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29 chic [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Blame It On Me Bagged 3

The chic keeps on coming at LivGlam. These gorgeous new pieces are priced 99L or less as an introductory special. Enjoy the fashion and feel chic at a great price at LivGlam!

29 chic [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Kill All Hippies Bagged 3 29 chic [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Shake It Off Bagged 3 29 chic [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 This Is How We Do Bagged 3

Lay your hands on me.

Hello friends,
great news! Hermony just released his new Symon skin.
Kyu, the skin before this one I wore so much, and this will be my main skin also, love it.
Hand and feet appliers are available and facial hairs, even cut eyebrows.
 Go check the main store to try the demo and see all the options..
Lay Your Hands On Me
Jeans shirt by Ronsem, jeans are to find at Redgrave.
Wingback chair and Attic skybox by Trompe Loeil currently at Collabor.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

[I<3 F], Shock, Bens Beauty, EyeLure, Apple May Designs, Boob-Lish, Vanity Hair, American Bazaar and AZ

[I&lt;3 F], Shock, Bens Beauty, EyeLure, Apple May Designs, Boob-Lish, Vanity Hair, American Bazaar and AZ

[I&lt;3 F], Shock, Bens Beauty, EyeLure, Apple May Designs, Boob-Lish, Vanity Hair, American Bazaar and AZ

[I&lt;3 F], Shock, Bens Beauty, EyeLure, Apple May Designs, Boob-Lish, Vanity Hair, American Bazaar and AZ

[I&lt;3 F], Shock, Bens Beauty, EyeLure, Apple May Designs, Boob-Lish, Vanity Hair, American Bazaar and AZ

Kawaii V Creepy Fair
Azhara Boutique (AZ)
American Bazaar
The Big Show new Landmark
Lara Hurley
Image Studio
Ben's Beauty/Boutique
Image Studio
Apple May Designs
Dressing Room Fusion
Vanity Hair
Room 69
Little Bones

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Skin - Lara Hurley, Ivy, Natural *Dark*
Lipstick - Lara Hurley, Scarlett, Crushed rose  At uber
Shape - Image Studio, Marley Shape
Hair - Little Bones, Transmute  New Gift
Dress - EyeLure, Sparkle Dress *Bi/Gold* New
Sunglasses - Bens Beauty, Woyne *Black silver*
Shoes - AZ, Diini *Animal Print* New

Pic 2

Hair - Mooon, Chloroform Mutt *Essentails* New at 21
Bodysuit and appliers - [I<3 F] WaWoom Body *Pink* New
Boobies - LOLAS!, Tango
Booty - Luck Inc, phat azz
Wings - Shock, Wings of Darkness *Black rare* New Gacha at Kawaaii v creepy
Feet - Slink, High
Shoes - Bens Beauty, Kylie Heels *Pink* New
Goggles - DirtyLand, Neras goggles
Octopus - Shock, Mr Sgrunch gacha at Kawaii v creepy
Stockings - Static, Drippy stockings *Black*

Pic 3

Hair - Catwa, Pamela *Pack 3* New
Nightie - EyeLure, Nightie *White Leo* New
Socks - Izzie's, Knee socks *Hot Pink*
Feet - Slink, flat
Shoes - AMD, Bowie Flats *Grey Polka* New
Mask - Boob-Lish, Cute mask *10* Gacha
Octopus - Shock, Funny octopus miss cool  New gacha at Kawaaii v creepy
Necklace - Izzie's, Noir cat necklace color change hud  New at Dressing Room Fusuion
Hair ribbon - Zenith, Ribbon *Snow*

Pic 4

Hair - Vanity Hair, Dia De Los Muertos *Blacks* New
Top - American Bazaar, Mesh top  New at Dirty Turkey Hunt
Skirt and appliers - MUKA, Lavina *Black* New at The Big Show
Bag - AZ, Dotz bag New for Room 69
Shoes - AZ, Lidy Dots  New for Room 69
Eyepatch - DirtyStories, Dolls eyepatch *Red*
Lolly - DirtyStories, Trick or Treat  Group gift
Tattoo - Identity, Fallin apart

Farmer Wants ....


Hair: *Dura-Boy*53(Black) -NEW RELEASE

Beard Tattoo: .: OKARA :. - 2K14-01



T-shirt: * Guarded Cross * MUSE 

Pant: RONSEM* Straight Jeans / blue (male)

Espradilles: Elysium - Angelic espradilles - brown/brown w.stripe



Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male - Relax

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Pose: ::Axix:: LordCrow.

Don't Panic, the Paranormal Investigators are here!

Finally my favourite day of the year is upon us, and I can run around and look crazy silly in whatever costume I want and no one can say anything - not that I'd listen to them if they did anyway - because it's HALLOWEEN!!! Better than Christmas - although that comes a close second - and all of the other holidays, and I will include International Talk Like A Pirate Day here too, Halloween has and always will be my favourite time of the year!
Now I bet you're expecting some weird and wonderful costume from me today... That may happen I might post something a little extra later on, but for now I did something a little normal looking hehe... Heck everyday for me is a dress up day, so maybe normal should be a Halloween costume?!
So yes... I look normal... But I had to... I just started my first day on a new job, working with a Paranormal Investigation Team called "I want to Believe". They'd been sent into a house with some very strange paranormal activity, and needed an extra pair of hands!
OK so I didn't get a job doing that, but you do get to join in an investigation during the best event of the year in SL!
I am referring to the newest - and 8th edition - of the Pulse Games Event... Don't Panic!
It's been open a while now, but I just wanted to spend time exploring it with a little less lag... Trust me waiting nearly killed me LOL...
The outfit I'm wearing is the least of my excitement in this photo, but seeing as I'm in it, I'll tell you about it LOL...
The hair is a newer creation from Magika, called Beans, which I seem to be wearing a heck of a lot hehe... Then with a pair of old jeans, I pulled on a new shirt and Aviator Jacket in a gunmetal colour from Foxes.
I wish you luck on your ghost hunting expeditions... I will never forgot what I found, and maybe by this time next wear I will have found a job elsewhere within the Pulse Games Events!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Beans
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup
Piercing: Cute Poison - Starlust Piercings
Collar: ginchi - Jingle Bell Collar in Worn Leather Black (Past Event Release)
Jacket & Shirt:  [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket in Gunmetal (Available now at No 21)
Jeans: SALT - Skinnies in Ripped Black Denim
Pose: Image Essentials - Flapper 1 (Available now at Fashion Story Fair)

