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Fishy: !Ohmai: Bloopie Goldfish (Bi-Sunrise) @ SOU by

Tattoo : *PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Sweet Rosary @ROCK ATITUDE FAIR  - OPEN 28TH

Shoes : Diva's Lauren High Heels Red
Available in 13 beautiful colors.
(black , blue , brown , cream , green , grey , orange , pink , purple , red , teal , yellow ,white )

All I want is the taste that your lips allow

The Look
Skin Izzie's Samantha Skin Blue Pale @ Uber
Hair no.match -no. exception @ Cosmo Sales Room
Hand and Wrist Bracelet EMO-tions  FLORIELLE
Pose Signature Poses Jewelry #5

Lot #1141

Mesh Body - Lara By Maitreya
Skin - Enya By WoW Skins For The Designer Circle  
Hair  -  Callie By Tameless 
Nails - Extra Long Nails By IAF 

Outfit - Slim Mermaid Gown  The Sneak Peek 
Tattoo - No Direction By PMS For The Olala Fashion Event

Rings By Formanails

   Sneak Peek Event
March 25 to  April 5

 WoW Skins @ The Designer Circle Fair Tp

# 1248

Lushish Catz 
- One Mini Dress  (Event Price)
w / Appliers

Rocker Girl - Set  (Event Price)

Freya Hair (Not Free)

Lauren Boots  (Not Free)

 This event from April st - 20th
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Strawberry’s Mean Comments Meme

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I chose to participate because I think we all should think a little more before we say things online or otherwise, even if you totally hate the person and you truly believe they deserve it – what is that doing to you? What kind of dark monster are you fostering in your heart? For some people the freedom of the net shuts off their inner filters. Maybe they don’t feel it’s real or they think “It’s only a game/website/blog, grow thicker skin!” But for the person on the other end – you don’t know their story or what they’ve been through. Your words could be the tiny straw that breaks the camel’s back and pushes them over the edge once and forever. Your snarky “criticism” or jokey “trolling” or whatever you want to call it with a passive “lol” or a cute little smiley that’s pretending to soften the blow – those words could be the last words they ever read. By my name or by anon – that’s not something I would ever have the guts or temerity to be able to live with.

  1. Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers? If not, then skip to question #5. - I have but not in this blogging life. A long time ago I was a “lifeblogger” and I definitely had some negative Nelly types show up from time to time.
  2. How did you respond to them? – Generally I tried to ignore them but there were a few occasions where I snapped back with what I thought were witty comebacks or feisty retorts. Those times never really ended well.
  3. How did they make you feel? – Inside I was hurting though I never let it show that way, I thought I’d just be feeding them and then maybe they’d never stop. In reality, it was part of what made me start to shy away from posting on my blog even though I’d had far more friends there than foe. To this day I’m a bit afraid to participate in plurks or others’ blogs – I feel like I’m going to say the wrong thing and set someone off or be taken all wrong and I love being where I am now, I don’t want to bathe it in sour light and end up hating the thing that brings me so much peace..
  4. Can you share some of the mean comments you’ve received and your thoughts on them? – I don’t really recall exact words right now, just general anxiety and sadness over statements that were either passive aggressive criticism or outright hateful. People commenting that I was a selfish person, why did I think I was so important that anyone cared what I thought? And a few stalker types who were like a dog with a gravy soaked rag, they’d just keep following me wherever I went and they created blogs to launch personal attacks on my looks or thoughts or whatever without any real information or evidence to back any of it and it was just completely exhausting at those times. I shouldn’t have let them get to me but it did and I found myself questioning myself and feeling bad about things that weren’t even real.
  5. Have you ever ridiculed or negatively commented on someone else’s work, actions or personality with the intention to hurt them? – I can’t sit here and say I’ve never said a bad thing about anyone because that would be a pile of steaming poo, we’ve all been angry and said things that we didn’t really mean, but I can honestly say that I’ve never participated in any sort of public harassment, negativity, or bullying – anonymous or otherwise. I feel like if I truly have an issue with someone, it’s immature and cowardly to throw it out there in a public way. If I see a blog post or article that makes me fume – I take a deep breath and just close the page, even if I’d love to scream and spit at the writer. It’s never worth it. When you let that kind of anger fester in you then you’re not just feeding the negativity – you’re letting it consume you, you’re actively becoming it and the thought of that simply horrifies me.


