*** Credits ***

Skin: Alice (jamaica) by Glam Affair

Hair: Hollana by TRUTH

Feet and Hand by SLink

Top: Dust Bunny by [NoName] @ Dust Bunnies Hunt (until April 20)

Pant: DOWNTOWN Skinny jeans by Fi’s Creations

Shoes: Jamy Heels (for SLink High) by [NoName] @ Twisted Hunt Gatcha (until April 5)

Location: Time Travel



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When Life Gives You Apples... Run

Apple Landing
Looking at various myths, legends and fairy tales, apple seems to be pretty misfortunate for a woman. When an apple appears in a story, you know that something will go bad. From Eve, thru Greek mythology to Snow White there was always a catch with an apple. It is beautiful, delicious, tempting, seductive. A Perfect disguise for all bad that can come. I use it as a symbol for the monstrosities that woman too often dont recognise as such in its early stages. This installation is about domestic violence and eating disorders, on first sight two very different things, but violence against someone and violence against oneself are the same thing, a violence.

High Fashion

Rebeca Bashly always does amazing, evocative builds with layered meanings and complicated shapes. Her latest build, about violence against women both external and internal, is no exception. When Life Gives You Apples... Run. The beginning of everything is inside of a mostly eaten green apple that gleams as if made of metallic dreams. The path weaves in and out of the apple, through mall doorways and over invisible paths - an unnerving effect, to be sure. At the heart of the apple, caught up in a seed, is two entwined bodies ravaged by starvation, the skin rippled to show the bones underneath. Above and below are teleports to the two sky-builds, one called "Home Sweet Home" and the other called "Doll House". Both offer up images that are at once familiar and unreal, in a world where domestic violence is experienced by 20 people every minute and where the ribs of starving women are photoshopped out of images of models. This is a world most of us find it difficult to look at long, but the images are haunting.

Home Sweet Home

Heart Breaking
It was a night like every other night. I was listening to stories that i have heard million times before. I felt them crawling up my earlobes like ants...i was smiling inside, you'll never get in.. i was looking with my eyes shut... there was nothing i havent seen before... i was there and i was away... but i was there... i was there.. and rhythm of my heart was changing now. It started pounding harder...and harder..with every beat i felt it was growing inside my chest... i felt it was outgrowing me... and i was amazed... watching it slowly fill the room...with every beat it got stronger and louder...it spilled into the next room... than in the kitchen... bathroom... my heart filled whole house and was still getting bigger... thru the deafening noise of my heart beats i heard  cracking of the walls of the house... windows and doors blowing away... and whole house was shred into pieces in one heart beat... it was the most beautiful thing i have never seen.

Seeds of Pain

It is difficult to put into words the full effect of moving through these images. The use of color - green, red, hot pink - somehow makes it seem stylized even though everything is incredibly detailed and textured. One of the qualities of having an avatar in a virtual world and experiencing three dimensional virtual art is how present it seems, how it takes up your entire view and focus, how moving through it changes how it looks form every angle. It is often equally static to two dimensional art, but even then not always - the heart in Home Sweet Home moves, beating it's way through the shell of the house it was trapped in, and the laundry line of models spins endlessly in front of the Doll House, somehow embodying the hopelessness of women as clothing racks. The overwhelming nature of it, the effect of movement and light and shadow, can only be hinted at through the window of two dimensional photography.

Doll House

Sweet Tooth
once upon a time there were two sisters. They were building a doll house together. Ana and Mia worked on their doll house day and night, often not sleeping at all. It was their priority,nothing else was important as this. It was so beautiful, and so glamorous that they decided to make a fashion show. Ana and Mia fashion show. It was a huge success. Girls worldwide wanted to be just like them. Ana and Mia became heroines...

Paper for Breakfast

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Location: When Life Gives You Apples... Run
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

Second breath

Second breath

Look #462

Hair - Runaway - Robin NEW!(@Rock Attitude Fashion Fair)

Skin - 7 Deadly Skins - Atiya NEW!Gacha Rare(@Hustle & Flow Gacha event 4/4/2015 - 25/4/2015)

Necklace - A&A Diamanté - Mellow Unisex Necklace NEW!

