Mistery Gacha

The first mysterious ultrarare from the Mistery Gacha

[FAIDA] Triarius Outfit Ultrarare

[FAIDA] Triarius Armband Common
[FAIDA] Triarius Helm Rare


Thanks for the photo and for the luck of Roam

New Event from 30L : MISTERY GACHA


A new gacha. A new, mysterious concept.

Every merchant will provide awesome prizes and you will have to discover them: only commons and rares will be shown in pictures and each day you can win only 1 of the 4 fantastic Ultrarares they made.

The last day all of them will be available to be won.

Will you be the first one to uncover the mystery?


PS: Keep in touch to discover together the mysterious ultrarare!

Nothing is easy enough

Hair - Lamb. Pandora
Skin - Glam Affair Romy
Outfit - GizzA - Macha [Tuxedo]
Pantyhose - Blushed - Seamed with Slink appliers
Feet - Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S - Mid

Secret Body Blog
Liv Haalan ♥

Simply Pretty

WHITE DRESS AD 1BLACK DRESS AD 1SILVER DRESS AD 1RED DRESS AD 1There’s nothing like a pretty dress,well made and of course high heeled shoes,followed by some really elegant jewelry and a fresh coif of hair. All leaving you with a vibrancy fit for any occasion.

Hair: Tameless Wren* New!

*3 color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors.  All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted.

Dresses: .::PC::. Mini “Arianna” Designer’s Circle Round 88 New!

88th Designer’s Circle
September 14th – 27th 2014

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Silver
  4. Red

Shoes: [Icewerk Mesh] Bonita Slink Heels High Feet

Designer’s Circle Round 88 New!

  1. Gold
  2. Black
  3. Deep Blue
  4. Rose
  5. Deep Red (not shown but available in world)

Jewelry: C&C -Brenda Necklace & C&C -Brenda Earrings (25L Each)

Poses: DZ Custom Pose Hud SL001.P40

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Eshe Tan New!

Nail Varnish: ::Nar Mattaru:: Slink Nails HUD / Erys French


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Toymaker’s Laboratory

Perhaps it’s word that one of my favorite RP sims is going to be reopening, or perhaps it’s simply being surrounded by all the gold and bronze and whizbangs from A Clockwork Spiral… but I’m finding myself more and more captivated with the story around my engineer and his tinkertoy robot friend. I mentioned in the last post that I’d be covering the decor I used later – I tinkered (hurr hurr) with the setup a bit, and I imagine once a place opens up for me to play this character again, his lab will look not so very different from this.


The pieces are a mixture of bits and bobs from A Clockwork Spiral, We Love Roleplay, and A Secret Affair, as well as previous releases from some of my other favorite places. While my robot here – a prototype, I imagine, of the toy in my previous post – isn’t caged at the moment, the cage itself still looms large – this one from Stockholm&Lima (and filled with a ton of beautiful solo and couples poses). The lamps above are ACS exclusives from by Nacht, about whom I can’t say enough nice things – I was having trouble with turning off the local light initially and contacted the creator, and was sent a version with lights off within an hour or two (my thanks again to Fox – very kind of you!).

And while I don’t usually associate music with my posts, it’s easy to imagine a scratchy recording of Verdi’s La forza del destino playing in the background – after all, it’s the record playing on the little grammophone here, by 22769 ~ [bauwerk].


I know steampunk isn’t for everyone – hell, it wasn’t really for me before I started putting these posts together and thinking about the characters – but there’s just something about how wonderfully detailed all of these pieces are that has captured my imagination. The lamp, above, is also by  22769 ~ [bauwerk] and catches the light perfectly when you have screen reflections enabled. And perhaps surprisingly, one of my favorite pieces for this little workshop – that will no doubt appear in a lot of my other RP spaces too – is the tiny spinning gyroscope above, by Noctis. It looks nice in the picture, but to really appreciate it you have to see it moving, and the way it casts shadows in just the right lighting: I did a brief screengrab of the animation here for those who’d like to take a peek.


What would the laboratory be without the tinkertoy, of course? My robot here is actually the only thing that’s not a recent release – it’s Kinzart’s Manamachina avatar, from a previous Twisted Hunt, but dedicated hunters should still be able to grab it in-store (I went out and found it last night – the pack has six or seven color options, and male/female versions for every color). Notably, I did make a couple of tweaks – the light in the chest and eyes is normally blue, and I changed both to white and set the eyes to a blank white texture for a… slightly creepier glow. After all, he’s just a prototype – things like “pupils” will likely come in Tinkertoy 2.0.


