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Morghana is wearing

Mesh Body* Maitreya – Lara

Skin* .::WoW Skins::. Diva V2 milk 05 CL (with applier for Maitreya and Slink) – Exclusive @ The 24 Event (starts September 11th)

Mesh Hands and Feet* SLink

Dress* [LaVian&C0] SS15 Sweet Dispostion FITTED – Exclusive @ Sneak Peek

Shoes* Rowena’s Designs – Lilian Hells (high SLink) – 10L$ @ The Wash Cart Sale

Bag* *Petit Chat* – My Lady Bag Satin Pink – Exclusive @ Sneak Peek

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Diva d’Argent

Diva d'argent

DRESS ::: Lybra  Aurelie  ( EM ) Mesh
▌ Lybra Shop => HERE

PONCHO & NECKLACE ::: Les Petits Détails Boho Girl Jacket White ( Neclace Pink)
▌ Les Petits Détails Shop => HERE

SHOE ::: KC Couture Nikki ( change color via hud ) for Slink, EVE, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP)
▌ KC Couture Shop => HERE

JEWELRY ::: Asralia Necklace Dragon skin change color via hud
▌ Astralia Shop => HERE

HAIR ::: no.match No Drink –  Pack of REDS
▌ EVENT  Vintage & Cool Fair 2015 Event  NOW  => HERE
▌ no.match Shop => HERE




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Nimue Style look 60


A very freshness look with new creation of Indyra Originals, with a touch of darkness by Elysium Skin and a little touch of light by Insaya, A very nice mix & Match witch can give a very simply but wonderfoul look. Here the details




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FREE September gown for my members

Please make sure you wear your Sascha's Designs tag in order to get this gown for free.

I have added 4 additional complementary items to be added to the September gown.

x  Sascha Frangilli

…. is this the right way????……

MOM Sept Speackeasy Mina_101

Skin: Clef de Peau – James:Shiny Shabby Exclusive inc.TMP applier only @ Shiny Shabby

Hair: MINA Hair – David – @ MOM 

Shirt: ::K:: –  Renoir Tops

Pants: STUDIO_12 –  Lyle Slim Jeans Black @ MOM 

POSE: Le Poppycock   – *Freewheeler* Live to Ride

Men Only Monthly (MOM)

Every 20th of the month @ 7AM SLT

Real men style, all in the same place…  quality exclusives from some of the hottest male fashion brands on the grid, every 20th of the month!!

My Mother Was The Moon

Hello Dear Followers, I know you had thought already i was giving away my Blog to the wolfs right. Well its true and it starts today with an amazing post featuring my Special friend.

 And through red September, when skies fire-paved like a thorn for the holy ones.

 I'm circled like prey, back in the forest where whispers persuade. Stripped off her gowns, temples ripped down. Her curses hearse now this judgment has come from on high, i look to her, true fear in her eyes.


Hair - [BURLEY]_Sammy_Black02

Horns - ::TI:: Horns grunge - Black

  Goggles - [The Forge] Goggles Steel

Chains/Scarf -  ::TI:: Chains Grunge+ Scarf

Skin - Aeros Julius (storm)

Harness - DPD - Weapons Harness II - Dark

Wings - AITUI - Mechanical Wings

Mask - .::G.ID::.-Muzzle Mask

Tattoo - .::G.ID::. - Possesion Tattoo

Bracelet - UNISEX[MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet

Bermudas - :shi: Drape Bermudas


Hair - Little Bones-Feline

HeadChain - Dirtystories-Lorela

Collar - Alterego-Madames Collar

Cuffs - random.Matter-Bastille Cuf

Necklace - Cute Poison- Archaic Necklace

Ears - [Mandala] Steking_ears

Skin - Birdy. Ali Skin pure/.Birdy. Maitreya Lara Applier HUD All Tones Fatpack

Tattoo - .::G.ID::.-Moksha Tattoo

This is Neve

neve NEW! Sophisticate vines dress with scarf - ArisAris clutch bag NEW

This is going to make a lot of you SO happy ! coldLogic has a new part of the brand located instore called “Neve”, and it really really reallllly is going to go all out to cater for not just the traditional avatar body but all the major mesh bodies too ! I cant think of a time when I’ve been so chuffed about my meshiness, Ive been enjoying the Slink Physique addition in the coldLogic packs for a few months, but now its an integral part for all you mesh bod lovers in the new Neve collection. (Maitreya Lara, Belleza Isis, Slink Physique are now in the packs) Also new is a low impact HUD included with your garments, you can alter items colour and patterns, some pieces even more , I do so love to be able to personalise my outfit.

