# Mili # 1537

# Mili # 1537
  • Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Sloane Rigged-Mesh {by Shylah Honey}
  • NecklaceSchadenfreude Water Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces {by Allegory Malaprop}
  • NecklaceSchadenfreude Sun Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces {by Allegory Malaprop}
  • NecklaceSchadenfreude Moon Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces {by Allegory Malaprop}
  • Romper[LaVian&C0] SPRING 2015 RED LABEL Heartbeat Song {by Kim Saunders}  *tyvm*
  • Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Garage Fair ANAIS Caramel {by Izara Allen - Zuta (izara.zuta)} GARAGE FAIR *tyvm*
  • PoseAdorb. Pose 1 {by を Kagome Kahn X (chinkita)} (don't know if still available, the store name now is INVADER!)

THANK GOD! It’s Friday….


Scream and Shout Remix [Reid Stefan]

The best music to end the week with!
As I am sure many of us want to “scream and shout and let it all out”…

I have had the best week I have had in many years.
Yes, YEARS… lol…

So, not only did I get picked up by Elikatira, Purple Poses and, Go&See…
last night I had a great convo with Julie Hastings owner of, White Widow..
I do not know if you remember when I blogged her store but, it is one of my favorite tattoo layer stores.
Interesting makeups and, some really amazing tattoos…
I thought I was still in the bloggers list but, miscommunication I found out that I was not however,
it was only that… miscommunication and, instead of being my normal paranoid self.. I decided to out of the blue ask Julie if I was indeed in the group or if I was suppose to reapply… turns out, that we were both surprised.. first, I didn’t realize that “current” bloggers  had to reapply.. no biggy, alot of designers are doing that now and, I totally understand.. that is actually a great idea to get people motivated to blog more often and, be more vigilante.. and,
as it turns out, she was disappointed when I had not reapplied.. so, we were both thrown off.. but, in the end, I am back and happy to be a part of her team.
Julie is one of the sweetest people I have ever met in second life.. Seriously!
If you ever get the chance to meet her, make sure that you get to know her.
Even if I was not one of her bloggers she would still be one of the best..

Actually, since I am attempting to keep this blog PG.. uh, 14.. lol.. I actually have a couple photos of the tattoo that you see little sneak peeks at..
It’s by Julie, White Widow and is available at Shiny Shabby… you can see the full monty HERE and, HERE..

Since I am sharing the close ups above.. I suppose you would love to see what it is that I am taking close ups of!
So here is my Friday Look of the Day.
Bring it to you with poses from, Purple Poses!


And what would Friday be without something from, Fifty Linden Friday??
And, I had to share this pack with you from, Glam Affair..
Three skins, three totally different looks, only for 50L…


So here is my Friday post!
I hope you enjoyed it.. I may be back a tad later.. you never can tell with me!

Enjoy your weekend… and remember, tell those that you care about, that you do in fact care…
You never know how much time you have left together.. it is better to be assured then, too late.


Always read the information below the styling area.
This area includes all your item name which includes the URL to the event , designer info plus,
all your product info.



Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |Rage| Morgana Hilra | Top Seller 2015

Skin | Glam Affair | Luna – Simply Girl | Aida Ewing | Fifty Linden Friday | May 22 2015

Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ | Ors hair | M4ri1yn Magic | The Men’s Dept | May 2015

Eyes | .The Sugar Garden. | Snowfall Eyes – Ice Blue | eilfie.sugarplum

Tattoo | [White~Widow] | Midnight in Paris | Julie Hastings | Shiny Shabby | May 2015

Lashes | Maitreya | – Mesh Eyelashes | Onyx LeShelle | V.I.P. Group Gift

Hands | Slink|Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual |Siddean Munro | ~Make sure you pick up your updates!!!


Outfit | Addams | Maby Jumper with Shirt // Ocean | AmaliaRainwood | n21 | May 2015


Bracelet | !APHORISM! | Bracelet Moonstone | Rucy Byron | Shiny Shabby – Gacha | May 2015

Necklace | !APHORISM! | Necklace Moonstone | Rucy Byron | Shiny Shabby – Gacha | May 2015


