Un raggio di sole


Hair: Lumen Toast – LeLutka

Outfit: DeLourdes (dress texture changing with hud, GlamWarrior earrings included) – {Indyra}

Mystic Flow

Image Description: Shot of a woman in a long, flowing blue gown walking toward a bench and the ocean.

Mystic Realms is one of the ten million gazillion events going on, and it's quite a fun one - if a little confusing. I found by making a circle of the center area, then again outside the gates, I was able to cover the whole faire without getting too lost. There was much that was tempting along the way, but I resisted womanfully and picked up only a few things which really leapt off the shelves at me. Starting from my brief and shining coif of shorn locks, my hair is from KOY and is a featherlight short style with lovely layers and a simple, crested style. It is editable, and I think it would work well for men or women alike. My jewelry and shoes, which cover quite a range of me from top to bottom, are all from Eclectica and are both elegant and a great deal of fun. The shoes are a delightful stylized holly pattern with black and white textures laid on top - touch to try each one. I really like the heel shape as well, an angled heel which is pleasantly chunky next to the narrow slingback.

Image Description: Closeup of black and white shoes with a large, stylized flower on the toe.

My Eclectica jewelry is all in a leafy style, with the cutest pieces being the little rings which come along with the rest. The necklace is a torque style, and the crown is a simple front curve that easily slides into hairstyles. It also comes with a pair of single-leaf rings, which I think are adorable. It doesn't come with earrings, and so I paired it with a set of moon earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai - not available at the faire, though a lot of lovely things are there and her store is always worth a visit and the laying down of some Linden for pretties. I chose the copper earrings to offset the soft, icy blue of my winter leaves, and to work smoothly with my blue Peqe gown with a copper collar. I really had a hard time picking one of these smooth, ankle-length robes; all of the colors were glorious, and I really like the contrasting colors of the collars. Most enjoyably, the Eclectica torque fits smoothly around the outside of the collar and lays well on my chest. The dress itself is a lot of fun, and is adaptable to a lot of poses; I found it moved well even with poses where the feet are apart! The train itself was a lot of fun to fit into an image, and a few places you can see it kicked up, as if the fabric were light enough to rise the wind of my passing.

Image Description: Shot angled down over the top of the head of a blond woman standing waist deep in water; her face can be seen in the reflection of the water.

( More pictures here. )


Skin: Izzies, Irene
Sparkles: Folly, Rainbow Sheen
Hair: KOY, Brienne (Mystic Realms Event)
Ears: Illusions, Seelie
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai, Moonchild
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeshadow: Elymode, Bold Coal and Blue
Lipstick 1: Skinthesis, Liquid Heat
Lipstick 2: Mock, Caramel Lip Jelle
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe
Jewelry: Eclectica, Sylvan Set (Mystic Realms Event)
Hands & Feet: SLink, Rigged Mesh Hands & Feet
Wand: Cila, Key to my Heart Staves (Mystic Realms Event)
Nails: Devae, Horny
Clothing: Peqe, Mystic Flow (Mystic Realms Event)
Shoes: Eclectica, Holly SLingback Heels (Mystic Realms Event)

Pose: !bang

Location: Winter Moon
Light Settings: TOR, MIDDAY Morally Satisfied
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

Making preparations

Halloween is almost here!  I’ve been sharpening my blades and wandering the neighborhood all night. (Are your doors locked btw?)  I do have a lot to do so I maaaaaybe got an early start, but we won’t talk about that right now.  I did find this oh so wonderful dress/apron in my notices from Go! that speaks volumes to anyone silly enough to cam me, and for those of you a little squeamish there is a clean version included..  There is a male version available, but it looks pretty much the same, just made bigger I suppose.


Photos taken @ Fallen’s Haunting

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Bow + CollarSU!  Scylla Bow Headband + Minerva Chain Collar  Both are group gifts and include HUDs for changing colors and metals.  Group is $300 to join and there’s a room full of gifts upstairs.

HairAyashi @ Body Mod  Michi – fatpack  What I’m not showing is the anime type neko ears you can hide or show as part of the hair.

SkinDead Apples  Ari – porcelain

ScarsNox @ Cosmetic Fair  Keloid Scars – fatpack  tintable

Eyes –  Adored @ MRF  Cloud Eyes – seer/  Dead Apples  Sinistre Eyes – horror edition

Makeup/Face Paint – Bella Elephante @ Cosmetic Fair  Stitched  Includes with/without lipstick options.

EarsSinful Needs  Mesh Fae Ears S1D1

 BODY: Clothing/Accessories

NooseRemarkable Oblivion  Salem  I couldn’t find this in the mainstore so it may no longer be available.

Blouse –  G Field  Silky Blouse “Charlotte” – black

Dress/ApronGo!  Mrs. Horror 4  Male versions also available.

