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>Hair<  [LoQ'ue]  Sake @Shiny Shabby  
>Skin<  .::WoW Skins::. V2 Masha  @Ross Event
>Shape<  [S.V.S] Tanis Curvy Shape for Mesh Bodies 
>Mesh Body<   eBODY - Abar v6.5 R8 Fitted Mesh Body
>Dress<  B BOS - Nady Dress-Flower Colors
>Shoes<  Essenz - Nairobi for Slink and Maitreya  @Shiny Shabby (July 20 - August 15)
>Ring<  Baubles!  Fairy Wings Rings 
>Pose<  Overlow Poses - Pack 58

 Serenity Style -  My Forest Warehouse Set @The Gacha Garden (start next 1st on august)
 Serenity Style -  Kuki Seat Bear -New at the Mainstore and Market!!!
 Serenity Style -  Country Chest 
 Serenity Style -  Cutie Monster 
 Serenity Style -  Wooden Tic-Toc Wall Art & Wooden Swing  Bench @The Fantasy Collective -July-

LOOK 251

Hair: *ARGRACE* Bucket hat / TOMOE - Blondes @Hair Fair
Top: Ghee Tropical Mix Bikini Bandeau Top Bagged @Fashiontropic
Short: paper.arrow beach.khakis dots
Sunglasses: yoyo9 - A:B necklace 008 sunglasses 2.0 - Marketplace
Belly Chain: GeWunjo : DANA belly chain
Body & Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
Flip Flops: SLINK FLAT  Platform Flip Flops 1 ::db Dollz:: @Ross Fair
Towel: *_M.birdie Story_* Summer Luv_towel 3 1 (gacha) @OKINAWA Summer Festival
Pose: .::IDK::. Pack#45 (pose 05)

WordPressers Making a Splash

We read hundreds of blogs and websites every day, from up-and-coming voices and established pros alike. We love visiting those sites on, but it’s just as rewarding to see other platforms embrace the work of writers, journalists, and artists who regularly publish here, introducing it to new audiences.

Here’s a selection of bloggers who recently made a splash.

A mathematician at work

Terry Tao is a veteran blogger, publishing prolifically on his site since 2007. He also happens to be a Fields Medal recipient and one of the leading mathematicians working today. The New York Times Magazine just ran a fascinating profile of Tao and his work by Gareth Cook. Cook follows Tao around the UCLA campus as he explains his most important contributions to the field.

Even those who experience great success through their college years may turn out not to have what it takes. The ancient art of mathematics, Tao has discovered, does not reward speed so much as patience, cunning and, perhaps most surprising of all, the sort of gift for collaboration and improvisation that characterizes the best jazz musicians.

Tao has earned a reputation for being a gregarious, generous colleague — and the piece is studded with testimonies of his collaborative spirit (including a cameo appearance by Izabella Laba, a fellow mathematician and blogger).

Highbrow laughs

The Toast, a humor site with a literary, feminist bent (and a self-hosted WordPress site to boot) has been one of the web’s favorite destinations for satire and witty writing since its inception. And just in the past few weeks, two bloggers had pieces in the site’s lineup.

Author Lauren James, a young adult writer with a physics and chemistry background, recently wrote The Hogwarts Houses of the Periodic Elements: A Critical Analysis,” a post as full of unrepentant geeky fun as its title suggests. And last month, linguist, internet language specialist, and blogger Gretchen McCulloch published her most recent essay, “A Linguist Explains How We Write Sarcasm on the Internet” (essential reading for all bloggers, naturally).

Via Gretchen McCulloch's essay at The Toast, a proposed early-20th-century "irony mark."

Via Gretchen McCulloch’s essay at The Toast, a proposed early-20th-century “irony mark.”

You should visit Gretchen’s earlier contributions to The Toast, as well as her frequent articles at Mental Floss.

Beyond hot takes

Bloggers share writing in a variety of genres and tones on their sites, from short, impassioned reaction pieces to probing longreads. The same versatility is easy to discern in the pieces we highlight here.

Tressie McMillan Cottom, a sociologist and blogger renowned for her powerful prose, recently reviewed Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me, one of the season’s most talked-about titles, at the Atlantic.

My mother once told me that black progress meant fighting for your children to never know you. Coates knows his son’s body is vulnerable but he worries first here about his son forgetting.  He is afraid of losing his son to the “new black” of multiculturalism that absorbs blackness and spits out beige history, beige politics and beige faiths.

On Manliness and Joan Didion,” a thought-provoking blog post by writer and teacher Frank Strong, patiently explores the murky boundaries of gender in Didion’s writing voice, as well as in discussions of her work. Frank’s essay was picked up last month by The Millions, a prestigious online literary magazine.

Lastly, just this past weekend Rebecca Schuman, who blogs frequently at pan kisses kafka, scored a viral hit with her Slate column, “I Am Terrified of Taking My Child Literally Anywhere.” It’s a raucous, absorbing piece on parents, misbehaving kids, and the people who mistreat the latter — and especially on our dangerous tendency to react to these stories online with unnecessarily extreme rhetoric. It’s a great read for anyone who ever sat behind a crying baby on a flight (or for anyone who was ever the parent of such a baby).

