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[ MOOD: Happpppy! ]

Guesssss what guys!! Today is OSTT’S TWO YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! I’m so excited! I was nostalgic and browsing through old posts earlier. It’s shocking to see how far the blog has come since the very first blog post. I promised myself when I started that every year I would go back to the place where my first blog post took place – but after visiting it a few days ago and realizing how much has changed, I knew I couldn’t keep going back to that spot. I moved on. That sim has changed. I’ve changed. SL fashion has changed. Especially in the world of SL, where you can just delete what you don’t like and change what you want to with just a click of a button, I know that nothing is ever the same. So, I decided to do today’s blog someplace different with a different look entirely. I’ll attach the pics from the last two anniversary posts and you can see for yourself what has changed and what hasn’t.

With that being said, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to my blog partners: Nov/Ricky, Micah & Haiden (who is still slacking on posting here btw?). The three of you have been such a strong presence of the blog behind the scenes that I swear, I couldn’t do this without you. Nov, you are my twin sister, my rock, my everything. You supported me without question and did things you didn’t want to do just to make me happy. I know you never planned on being a blogger but you slowly started turning into one just to help me out. I owe you so much more than you realize. And Micah, oh, Micah. What can I say about you? Your 1 year anniversary on the blog comes up in two months and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for sticking with me even when your life got too busy to really focus on SL and blogging. You never completely disappeared from my life and every day I have you with me, on the blog or not, I am better for it. We make one hell of a team, you and I. Then of course, there is Haiden. You are such a slacker. And even though you are lazier than all of us (D:) – you make me so proud of you, every day. You have such a big heart and don’t even realize it. You give without needing to, you support everyone you care about without judgement or asking for anything in return. You are a shining star in my SL word and I can’t wait until you start posting here on the blog because I want to share you with the world. I love the three of you, so much. NMH. My heart.

Now that they are out of the way, what left is there to say? Oh yes, thank you to the sponsors and readers of this blog! Without the amazing creators I’ve been so lucky to worth with, this blog wouldn’t be nearly as full with such pretty things to share with our amazing fashion followers. I appreciate the trust you’ve instilled with me to grow and support your brand, just as you have done the same with me. We make an amazing partnership and I’m thankful for each and every one of you. And last, but not least. My followers. The readers. The fashion obsessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everything I do is for you and I couldn’t imagine having made it as far as I have, without your support. You keep me going, even when I’m too unmotivated and lazy to want to do much of anything. I hope that I will never disappoint you. Thank you.

Okay, I’m done with my ranting. Enjoy the look, and most importantly, enjoy the small look back on the last two years! A lot has changed, and I’m so grateful for all of it! Until next time, dearies!

- M



HAIR: *Milk* Hair~ Curly Sue *Reds*

TOP: -tb- Half Tucked Tee – Black

PANTS: [Cynful] Skinny Jeans – Pastel Coral ( @ The Dressing Room Fusion )

SHOES: *Reign.- Georgia Sandals- Black

Stroll down memory lane: 

Taken: April 24th, 2013 with Nov


First blog post ever: 


Jolly Roger, Chapter I

Bringing to you another set of pirat-ish pictures with exclusive items available at The Fantasy Collective Event. I got so excited i snapped picture after picture so i'll break this post in two for you to see in more detail all the merchandise and not getting your brain over loaded.
For the first part of the post i start with the wardrobe. Bite&Claw, OrisiniRed and EZ Weaponry/The Forge make the honors of this Chapter I. All the props behind me came from Dysfunctional Designs but tomorrow i will tell you more about them including price tags and in what events you can find all of these decorations.
Living it large!

"Drake Hair - Ladies" from Tableau Vivant (250L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Hair, Texture HUD with 14 Texture Options and Alpha Layers. Available in Equinox, Fall, Monsoon, Solstice, Spring, Summer and Winter. Available for Male and Female)

"Bonny" Outfit from Bite&Claw (275L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Pants in 4 Sizes, Mesh Jacket in 4 Sizes, Mesh Belt in 4 Sizes, L and R Boot, Mesh Hat and Alpha Layers)

"Indi - Black" Headband and Face Paint from OrisiniRed (99L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Headband with Resizer Scripts and Face Paint Tattoo Layer. Available in Turquesa, Black, Rose, Emerald, Red and Yellow)

"Oppida - Gold, Ruby" from The Forge (150L. Includes Mesh Necklace. Available in Several Colors)

Pauldron from PFC (700L, Part of "War Kitten" Outfit. Includes Mesh L Arm Piece, R Arm Piece, Breasts Piece, L Only Breast Piece, R Only Breast Piece, L Greaves, R Greaves, Hip Piece, L Hip Piece, R Hip Piece, R Pauldron, L Pauldron, Thong, Wings and Texture HUD with 8 Inner Plate Texture Options, 4 Metal Borders Metal Options and 8 Back Feathers Texture Option)

"Drake's Cutlass" from EZ Weaponry (600L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Sheath Belt for Female, Sheath Belt for Male, Drake's Cutlass Novo 2.02, basic Sheath, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Trigger Gestures)

When Night Falls




MESHWORX – “Aviery” by Loz Hyde *coming soon to FaMESHed
What Next – Waterfront Street Lights by Winter Thorn
Studio Skye – Boardwalk Build set by Alex Bader
Fanatik Architecture: Rocky Mountains by Funatik

FASHIONART" Fashion Fair by The Glamourist PR

" FASHIONART" Fashion Fair by The Glamourist PR

When Fashion meets Art
Up-Coming Event
Not to be missed!
May 09th till May 31st - 2014

# 160

Hair : TRUTH HAIR Betsy -  reds
Undies : Izzie's - Cute Cotton Undies apricot
Skirt : The Secret Store - Amy Highwaist Skirt - Nude @ Collabor88
Shoes : Essenz - Seattle (Cream) - Gift Box (1L) @ The Comic  Fashion Fair-
Nails : Hello Dave VIPs - Blossom (appliers for slink hands) Group Gift (very small fee to join)
Necklace : Chop Zuey - Heart & Soul Necklace gift


Tender Caress - Blacklace

Hello earthing, I'm Rehana Seljan㋡

[Styling Note]
+ Lingerie: Blacklace - Tender Caress (Sky Blue) - NEW!!
+ Jewelry: MANDALA - 777 jewelry set
+ Hair: TRUTH - Betsy (black & whites)
+ Pose: PosESioN - Yula Setr

New Themes: Alto, Collective, and Worldview

Whether you're looking for a theme for your blog, online magazine, or collaborative project, this week's crop of new themes comes packed with great features.

Dura - Mother Goose's - [LG] Boutique


Skin - Hazel - Mother Goose's (1L)
Hair: Boys & Girls 49/ Butter Rum - Dura
Dress: Sofia Turtleneck - [LG] Boutique (Gift for SL & Offers group in Store)
Also wearing...
Shape - Ricielli
Eyes - I.D.
Make-up - Lelutka
Lipstick - [PF]
Hands & feet - The mesh Project
Poses - Ricielli

☼ ...:Mediterráneo:... ☼

Hola!! Parece que ya está llegando el buen tiempo por el mediterráneo, y eso nos invita a salir más de fiesta y a ir a la playa... aunque mejor sería una gran fiesta en la playa ;).
Os dejo con un par de vestuarios GRATIS. Saludos !!!

↓ Para saber más 

* Pelo FREEPre!tty - Lily - .All Color Huds. Regalo de grupo. Mirar en avisos fecha 16/04
Grupo FREE : secondlife:///app/group/b23b775b-c35b-7464-cdd7-026987d42963/about

* Skin FREE[Red}Sand spring 2014 gift feme en Marketplace

* Set Colgante, pendientes, anillos, pulseras NO Free (1L$)[Mistwood] Simplicity Jewelry Set en Marketplace

* Vestido FREEOverhigh.Gift - 001 Aquí
Grupo FREE : secondlife:///app/group/da6f2d84-7821-e529-26ce-42ae3dfd36f8/about

* Botas FREE:: Miss Canning :: [Campbell Boots] Spikes Aquí
Grupo FREE : secondlife:///app/group/87670822-31c7-1f6a-daff-f4a335033a86/about

* Pelo FREE:: Miss Canning :: [Marcella Hair] Copper Blonde GROUP GIFT! Aquí
Grupo FREE : secondlife:///app/group/87670822-31c7-1f6a-daff-f4a335033a86/about

* Skin con aplicadores y Shape FREE[PUMEC]  - .:MILA:. GIFT Aquí

Grupo FREE : secondlife:///app/group/cc11617b-9306-767f-f493-12d796bbbb8f/about

* Tatuaje FREE!inkaddict! Stars tattoo en Marketplace

* Pies FREE  Full Perm : MI Mesh Ladies Tip Toe Feet - Fashion Kit en Marketplace