Poses | PURPLE POSES | PETRA | audrey.guter | The Showroom | May 2015

# Lex # 859

Eu sei que tenho postado bem pouco , mas as coisas da vida RL as vezes interferem na vida SL, gostaria de estar mais presente e dedicada. Gostaria também de sempre mostrar todas as coisas novas e maravilhosas que recebo para resenha, mas isso nem sempre é possível. Esse post está um pouco atrasado, mas ainda está valendo. Trouxe aqui três novos looks que a querida artista Trinity criou para o Evento Penumbra e como sempre ela arrasou. Juntamente mostro o novo cabelo que Helyanwe fez para a loja nova chamada DOE e você encontra no Evento My Attic e para finalizar a loja 7 Deadly s{K}ins está com ótimas promoções e tire um tempinho para checar as skins, muitas delas vem junto com appliers. Desculpa o texto em português, mas meu inglês é sofrível (juro que ando estudando como melhorá-lo ;) ). Isso é tudo, pessoal. Divirtam-se.
# Lex # 859
HairDoe: Foxy /Streaks/{by  helyanwe.vindaloo}My Attic*TYVM* 
Skin:7 Deadly s{K}ins - Azure V2 with appliers {by izara zuta}SPRING CLEAN SALES *TYVM* 
OutfitPetit Chat  *PC* Dancing in the light outfit{by trinity yazimoto} @ Penumbra FashionWeeks*TYVM*
Body, hands and feet:Slink {by siddean munro} 
PoseLabel Motion -  Thalia Poses {by anne.dakun}

# Lex # 859
OutfitPetit Chat *PC* Gone with the wind{by trinity yazimoto} @ Penumbra FashionWeeks*TYVM* 
PoseDream Print- Blogging Two Old Exclusive Pose Fair{by ashlie.coba}*TYVM* 

# Lex # 859
OutfitPetit Chat*PC* Whispers of roses {by trinity yazimoto} @ Penumbra FashionWeeks*TYVM* 
PoseoOo Studio: Moody Two{by olaenka.chesnokov}


 Taken at Makeahla

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bubu -
Corps / Body : -Belleza- Venus V 0.02 *SlinkFit H&F
Forme du corps / Bodyshape : mpc.  Adria Shape (modify) (NEW)(FAMOUSTATION - du 24 mai au 17 juin / may 24th june 17th)
Peau / Skin : mpc. Adria Skin {03} Chestnut (NEW)(FAMOUSTATION - du 24 mai au 17 juin / may 24th june 17th)
Coiffure / Hairstyle : little bones. Chachki (ancien Fifty Linden Friday, plus disponible / Past FLF no longer available) 
Yeux / Eyes : AG. Dazzling Eyes - Brown (NEW) 
Cils / Eyelashes : ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty brown)
Tenue / Outfit : *MUKA* Wicca Collar + Thong - Belleza Venus
Couronne / Crown : :[P]:- Gloriah Crown [Arael]:// Miyora (The Secret Affair)
Bindi : MONS / Free Bindi (black-gold) (Cosmetic Fair Group gift // 0L$) 
Cache-Sein / Pasties : lassitude & ennui Foreboding - nipple cover (The Secret Affair
Cheville / Anklet : *PROMAGIC* Basic Anklets - Black-Copper
Felin / Feline : Alchemy - The Huntress - MOUNT - Puma (The Secret Affair)

- Ohalla - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
P E A U // S K I N : mpc. Rave Adria {05} Chocolate / 249l$ / NEW - Showroom /
C H E V E U X // H A I R : TRUTH HAIR Verinne / NEW /
C O R S E T + T O P // : *MUKA* Minx Brown / NEW - Fantasy Gatcha Carnival /
C H A U S S U R E S // S H O E S : Essenz - St. Tropez Maitreya
G E N O U I L L E R E // K N E E P A D S : *MUKA* Spike Kneepads / NEW - Anybody /
C H A I N E // H E A D  C H A I N : .random.Matter. - Aridius / NEW - Fantasy Gatcha Carnival /
P A N T H E R E // : Alchemy - The Huntress - Panther  / NEW - The Secret Affair /

Look No. •| 529 |•

     •| Bᴏᴅʏ|•
Hair -  :::Phoenix::: Gracia Hair Bloggerpack (wear me) @ Famoustation start 24th May Ty
Septum - .ARISE. Geta Septum for THE SECRET AFFAIR Ty
Body - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Top - !(HR 3.0)! Novelty Knot Crops (Pink) Ty
Boots -  !(HR 3.0)! Creepers Boot Platform (Black) Ty
Socks - !(HR 3.0)! Bad Gal Socks (White) Ty
Shorts -  !(HR 3.0)!Blessed Cooter Shorts (pink) Ty

•|Accessories/ Aттαcнмeɴтѕ|•
Shadez - !(HR 3.0)! Melted Metal Shadez (Black) Ty
Horns - {Amai} Snarkprincess Horns. Inusweets Cosmo Dips [Box]
Bag - Creep - Last Rite Ty

LOTD# 521

Collabor88 & Cosmetic Fair & The fantasy Collective & Kawaii Project
Body :
Clothing :
  • Dress: GizzA - Amalia Dress [Leather Candy - Cream] NEW
  • Shoes: Ingenue :: Lacy Flats :: Creme NEW **@Collabor88**
Accessories :