Go*DiVa – LeNa Lingerie (B&W) for 5th Avenue
.:Glossy:. My real Tears
:: YaYo :: – Winter Face – Rosey Blush w/ Nose
. Infiniti . – Had A Bad Day – Emo Tears v2
. Infiniti . : – Eyebrow Base – Had A Bad Day – Sad
.::WoW Skins::: V2 Enya Tan for Designer Circle 102
“”Diva”” Hair “Nene” (Rhodolite)
*FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Slink Ankle Lock
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet – high & flat
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – R – Gesture

~Poses: Embody Prop Pose Pack F BROWSER, EoD Fashionista laptop set, Little House of Curios – The Hysterical Delirium Sofa – store closed currently, item no longer available (Twisted Delirium Hunt Pize)



Queen of the Damned

B o d y
Eyes: {D.A} Simplicity Eyes 
Lashes: Lelutka 2011 Lashes/long
Hair: +Spellbound+ Sunday // Monochromes

O u t f i t
Body: I'm sorry but it's no longer avaible :(
Bracers: RO - Melancholy - Bracers - Inferno - Gacha
Dress: RO - Melancholy - Dress - Inferno - Gacha
Heels:.: LIKE DESIGN :. Balance Shoes 

A c c e s s o i r s 
Collar: RO - Melancholy - Collar - Inferno RARE - Gacha
Garter: RO - Melancholy - Garter - Inferno - Gacha
Piercing: Cute Poison - Ova Piercing
Staff: .Aisling. Feldream Staff RARE - Gacha

LotD #191 「kitsunebi」

LotD #191

Skin: .Birdy. Ali VIP Skin
Eyes: [Buzz] Elysium Eyes (uber)
Makeup: {aii} + InuDaiYoukai Makeup Red +
Hair: .Olive. the Donut Hair (soon @ xiasumi)
Bells: ALTAIR* inari bells (soon @ xiasumi)
Necklace: ALTAIR* magatama necklace (soon @ xiasumi)
Ears: ALTAIR* fluffy ears
Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:* Summer kimono mini dress

Aurora Mycano

Sabra Style
 2015 Rose Gallery Artist Series 
Aurora Mycano
A bit about the artist who inspired this creation and whom the creation was named after:
 Aurora Mycano, designer and creator of "The Dragonfly - Artwork" focuses her art mainly on digital, fractal, modern and abstract art.

She got introduced to the universe of digital fractal art in autumn/winter 2012. Since then she is fascinated by this unique technique and enjoys creating these universal patterns in different variations and styles.

For her fractal art, she uses the program JWildFire, with which she won the first RL JWildFire fractal art contest in spring 2013. Other used fractal softwares are: Apophysis and UltraFractal. Her fractals are mainly raw fractals without any post-work/manipulations in photoshop or other editor programs.

In her newest exhibition for The Rose Gallery, she shows fractal art combined with digital art effects. A very modern and abstract collection of solely black & white images.

"I am very passionate about my art and expressing myself with it. You will find a little part of my soul and heart in each of my pieces, as they all reflect a certain moment in my life, which inspired me to create it."

Beside creating wall art, with her fractals or SL photography she enjoys producing sculptures and interior decoration.

Currently showing:

Permanent exhibitions at her gallery:

Fractal Art by Aurora Mycano at:
Funky Fractals exhibition at:
Fractal Art by Aurora Mycano at:
Fractal Art by Aurora Mycano at:

""D!va"" Hair
 "Elsa" (Black amber) 
Two versions in one pack,
 one with braid and one without
7 Deadly s{K}ins 
 FAITH box 2 Almond

The Little bat
TLB Noir Nails

Poetic Colors Eyes
pc eyes by LL - bright - caribbean sea

Poses by BehaviorBody Modeling Hud 1


I'm very proud to announce the new poses vestige: zayra 1 and 2. There are two packs with 5 poses each
and I also want to thank to vestige the honor of creating these wonderful poses with my name.
They are in the event: EVA -Eden of Virtual Art

Pose 1: Vestige Female  Zayra 2 - Vestige - Zayra 1 - EVA -Eden of Virtual Art
Pose 2: Vestige Female  Zayra 10 - Vestige - Zayra 2 - EVA -Eden of Virtual Art
Top: MoDANNA [Stefani Collection] Ripped Shirt Black - Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2.
Pants: MoDANNA [Stefani Collection] Leather Legging Black - Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2.
Mouth piercing: PUNCH / Spider Bites II {gold/pure}
Shoes: {Six Essence}Cherry .
Tattoo: Infected - Vegas Tattoo (Appliers: maitreya, slink, belleza, tmp)
Head: Fiore
Hands and feet: slink
Body: maitreya

Lot #1140

Mesh body - Lara By Maitreya 
Hair  -  GIFT 03 By Easter Coma *Free 
Nails - Extra Long Nails By IAF 

Outfit - SpringPinUp By Xxxtasi  For The Olala Fashion Event
Tattoo - No Direction By PMS For The Olala Fashion Event

Rings By Formanails

Shoe -  Extreme High Heels By StormCrow Design's  

 Olala Fashion Event Tp 
Open: 1st April