neve NEW! Sophisticate vines dress with scarf - ArisAris clutch bag & SHOES new!

Theres more ! We can now buy gift cards yippeeeeee! I’ve so wanted that for ages, you can grab a gift card for your friends & loved ones to enjoy the store, brilliant news. Oh… you want more good news huh? Welllllll you will now be able to join the “Neve VIP Group”, its free to get into and you receive a scrummy 5% on all purchases added to your shopping account, save up and get an item for free ! There will also be gifts from time to time and of course you’ll stay right up to date with all the news and releases as they arrive instore. Neve, will over time, take over from coldLogic, but the best of the coldLogic range (for now) is going to be kept in a separate area so you can still grab items you want.

Neve Athena Boho NEW - Magika itch NEW

This first Neve collection really has something for everyone, I just adore this “Athena” dress. It has a HUD that allows you to change the top, bottom and ties so you get many looks in one piece – what’s not to love about that! Athena comes in three versions, I’m wearing the Boho one over the Slink Physique mesh body, it’s a superb fit – go try a demo and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Neve ballerina lively - Magika hair NEW!

This is the “ballerina lively” dress, its dead cute and the way the skirt is full and swirrrrrly – it almost seems to have movement built right in. Three versions again in varying colour palettes. Ive got SO much more to show you over the next few days !Thank you Neve team <3

Neve store

Neve blog

All hair by Magika

Gold shoes & clutch bag by ArisAris for the Festival of Sin

Sun glasses by DUH!


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Feel So Different


Astralia – Mysteria Crown for MIX Event 

Besom – Hannu Hair @ FaMESHed (ends September 27th)

Chop Zuey – Be Da’ Buddha Clutch

DATUM – Omen Tattoo @ Kinky Monthly Event (ends September 20th) – Aisling Wraps @ Collabor88 (ends September 6th)

IKON – Triumph Eyes {loam} @ Shiny Shabby (ends September 15th)

Petite Mort – Rose Lyla Dress only $10L @ The Wash Cart Sale (ends September 6th)

Poses by Del May 

♥ Thank you ♥

Drifter (new from PFC & Velvet Whip @ We <3 Roleplay; Ama. shines @ The Fantasy Collective)

When people spoke about life after the big boom – the inevitable nuclear war that broke out in the first part of the twenty-first century – it was never like this. People would adapt, they said – even in the wake of war, mankind had always found a way to adjust. By then we’d have solar energy, sustainable farming practices; by then we’d have eradicated bigotry, strengthened infrastructure enough that nobody – no war, no tyrant, no catastrophe – could bring us low.

They were wrong.


Full disclosure: I don’t play much grunge post-apoc, and the picture above isn’t even set in a roleplay sim; still, when I saw PFC’s “Freedom” set, out tomorrow at The Fantasy Collective, my mind instantly went to a dystopic future, a post-apocalyptic wasteland where people struggle daily for survival (I’d reference Mad Max here but I’m among the few who’s never seen it, so that may be totally off). This isn’t the kind of post-apocalypse of the Godswar, where at least there were divine beings interceding on mankind’s behalf; it’s not even the semi-apocalyptic Convergence, where some semblance of order remains, even if that order is radically different from the one men knew before. This apocalypse – one that doesn’t seem to exist as a roleplay sim anywhere in SL right now – is unfiltered, unfettered hell.

