Ocean Girl

I am addicted to blue skies and water views – and there is plenty of that where I live! I am romping about in RAMA and feeling cool in Foxy sunnies. I’ve also thrown on this chic  & expandable chain belt (100L) by U REFINED which can be found at the latest round of  BombShells.

Grab the taxi’s below!

Charlotte romper

On Charlotte:
Romper ~ RAMA – In Deep Romper in Black (Not currently in-store)
Belt ~U:Refined– Chelsea Chain in Gold @ BombShells
Shoes ~ N-Core – GLANCE in Tan (Group Gift)
Sunglasses ~ #Foxy -Big Cities Sunglasses in White
Hair ~ ISON – Rose (lights)
Hands and Nails ~ Maitreya – Lara
Mesh Body ~ Maitreya – Lara
Photographer and Creative Design:  Dani (danellewindlow)

At the beach...

...At the beach, life is different, time doesn't move hour to hour, but mood to moment.  We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun..

GOOSE have released the stunning 'Juara Beach House' and 'Sea la vie' bedroom setting for the current round of The Gacha Garden.  The house, is the SOI (seed of inspiration), in soft pastel sea green/blue colours, with amazing textures - such a beautiful set, that matches to perfection. 

Nanika are at Fair Play Event, running from the 1st through to the 27th of February, with three fabulous pose packs.  Featured is the 'Magic Butterfly Silver Pose Set'.  The set contains 5 various poses, complete with butterfly props - so sweet. 


::Nanika::. Magic Butterfly Silver Poses set @ Fair Play

*ARGRACE* Riley - Whites Two Side plaits
Addams // Meryl Top // White - New Release
*Just BECAUSE* Designer Jeans - Stonewashed  @ Uber
Cae :: Shoreline :: Earrings 
Belleza Freya Mesh Body
Catwa Jessica Mesh Head

GOOSE - Juara beach house - Seed of Inspiration @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Sea la vie decor bench @ The Gacha Garden 
GOOSE - Sea la vie rug @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Sea la vie side table 1 & 2 @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Sea la vie nightstand 1 & 2 @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Sea la vie heart wall deco @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Sea la vie bed - PG @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Sea la vie bed end bench @ The Gacha Garden
GOOSE - Love photo wall
GOOSE - Pillow crate
GOOSE - blue/grey flags string
floorplan. goodnight wire
floorplan. railroad lantern / white
floorplan. coastal sideboard
striped mocha - fairy dust pendant - silver
Sway's [Shell] beach shells (cluster)
+Half-Deer+ Mer-deer Trinket Dish (Seafoam)
ARIA &  The Loft  Devon Lily bouquet
[ARIA] Daphne potted Monstera Deliciosa
[ARIA] Eva Plumeria in a vase
:Cheeky Pea: Hanging Rope Candle - Cloud
Dutchie long sheer curtains
[ zerkalo ] Be My Valentine - Sign
[ zerkalo ] Cozy Corner - Book
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Entryway - Lamp - RARE (gacha)
[ keke ] we're the ones we've been waiting for
Apple Fall Plaster Horse
dust bunny . flip flops

.:revival:. hammock @ Midnight Mania February 2016
floorplan. string party lights
floorplan. welcome blocks
Studio Skye - Windswept Tree 
Studio Skye - Tropical Beach Building Set 
Studio Skye - Tropical Plants  Pack 2
Studio Skye - Wild Grass
Heart - Queen Palm -Mature
Heart - Tropical Yucca-Cluster 
!Ohmai: Ivory Gull (Stance1 - Rez)
Botanical - King Ferns
Animania Standing Pelican Black/White 
(epia) - Party Sign (gacha)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nomad Torch (gacha)
Ariskea  [ Porcelain] Stack of SurfBoard (gacha)
[we're CLOSED] dry weed
[we're CLOSED] boulders light
[we're CLOSED] walkway  - light
[we're CLOSED] rope fence
{what next} Cornwall Daisies Planter (blue)
Warm Animations  - Beach Set 
<JT>SHIMMERY SEA & BOARD WALK - textures for photo board

Full Makeup Anubis by Alge's Designs

Full Makeup Anubis
Black & Gold 


Sand Storm


DRESS – Noke Dress by ::UNA::


COLLAR – Noke Collar by ::UNA::


EARRINGS – Noke Earrings by ::UNA::



BANGLE – Desert Bangle right Black by MEVA


BODY TATTOO – Magic Gardens Tattoo White by QUEEN OF INK

HEAD & SKIN  – Ebony by LV


Mixing Movies, Mountains and Metaphors


I was touched with the magic of The Sound of Music and that beautiful opening scene of her in the mountains, twirling, dancing, running ... singing ... to the whole universe.  "The Hills are Alive . . . .   It was like someone had hit the eject button on life and I was free falling and all the sense of what was and wasn't proper went out the window because I was out the window and I could die at any moment and no-one ever tells someone ejected from a plane what they should and shouldn't do as they hurtle through the air towards the ground.

