Learning to live again…

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Learning to live again…

Hi everyone!  I’m taking you to back to school for this post!  I have some new things from the Home and Garden Expo, N21, The Arcade and Thrift Shop!  This month’s events are getting ready to start the wind down days, so get out there and take a look at what they have to offer!  The Home and Garden Expo, a fundraising event for Relay for Life, is spread across 9 beautifully landscaped sims.  Take your time and walk through each sim taking in the gorgeous sites to behold!  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did putting it together!  Until next time…

Roll credits…

Skin – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Wendy V1 [Caramel]
Lashes – *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Hands/Feet – Slink Avatar Enhancements
Teeth – [whatever] Teeth 2.0
Appliers – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – appliers for Mesh Body Parts
Hair – .Olive. the Moon Hair – HUD 3 @ N21

Nail Applier – A:S:S – Slink fingernails – Balloons

Top – B.C.C pixy girl hood URBAN 99 @ N21
Skirt – B.C.C School girl Skirt check @ N21
Socks – *MUKA* Thigh Socks @ The Big Show
Shoes – FLite. X Reckless Chukkas – Floral [old round of Kustom9]

Necklace – (Yummy) Guardian Charms – Gold
Ring – !NFINITY The Sting Ring Red @ The Thrift Shop
Backpack – FLite. Poly Bag White Common [old round of N21]

Pose – KaTink Catlyn Short 4

Building – [Black Tulip] My Little School @ Home and Garden Expo
Desks/Blackboards- [Black Tulip] The Classroom @ Home and Garden Expo
Telescope – LISP - Mesh – Kepler Telescope
Books – (Milk Motion) school books @ The Arcade
Potted Flowers – Luna Bliss Potted Lily & Clover Group
Bench – 07_8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe – Bench @ The Arcade
Sidewalk Tree – 04_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Maple Tree @ The Arcade
Sidewalk – :Fanatik Architecture: LONDON
Lamp Posts – -JoHaDeZ- Garden Latern “Star” @ Home and Garden Expo
Trees – LAQ Decor ~ Birches (Animated Season Pack)
Rose Bushes – [Angelic Designs] [Florence] RoseBush
2nd Building – 01_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Coffee House RARE @ The Arcade
Awning – 05_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Awning @ The Arcade
Fence – 06_8f8- La Petite Joie Cafe – Fence 3 @ The Arcade
Sign – 11_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Hanging Sign
Clock – 10_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Decorative Wall Clock @ The Arcade
Tricycle – 02_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Delivery Tricycle RARE @ The Arcade


Hair: ::Exile:: Nina:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - ZARA / Slink total appliers freckled  Taupe New Release
Shape: *ANNA SHAPES*Melina @ .:: Designer Circle ::.
Dress: MAAI Ewa dress * Purple New Release
Shoes: Mute. Lolita Heels - Gold @Young Spirit The Event


Tattoo:  Indiana 4 ~ Bella Store New Release
Lingerie: MAAI Freya lingerie * pink New Release

You Ain't Seen Nothin` Yet - Featuring Morphine from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, Persefona from Four Seasons Market, !Lybra, and Chop Zuey

I hope that though .PENUMBRA. Week, ( Penumbra Fashion & Events ) draws to an official close today, the new collections I've had bits and pieces to share with you might still be shared. Designers will be taking their new designs home with them and stores will have all sorts of new goodies to tempt you. The SL - Morphine sandal heels are the last official post I'll make for .PENUMBRA.
A new event begins today and has an array of Autumn items styled for both avatar wear and decor. I hope to share a little of both though I primarily stay with fashion these days, I don't want to disappoint the Event organizers or the many creative people who participated. The wreath from Persefona is one of several autumn leaf color accessories. Whether you're looking to add to an outfit for a night by the campire, something adorably perfect for such an outing, or searching for a unique piece to wear in your next Autumn fashion show, you might enjoy this from Four Seasons Market.
!Lybra has gone out of their way to make their world accessible even while they build a new store around their ever present ever classy designs. I had read about the special little corner they set up for those who maybe never tried Lybra before or are new to Second Life or simply on a very threadbare budget - this corner has an array of really darling designs for almost any occasion and they're all 1L. This Nurit red dress came from that section. It was the perfect frock for playing at a Carnival tonight.