Kinzart – Manamachina (Gold) (free for a past Twisted Hunt – still in store)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – A Clockwork Side Table * (out now at A Clockwork Spiral)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Around the World in one Day Rug  *(@ ACS)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Grammophon  *(@ ACS)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Industrial Floor Lamp   *(@ ACS)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Long Case Clock  *(out now at A Secret Affair)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Rodericks Books  &(@ ASA)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Rodericks Console  *(@ ASA)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Rodericks Harp  *(@ ASA)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Spine Light  *(@ ACS)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Trunk Table  *(@ ACS)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Violin Nook  *(@ ACS)
by Nacht – Steam Lamp  *(@ ACS)
Dutchie – Library (Wide Part 3)
floorplan. – map frame
junk. – vintage barbers chair
Noctis – GyroscopeA  *(out now at We Love Roleplay)
Noctis – Medieval Scholar’s Desk (2)  *(@ WLR)
Noctis – Medieval Scholar’s stool  *(@ WLR)
Standby Inc – Poseidon’s Corner: Map
Stockholm&Lima – The Birdcage*

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when I’ll wake up, everything is going to be fine


Skin: The Sugar Garden, Luna

Hair: Ploom, Genevieve

Dress: TSG, Academy uniform bloody @Survival / Horror

Mace: Katat0nik, heart mace  @Survival / Horror

Shoes: Energie, Run fast sneakers


- My own ♥
Boobies- Lolas ::: Tango Delicq
Hair- Tameless – Wren

Top- ..:: FRESH ::.. Hole Top
Shoes- *T.C* Lio Goat Skull

*T.C*  Goat Skull Ring
..:: FRESH ::.. Angel Wing
.random.Matter. – Rasputina Septum – Gold
RO – Crown of Thorns – Black

__•[ Snake Dress ]•__

Vestido: BN designs - Snake Dress  [new]  >>AQUÍ 
Skin: FIXTIN Store Group gift >>AQUÍ 

Collar: ECCO Suscribe gift >>AQUÍ 
Sandalias: J:A creations Group gift >>AQUÍ 

Avisos difundidos en Second Life por el grupo "*JP* and Friends"
♡✿•.¸¸.•✿❤✿•. PaU•✿❤✿•.¸¸.•✿♡

#170 Centuries

Click on MORE to see style details

  • Body

Hair: Little Bones – Hurt /GG – 100L join fee!/

Skin: Lara Hurley – Gervailse /GG – free to join! – w/ all the appliers – I’m not sure how long this is available – but it is sure one of my fave skins ever/

Shape: Belissima – Dina – Small

Eyeliner: Flirt – Rawr /1L on mp/

Lipgloss: .tsg. – Sweet Luna Lipgloss – Pez  /prev. candy fair item!/

Brows: Soiree – Vivian /@MP! – ONLY 200L$!-  SUCH STEAL YO – other cheap brows are available here too – much delight/

Eyes: {S0NG} :: – Murky~ Volt Eye

  • Outfit:

Sweater: NANA – Lenka Sweater – Dirty

Shorts: Iffyta – Booty Shorts /0L promo on mp/

Shoes: *COCO* – Platform Sneakers – Union Jack /GG – Free to join!/

Stockings: NANA – Libra Stockings –  Noir

  •  Accessories:

Mesh Hands: Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Elegant

Vampire Teeth: **SHINE**  – Vampire Teeth – Long /150L on MP/

Septum Ring: MONS – Septum Ring – Style 6 – Gold

Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: – Subtle Dare – [Gold] Thin

Freckles: [TheHellishDiva] – Freckles /New!/

Face Chains: NANA – Sonic Chain – Gold

Knee Protectors: NANA – FK Protector – White & Black /Gacha – 99L/

Collar: NANA – Hachi Collar – Gold /Prev. GG – Still Available – 50L join Fee/

Headband: NANA – Artemis Headband – Gold

Eyeshadow: [TheHellishDiva] – Saintly Shadow – v7 /New!/

Pose: //elephante poses// – Pompeii /Free -SUBSCRIBER Gift/