Bikini - Smel Creations - Thayna Bikini Teal/Cream NEW!

Bag & Smartphone - Ashmoot - Mobile Phone & Hearts Bag (part of an outfit)NEW!(@Sneak Peek)

Pose - Vestige - Zayra 1 NEW!(@EVA - start 4/2/2015)


In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.
-Laurence Sterne


Atelier: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Garden Atelier by Paco Pooley (for The Challenge)

Sofa, Candles: [we’re CLOSED] wooden sofa brown by Wendy Xeno

Tea things, Rug, Chairs, Dress Form: Apple Fall

Drink Tray: Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial by Apple Fall (@Shiny Shabby)

Brooms, Dustpan hanger: Second Spaces

Flower bouquets: Apple Fall (Yellow tulips from Mudhoney)

Table, Photo board, blank canvas, easel: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Atelier set by Paco Pooley (for the Challenge)

Photo frames:[pIRA] Full-Perm Mesh Picture Frame by Pyriyah Novikov

N°237 ~ Wιғey & Me ❤

~ Credits ~ 

>>> My wifey's blog <<< 

 Hair on me (Left):
*Soonsiki~ Ganj

 Hair on wifey (Right):
*Soonsiki~ Tumbleweeds

Skins :
.Birdy. Sienna Skin - Walnut/Pure

Face Tattoo on me :
~ Ƭнαηк Ƴσυ ~
.ARISE. Priest Tattoo Mark

Tops :
Foxes - Throw Back - Tee  - Mean girls/Whatever

Jeans :
~ Ƭнαηк Ƴσυ ~ 
[Cynful] Skinny Jeans

Sandals : 
REIGN.-Braided Sandals

Ɯєαяιηg Maitreya Lara SƖιηк Hαηɗѕ/Ƒєєт.

LOTD# 448

Suicide DollZ & CarnEvil

Body :
Clothing :
Accessories :

Monday Meme: Mean Comments

I've Met Amoeba More Intelligent than You

It's interesting how peoples' attention will often dovetail. Berry just put together a meme about making online spaces kinder and more compassionate; I've been trying to shift my own focus away from focusing on what I dislike and toward focusing on what I like with my Sunday Squee. I have spent a lot of time and attention developing my critical faculties for a variety of reasons, but I found myself struggling with how to love problematic things in a world full of problematic things.

One of the sources of aggression against others is internal pain; to focus on the failings of others is to give us surcease from our own suffering. Another source of aggression is insecurity, a need to take up space and thus show that one exists and is powerful; this is one of the more common motivations for online trolling and abuse of strangers who represent things one dislikes. Ironically, using aggression to alleviate pain is part of a cycle of increasing pain, as each person who is a target then has their own burden to try to relieve - and all too often it is through taking it out on someone else. Stopping this self-reinforcing cycle without letting those with actual power off the hook for it is one of the central struggles of most Social Justice movements, either overtly or covertly.

The worlds we make with each other online are mirrors of the worlds we live in offline.

  1. Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers? If not, then skip to question #5. – I've received a death threat - not a plausible one, but still - and had an individual dedicated to insulting me while I was a moderator on Gaia Online. The ones which hurt the most were from people I considered friends, though. One of the first people I met in Second Life went on to outright say I should seek psychiatric help and/or I was less intelligent than he thought I was because I was religious, and so it was obvious I was mentally ill/stupid. He dressed it up in nicer words, but it's what he thought and meant. To be that profoundly dismissed and insulted by someone whom you liked and trusted is incredibly painful.

  2. How did you respond to them? – In the case of the threat, I documented it and emailed the details to the safety contact for Gaia Moderators. In the case of the insulting gentleman, I got to ban him hundreds of times, so that was actually kind of fun. In the case of the ex-friend, I disengaged and he earned a prefix on his description, but he never really seemed to grasp how profoundly he insulted me, and I'm not sure how to put that sort of thing into words he could hear. From his perspective I was simply wrong, and if I was smarter/saner I would agree with him.