Was your blog just featured in the media? Has a recent post generated a healthy dose of buzz? We’d love to know about it — share your story with us in a comment.

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Doing it now

Doing it now

Tashi, Wicca`s Wardrobe
We're staying all night
We never slow down
I think we better do it like we're doing it now
It's been a long time
Since we've been around
So come on, let's keep doing it like we're doing it
Doing it like we're doing it
Swimsuit: Jennifer by Tashi hud with 6 colors
Hat: Alice purple by Wicca`s Wardrobe
Sandals: Kim by Tashi fuchsia- 5 colors
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* ♥* SuperNatural In @The Aloha Fair , Truth *♥*

.::Supernatural.:: Tessa Bikini @The Aloha Fair 
Hair Lavinia Truth 

❀ 386 = ❀::Supernatural::❀[enVOGUE]❀

Bonito piano

Skin: -=>> G.C <<=- - Nina Skins
Pelo: TRUTH HAIR - Kinsley
Vestido: *Lurve* - Satin Passion Backless Formal
Cuerpo: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Pies: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female high
Manos: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female

... And my boyfriend is a hacker

My one and only has that little problem with the sleep hours, you know...
Exactly, he doesnt sleep. Well, he does , three or four hours as much.
Usually he gets up and goes running or works in his school papers, reads all the newspapers on line, and writes on his thesis about solar platforms.
But it was saturday early (3.48am) and we are on holidays. When I dont have to go to class, he usually sits on bed by my side with his lap, and I cuddle close to him, the soft click-click of his keyboard as a lullaby.
So thats what we did this saturday early morning, and I was falling asleep again when the most horrible noise made me jump in bed.
It was a sort of air raid alarm, so loud that I almost fell off the bed. It lasted less than ten seconds, but seemed eternal.
'OMG,what the hell was that?', I whispered, absolutely terrified.
But what followed didnt help to make me feel better.
Rum had literally torn up the back of his lap and emptied most of his pieces. He took his mobile without a word and sent a quick text. Then he turned it off , and got up while saying,
'love, I need to use your lap for a minute, may I?'
'My lap? Sure, but what happens? What was that alarm?'
Next second the girls were knocking the door in panic
Plowwies   Bitaminak jammies  female 
Image Essentials Accessorise poses
I ran to the door, and did my best to calm them down, though I didnt know what to say, just something in Rum's lap went wrong.
 Ree and Umami looked at Rum, who smiled at them while typing non stop on my laptop, and Ree said that noise had been the most scary thing ever, 'so please, be sure you disconnect it'.
They went back to bed, though Umi kept looking at me as wanting to be sure it was safe to leave me alone with such a maniac.

I watched the maniac connect a external hard disk to my lap, telling me he was keeping all my info, no worries, and then in front of my eyes, he took a little screwdriver from his bag, opened my computer and removed most of it!
He threw all the pieces in his bag  without a blink, exactly the same he did with his super extra expensive lap.

Then he seemed to relax, and looked at me with a smile.
'What is this all about?' I whispered.
'No worries, love,...'
He moved to me and I stepped back.
Plowwies  Benito de Soto jammies  men and  golddelicious jammies female
Le Poppycock- poses 

'Dont 'love' me now, Rum, you are acting like a lunatic with a crazy alarm that rings in the middle of the night to tell him is time to destroy all the laptops around...
'Im sorry', he said, 'and Im not crazy, come to bed, please'.
'Tell me whats going on'.
He looked at me with that guilty face that makes him look so young. But this time I was really scared, and fear made me angry.
'The noise was the alarm I have set in my laps, to prevent someone to hack me and track me'.
I took a big breath. Damn rich families.
'So someone was hacking you to get your money?'
He looked even guiltier. And very uncomfortable.
'Well... not exactly'.
'Then? Why a hacker would want to hack you?'
'Cause I am a hacker too'.
(to be continued)


Skin: -=>> G.C <<=- - Nina Skins
Pelo: TRUTH HAIR - Kinsley
Camiseta: B BOS - -Rina Top-
Falda: Legal Insanity - Amya jeans skirt
Sandalias: Poute- - Jade Flat Sandals-
Cuerpo: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Pies: Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female flat
Manos: Slink - AvEnhance Hands Female

-AZUL- Abigail / Lexi Limited color for The Lexi Project


Glad to see you again :) 

AZUL participating in charity event "The Lexi Project" with exclusive Abigail gown.
Open from July 25th.

about The Lexi Project website

The Lexi Project Slurl

AZULは”The Lexi Project"のチャリティに参加しています。
Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture)として知られているデザイナーさんへのチャリティです。
彼女は、現在、”stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma”リンパ腫の一種のStage3ということです。。
彼女のヒストリーについてはこちら--> (英語のページです)



Dress : -AZUL- Abigail / Lexi Limited color for The Lexi Project 
    (include Barrette (Bright / non Bright))
Hair : Clawtooth: Misty Day (Enchanting Brunettes Pack)

We hope she gets better even little by little. 

Thank you!!