El post de hoy incluye el conjunto de lencería de esta edición del TGIF. Recordad que los artículos marcados como TGIF, o lo que es lo mismo “Thanks Good Is Friday!” (lo descubrí hace bien poquito), cambian cada viernes, por eso este melocotón de Blacklace estará hasta el viernes en la tienda y después en el marketplace. Por lo demás, cuando se trata de lencería poco más hay que incluir, peinado, skin y uñas. Os dejo el taxi de todos ellos.


Lydia: Peach Lace Set 2
*~*Damselfly*~*Picabo Rigged-Mesh (Mesh Head Compatible)
Nailed It – Slink – Fashion Duo Set
make-up:Baiastice_Mag lipstick- peach (no he comprobado si aún está en la tienda)
.::WoW Skins::. Ivy Tan

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At the dock.

At the dock.

////// Credits /////

Photo Location – Blithe



skin: alterego “kensi – caramel” new!
hair: pink hustler “8044”
collar: muka “wicca collar” new!
skirt: blueberry “side cut skirts” new!
tattoo: reckless “vida” group gift
boots: alterego “hooker collection”
socks: suicidal unborn “garter nylon socks”
bracelet: pomposity “handcuff bracelet”
bracer: random matter “baratheon”
nails: punci “for casual slink hands”
rings: forma nails “buffalo punk – black” new!
shoulder guards: tentacio “rider shoulder – black”

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Sticks and Stones From Meanies

Dear Diary:

Berry has brought up a good topic for the Monday Meme - hurtful comments made by people who are probably doing it intentionally.  It was a long time ago but, yes, it happened to me too.

1. Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers?  When I first came into this world, I belonged to a dance club where I believed I made lots of friends.  One night, a group was talking about a band they liked.  One of the girls turned to me and said, "You have no idea who we're talking about, do you?"  I said no, I didn't know that band.  Then another person said, "Well, what do you expect!  She's from Canada.  They don't know anything there.  They're really back woods".  Then the comments flew around concerning "speaking only French", "living in igloos", "very uncivilized" and of course the everlasting "Eh". 

2. How did you respond to them?  At first I kind of laughed because I'm used to being teased like that and normally it doesn't bother me but the comments were starting to get nasty and rude.  I wasn't willing to sit back and let them run me down...and my country but I felt totally inadequate of how to answer.  So...absolutely nerdy me said, "Oh yeah!  Well who won the War of 1812?"  HONESTLY!!!  What a dumb remark was that!!  Of course I got a lot of "LOLs", "ROFLs" and other not so respectful comments so the ignorant remarks kept coming.  I chose to keep silent and just pretend I didn't hear but I'm not sure that was the right solution either.

3. How did they make you feel?  I felt powerless.  These were people I thought were my friends but obviously they didn't think the same way.  Things don't stay with me for long, so after a day or so, I realized I didn't want them as friends; I left the group and never looked back.  Those were people I didn't need. 

4. Can you share some of the mean comments you’ve received and your thoughts on them?  In all my years in SL, that was the only time I have ever received negative comments.  Perhaps it's because now I have a better choice of friends and I'm not so naïve to believe everyone in SL is there for fun.

5. Have you ever ridiculed or negatively commented on someone else’s work, actions or personality with the intention to hurt them?  Yes I have but never as an adult, and never in SL.  I was bullied in elementary school over things I had no control over.  I was tall for my age and thin; and I was smart.  It lasted a whole year until I went to the next grade level with other kids.  It hurt.  So the next year, I turned it on others until I realized I was losing friends and I was feeling miserable at what I was doing.  I told my Mom and she explained how I was hurting kids like I had been hurt.  I stopped.

Adding my own comments to this, I believe all mean comments stem from jealousy.  If comments are directed towards bloggers, it's because they have talent in what they do.  If people are the targets of nasty remarks, it's probably due to the fact they're friendly and kind.  So...what's the difference between SL and RL?  You wouldn't want these people in your life in RL so why give them power in SL? 

This says it all:

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair:  W&Y # 147 (no longer available)
Shirt: Ronsem  check shirt (sou by creationjp)
Jeans: BoHo HoBo Skinny jeans (black) (SL Marketplace)
Sneakers: McChucks (black) (SL Marketplace)

Location: The Junkyard

High Heel Pumps Brown For Slink Feet by Diva's Shoes | Teleport Hub - Second Life Freebies

High Heel Pumps Brown For Slink Feet by Diva’s Shoes | Teleport Hub - Second Life Freebies


322015 - FEATURING UC @ MWFW 2015

Meet me there . 

Hair @ [INK] Hair___SERIOUS 
Outfit @  UC_Bali_tropical man outfit  (MWFW2015)
SL Frees & Offers


skin -Glam Affair - Grazia Skin - America 02 G
MAAI Blindfold
hair Calico Licia

jeans NS::  Mesh Skinny Jeans (S)

Having a good night you can not have nice day

poses !bang - stands 475-479

Blouse: Foxes - Throw Back and Tied - Small- Check - Pink @Uber
Jeans: Foxes-Throw Back - Jeans - Boot - Small - @Uber
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Tourniquet @Uber
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.1
Earring: Cae :: Marrakech :: Earring  @Fameshed
Necklace: Cae :: Marrakech :: Necklace
Skin: Izzie's - Samantha Skin sunshine pale DB @Uber

After the night:

 Izzie's- Eyebags (cool skintones) @The Dressing Room
 Izzie's- Eyebags+Blemishes+Anger Wrinkles (cool skintones) @The Dressing Room
 Izzie's- Smeared Lipstick pink (more) @The Dressing Room

C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie

hair: *ARGRACE* URARA - Dark Browns  <<-- NEW!!!!
skin: ::Modish:: Zahra skins - SKT04 <<-- NEW!!!!
corset: UC_Perl_corset_women_Black @ IDK
jewelry: MG - Necklace - Alexa Black Choker Pearls <--- check in Main Store
rose: CATWA Lying Rose [Black] <--- check in Main Store

all worn on Belleza body Venus 2.0

Image # 965

                                                       Skin - [PUMENS]  - .:LAVIN:. SKIN NEW
Hair - TRUTH HAIR - Fynnea NEW
Dress - Bens Boutique - Stilla Dress NEW
Shoes - Bens Boutique - Christine Heels (Slink High) NEW
Bag - Bens Boutique - Melanie Clutch Bag (gold) NEW
Necklace and Bracelet - :Moon Amore: - Arcane Set NEW
Cornet - *Tentacio* - Downtown visit. Pommes frites for THE ARCADE
Pose - Label Motion - Thalia for My Attic