Cuffsrandom Matter @ N-twenty1  Pycell Cuff – black

Axe – Remarkable Oblivion  Zombie Axe  Group gift, includes various attachment points and clean versions, group is free.

Blood – no longer available

PoseImeka  Liz  Pack includes 8 poses.

Thank you so very much designers! <333


Scary Halloweeny with Mute, Spellbound, BOOM, Seddy's Creations, The Stringer Mausoleum, Spellbound, Dappa, Seznafine, Frogstar and 7 Deadly S{K}ins

Scary Halloweeny with Mute, Spellbound, BOOM, Seddy's Creations, The Stringer Mausoleum, Spellbound, Dappa, Seznafine, Frogstar and 7 Deadly S{K}ins

Mute. Halloween Fair Exclusive 
Mute. Halloween Stockings - Bat 

The Fab Stockings come in four different styles with Bats - as shown - Candy Corn, Ghosts and Pumpkins on them, Stylish and very seasonal and on trend
Come with Slink, OMega and Azz appliers

Mute. Halloween Fair Exclusive 
Mute. Shepherd of Fire - Skirt only worn

This full outfit comes with Mesh Top in XXXS to L, Mesh Skirt, XXS to L with 
Stockings, Gloves, Slink appliers for stockings and gloves, OMega, and Azz 
appliers for the Stockings

The Halloween Fair - October 24th - November 7th

Mute. Averie Booties - Crosses

These new Peep toe Boots come in 10 Different colourways and shown are hte Black Crosses, A colour to suit every personality and outfit - What are you waiting for?

Mute Main Store LM

+Spellbound+ Velvet // Natural Ombres & Dips RARE - for TagGacha


*BOOM* Demon Tail (coal) for TagGacha


TagGacha is a brand new gacha event created by the people at Gachatopia.  If 
you're a gacha freak then you'll definitely wanna play this new gacha game!
For info on how to play visit the TAG! Gacha website here:

Seddy's Creations -  Love Bites Slink NaIls

Dark Twisted Fantasy

{Cherry Blossom Designs} Heart and Dagger set

{Cherry Blossom Designs} Main Store

DAPPA - Haunted Shirt - Vampire.

Suicide Dollz Event 

.:Senzafine:. "Underdark" Lipstick: Neutral Pack

*THe Stringer Mausoleum* "OctopEYE" Eye Decor - Black - Gacha - The Seelie Court
*THe Stringer Mausoleum* Dark Royal - Eyeshadow Set - Court Version

The Seelie Court

7 Deadly s{K}ins - Pink Faun (new)
7Deadly s[K]ins - NADIA Shape

This special Edition skin comes with 2 SKins, 1 with and 1 without Cleavage 
option, Tango and Slink Hand nad Feet Appliers. This is all at a very special 
price and is for sale NOW in store until Halloween

7 Deadly S{K}ins Main Store LM:

.:::Endless Pain Tattoos:::..Eyes Grey Dragon
.:::Endless Pain Tattoos:::.

^;^CaTwA^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2 Pack
^;^CaTwA^;^  Designers:

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
SLink - The Art of Beauty

PItures taken in the fantastic -
Frogstar - Burlesque Boudoir (Royal Purple)

Frogstar Main Store

Windlight CalWL

All Together But All Torn Apart


SKIN [ The Skinnery ] Zuri ~ Honey 
EYES [ Buzzeri ] Bewitched Eyes ~ Cayote { @ Kustom9 | October | info }
HAIR [ Little Bones ] Hurt ~ Ombre & Roots { @ Kustom9 | October | info } 
TATTOO [ Bolson ] Mr. Kenway { @ The Men's Dept | October | info }
BINDI [ Okkbye ] Third Eye Dot ~ Black  
NAILS [ Alaskametro ] Omega Manicure ~ Neutrals/Gold 
NOSE RING [ Yummy ] Sophia ~ Jade
NECKLACES [ Mandala ] Onliest { @ The Men's Dept | October | info }
BAG [ DDL ] Call Me Back ~ White
RING 1 [ Zenith ] Hibiscus Flower Ring { @ Uber | info
RING 2 [ Eclat ] Chevron Ring ~ Gold 
TOP 1 [ Vive 9 ] Lori Wool Blend Cardigan ~ Cream { n e w ! } 
TOP 2 [ Spirit Store ] Kuda Top ~ White { @ Kustom9 | October | info } 
BOTTOM [ Rebel Gal ] Jeans Distressed Out In Painted ~ Skinny Jeans { @ Kustom9 | October | info }
SHOES [ Reign ] Tomahawks


Pose: UnHoly  Pose Jah Hands
Roupa: Outfit Mayumi #I RD Style *Gacha* @ Kawaii Vs Creppy Gacha Event! October 25 to November 22, 2014
Cabelo: Magika [03] Never

Thank you all <3

Step Inside This House

Hey Everyone!