I completely embraced the idea that life was exactly like that.  We were all ejected from our moms and we were free falling and we should damn well sing on the mountain tops and do whatever else we wanted and when we wanted because we were all going to die anyway.


All the nuns and the kids and the romance and intrigue of the movie were a big disappointment after that big moment ...

But I immediately went out to my hill when I got home - and please remember we are talking about the prairies of Canada so a hill is any rise in the land at all  - and began to twirl and sing. 

The cows gathered and several large crows made threatening gestures.  It was going to get ugly. 

It was clear, attempting greatness on the prairies was like having an opera singer sing in an elevator.  Elevator travelers are more likely to kill her than to give her a standing ovation or appreciate her talent.  Just consider that they would all have to sit down in order to stand, and there might not even be room for clapping . . . .or the metal horned helmet ....

I waited for our next trip to the mountains.

It is not easy to climb the mountains in a ball gown.  By the time we got to go to the mountains I had mixed movies, which is a lot like mixing metaphors only with more dire consequences.  I had also seen Gone With The Wind in that time and loved the big hooped skirts.  My Julie Andrews had morphed from a simple frock and an apron to full southern belle ball gown with a cinched waist.  And I was secretly hoping that Clark Gable was living up in the mountains, nursing his heart, waiting for someone much more deserving than "Scarl-twat."

There is a reason all the recreated big hooped skirt movies are held in a castle walking on the flat floors, or out in the garden where everyone just stands there. 

I soon found myself hiking all alone up the mountain.  I can't come out and say that people abandoned me because truth is, I may have knocked them all off the path and sent them tumbling down the mountain ravines to their death, for all I know.  Hooped ball gowns also make a lot of rustling noise when you move in them and if you get the balance off you can end up with the hoop going vertical instead of horizontal and your dress is suddenly a tent.  Which would be swell if you needed a tent.  Not so swell when you don't.  I have no idea what happened to anyone or even me as I tried to climb that mountain in search of a garden meadow to run in.

The good news is, probably thanks to the rustling noise, no bears attempted to eat or kill me.

I eventually reached a bit of a clearing and a little mountain meadow.  I began to sing and dance.  It was magical.  My voice was soaring to heights I had never reached before ...

Probably some glass broke somewhere but being as not many people took unpractical things with them to the mountains - like crystal glasses, nature improvised.  It released the snow.  I got buried in an avalanche.

The helicopter rescue people would not keep searching for my hoop.  They were a bit cranky.  Evidently there had been a lot of "jumpers" earlier that day ... bodies strewn down the mountain side and thrown into ravines all up and down the mountain.   Nobody had to say anything to me.  I was pretty clear on the whole concept.  The hills were not alive ... they were pretty much dead, and it was my fault.  I was charged with unlawful singing and twirling with a dangerous weapon and prohibited from attending any hill or mountainsides for 3 years.       


I am writing this as a public service announcement to warn everyone that Julie Andrews is dangerous and listening to The Sound of Music backwards plays Satanic messages that can lead to bizarre behaviour .   Don't let the presence of nuns lull you into a false sense of security.

SKIN:  .Birdy.Jaime Vip skin - Toffee
HAIR:  AandAWoohey Hair 1
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Illuminate Turquoize
LASHES:  [Hush] BONUS Lush Lashes
JEWELLERY:  LazuriPerlline
DRESS:  GheeWalden Pond Gown BAG
LOCATION:  LICK Sim Designs - Experience the Adirondacks

dark winged..

how did it get to be monday already... my sl has been on a whirlwind since friday.. a wonderful, excitement filled whirlwind.. taking me to places i had longed for... i am flying once more..


some great new items at On9.. starting on the 9th.. love this Fallen Angel Gacha by MeSewSexy..

