Nostalgia - Looking To the Ghost Of Christmas Past With Chop Zuey's Peace On Earth Hunt Jewelry Set, Baboom Couture Heels and Carrie's Lingerie

Nostalgia sets my mind a whirring this time of year. It may be why you've seen an array of Carrie's Lingerie on my wall, my blog, twitter, flickr and pinterest. I consider Carrie my first taste for modeling and where I got the support of the owners, the managers and fellow workers in my first ever make-over, and how I took that first step, then launched into a future that I'd have never imagined.
Many of the items over the years were named after members of the support staff, including this one that's called B.I.T.C.H. 2 Hunt. Slipping on one of this seasons' new holiday designs brought back happy memories, including ones I got to share with bitch2hunt. She had a unique style all her own and I enjoyed our conversations. Any time I get to talk at length with people from other parts of the globe, I love it.
Chop Zuey tucked a special prize away for you avid hunters out there. This Gloriana Set comes inside the tiny globe hidden for Peace On Earth Hunt 7. Definitely another reason why visiting Chop Zuey this holiday season makes for a merry outing and lots of sparkle! Baboom Couture offers a few items specially tailored for the Holidays including the brilliant green heels that suited the stark bright colors of the lingerie I'm wearing.

* Chop Zuey Gloriana Set For Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7)
* Carrie's Lingerie Special Gift Holiday B.I.T.C.H. 2 Hunt
* Baboom Couture Green Christmas Heels

- October's 4Seasons Angelina Walnunt
- Maxi Gossamer Party - Swallow Wings Red/Black Lashes
- Argrace Winter 2014 Gift

Tis The Season!

We're coming closer and closer to Christmas! There are so many good holiday items at The Liaison Collaborative this month, and Coldlogic just released some holiday outfits! Happy shopping!

Style - Tis The Season

Style - Tis The Season - 2

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel
Hair: Holly by Truth [New!]
Physique body, hands, feet by Slink
Nail Polish: Pure Christmas by Hello Dave
Outfit: Schiffer by coldLogic [New!]
Shoes: Opal by [Uber]
Necklace: Key To My Heart by Krystal
Pose: Alicia by oOo Studio

Tea Dome De Vecht by Dutchie [The Liaison Collaborative]
Winter Wood Set by Kalopsia [The Liaison Collaborative]
Alex Rug by MudHoney [The Liaison Collaborative]
Snowfall Curtain by Sway's [The Liaison Collaborative]
Valerie Fireplace by Sway's [The Liaison Collaborative]
Little Christmas Tree - Linus Rare by Tarte [The Liaison Collaborative]
Merry & Bright Collection by Tarte [The Liaison Collaborative]
Nutcracker Soldier by +Convair+ [The Liaison Collaborative]
Snowflake Decor by Plethora [The Liaison Collaborative]
White Christmas Set by Pixel Mode [The Liaison Collaborative]
Bauble Wreaths by MudHoney [Pretty old, not sure if still available!]

Judge without knowing

When someone speaks evil of another person and tells us horrible things of it or, later, if we have the opportunity to meet that person, we already have a preconceived idea of how it is that person, and therefore, our way of seeing him will be influenced by the comments that we have heard.

We have never seen such a person, we have never known… and just because someone said it was in that way we judge and do not look with good eyes the pleasure to meet you. The same thing happens in all areas, we are presented with a man and then we say that it is not worth, which is a womanizer, which is irresponsible, that do not know how to do anything, that it is loose, and at the end… the same, we deem him even without being given the opportunity of letting you speak, or at least have the doubt that these people are as well.

I think friends, that we must always give an opportunity to the people, and try to know them before sending them right to our black list.

Nor should we go around speaking ill of others, it is possible that some day sawest thou hurt someone and I don't think that you like why platform speaking bad about you and encasillandote in such a way that other people still juzgandote platform without knowing yourself.

Just imagine that God will judge us in such a way? It is impossible this assertion because even knowing us, God does not love with all our major defects, with all our evil, and with all our bitterness we have inside. So why do we harm to our fellow human beings? Why not give the opportunity of forgiveness, you tell it we want to spite of everything bad that has taken us? Wouldn't it be a world more wonderful that we could all talk, dialog with the people that we have problems with our relatives, brothers, and friends?

Life is full of setbacks that make us fall again and again, but these errors do not have to define ourselves. Taking a little bit of goodness in our hearts, we are certain that we will become better people. To forgive those who speak evil of us, as God forgives us, and not talk about evil of others.