But back to the outfit! PFC’s put together a phenomenally gritty, dirty set, where rags and furs combine to barely cover the basic parts of an avatar. They’re held together here and there with clunky, dark iron chains, and the set comes with shackles for both wrists and ankles, as well as resizer scripts (for the unrigged bits) for easier modding. And while we’re on the subject of men’s outfits, I can happily say this will be a fantastic round for We Love Roleplay: I’ve seen two different stores put together fantastic men’s sets so far, and am keeping my fingers crossed that Kahli Designs (who had a booth out this morning) are also releasing a new menswear set (I’ve raved about them before – they remain the best-fitting roleplay fashion I’ve seen on the grid, hands down). If you’re a guy who roleplays, you cannot miss this month’s We <3 Roleplay.

Other pieces from this av are mixed from several events; the rustic backpack (which comes in three color options) is from Velvet Whip, and my septum piercing (the set comes in several colorpacks, each with multiple styles of piercing) is from Riske, both released tomorrow at We <3 Roleplay. The body tattoo my av is wearing is from Ama. and it’s proof positive that the unique designs Amadeo has been coming out with just keep getting better and better; not shown here is the system tattoo that goes on regular system heads (no TMP applier, unfortunately) and looks, to put it mildly, pretty damn badass. The tattoo and the hair – Damselfly’s “Zain” style – are both out now at The Fantasy Collective, and should be available there for just about two more weeks. Important note here: I’ve had some pretty frequent trouble finding longer hairs – even those made for men – that work on a TMP head without having the top of the head poke through, and this one works perfectly. If I wasn’t starting up roleplay as a bald priest elsewhere right now, it would easily be my go-to hair for my Gorean, red-headed scribe. Definitely one worth checking out.

And lastly, while I haven’t found any really well-made, gritty, not-full-of-ripped-crap post-apocalyptic roleplay sims, I do want to give a hat-tip to the folks in Seeking Roleplay, who pointed me toward the sim above. It’s called Everwinter, and it is every bit as spooky, haunting, and decimated as it looks in the image (more so, really).  Definitely one for future sims to look to for inspiration, and even for those who don’t do post-apoc roleplay, a creepy space to explore as we volley towards the Halloween season.


Body & Head: The Mesh Project – Deluxe BodyThe Mesh Project – Head (Classic)
Skin Appliers: Tableau Vivant – Kat face applier (Tone 6)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – September Eyes (Hazel) (out now at The Men’s Department)
Eyeliner: Aii – TMP Unisex Eyeliner Megapack
Tattoo: Ama – The Grinder (out now at The Fantasy Collective)
Hair: Damselfly – Zain (@ TFC)
Clothes & Shackles: PFC – Freedom (out 9/4 at We Love Roleplay)
Piercing: Riske – Aara BPP1 (soon @ We<3RP)
Bag: Velvet Whip/Ginger Line – Medieval Camper Backpack (soon @ We<3RP)
Pose: oOo Studio – Still One

Taken in Everwinter.

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Dark Savage

The streets are a bit lonely right now as I wander them, looking for any stragglers out here in the wreckage. The fog is rolling in, covering the earth like a wool blanket and I embrace the darkness as it embraces me like a mother would a child. This is my time..our time..the creatures of the night. 


Innsmouth, a dark New England Coastal Town 1930, HP Lovecraft,
Poses & Props-
 The Savage
The Alchemy Sept.
Clothing & Accessories-

The Secret Store 
 Juicy Spooky Heels - Oil

 [C]oma [B]lack 
Once In a Dark Moon

The Alchemy Sept.

Body Stuff-

DP - Koffin Nails 
 Slink - Pentacle Passion - Pastel
The Alchemy Sept.

 [C]oma [B]lack 

The Alchemy Sept.

v~ ImmateriA ~v~
 Eden Horns~v~{Lush}
The Alchemy Sept.

7 Deadly s{K}ins 
 CHASTITY Pineapple MU02 cleavage
LE makeup skin
All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly
s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc....

!Head Desk! 
Skye Essentials

The Alchemy Sept.
Mon Cheri
"Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD - Pack1

 Mesh Body - Lara

Love N Lust 
Omega System Kit - Maitreya v.1.0

AvEnhance Feet Female High
AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant