Image Description: Woman in a green, purple, and black dress standing in front of a fountain.

Every now and then I take a left turn in Second Life and am reminded of a place I knew nothing about - in this case the Penumbra Fashion Week, part of a vast and sprawling empire of modeling, pageants, and fashion shows which dot the grid. It seems like usually a modelling school will have associated pageants and events which draw clothing stores and bring them both publicity and sales. In this case, there appear to be a few different events and a sales area out front, with models taking pictures and publishing them on FLickr. The clothing adheres available adheres much more closely to offline fashions, and the outre end of that, replete with odd pleats, puffy bits, and layers where one wouldn't expect them. It's also strikingly difficult to find a landmark to the sim, though I was able to find information about a number of events at their website, in addition to some stills from fashion walks. The vast number of models in Second Life are eight heads tall or more, a sliver of the population offline but readily available with a judicious use of sliders. I find the whole phenomena of fashion shows in a virtual environment completely fascinating, though it's but rarely that I find myself intersecting with it.

Image Description: Close up of feet wearing pale green espadrilles in shadow.

The interesting thing is that unlike offline - where the clothing wouldn't be available to the average person, both because it's shaped for a stark minority of body types and due to cost - here anyone with a few Linden can pick things up, and most of them will modify themselves easily for my much shorter, much rounder form. My Second Life shape is equally unusual, being a nearly perfect hourglass, but it's a different unusual shape from the tall and thin model ideal, and a different size again from the wide hipped set which is also inspired by modelling, but by the alternative, thigh gap standard of thinness. Second Life is a sort of perfect place to express physical cultural values, and so it's unsurprising that paleness, smooth hair, thinness, and various markers of class or money predominate. Unlike offline they are in the majority, however, which shifts the balance of power and leads people to seek social clout in a wide variety of ways rendered all the more transparent by how malleable they are. One of these is the Fashion Show, using the right gestures at the right times, having the right shape and accessories, and typing out the appropriate language to combine humility and gratitude to impress the judges. Another is the Blog, typing out words of analysis and snapping pictures, hoping people will pay attention.

Image Description: Torso shot of a woman in a green, purple, and black dress with her hands up. Devil and Angel Monsters are on either side of her head.

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Skin: Izzie's, Irene
Sparkles: Folly, Rainbow Sheen
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Cassie
Pets: Breno, Alot of good and evil (Arcade)
Ears: Illusions, Seelie Ears
Eyes: De La Soul, Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Cosmetics: Mock, Bella Vetro Gloss
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Hands & Feet: SLink, Rigged Mesh Hands & Feet
Nails: Nine Inch Nails, Deco
Bracelets: Bokeh, O.D Bangles

 Clothing: Bomshie, Devaki (Penumbra)
Shoes: Duh!, Green Dotty Espadrilles

Pose: Exposeur

Location: Selidor
Light Settings: Phototools, Dream Book Light 02
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only



123 Welcome to "A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL" - an Steampunk themed event in SL with proceeds going to The National Kidney Foundation. Designers have set their items to 50% or 100% donations, each item you purchase will specify how much of the proceeds will be donated. If you love Steampunk or just want to donate to a great cause, then you need to go visit this amazing event, not to mention how the event has been decorated, you are going to just love this place! I have been so eager to start blogging this event, ever since I was accepted to be an official blogger, I was just so excited & couldn`t wait for it to open. Leave it me, I ended up getting a terrible cold & right before opening day, I caught it, & I`m so happy to say that I`m not completely over it yet, I am able to start getting to work on these post. I absolutely LOVED putting this look together. From the moment I first saw this outfit, "Steamcraft" from DEATH ROCKER BETTER CROCKER or as you many of you know her - DRBC,  I fell in love with it.  You know if I see a ton of bloggers blogging something, I`ll usually pass it by & look for something else, but this one, I just had to, didn`t matter how many times I seen it blogged, lol. The outfit comes with top, skirt, & pentacle necklace as well as a fitted mesh option :). ROAWENWOOD made these awesome "Majesty Boots" for the event that I thought were perfect for the look I wanted..I think you`ll agree once you see them :) Also from this event, 22769 CASUAL COUTURE once again blows us away with their mesh creations, from steam powered ottomans to lamps, hatstands, rugs, tables & more, every item is amazing as always. In fact, after opening this blog pack, I said to myself, omg, I`m so happy this is one of my sponsors, I just love blogging for them, every single release is incredible! WTG guys, as always, amazing work :) A few more creators to mention from ACS EVENT, one that we all know by now for her amazing nails, ZOZ -created for ACS,  Lona Silver Mesh Nails with 9 stunning colors with diamond accents. CPD made this Gyroscope animated walking stick, and also the Homonculus in the glass bell. I am just loving these items! You`ll also see a ceiling light "Steam Lamp" in a few of the pics, you can grab this from NACHT also at ACS. [LCKY] HAIR just released this super sexy hairdo, "Libby". I usually always use colors for her hair, because I love her vibrant pastels, but this time I chose the black & so glad I did, just check out how smooth & shiny her textures are....think I`ll be wearing more black from this creator ;) At THE GACHA MANIA, Deesses Skins has more beautiful skins to be won, this round she has 2 different skins available. I`m wearing "Lucia" in Ice Frappe Tone. Isn`t she lovely?! A few of the items I`ve had in my collection & I`ll list them at the end in credits, for now, I hope you enjoy the post & make sure you head on over to A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL & show your support to the designers & more importantly The National Kidney Foundation.  oh yeh, PSSTTT.....word is that after only 4 days, the event has already raised over $1200.00 to be donated to the foundation, how cool is that?!!