Do not judge friends, that after similarly will judge us to us. And we have a lot of care to speak ill of others. It is always better to keep quiet to say too much, especially when it comes to criticism.

Ian Catronis

Hair: DURA-BOY55 Black

Jacket: ::K:: Fur Coat Homme/Femme Noir @FaMESHed Dec. 2014

Sweter: ::K:: Inner Turtle Neck Black

Gloves: Flite. A-Solo Snow Gloves Black @Kustom 9

Pants: [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(black leather)

Boots: [R3] - Dakota Boots [V2] @TMD DEC. 2014 

#872: Milli

CA-MilliaHat & Hair:  Spellbound – Dreamy Bear (Rare) *NEW* @ The Arcade
Lip Colour:  Pink Acid – Anna Lips & Teeth (Natural Pink)
Jumpsuit:  Cold Ambitionz – Milli (Candy) *NEW* @ fi*Friday
Necklace:  Luxury – Aztec
Bunny & Pose:  Label Motion – My Xmas Bunny *NEW* @ TDR
Belt:  GeWunjo – Lola
Footwear:  Glamistry – Ramonda Heels *NEW*

Maai Lingerie Trio

Maai has some new lingerie available for the ladies who love to look sexy!!

First up is the Christmas Special, Sleepy Lingerie.  For 99L, you can get this set in White (Shown) or Green (The White is replaced with Christmas Green).  As always, Maai has all of the appliers included.  

It's Cleavage's Anniversary.  For the last 2 years, they have kept our Boobies looking fabulous and we thank them for that.  Maai's contribution is Farah Lingerie. I am showing you the red, but you get the entire fatpack.  The Red, Black, Fushia, and Purple are all together for 99L.  You can't beat that with a stick.  

The third sexy number is named after our beloved Neveah.  This corset is available in Red, White, Black, Purple and Pink.  It can be styled 4 ways.  Stockings with/without panties or No Stockings with/without panties.   Now Priced at 350L or 1200FP.  

Azoury's back with an awesome shoe release.  The Iced High Heel Stilettos are available in Brown, Cream, Red and Black.  Slink and Belleza versions are included.

For this post, I am wearing my Lena Lush.  Enjoy!!

Click to Enlarge Photo

Seraphim Galleries:
[Uber - Ends Approx 12/25]

The Gear:

Lingerie [Maai by Snow Wolfhunter] Sleepy Lingerie, Farah and Neveah - Farah is via [Cleavage  
Shoes [Azoury by Mayhem and Aniki SeetanIced High Heel Stilettos.  via [Taxi Here]

The Bod:

Eyes [Ikon by Ikon InnoviaHope Eyes - Scoria
Hair [Tram by Moca Loup] C426 hair / black
Hands,  Feet [SLink - Siddean Munro] Casual Hands, High Feet
Body [Kitties Lair by Babette Ultsch Lena Lush Body 2.3  - Please get your update.  
Ears and Eyebrows [The Skinnery by Umazuma Metaluna] Human Ears, Bushy Brows
Skin [DeeTaleZ by Steffi VillotaDeedra

The Bling:

Piercing [UtopiaH - Petiita Blackbart] Monroe Piercing
Set [CerberusXing by Kamayari Resident Lucifer's Collar and Cuffs  via [Uber  
Rings [Pomposity by Bugsy HansomeMissy Gemstone  Rings 

The Cosmetics:

Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] - Party - Swallow Wings
SLink Nail and Toe Polish [Jamman Jewels and Accessories by jamman] - Version 6 Hud used

The Posemaker:

Poses [Ma Vie by Mavi Beck] Basic Pack  
Poses [Frozen by Weronika Pobieski] Model Poses Pack IV

Rock On

mesh pants: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ – Burning pants
mesh jacket: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ – Edge male jacket, comes with texture change HUD
mesh boots: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ – Hotrod unisex, comes with texture change HUD
skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Elijah caramel – shown with slink appliers
tattoo: Inkside Tattoos – Serpentia, comes with appliers
hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Teeloh – ash
mesh hands: Slink – relaxed
mesh eyes: IKON – Deadshine, comes with texture change HUD – FREE group gift

Rock On

mesh pants: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ - Burning pants
mesh jacket: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ - Edge male jacket, comes with texture change HUD
mesh boots: m/LAVAROCK CREATIONSm/ - Hotrod unisex, comes with texture change HUD
skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Elijah caramel - shown with slink appliers
tattoo: Inkside Tattoos - Serpentia, comes with appliers
hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Teeloh - ash
mesh hands: Slink - relaxed
mesh eyes: IKON - Deadshine, comes with texture change HUD - FREE group gift

..:LeRawr:..Poses / Sara

Actions speak louder than words. We can apologize over and over, but if our actions don't change, the words become meaningless.