Fall is now upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm super glad the heat is gone!  Summer is fun, but in Texas it's torture!  I had surgery yesterday on my eye, and getting ready has had me a little behind on my blogging.  I'm on the road to recovery now, though, so I thought I'd do a huge home and garden post to really welcome fall!  This amazing house is courtesy of Scarlet Creative, and is now available at Collabor88.  I really love the earthy tones in the house, and got a bunch of great things from places like Consignment, Mudhoney, Cheeky Pea, Aria, Dutchie, and more amazing furniture places to fill it up!  I hope you enjoy this post, I worked quite a long time on setting it up.


  • House: Cabin in the Forest by Scarlet Creative (NEW! @ C88!)
  • Bench: Oherlihy's Bench by Consignment (NEW! @ L'AMITIE FALL MARKET!)
  • Rocking Chairs/Welcome Sign/Porch Sign/Metal Pumpkin: Owen Fall Porch Accessories by Mudhoney (NEW! @ THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE!)
  • Stacked Pumpkins: Part of Doublers Set by Cheeky Pea
  • Pumpkins/Hay Bale/Wagon Wheel: Fall Garden by Pilot


  • Curtains-Top: Carmen Drapes by Lisp (modded)
  • Curtains-Ruffled: Verna Curtain Ruffled A by Aria (modded)
  • Cat on Rug: Feline Treasures - Naptime - Siamese Hydrangea by Storax Tree
  • Ruffled Armless Chair/Side Table/Rug/Floor Lamp: Part of Gretchen Cozy Corner set  by Aria
  • Space Heater: Portable Furnace by Seven Emporium
  • Sofa: Jessie Couch by Meshworx
  • Floor Lamps: Swervy Lamp by Culprit 
  • Cabinet/Lanterns: Cheeky Pea
  • Paintings: Apple Fall
  • Ceiling Lamp: Railroad Tie Chandelier by Pilot (NEW! @ KUSTOM 9!)


Home and Decor-Cont'd:

  • Dining Room Furniture/Curtains: Athena Dining Room Set by Consignment 
  • Ham Dinner: Pilot

Home and Decor-Cont'd:

  • Desk/Chair/Ceiling Lamp: Junk (NEW! @ N-21!)
  • Shelf: Clutter Shelf by Tarte
  • Tree/Framed Leaf Decor: Consignment (NEW! @ The Seasons Story!)

Home and Decor-Cont'd:




JPS 256: "FEATURING" BabyDoll. @ Unique Halloween Event

Model:  Sytharia Callisto Jinx-Neox

Unique Halloween Event
EVENT: 22 October - 12 November


Store: BabyDoll.
Name: Blindfold & Tattoos
Label: Costume
Kind: Add ons / Accessory
Layers: Yes
Tattoo: Layer
This Pack comes with:
  1. Blindfold
  2. Bloody Mouth
  3. Ouch scar Tattoo

Store:  BabyDoll.

Birds with wicked ways.

The Birds Collage

Here I stand, my bird and I, wickedly dark in the alley ready to strike.  A haunting look, a wicked stair, the bewitching hour is almost here.  Fly my lovely fly away, find my target….on the weak we prey.


The Details ~

Skin – [KOOQLA] Onyx Dream 03 @ The Cosmetic Fair

Shape  – My Own

Eyes  – {S0NG} :: Gloom // Pink Eye @ The Cosmetic Fair

Hair Base – Paperbag.Twigs Hairbase @ The Cosmetic Fair

Hair  – Beusy: Widow/Recluse Dark Root Set @ The Cosmetic Fair

Dress/Wings/Heals/Mask – Barely Legal - Vampire Bat

Spider/Shoulder attachment – *The Creatures* – Shoulder Spider

Necklace & Ring – Maxi Gossamer – Sister Catrina Muertos @ Collabor 88

Horns – ! The Little Bat Mainstore – Dainty Horns/Monochrome-Boxed

Mesh Feet & Hands – Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female Mid & Hands Female – Relaxed

Nail Appliers –  Action Nails Mischief V1 – Slink @ The Cosmetic Fair

Poses/Bird –  {NanTra}  –  The Birds  @ The Instruments


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The Devil in I

Devil Horns/Pitchfork : [LDP] : My Devil Accessories @ Gacha Mania
Skin : AlterEgo : Typha Fantasy Skin @ Body Modification
Hair : .Olive. : The Autumn @ The Season's Story
Eyes : Dead Apples : Almost Human Spiral @ Cosmetic Fair
Nose Chain : Panik. : High Nose Chain Group Gift
Bodysuit : Panik. : Amazing Body Bloody Version @ Bloody Horror
Harness : Noodles : Piper Harness @ Totally Top Shelf
Hands : Slink  : Relaxed
Bloody Hands : Clemmm : Bloody Hands
Feet : Slink  : Flat
Bloody Feet : Clemmm : Bloody Feet @ TnR Hunt Item