A new Mesh Head and a new Mesh Body makes Daria something something…


Two big releases this week – a new mesh head and a new mesh body, and you know how excited I get about new things! (Wow, I need a boyfriend or something… that’s kind sad). Anywho…

My favourite new release is the new LOGO mesh head, Alex. I was so excited to find out that LOGO are back (I thought they’d left for good!) because I absolutely loved their old mesh heads. There was something about the range of expressions and make up/look options that they came with that always amazed me, so of course, I had to go and buy one :P

All in all I love the head. It’s not a vast departure from the ‘look’ of the older LOGO heads, but it does come with 12 expressions (and the option to buy an additional HUD with 12 more). The best part is that the eyes and mouth operate independently of each other too, so you can choose a mouth ‘expression’ from one pose and an ‘eye’ expression by clicking on another. Neat huh? To do that, just click on the eyes or mouth in the expression picture HUD (clicking in the middle/nose area will change your whole face). For those of you that are wondering if it will work with your mesh heads – I haven’t had any trouble using it with Maitreya, Belleza or Slink as yet, the only issue that LOGO do not currently sell skin appliers for these bodies, but they are going to, so just keep an eye out. The review for this head will be up shortly!

On to the new mesh body – this time it’s a release from Signature, the same people who created the Anthony mesh body for men. I’ve written a review HERE, but I encourage you to look at a demo if you think the body might suit you, because I found it a little difficult to shape. The body is a little restrictive in that it doesn’t fit with slink hands/feet, and to have it fit at the neck with your system head, you need to keep your body fat slider at 0, which given the ‘slight’ build of the body does (in my personal opinion) make you look like you need to eat burger or something. I applaud the unique shape though, and I know the ‘thigh gap’ style does suit some people, so if that’s your thing, take a look :)

Now before I sign off, I know quite a few of you had questions about the auto-hide feature for Maitreya. If you’re the kind of person that likes to try these things yourself, you can grab the auto-hide config kit from the in-world Maitreya store (creators can grab this too) it’s just above where they sell the body, near the developer’s kit. You can also read this fantastic blog from gorgeous Whims to learn more about it. For the rest of you, the new jumpsuit from Blueberry comes with auto-hide built in, so that’s really exciting to see an amazing creator getting on board with auto-hide – plus the jumpsuit is to die for, so check it out!

<3 Daria

PS – If you use Facebook, join my event group for the Mesh Body Addicts Fair so you don’t miss a thing :)

I’m pondering in:

Mesh Head – Alex by LOGO
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Hair – Shriya by Wasabi Pills (available at Uber)
Top – Handkerchief Top by Miss Chelsea (available at Uber) (Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes included)
Belly Button Piercing – Belly Ring Sun by Misha Jesiuil (rigged for Belleza)
Pants – Harem Pants by Miss Chelsea (available at Uber) (Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes included)

Furniture & Decor:
Regalmanor sofa by LadyX (Available at Indulgence – starts 1 June)
Regalmanor rug by LadyX (Available at Indulgence – starts 1 June)
Regalmanor painting by LadyX (Available at Indulgence – starts 1 June)
Encore – BDSM leather chair by Lovers Playground (Available at Indulgence – starts 1 June)
Encore RLV Fireplace by Lovers Playground (Available at Indulgence – starts 1 June)
Pose – Adrienne Two by oOo Studio Poses

Basilique Town

As what the name given, Basilique is a lovely town on the shore of a northern Italian lake. Walk the square and waterfront piers, relax in the bars or cafe, or row around the lake. Meet new people that also aim for immersiveness and accuracy in a friendly setting. A nice Jazz music is the […]

Atardecer eterno

CATWA HAIR Lazy hair New!!!

CATWA Butterfly Hair Claw (small butterfly) [GIFT] 

FashionNatic Beatrice Female Outfit  New!!!

FashionNatic Ramsil Unisex Bracelet 

Voodoo can be a little fast too...