Can You Tell I`m excited? ;)


11111 11

The amazing 22769 CASUAL COUTURE :)

2nd pic - Homonculus in glass - CPD 111

Here you can see the Steamy Lamp (hanging) by NACHT, very cool ;)


22 000 00

Majesty Boots by ROAWENWOOD222

MESH NAILS BY ZOZPicMonkey Collage


And here is a sneak peek at ALL of the awesome colors available at [LCKY] !!


And that will be all for this post, I need to get to work on the next ;) Have fun & as always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by & visiting "PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!" MUAHZ XO



Hair - [LCKY] HAIR - Libby

Steampunk Hat - by Loulo Loon (from past hats event, I altered this hat, changed colors & removed parts)

Steampunk Rings - PMS (Pimp My Shit)

Septum Ring - SWALLOW

Nails - ZOZ - Lona Silver Mesh Nails /  "A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL" 


Outfit - DRBC - Steamcraft Outfit /  "A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL" 


Homonculus in glass - CPD /  "A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL" 

Gyroscope Walking Stick - CPD  /  "A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL" 

Chamber Rings - REIGN - Lunar RARE

Beaded Pentacle & Skull Necklace - GLINT

Eyes - SU! Lucy Eyes / smog

Headset - YASUM - Steampunk

Mesh Hands & Feet - SLINK

Poses Used - assorted Le Poppycock


Around The World In One Day Rug - The Vintage Chesterfield Sofa - Tuffed Armchair - A clockwork side table - Clef - Grammophon - Hatstand - Industrial Floor Lamp - Trunk Table - Spine Light - Violin Nook.



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#171 Open House Part 2.

Like I promised I would continue to show off my little shack I’ve been working on :) Here is my Kitchen area ! Enjoy

Skybox –  :HAIKEI: Outdoor Open House9 (Available @ Kustom9)

Left -to- Right

Second Spaces – Clean Sweep – hook shelf

PILOT -  Pipe Shelf v2

Second Spaces  – rustic pantry – blue

Second Spaces  – Clean Sweep – cleaners

Second Spaces  – Clean Sweep – two old brooms

Second Spaces – Clean Sweep – push broom

Second Spaces  – Clean Sweep – bucket o’ clean

Apple Fall – Plantation Counter (Poppy)

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Full Shelf RARE (Old Gacha Item)

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Baking RARE (Old Gacha Item)

Items in  Glass Cabinet

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Preserves (Old Gacha Item)

The Loft – Kitchen Utensils

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Baking RARE (Old Gacha Item)

PILOT – Kitchen Tools (Available @ The Arcade)

(fd) Cat – 09 Ready to Pounce (Available @ The Arcade)

The Loft – Steel Fruit Basket

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream) (Old Gacha Item)

Apple Fall  – Plantation Cabinet (Poppy)

PILOT – Kitchen Tools (Available @ The Arcade)

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream) (Old Gacha Item)

erratic / home – frame RARE (Old Gacha Item)

*Second Spaces * Ready to Bake – spices & flavorings

PILOT – Paper Towels (Available @ The Arcade)

floorplan. – french plates

POST : Marquette Gas Stove

Second Spaces * Ready to Bake – baking pans (Old Gacha Item)

Tres Blah  -tb- Kitchen Basics – Cookie Jars (Blue) (Old Gacha Item)

[*Art Dummy!] – nourish. (bacon pan) (Old Gacha Item)

~* Post 1030 *~

Boa noite meninasssss!!!!!
Cá estou eu para lhes comunicar de um novo evento maraaaaa! O Serena Pumpkin Patch, será de 17 a 31 de Outubro, com as melhores lojas do SL... e para nossaaaa felicidade estarei lá!O evento envolve desde moveis à roupas e acessorios, e tudo com otima qualidade!  Estou muito feliz por estar nesse evento e ter a  oportunidade de deixar vocês, minhas amigas e seguidoras super informadas! 
*Para os designers e boggers que gostariam de participar do evento por favor, entrem em contato com Zeev Braveheart e curtam a página no Facebook.
Espero que gostem e se divirtam muitoooo! Fiquem de olho nas novas postagens para não perderem nadaa! Beijinhos no coração de cada uma!