When you live life fully, to the edge and then some, everything fires on all cylinders. You're a human engine and whatever your passion, it's pumping thunder and creating lightning. Some designers offer a few new items each year while others create scads each week. One designer that uses her imagination brilliantly is Belle Roussel. Today, she released Be Da' Buddha as a clutch (not shown) and as a shoulder bag. If this isn't clever, and beautiful, and so perfectly Chop Zuey, I don't know what is. Every time I think I've seen it all in Second Life, I realize that certainly hasn't happened yet!

Featuring Chop Zuey Be Da' Buddha Clutch
Featuring Morphine Slink High Heels Sandals from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week
Featuring Persefona Autumn Wreath from 4Seasons Market
Featuring !Lybra Nurit
1. {NanTra}: Wanderlust
2. Chop Zuey: Kharma Earth Gold Set (Bangles and Necklace)
3. SLink: Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
4. October's 4Seasons: Chocolate Cosmos
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. Truth: Chilali
7. Gaeline: Starlia

Today, I took a plane from Hong Kong to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and visited the twin town.

Outfit: [[ Masoom ]] ~ Roma sweater [@Wash Cart Sale till Oct 8th]
Bag: VG ~ Fiddo Bag Red
Accessories: Pixel Box ~ Thematic Bracelet "Bad Girl
Glasses: Luckie ~ Kawaii Glasses
Shoe: VG ~ Rich Bitch Sneaker [comes with 20- textures hud]
Skin: [7DS] ~ Gluttony B2 T2
Hair: Truth ~ Allegra
Nails: ZOZ ~ Bambi's PawPrint Polish Huds for Slink Hands

Dream Fortress Konichiwa! So I know I’m a little late on...

Dream Fortress

Konichiwa! So I know I’m a little late on this, but better than never, right? Unless you live under a rock, then you know that this month is an Arcade round! Gacha everywhere, and for the first time, oyasumi joined in on the wonderful event! I was super excited when I found out about this, because I’ve felt like it was long overdue for oyasumi to be a part of it! Not only is just that alone awesome, but also the gacha prizes themselves! In true traditional Japanese style, this house is a gorgeous rare prize from the machine at the event, and everything inside is from the collection as well, though common. Please do head over to The Arcade if you haven’t already and give this machine a few pulls, you won’t regret it! Credits below. <3


  • Hair: Hair: Magika :: Shade - 01
  • Kimono: Pixicat :: Oriental Kimono - Geometry

House and decor by oyasumi and currently available @ The Arcade!

(* For other items in this post, please refer to the sidebar on the front page!)

LOTD ~ Leather Tank

Por Laylinha Tomsen Eyes {S0NG} :: Toki~ Dark Brown Eye Hair Truth Hair Posy – light browns Earrings (NHA!) – Earrings Anchieta Top Leather Tank with Straps and Buckles by Meli Imako Skirt {SMS} Skater Skirt Black Shoes fri. – Jet.Heels – Midnight Poses EverGlow

The Mesh Body Count Down: Slink Physique

For starters I wont lie I never bought this body.
You'll be able to tell by the pictures below as I have the demo rings around me.  
But!  I had bought a skin from Lara Hurley from the first Uber event which included the Physique applier.  So I am not in an ugly demo skin!  
Trust me you wouldn't have wanted to look at the pictures if you had seen it.  
I'm sorry :'3 I mean no offense but trying to prettify this as much as I can with a demo swirling around me hopefully you will understand what I mean.

I had changed my shape up a bit to have the SL avatar shape to make this mesh body more presentable.
It can not do wide hips like the Belleza or The Shops but in all honesty it's not bad.  
When I had first demoed it I ran away as I had no butt!  
But once I had fiddled with it more you'll see it can have a bit of a bump for its butt.  
I still feel that it was more suited towards the thinner shape rather than the more fuller, which I enjoy, but it can still work to some degree.
Below you'll see that I was able to manage to give it some umph.

Torso Muscle at 20
Breasts at 60
Leg Muscles at 60
Hips at 60
( I seem to like 60 ) 
I did leave the butt at 80
I am wearing XSmall for Hands and Small for the Mid Feet
 Honestly while working on this post it really has given me a new view on this body.
It might even for others so I hope you enjoy :D

For the Body I felt that if you went too large in the breasts you started to get square like in the normal SL avatar.  But as depicted above it isn't that bad around 60.  I did notice it will have that hip point that the other shapes don't seem to really have.  I played with the saddle slider and this was my final result to make it as smooth as possible without it looking too odd.  In real life, yes our hips are not smooth like they are in some pictures.  There is a point where it dips in so this is more of a "realistic" look.


At first glance this HUD was all up in my face.  A bit overwhelming but very straight to the point.
There aren't any other menus that you have to wander about to go through or wait to load.
It is a one done HUD.  Which I do enjoy as sometimes my SL likes to be a PAIN in the butt with rezzing.
The alpha layers aren't that bad they aren't as dynamic as the Belleza or The Shops.
I do like the the fact the layering is all on this one HUD, Tattoo/Underwear/Clothing.

At the Top Left corner you'll see Neck Fitting.
I put this little gif together to show from Off/1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5 sizing.
 The Demo box did include a Neck Patch for the Visage Head.
Also Hide Neck Join which is to be more of a blender from SL head and Mesh Body.
It does come with helpful Note cards so please read if you are having problems.


So I had to do a picture of the butt.
I am very / ultra picky about my butts and sadly this did not cut the cake for me.
It isn't that bad on the left but it is just too edgy for me to want to smack it.
I did try to lower the size but than I had a tiny bump when looking at the side view.
50 isn't that horrible but the edges will never go away.  It is just how it was built.
 I do however give her major kudos for shaping the hooha
( Yes I noticed almost everything on this body )

  1. Fits Slink like a charm (like you had any doubts)
  2. Very natural real life body look
  3. Can fit thin and Average Shapes
  4.  Easy to use HUD
  5. 99.9% of mesh shoes will fit / work with this body
  6. Comes with a variety of neck sizes
  7. She has a shaped hooha
  1. Is not made for full curvy girls ( in my own opinion )
  2. The Alpha System is not very dynamic
  3. The butt is too edgy
  4. Can not handle higher slider scales.
I have to say I am impressed with this body.
There were more pros than cons in my book and maybe it changed a few for you as well.
The downsides it may have would be not fitting mesh clothing right, that isn't made for the mesh body like 99.9% of the clothes out there.
In reality it is a great body, please fix the butt ( • 3 • ) I begs you, to the point it is on my list of gets.
The cost of the body is 1250 Lindens which is a fraction of the costs of the previously listed bodies.
I wonder if this changed anyones views on it like myself.
Thank you for reading :D keep in tune with the next two / last of the bodies that I will be posting about.

We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time..

hair: MOON{Hair}. Whirling Thoughts - Red Lux [at. kustom9.]
Jacket: ::C'est la vie !:: Ethel JK(black) [at. Creation JP]
Pants: BF Jeans Aqua Rip [at. kustom9.
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Winnie [at. The Top Shelf.]
Sunglasses: K_gs Jupiter [at. Creation JP]
Camera: Soy. SOYCA [white] [at. kustom9.]
Watch: [BODY FACTORY] Classic Watch (Gold-Black) [at. fi*Fridays.
Nail Polish: Go*DiVa - DIViNiTY Nails [at. fi*Fridays.
Shoes: REIGN.- SUPERNOVA HEELS- BLACK [at. kustom9.]

# 314 ALL Girl

Skin & Shape : Gossip Deer - 0892 
Hair : Little bones - Gardenhead - Group Gift!
Brows : [Buzz] - Natalia Brow - Browns
  (LM not available at the moment )
Eyeshadow : NOX - Flight Shadow [Neutrals] Brown
Eyes : #adored - dream eyes - dirt factory
Shirt : Twenty13 - Lana Shirt - Lined NEW!!!
Bracelet : Obsession Shoes - Beads 1A NEW!!!
Bag : Obsession Shoes - Leather Bag OS Teal NEW!!!
Shorts : {D.o.R.k.} - Elvira ALL girl with HUD , 24 colors NEW!!! @ Passion4fashion