I'm back with a little more of that Horror Hauteish Voodoo today... There is SO MUCH good stuff that let's face it, there may be a little more yet before I let you forget about the mysterious religion! OR before I let you forget about that song that, if you're anything like me, will have been stuck in your head any time someone mentions the word Voodoo... I'm not kidding, as soon as I hear or see the word, I get all "I'm not the one whose so far away, when I feel the snakebite enter my veins" LOL... Check out the Godsmack Voodoo song if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you will feel my pain... 
Still, I have decided that this time the Voodoo needs to be able to go a little faster - maybe that will leave my head quicker? I dunno, anyway - it's also my darling Hubby's first time in the Horror Haute Team... I can use the idea of fast Voodoo to give him some shameless promotion hehe... 
Seeing as I mentioned him, the first thing in this photo that I really want to point out is the Bike. It looks a little small as I stand next to it, but it's a Race Bike and I am wearing some incredibly tall heels - from Eccentricities as part of their Hogun release for Horror Haute by the way - when you sit on the bike you lean quite far forward hehe... This Voodoo Race Bike from H&C Wheels - my hubby's store - is a lean, mean, drifting machine, complete with it's own skulls and shrunken zombie head to make it the perfect high speed transport for any Voodoo king or queen... 
Anyway as I was riding around in the swamp, looking for potion items, I spotted a newly cleaned human skull... YAY!! To make it seem even better, my necklace REALLY seemed to like the new skull, this is one of those Salem Madam Layaux Necklaces - it glows in the eyes when it's happy hehe... 
The skull around my neck seems to really love the new skull I found, but I AM IN LOVE with the rest of my Voodoo styling too today. Starting with the outfit, it's made up of bits from Horror Haute, the boots I have mentioned, but the dress and legstraps are items from {LUNAtic} simply HAD to be worn. I LOVE the patchwork dress and the pin straps are so handy, as you never know when you need to stick one in a doll hehe... Not that I'm that malicious, well not often anyhow lol... Normally I carry a doll with me everywhere, but not this time, not since I pulled on a new Voodoo Skin from [Stargazer Creations]... As always the Stargazer skin is amazing. Aggie really knows how to create gorgeous fantasy skins! I mean REALLY KNOWS! 
But I think I've stood here long enough yammering on about things, it's time for this Voodoo Biker Chick to raise some hell in the swamp... Till later, I WILL BE BACK hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: CATWA - Daizy 
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Voodoo Doll Skin (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Eyes: Zombie Suicide - Wrath Eyes 
Necklace: Salem - Madam Lavaux's Necklace (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Dress & Straps: {LUNAtic} - Voodoo Mini Dress in Patchwork & Voodoo Pin Bands (Available Now for Horror Haute May)  
Boots: Eccentricites - Hogun Boots (Comes with outfit) (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Bike: H&C Wheels - Voodoo (Available Now for Horror Haute May
Pose: Dimma - Poor Yorick 1 (Past Horror Haute Release) 

Last Priestess

For how long will the last of the Ascension priestess fight? 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Verona v2 [On June 1st @ Dream FairNEW!!!
Shape: --Chik10-- Shape Tyana 
Hair: .Olive. the Bette Hair 
Outfit: .storybook. - Ascension NEW!!!
Pose: Label Motion - Misha Poses

[OOTD] Sugar 5.27.2015.

Sugar, yes please.  Come and put it down on me.

I’m so proud of this item from Scene! Amazing!

Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ Fresh mess // Ladies – Naturals I [~Tableau Vivant~] at Shiny Shabby.

Skin – [PF] <Crystal> – Doll V2 [Pink Fuel]

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Cleo // Grey Blue Eye

Lips – [PXL] SweetLips 02 [PXL]

Implant – {Scene} Owned – Chest  Implant [{Scene}] New coming to Indulgence the 1st! Thank you!

Body Suit – *MUKA* Natasha Black [*MUKA*]

Shoes – Glamistry – ECHIUM Heels [PF1019] [Glamistry] at Kustom9.

Walk in the Woods

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Laura Hair (Group gif)
Skirt: A&CO-Gaia Mini Skirt-(Cosmopolitan Events)
Shirt:[ bubble ] Advisory Double Shirt  (Suicide Dollz Exclusive)
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Maitreya Xela Winged Sandals(Cosmopolitan Events)
Bag: Che Bella // Moon Purse - Sky(Cosmopolitan Events)
Body : maitreya

Vampire Wearables Collection

Vampire Wearables Collection

Wearable Vampire Throne
Wearable Vampire Chaise Lounge
Wearable Vampire Coffin

Available from now on in Boudoir and Marketplace!

Fair Play-Second Life is a Game- 


さて、今回はFair Playという新規イベントについてご案内します。
現在参加店を募集中だそうなので、興味をお持ちの方は主催のKaleidos Hopeさんまでご連絡ください。

Mini dress&Harness:Van Luck-sinister dress,Harness(Fair Play)
Hat:DeviousMind-VictorianGothic CrystalTophat w/ Lilies(the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Bracelet:Pure Poison - Pety Unisex Bracelets - Black & Gold
Hair:Tableau Vivant-My love hair

Fair Play

Wearable Vampire Chaise Lounge

Wearable Vampire Chaise Lounge

Your legs hurt?
No place to sit?
Wear your own furniture!
Wearable Vampire Chaise Lounge should be worn as an attachment,wearing and touching it automatically starts an fabulous female chaise lay animation so you can relax after long day or take some amazing pictures! Chaise lounge contains 2 female chaise lay animations-just touch it to change it!
Available from now on in Boudoir and Marketplace!