In A Photograph

We all tend to hide things well when we don’t want our deepest darkest secrets to be found. I think about this scarf on my head and how easily it hides my hair or if I wanted to cover my face with it I easily could. Maybe we use the computer screen like this scarf. We hide behind the screen so that others don’t get a glimpse at things they may not like. I have sat back thinking this week on secrets. It happens to be the things that we don’t say that end up hurting the worse. We pretend and we act like things are great when they aren’t and then when its out for people to see, you get the sad smirks or the nods or just the “how are you doing?” comments from people who never bothered to see how you were before this. Some might get angry with that, but I find it slightly comforting to know that someone out there does care. They care to know what kind of secrets you hide because maybe they will accept you for how you are and not how you appear on the outside.

I also feel like it is good to think about the times when you feel this way. Maybe as a reminder that you don’t have to feel like this or be like this anymore if you don’t choose it. I look at the people who are closed off and wonder how they could be happy. Maybe you don’t get close to get hurt, but you are part of the problem and the ones who hurt those who do like to get close. I don’t know if any of this makes sense, but its just part of the thought process this week. I would ask that people do yourself a favor. Be real and honest from the start and don’t let little white lies hide who you really are or how you really feel. A song of memory for myself would be photograph by Ed Sheeran which I have had on semi repeat for the past 24 hours. If you are going to listen, please pay close attention to he lyrics. They bring a calm that is a nice relief.  Enjoy and TOOTLES!


Skin: Lara Hurley– Scarlett in dark

Head: TheMeshProject– classic deluxe w/ Scarlett applier

Body: Maitreya– Lara Mesh Body w/ Scarlett applier

Eyes: IKON– Sovereign eyes in Fjord

Hair: Tableau Vivant- Luce @ Collabor88

Scarf w/ outfit: SlackGirl- Penumbra scarf, top, and pants with high heels @ PENUMBRA SS Fashion Week 2015

Enchantment Under the Sea

     We are Lorraine and George McFly at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance! I love theme and character dressing in second life especially dressing like characters from a movie that I love. The May round of My Attic has a Back to the Future theme this round and I love all of the items. Hiram and I really enjoyed dressing up like these characters! My dress is by Kaithleen's, hair by Emotions, and shoes by Elyisum which can all be found at My Attic this month. Two of my couple poses are made by Nantra- Under the Sea 1 and 2 and are also at My Attic. Remember items at My Attic are a special price of only 95L each for the duration of the event which ends at the end of the month. 

On Kirsten:
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LORRAINE * @ My Attic May
Shoes: Elyisum - Grace peeptoe stiletto- strawberry ice plain @ My Attic May
Dress: Kaithleen's Lorraine Vintage Dress - Peach  @ My Attic May
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley v2 <Peach>

On Hiram:
Hair: *ARGRACE* ARATA - Dark Brown
Outfit: imMESHed - White w/ Black Slacks Mens Tuxedo and Formal Shoes

Nantra Under the Sea 1 and 2  @ My Attic May

Love, Kirsten and Hiram 

n°353 ~ 14.0o0 Stalker ~



~ Finn ~
Hair:  *Drot*-[Ice]-Kenny
Pullover: REPRESENT – Longline Cardigan “Black”
Pants: Fruk BioTech pants black
Shoes:  FLite. -Skyhigh Cloudy 1.1

~ Kitty ~
hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Fresh mess @Shiny & Shabby
shirt: SPIRIT – Anne long t-shirt @N21
socks: REIGN.- THIGH HIGH TUBES – kiwi @N21
bracelets: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – NIKOLAJ2 UNISEX * HUNT *
lemon drink: Apple Fall Lemon * Gifts *

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221 ― my own worst enemy.

Can I just say that this prop from the pose shop. is the absolute best?
It's at Thrift Shop right now and can be found half off for the rest of the event.
It has 4 single poses, 2 couple, and 2 friends.
It even comes with soda!
Speaking of Thrift Shop, Holli Pocket is also there right now as well.
Holli made tons of crop phrase shirts, all coming in HUGE packs of 6!
They come with Tango and Omega appliers.
anyBody is also killing it this month, with Lolita being one of the amazing designers.
She has releases 3 brand new pairs of jeans in tons of colors.
They come with Omega, Slink, and TMP appliers.
Get to shopping while May is still here!

Shirt ― HolliPocket | Shorteh Phrase Me - Set 2 Thrift Shop
Jeans ― Lolita | Jordan Pants - Black anyBody
Shoes ― Flite. | Lowtop Ducks - Black FaMESHed

Pose ― the pose shop. | Trolley Thrift Shop