..:LeRawr:..Poses / Sara - Awesome poses you can get in store right now !


::::: What I'm Wearing ::::

Shape - Mine
Cute Ass - No longer sold 
[[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam - YOUR RIDE -
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High -YOUR RIDE -
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Smoking - YOUR RIDE -
Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Horns - YOUR RIDE -
DAZED. - Darlene Lipstick Set & Appliers - YOUR RIDE -
Goth1c0: Demian Septum Ring ::Suicide Dollz:: - Anniversary
DAZED. - Urumi Septum Onyx Suicide Dollz:: - Anniversary
.Identity. Body Shop - Fantasy - YOUR RIDE -
.ploom. Imogen - Monotone - YOUR RIDE - 
-Glam Affair- Glitter Eyeliner in Black - YOUR RIDE -
*Bolson / Tattoo - Casanova - YOU RIDE -
-UtopiaH- Creepy Stockings [Raven Common] - YOUR RIDE - 
[-S-] Impiety Tat 1 
.ARISE. Zipp Top / Black - YOUR RIDE - 
L!KE - My Frayed Micro Mini [NIGHT] - YOUR RIDE - 

The Liaison Collaborative - Dec 2014 - Part 1

Sorry I've been quiet the past few days but I'm a sickly Cryssie and looking at my computer screen was making me nauseated but I'm feeling a bit better so let's get back to it!

It's winter down at The Liaison Collaborative and Snowfall is the theme. Get your mittens on and some nice warm socks and lets go outside into the snow and build ourselves a snowman.

If you'd prefer to stay in, in the warm then you'll need some comfy clothes and Fishy Strawberry has got you covered for the snow day.

TLC - Dec 2014 - FishyStrawberry

You have a choice of eight different colours for the Flake Sweater. All are perfect for the winter but let's be honest comfy tops will keep you covered all year around so it's a great investment. The Snowday Pants are the perfect match for the shirt and in a choice of four colours.

TLC - Dec 2014 - MudHoney PixelMode

I'm a little bit, or more like a lot, in love with the Alex Chaise from MudHoney. This is the cream colour and you have the option to change the colour of the cushion and the blanket. Also part of the set is the Alex cushion, rug, books and blanket basket. You can buy all the pieces separately in a choice of colours.

The fireplace and all the gorgeous home décor is is from Pixel Mode Home. You can buy each of the pieces separately to get what you need for your very own winter snuggle room.

If you felt like braving the snow outside then you're going to need something awesome to wear.

TLC - Dec 2014 - Haste Aphorism

Haste has released this adorable Soho Strapped Dress for The Liaison Collaborative. You get a hud that lets you change the colour of the harness to one of five different colours and the same hud lets you customise the metal parts too. While you're down at TLC don't forget to visit the gatcha garden and throw some lindens into the Haste machine so you can win yourself a pretty Snowfall Necklace. The rares even flash different colours like pretty Christmas lights around your neck!

The Cavalry Boots you can nab from Aphorism. I'll never pass up a pair of well made, detailed flat boots so these are a welcome addition to my inventory.

The pretty eye make up you can get from The Wicked Peach. It's pretty and sparkly and perfect for Christmas and if you wanted to throw some perfect sparkles at Christmas then run over to the Elephante Poses gatcha and try your luck for one of the Catching Snowflakes poses.

If you wanted to make sure you are extra warm you'll need the Winter Queen Hood from Tentacio.

TLC - Dec 2014 - Tentacio HalfDeer

You can wear the hood with or without the horns and you can also change the colour of the bow. It's a decent sized hood too so you should be able to fit hair underneath providing it's short and fairly sleek. Try the Harriet style from Truth. It fit underneath perfectly for me.

The adorable little birds, which move about, are the Northern Cardinals from Half Deer. The little brown birds are the females and the red is the male. You can choose from different animation styles or a static version too.

I'll have some more TLC for you soon!

Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!

