Night Light

In the middle of the night,
She shines like a star.
The brightest one of all.

Meghindo’s presents Zoey

natasha and zoey tight

Yes ladies, you read that correctly. Meghindo’s has been in the lab cooking up an assortment of skins, lingerie and clothing all in alignment with the latest options in mesh options and parts.

Now more than ever, your avatar can looks its very best when wearing creations from Meghindo’s. Let’s explore this dazzling gown, shall we?

natasha and zoey b
is a side, thigh-high split gown that features an open back and detailed criss-cross design work on the bodice. In a stunning silver texture that seems to reflect the light, you will shine like a star when you wear this gown.

For those that wear mesh enhancements, this dress is outfitted with the latest appliers including:

  • For mesh breasts- Lola’s, KL and WowMeh
  • For mesh body- The Mesh Project

natasha and zoey c
Zoey also comes with two bodice options and three different skirt options including:

  • Tight fitted mesh (xxs- l)
  • Flared mesh (xs – xl)
  • Flared fitted mesh (xs – xl)

Teleport to Meghindo’s!


hair: natasha by iconic couture new
skin: primera ~ natural big cleavage ~ nubian  by meghindo’s
makeup: minikit 9 combo by glamorize /  true wine – lips eyes by glamorize
dress: zoey gown by meghindo’s
shoes: hanley pump – prime collection by hucci
earrings: intuition diamonds by meghindo’s

We are all just dummies in here

We all are just dummies in here small

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Cage shelf – 7 – Wire Cage Shelf (NEW for FLF)
  • Crate – 7 – Wire Crate (NEW for FLF)
  • Dummy – junk. half man(nequin). (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Basket – junk. metal basket. (NEW for The Arcade – 9/2014)
  • Poses – Del May – Stalemate  & Booze Snooze (group gift)

The ramblings

For FLF Seven Emporium has released the Wire Cage shelf and the Wire crate. As per usual anything coming from that shop is meshed and textured to perfection. Today only up for 50 lindens each.

Junk will be in this round of the Arcade and what can I say? The set they have released is simply great. I am only showing two pieces and one is my favorite, the dummy. I adore him and he is henceforth known as Pierre.

Pierre was the inspiration of this picture and I asked a few other ‘Dummy’s’ to lend me a bit of their time and pose and as you can see they did. Thank you Jordy and Ryan for being patient and your craziness!

Happy shopping!

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Frolicking with frilled fish - Haute Couture MIXED Coode

Frolicking with frilled fish

Hair: D!va Hair "Zaara (Moon stone)"
Dress: [ZANZE] "Vivienne {CHAMPAGNE}"
Accessories: Lazuri "Fall Romance Complete Set"
Shawl: +Lika Ruby+ "shawl-A(white)01"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Gyusuji-009"

All of Large props are {anc}
 --- lacecurtain .silver:lace:white
 --- bijourail 2Li .silver [priority to LOD]
 --- canopy:lace:antiquemilk
 --- Frilledfish. mistwhite

A question

“I just wonder,
Do you ever,
Think of me,
Anymore, do you?”

~Ne-Yo – Do You~

The 24²
Sept. 5th-13th, 2014

With only 150 being produced and sold you are not going to see these items on everyone across the grid. Stay up to date with information on the event including a complete list of designers, calenders, and more information as it develops at

do you2

Quote of the Day:
“I am different, not less.”
Temple Grandin

Lush By Coco: New Direction (Ocean Blue) - The 24²
Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss – Natural – fi*Friday
*Glance Skins – Sigrid – June – Eyeshadow 08
IKON Spectral Eyes – Dune
[Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Antoinette (Earrings)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant
Just Magnetized – Natural Hairbase – set 03
> Asset < Vono Hair – Black & Whites - The 24² ( exclusive)
I hope you enjoy my post.
XOXO, Zivaah

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I have my shopping list. I have my lindens (ok not as many as I would like BUT SOME). WHY IS THE ARCADE NOT OPEN YET? I AM READY BRING IT TO ME!

Until then, I’m waiting, killing time around the house playing with SNAKE PLISSKIN my KittyCat and relaxing on my new sofa from Cheeky Pea. 

I have another new toy to keep me occupied which is a mesh body from THE SHOPS – more to come tomorrow about it! It’s a pretty body, and I’m enjoying playing with it. I need some manicures and pedicures for it soon though. These toes won’t do!