  3. How did they make you feel? – The threat was scary, but I expected it and knew what to do. The insulter I just found annoying, especially since Gaia doesn't delete accounts, so the account he made named "Deoridhe is a cunt" remains on there and shows up if you search for "Deoridhe" on the website - several users contacted me about it when they saw it, not realizing the account survived barely a half hour. I feel similarly about other strangers who have insulted me; slightly annoyed and very dismissive. The third... well.... it was a reminder that some atheist, intellectual men who value rationality more than connection will not only be cruel but will not acknowledge the cruelty they inflict on others, something which has been highlighted for me in particular during the last four years of concerted, aggressive, cruel abuse of prominent women online. There is a type. I try to avoid having them in my life.

  4. Can you share some of the mean comments you’ve received and your thoughts on them? – I've had very few recently. My online persona is specifically geared to discourage insults; I've been at this a while! The only one on this blog I actually made a blog post about called "How NOT to Get Your Links on my Blog". My "How NOT to..." series could be seen as a response to mean comments, or it could be seen as a source of me making mean comments, so in a way it exists at the nexus of this discussion. I don't consider the people I'm documenting the interaction with to be the audience for those posts, which I suspect shifts my judgement of them. Another experience I had was last night, while taking pictures for my RWBY Squee, when two individuals on the sim I was on walked up to me while I was editing pictures, started calling me a "rainbow fairy fag" and started physically pushing me. I might actually pull the local chat to send to the sim owners, but at the time I checked their profiles (one very new, other older, both in groups that implied a liking for annoying others), thought about the likelihood of them doing anything other than dismissing what I would say, and decided to ignore them; within ten minutes they had walked away. I find them contemptible, I often find bigots contemptible, but I can't say they hurt my feelings in any way. 

  5. Have you ever ridiculed or negatively commented on someone else’s work, actions or personality with the intention to hurt them? – For the purpose of hurting someone, no. For my own amusement, as a form of analysis, as a way of trying to communicate about relational issues, as a way to comment on issues of Social Justice, yes. Aside from the "for my own amusement" I consider most of these semi-defensible (the negative comments, not the ridicule), but one of the flaws of critique is how quickly it can become a snake eating it's own tail, twisted around until one is reflexively dismissive. Having seen what that leads to in other people, I'm trying to mitigate the effects as much as I can while continuing to look critically at the world around me as well as myself. I've found shifting my emphasis towards things I love, toward critique in the context of love, has helped find a different way to engage in critique while still trying to hold on to the innate value each person has.
I See Through You

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Echoes of Mona

Echoes of Mona

I am wearing Kiss Me Goodnight Lingerie by Atomic at No21.  You get undershirt and underpants clothing layers, appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega and an elegant mesh bow for the back of the underpants.  Also new from Atomic this month are the Beary Cute Socks for Creation.jp which come with appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belliza and Omega and a sock clothing layer.

Birdy / Foxes / Alchemy opened up a brand new sim called Sleepy.  You can grab the Ali skin I am wearing there as a Birdy VIP Group Gift.  The fee to join is only 150L and you get tons of options with it plus slink hands & feet appliers are a VIP Group Gift too!

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////// Decor Added /////

Photo Location – Blithe

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Pack light


Well good news – I went shopping.. what? oh yeh I am always shopping but this time I went shopping to get my Male Slink flat feet . Honestly I regret not having done so sooner, not because I wish to walk around as a male in SL .. but for the times I do impersonate one I want to have awesome feet.

It’s fantastic to see more and more designers releasing footwear that is made for men to wear with their sexy Slink feet. Take a look at the great leather sandals above, released in several different materials, I chose to show off the leather ones. These along with the clothing shown, are from tag. and are available at MWFW. As usual details are below.

Skin: Giovanni/Chai/Bald, Ooh-la-licious ( @ MWFW) ( facial hair layer included) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MWFW2%202015/185/208/24
Shape: Mackavelli Male Model Shape ,Ooh-la-licious – available at Mainstore
Hair: * JHONES*, .:EMO-tions:. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/134/145/25
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Mahogany, IKON
Clothing:outfit no diggity ( three), tag. ( @ MWFW)
Shoes: sandal no diggity – SLINK MALE FLAT – PAIR, tag. ( @ MWFW)
Extras: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.1 – Relaxed
Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Feet , Flat
Decor: Luggage Decor/ Black , David Heather ( past gacha event item)

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