Pic 1:
Shirt - Fishy Strawberry - Flake Sweater - Teal @TLC
Pants - Fishy Strawberry - Snowday Pants - Black @TLC
Hair - Exile - Kissing Strangers - Naturals Pack @Collabor88
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Eyes - Ikon - Spectral Eyes - Moor
Eyelash - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - Flat (with League appliers)
Pose in couch

Pic 2:
Chaise - MudHoney - Alex Chaise - Cream @TLC
Books - MudHoney - Alex Books @TLC
Rug - MudHoney - Alex Rug @TLC
Cushion - MudHoney - Alex Cushions - Cream @TLC
Blanket Basket - MudHoney - Ales Blanket Basket @TLC
Fireplace - Pixel Mode Home - Fireplace - Off White @TLC
Vase - Pixel Mode Home - Hurricane Snow Vase - White @TLC
Plant - Pixel Mode Home - Milk Can Berries @TLC
Logs - Pixel Mode Home - Sled With Logs @TLC
Artwork - Pixel Mode Home - Nativity @TLC
Bunny Light - Plethora - Frosted Bunny Lamp
House - Dutchie - Tea Dome De Vecht @TLC

Pic 3:
Dress - Haste - Soho Strapped Dress - Grey @TLC
Tights - Izzie's - Cozy Tights - Dark Grey
Boots - Aphorism - Cavalry Boots - Black @TLC
Necklace - Haste - Snowfall Necklace - Gold RARE @TLC
Make Up - The Wicked Peach - Eye Makeup - Blizzard 6 @TLC
Hair - Exile - Kissing Strangers - Naturals Pack @Collabor88
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyes - Ikon - Spectral Eyes - Moor
Eyelash - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Elephante Poses - Catching Snowflakes - #6 RARE @TLC

Pic 4:
Outfit: As Above with following exceptions
Hood - Tentacio - Winter Queen Hood - Snow @TLC
Hair - Truth - Harriet - Gingers Pack
Make Up - The Wicked Peach - Seasons's Greetings Gatcha - Holly @TLC
Brown Birds - Half Deer - Northern Cardinals F - Curious & Peckish @TLC
Red Bird - Half Deer - Northern Cardinals M - Curious @TLC
Pose - Bauhaus Movement - Domitilla @TLC
Birdhouse - Half Deer - Winter Birdhouse Lanterns - Festive @TLC

LOTD 12.19.14

So I been bombarded with rl work...I got a promotion to pharmacy technician and well yeah I am working 6 days a week...So blogging has been rough but I am trying my best to keep up with all the amazing events going on and my amazing sponsors new releases ♥ Here is a quick post with an outfit from Totally Top Shelf...It started on Dec 1st and goes all the way until Dec 24th...I am going to try super hard to get some cute outfits out for this because its my favorite thing in the world this round...Faeries!!!! So I hope you all enjoy this post...
Heres a list of stores including in this December Round : 

Sponsors for this round are
Kitty Moon
Meshed Up
.::LE FORME::.
Chimeric Fashions

Ab.Fab Boutique
Pink Acid
Atomic Faery
Breeder's Choice
Sweet Lies Designs
Geisha Dreams
Sweet Kajira
Distorted Dreams
Dark Passions
 The Little Bat
Chimeric Fashions
Fuubutsu Dou
Kitty Moon
A Moment's Beauty
Bliensen + MaiTai
FDD Store
~*Souzou Eien*~
Essences skins

Now onto the outfit credits :)

Shape : .DirtyStories. : Sarah Shape
Skin : .random.matter. : Nimue Skin @ F R O S T
Hair : Blueberry Hair : Alessa New Release ty ♥
Eyebrows : ::LustRage:: : Ceil Brows @ F R O S T
Eyes : (*ANGELICA) : Watery Eyes @ Winter Trend
Eyeliner : .ARISE. : Lolla Eyeshadow @ Suicide Dollz Anniversary
Nose Rings : Moon Amore : Ukka Septum @ Gacha Mania
Mouth : Cathrode Rays : Nyam Nyam
Headband : Sweet Lies : Frostine Rose Tiara *COMMON* @ Totally Top Shelf
Wings : Sweet Lies : Frostine Rose Wings *COMMON* @ Totally Top Shelf 
Bra : Sweet Lies : Frostine Rose Top *RARE* @ Totally Top Shelf
Lantern : Sweet Lies : Frostine Rose Lantern *COMMON* @ Totally Top Shelf
Skirt : Sweet Lies : Frostine Rose Skirt *RARE* @ Totally Top Shelf
Sandals : FDD : Fairy Sandals @ Totally Top Shelf