I’m just waiting for now, counting the minutes until my favorite gacha event opens up! :)


Gidge Is Wearing:
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark SX
Blush: cheLLe – (blush) Everyday Blush 6
Lashes: cheLLe – Eyelashes 6
Eyeshadow: cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Sparkle Hollywood
Lipstick: THESKINSHOP (01) (LIPSTICK) ‘Cute’ (Blush)
Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)
Hands: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Natural Pose(l)
Feet:#TheMeshProject (BETA) Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid
Top: *LACUNA* Cami Top – M – Chocolate
Jeans: *LACUNA* Cotton Candy Jeans – S – Almond
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Grande
TRUTH HAIR Grande Bangs [add attach]
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
THESKINSHOP (01) (SKIN) SKin: ‘Chanel’ (Busty) (Soft)
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Periwinkle (S)
Sofa: Cheeky Pea – Pinstripe Sofa

BlackLace – 24 squared Event

Blacklace for 24_003Even before there was a glimmer of me ever being more than  mega shopper in SL, I don’t think I even knew that you could be a model, I had found BlackLace.  I even remember how I found out about Mariska’s store.  I had my own sim and was renting out apartments.  One of my tenants brought out this pretty black box with Blacklace written on it.  I was hooked from that day on.  Now I am lucky enough to be able to blog for Blacklace and for 24 squared Event being brought to us by Siren Productions.

Mariska has spoiled us with this short set available in soooo many wonderful colors, and matching shoes and purse.  Make sure to check out this exclusive item at the event.

So I give you….

Blacklace for 24_001

What She Styled:

Blacklace:  Belinda Turquoise Wedges
Blacklace – Brandy Champagne Shorts
Blacklace – Brooke Summer shades Bustier
Mandala – Kyara
Dura – woman’s 52
pose – IOS Wall from Icons of Style


LOTD# 184 Dark day

Body :

Clothing :
Accessories :
  • Necklace: A&Ana F.J. Obsession Triangle Necklace Black/Gold
  • Bracer: :(SH): Attention Bracers - Black -

what’s new pussycat?

What's New Pussycat?

For the first time ever, I’m actually managing to use the items purchased during 50L Friday in a post on the day it’s happening.. ^^ So there’s plenty of time for you peeps to go get these marked down wonders of joy. Do it! ♥

A couple of newness for you as well on this wonderful friday. OneWord is soon in place, on the 1st of September with “cats” as the theme. There couldn’t be a theme more perfect for Mama Toast whose created cute little kitty cat chokers called Sir Fluffybutt. When bought, you’re able to change the ears, nose, buckle and bell to black, white and the colour that you’ve purchased the choker in. Unless of course, you buy the fatpack and get your mojo on while mixing and matching your heart out.
Also from .:Buttery Toast, we’ve got the Life’s a Frill nailpolish for slink hands which will be a 5L hunt item in the up and coming Paint My Nails Hunt.

Now, I try not to mix my real and second life too much into my blog, apart from the curious and amusing anecdote, but there is a particular reason as to why I’m so happy today.. Yesterday was my Second Life wedding day and yes, it was absolutely lovely ♥ Not gonna bore you with the sappy details, but I announced my engagement a while back, so just letting you know something actually came of it ^^

Toodles for now.

ps. the skirt was given to me as a gift (gatcha transfer) but I’m unable to find it in the 2PM mainstore and is unable to ask my friend where she got it atm. Therefore, I don’t know if it’s still available or not. Sorry about that :)

Skin: -Belleza- – Elvi Skin (50 linden friday item)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Barbara
Eyes: [Buzz] – Celestian Eyes (sapphire)
Choker: .:Buttery Toast:. – Sir Fluffybutt @oneword ComingSoon
Top: Tee*Fy – Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top (50 linden friday item)
Skirt: 2PM. – POPO Skirt (dot mango)
Nails: .:Buttery Toast:. – Life’s a Frill ComingSoon
Hands: Slink – Casual
Feet: Slink – Flat
Shoes: Noodles – Connie Sandals Tan (50 linden friday item)
Close up pose: (*ANGELICA) – Cute Pose For Slink Hands (free)
Other poses: {Imeka} – Soley Pose Pack


My Baby.

As Faith says both of us absolutely love and look forward to the weekly FLF event (fifty linden friday) because some of the best shops are involved and you have such a mix of clothes, hairs, shoes, decor items etc.  This weeks list is a doozy but as soon as I saw this I had to grab it take a quick snap and post it as quickly as poss.

log lasy

I’ll have to tell you more about my new Mina hair and of course I’m wearing a PumeC skin but thats all for another day as it’s the log I’m sqealing over.  This is the FLF offering from Silent Sparrow a shop I’ve bought a few other wearables before but the log is just so different. Wasn’t there a famous program in the 80ties where one of the characters walked around holding her “baby log”? I don’t know but what I do know is I just had to have it.

I’ll put the link to the FLF group which is free to join and OMGWTF Barbecue is pretty good at posting the notice out and organising it all one of the unsung heroes of SL.

FLF Group

Silent Sparrow (walk up the stairs).


wow, q lindo!
"biquine" / "bikini" (for wowmeh- body mesh) -.:*Millicent*:. Bikini Pin up Black (WowMeh, Pysique, Lolas)
Cabelo / Hair - Elikatira promo 99L
Bjos da Gi♥