking Set

Soy. Retro Electronic Heater [Black]

junk. battered leather couch. brown. pg.  uber

.02 [ kunst ] – Metal ashtray RARE

Soy. Book one is reading

.05 [ kunst ] – Iron frame + light

You Save Everyone, But Who Saves You?


Wings: Goth1c0 – Not for the Weak – Pierced Wings


Earrings: Zaara – Sarika feather earrings *ebony*

Skin: DeeTaleZ -*Appliers* Logo Heads “Face Maggie” Nordic (added freckles)

Head: LOGO – Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar

Body: Maitreya –  Mesh Body , Hands & Feet – Lara V3.4

Nails: . PUKI . –  My Long Round Nails . Maitreya

Pose: Tabou Animation – Caught Angel-pose-rock-arm chain

♥  Mistie


*NAMINOKE*Moon Bracelet by taiko McCaw on Flickr.

*NAMINOKE*Moon Bracelet by taiko McCaw on Flickr.

Don't bring around the clouds to rain on my parade

The Look
Head Catwa Gwen
Head Applier Izzie's Zoe Caramel
Top Coquet.Amore Tee Shirt Heart @ Fameshed
Leggings Coquet Amore Leggings @ Fameshed
Pose an lar Huntsman Series @ Collabor88