Nobody’s demon bride

strait and narrow Have you ever had one of those dreams in which you are certain you are awake but cannot move? I had this type of dream, always very similar, a dozen times over a period of three or four years when I was living in the sticks. I would be lying flat on my back, which is not how I sleep, completely paralyzed. I would feel the bedclothes being pulled slowly down to the foot of the bed, leaving me exposed and expectant but not scared. (What’s coming can’t be wholesome if it’s on the other side of the cut.)

The presence in the room did not feel malign, but I was conscious as I was dreaming that I was probably having the famous incubus/succubus dream—which has never been celebrated as rollicking good fun. Each time whatever invisible presence had exposed my body to the air would touch me, but only once or twice, only as much as it needed to accomplish its goal. Some gentle rubbing or a single thrust might suffice to bring me to orgasm…and wake me up really rather rudely. I was always a little disappointed the pleasure ended so abruptly and also sorry to find that I was still snug in my bedclothes and lying on my side, nobody’s demon bride.

Credits to creators
No. 7, strait jacket [rigged mesh jacket with mod collars to perfect the fit; HUD allows you to set skin tone for scrummy exposed left shoulder] (NEW at Level Up; really very kinky, SS!)
Little Bones, Eden II, Browns, the SECRET gacha hair (at the Secret Affair)
Glam Affair, Rose Desert Rose Jamaica (former 50LF)
Fetch, lounge chair pose prop (at the Secret Affair)

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Twisted Take Two

As promised - more from the Twisted Hunt!
Mask : .Arcadia. Tuatha Winter Kings Mask
Necklace : ~SongBird~ Twisted Time Pendant
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Twisted Singles
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Evolution
Outfit : Vengeful Threads - Valkyrie
6Setting : ~H&H~ Twisted Ruins Cemetery Wall
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Twisted Singles
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Evolution
Necklace : {Co*Motion} Raven Skull Necklace - Bronze
Choker : LIKKA*HOUSE Flying Time Choker
Pauldron : ..:{*Pandemic*}:.. Doyle F Doyle Pauldron F
7Twisted Survivor ID Badge  - You can add your own photo! - Twisted Time Warp Fall 2014
Setting : ~*Souzou Eien*~ Scrying Ruins (Fall Twisted hunt '14)
Throne : Gothic Desires - Lost in Time Throne
Heart Jar : Ravenghost Captured Heart Luminary
Lamp : .:Stone Misery:. Macabre - Floor Lamp
Dreamscapes Art Gallery :  (gacha)
*Twisted Lantern* Spooky
*Twisted Lantern* Time Warp ULTRARARE
*Twisted Lantern* Delirium RARE
*Twisted Lantern* Magick

You can find out all you need to get your Twisted Hunt on here...

Alice – New Release!

Hello friends! There is a new release available at the main store. You can buy the fatpack or the poses separately. I hope you like it! <3

Have a great weekend :)

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You're invited !


Join us to see new gorgeous outfits , brought by some of the best models on the grid .

Try to come a bit earlier, here is your taxi :

New blog post Mimi's Choice :


Outfit: :: No Cabide :: Outfit Sully - Gift Group - Limited Time

Hair: Analog Dog Hair - AD - DEMO - chance

Shape:  .A & A. Shapes - Melita


Skin: Curves ♦ Curves & Mire! Gift
Shape: Anna Shapes ♦ Melina ♦ Designer Circle #88
Hair: Truth ♦ Cameo
Outfit: Giulia Designs ♦ So'So (White) ♦ Fresh Style
Shoes: ZOZ ♦ Amorette Heels (Silver) ♦ Penumbra
Nails: ZOZ ♦ Silver Rose Romance ♦ Sept. GG/100L to Join
Jewelry Set: Iron Tiger Jewelry ♦ Simple Forms (Platinum) ♦ Jewelry Fair
Hands: Slink Casual
Feet: Slink High

don’t wake the dead

Wake The Dead

foolish mortal.. perhaps you have forgotten.. children shouldn’t play with dead things…

Wake The Dead

my favourite time of the year is rolling around, so its time to start busting out all the spooky looks. i am also reviewing haunted attractions in second life on my main blog.

i am not doing this coffin justice, but the outfit i am wearing was not very accommodating to the poses so only a couple of photos of it now. this is hopscotch’s awesome pose prop for the level up event. there are 8 poses that place you in or around the coffin, as well as a customizable top photo area for you to place a picture of yourself, in case you need to rez several for you and your guests to sleep in… after dinner.

my outfit is composed entirely of items from birdy (foxes) for the secret affair. the jewelry pieces are part of a gacha set, and the outfit and shoes are regular purchase items. the skin is also available exclusively at this event and comes in one tone with hand/feet slink appliers, as well as lola and azz appliers.

shopping list:

hair: Magika [Hair] Harmony (tinted black)
skin: .Birdy. Melancholy skin ~Pure~ (Black) Exclusive (the secret affair)
eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
teeth: .r.M. Hellion- Teeth
hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement

top: Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Bustier (the secret affair)
skirt: Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Skirt (the secret affair)
boots: Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy  Boot(the secret affair)
Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Ring  – Raven – Silver(the secret affair)
Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Cameo – Silver(the secret affair)
Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Collar – Silver(the secret affair)
Birdy (foxes) Melancholy Mood Ring – Silver(the secret affair)
hair accessory: Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Beaded Rose – Silver(the secret affair)

oOo studios
hopscotch (level up)

LOTD #228

DRESS: Lushish Catz - Kingdom - Mesh Fitted gown - Orange

HAIR: Analog Dog Hair - AD - apple moustache

SHAPE: .A & A. Shapes - Melita



Hi girls wish all you a great weekend hope you like this look.
Hair:[LCKY]Libby/neutral pack.New!
Skin:[Fiore]Chai.SPF 35.New!
Dress:[Vision S&F]Leather dress Dolche.Black.New!
Shoes:[FAUN]Michi platform sandals.Original.

LOOK 600 ~Domesticate Me~ Featuring Soonsiki, HIGHRIZE, ^^Swallow^^, and more!





Unorthodox  JolieDopa Ponytail Base
*Soonsiki~ Jo Jo *Samples(and Freckles) @Kustom9
Ooh-la-licious/Marilyn/Caramel/Lip Gloss O (20 Skins + Layers)
HIGHRIZE !(HR 3.0)! Knotted Crops White
HIGHRIZE !(HR 3.0)! Star Scraper Platforms (Apple) @SWAG FEST 2
Mesh Monkey : Mesh Banana
^^Swallow^^ Septum Ring Silver @The Dressing Room
^^Swallow^^Bracialet Death (wear)
^^Swallow^^ Skully Earring
^^Swallow^^ TrustNo Ring