outfit ~
*MSS* Fallen Angel Drape Black available at On9
*MSS* Fallen Angel Wings (rare) Black available at On9

tattoo ~
[White~Widow] Spotlight - Henna available at we <3 roleplay

hair ~
ICONIC:NADZIEJA available at Hair O logy starting 10 February

body ~ 
IKON Hope Eyes - Storm
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
LeLutka Mesh Head- Simone
Glam Affair - ( Lelutka Heads ) Stella Appliers (makeup)
*MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes
Slink Hands (Elegant)
Slink High Feet
[MANDALA] STEKING ears season 5
Shape by League, no longer available 

pose ~
Pose It-Angel With Swag available at On9

photo taken at ~
~ serein ~ (open to public)

♥ raven xx  

LOTD. 320.

Hair: TRUTH - Kizzy (free group gift - fatpack!)
Outfit: Belle Epoque - The Force's Pathway NEW @FGC - gacha

Let's go little ones!


Ok, no not really babies, but lil fairy cats! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THESE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! *flails*

There was cat scaring squealing happening when I first saw them on a page with Gacha Garden previews and KNEW I had to have the entire set.

They are called Flutterpaws and are by lassitude & ennui *slurl*. There are 15 of them that you can get from the gacha and after the 20th pull you get a special 16th one! Four of them are rares. They are exclusively at the Gacha Garden for its current round, so only about for a month!*SLURL*

You can wear them like I am and they are then animated or rez them, at 3L each, with no animation.

Oh and they came with a cute lil poem about them!

Within the Gacha Garden, past a mossy garden wall,
Along the leaves and flowers, sleepy Catapillars crawl.
Their bellies full of Tunaleaf, they find a spot to sleep,
And, in cocoons contrived from cardboard, they curl up and slumber deep.

Slowly, magic happens in the misty moonlit air.
They stretch, they yawn, and greet the dawn as something new and rare.
From fluffy bodies now emerge bright wings as thin as gauze -
They mew, they spring, and now take wing to soar as Flutterpaws!

The Tabby and the Tiger glide as regally as hawks,
The Sealpoint and the Snowshoe both admire each other's socks.
Sakura, by the cherry tree, tucks blossoms in her hair.
Savannah bats at all the bugs that come too near her lair.

Curled up tight, the puffy White drifts like a tiny cloud,
Sleep-flying just above the grass, his purring long and loud.
Bashful beauty Vintage grins and preens a lacy veil
'Til rough-and-tumble Calico tries dive-bombing her tail.

With Russian Blue, and White-Grey too, they play among the trees,
As Moustache bows to Jewelled and takes her dancing on the breeze.
Rainbow sprawls to catch the sun and watches their ballet,
And, far above them, Galaxy laps at the Milky Way.

One Flutterpaw, most rare of all, hides in the rosebush leaves.
He proudly wears bright pink – and wears his heart upon his sleeves.
But, if you're kind and patient with the others of his crew,
Then, in due time, shy Valentine will come on home with you.

(Poem by Aposiopesis Fullstop)

I don't know if I want to just rotate which one i wear or rez them on my land somplace. SO FREAKING CUTE!!

other credits

Outfit !gO! Steam Lara - corset & Skirt *SLURL*
Hair ""D!va"" Hair "Nene" *SLURL*
Pose Le PC *Upon a Winter's Night* Honeyed Light *SLURL*

Miele Rouge Dress@SWANK

Miele Rouge Dress by BYRNE was designed exclusively for the February Round of SWANK.  Miele is a long sleeved dress created in an abstract design on soft linen fabric.

I love the deep plunging backless effect of the dress.  It's sure to capture the attention of all as you walk into a room.  Just look at the collar of this creative design.  It only takes one look at this stunning collar to know this sleek dress is a show stopper.


Dress: (BYRNE) Miele Rouge Dress@SWANK

Mainstore: (BYRNE) Boutique

Hair:! Sugarsmack ! - Adara

Makeup: Madrid Solo - Lust

Nail Color: {Meghindo's} - Slink High Gloss Color Nails

rebelkiddos: Mask : S&S. Summer Splash - Shark Mask Trunks...


Mask : S&S. Summer Splash - Shark Mask

Trunks : .:LBM:. Eric Swim Trunks - Baby / Link

Shark : Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Jump the Shark / Link

Board : .S&S. Summer Splash -  Fishy Swim Board

Baby boy, im so beyond proud of you baby! Mommy Loves you :) #ProudMommy