Style 598

Skin : Atomic Skin RainbowBright Porcelain
Hair : pr!tty Penelope <3
Eyes : SONG Anim Bubble Eye
Top : C'est la vie Ethel JK <3
Pants : Pepe Gold Plated leggings Denim
Shoes : fri. Jezebel Heels <3
Necklace : Eclat Chunky Chain Necklace/Warm Gold#3 <3
Cuff : Eclat Tube Bracelet Gold <3
Rings : Eclat CHevron Ring, Tube Ring & Cross Ring <3
Pose : kirin <3

~~ Post 1029 ~~

Cabelo: [e] Elikatira Abbey - Bright Blondes
Colar: ANE Athena Armor Necklace Black Onix - <3Role Play
Body:  [Aphrodisiac] Alluring Bodysuit Black - CSR
Meias: [Aphrodisiac] Ripped Knit Socks Pink


StarrWorn as a top or mini dress this garment is certainly suitable for clubs,alternative work environments or fashion forward soirees. Paired with some sky-high leather boots and a short crop do’, anything goes. Have Fun!

Hair: Remorse – Mohawk Fade “With Waves” Black

Dress: ::: MD :::  Mini Dress Olivia – Black [additional colors available] (Designer’s Circle Round 88) New!

Shoes: J/M – Ultra Platform Boots – Black (The Showroom) New!

Earrings: *R+a* Earring petit-STAR (10L)

Skin: Flounce – Group Gift Sept [includes Slink appliers] ( free to join group) New!

Necklace: Eclat – Lock Chain (The Showroom) New!

Poses: Daiz Papp


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~* Post 1028 *~

                                                        *World Group* CREMOSAS FASHION
URL: secondlife:///app/group/e419e8e7-f53e-109d-dc9b-bb360e2ad85d/about
(Só copiar a URL e jogar no chat do SL) 

Vestido: -CH- Rebecca - Nice to be event
*Cores disponíveis:

Sandália: .:KC:. Moira (Marketplace ou Inworld)
 *Zoom da sandália:

*Hud da sandália.

A walk in park- PWC #63

In case you didn’t know I am obsessed with cats. Like literally..crazy cat lady obsessed. When I went to Kustom9 the other day and saw this shirt I knew I had to have it. Then I took my cat to the local dog park at the sim I live on. cat. #obsessed

But in all seriousness..this post was a lot of fun for me and it features items from Kustom9, The Arcade, The Big Show and Collabor88.


Cat Park

Cat Park 2

Cat 5

Cat 4

Cat 3

Skin: Glam Affair- Kallisto Exotic 04 B

Eyes: Ikon- Hope eyes Emerald

Eyeliner: R.icielli- I’m Glam Eyeliner 15

Lashes: Sympatika- Lashes Cheated

Foot Tattoo: TAOX- Slink Feet Tat Rose and Red Butterfly

Hand Tattoo: Letis Tattoo- Slink Hands Rosary 50%

Piercing: HV- Smug Ink/Oil

Polish: Adored- geometric nails (slink) (The Big Show)

Teeth: whatever- Teeth 2.0 piercing

Neck Tattoo: Dappa- Lotus Tattoo

Hair: Exile- Locomotion Natural Fusion 2 (Collabor88)

Top: LP- Slit Loose Tank Hipster (Kustom9)

Pants: All Bases Loaded- Dark HW Denim Jeans

Shoes: Reign- Renegade Plats Camel (Slink mid)

Tumbler- Amitomo- Summer Tumbler #nya-nya-nya (Gacha)

Cat: Fashionably Dead- 12 Curious (The Arcade)

Dog: Alchemy- Doge French Bulldog (Old gacha item)

Can I Hold That?

On Romeo  Snapback / BUC Hair / Xin [Group Gift]  Tattoo /  SwaggedOut *Neww* Bracelet / Sabotage Backpack / Benjaminz @TheGachaMania Flask / FLite @Secret Affair  Watch / FLite @Kustom9 Shorts / Grandeur  Sneakers / FLite @Kustom9Filed under: Events, Fashion, Group Gift (tag), Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: !Grandeur, Benjaminz, BUC, ForeignIdentity, Kustom9, […]