LOTD# 273


Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement

Nails: {Blossom} Fingers Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails/Toenails

Dress: *MC* Tweed Coat #Violet New

Glasses: *MC* Vintage Betty Eyewear

Bag: Pink Acid Mesh Oil Spill Envelope Clutch

Shoes: [Co57]

“Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog….”

“Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.” — Shakespeare, Macbeth

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog...."

[Con.&floorplan.] @ Uber, themed Macabre Oct. 30, 2014
( Hanging Love Seat, Hanging Light, Love Marquee, Hanging Candelabra, Framed Skull, Medical Skeleton – Bone, scroll / bandages and ateries, Rope Heart, Photo Jug, Slat Coffee Table & Junk Cupboard )
:CP: Doublers Pumpkins @ * The Seasons Story – Autumn 1 Year Anniversary * Oct. 2014
:CP: Chloe’s Pumpkins & Milk Can Willows
ISPACHI [EMERSON]  @ The Liaison Collaborative  Oct. 2014
( Pumpkins on Stack of Books, Pumpkins & Lantern Set, Apples & Pears, Caged Pumpkins & Pinecones, Watering Can & Log Candle Holders )
.:revival:. painted stool & pallet on wheels
floorplan. – apple crate stack seat, haunted birdcage / nikel, washboard, leaning book stack, telescopic moon print
~Soedara~ Square rug
Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Light (Modified a little)

Princess Anne and Mr. X -- Wicca's new release

Lascivious Ladies of the court make me so tired.   There were two sisters that came from a small island in the far northern sea... one was as fair as the sun, the other darker than the bleakest night.  They spent their days wandering through glens dancing in iridescent lights and of course looking for a fair prince...
One day a fine prince, looking much like Mr. X came riding to the ladies door... he traveled far... to woo them.... he courted one with cloth of gold, furs and silk.... but he loved the other sister more than anything...and he gave her far more than material things, he gave her his heart.....
I love designers that exhibit variety and don't remake the same old thing time and time again with a new texture and a prim here and there.  Wicca Merlin's new gown called Anne that is featured at the fantasy collection is a perfect example of a designer that creates a diverse line of apparel appropriate for a variety of occasions.
Anne is perfect for everything from a Renaissance Ball, a medieval role playing sim or any formal occasion.  Anne is elegant in its simplicity with flowing belled sleeves, a sleek bodice woven with cloth of gold and a flowing gown  perfectly textured in a historically accurate soft green.
As for jewelry, the very talented Lorelei Maggs  has created a pendant brooch, ring and earring set that has a flair of  Renaissance jewelry artistry.  The jewelry set is beautifully composed of rose cut diamonds, rubies, a large hand cut peridot and pearls.
The lustrous drop pearl crowns the pendant brooch. The ring is encrusted with gems and profusely ornamented. In the middle ages, dress jewels were all the rage, so don't miss this set to complete this look.


Wicca Merlin - Anne Dress
Wicca's Renaissance Jewelry by Lorelei Maggs
Exclusive at The Fantasy Collective
Inworld shop:

Skin - Morphine Skins- Lauren - Medium

Hair - D!va- ange,

Tales of a kingslayer

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*53(Black)
Blazer: xin. choi blazer + grey (@ FaMESHed)
Pants: RONSEM* old skinny jeans / black
Boots: FLite. – Rustic Black
Mask: Kalopsia – Desert Crown (@ Uber event)
Piercing: - .HoD. - The Dead Piercings & Makeup Collection (@ TnR)
Ear accessory: [CX] Aural Penetration & Steel Goatie (Black) (@ Uber event)
Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Bringing of death Tattoo (Dirty Turkey Hunt)
Throne: (epia) – Dark Throne (includes Adult poses) (@ Uber event)
Crowns: (epia) – ‘King of Shadows’ Crown (@ Uber event)
Axe, mannequins and pumpkins: Remarkable Oblivion group gifts
Skybox: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] House of Usher Skybox (gacha item)

Enhancements: Slink Hands (with Speakeasy appliers), Mandala ears
Pose by Del May


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Ane, Eudora 3d, Purple Moon, Maxi Gossamer

coldLogic shirt - koste.grayscale ANE Pious Skirt Black Macabre -Uber Macabre Eudora 3D Elvira Heels -Slink High -Uber Macabre PM -Cora Hat in Black gold -Vintage Fair Socks -SeVered GarDeN -Bones socks G. - Slink HUD -subscribe gift MG -Flower Ring - Blood Pearls - Silver -group gift (fee) MG -Necklace - Pearl Daisies - Blood Pearl - DT - Medium -group gift (fee) Slink Hands, High Feet,