Black Beauty (276)

Adira from [Teri]otrope release for this 25 Linden tuesday a sexy camisk…its shows more as it hide…..Many colors available.

Laurenzia 1_1 Laurenzia 2_1 Laurenzia 3

What I wear:
  • Shape: My own
  • Body/Hands/Feets: Slink – Physique Mesh Body/Mesh Hands Casual/Natural Barefeet @ Mainstore
  • Skin: [DBF] – Takira Skin Cocoa with Slink Body Applier @ Deluxe Body Factory
  • Eyes: {Song} – Bright Abyss Eye @ past TTS
  • Hair: Moon – 21 Hours greyscales @ N-twenty1
  • Flower: Eolande´s Hibiscus Hair Pin v3 (Dont remember where I bought it)
  • Earrings: ieQED: pirate.doubloon.hoop.earring @ past FGC
  • Dress/Arms/Hands: [Teri] – Laurenzia red @ [Teri]otrope glYph Mainstore
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From the Alpha to the Omega



In yesterday’s post I mentioned the Kitties Lair Lena Lush Mesh Body as my new full mesh body of choice for its curves, among other things. Pink Sugah is another designer making the KL Lena appliers and this dress is offered over at Lubbly Jubblies. Sure does make it simple to not have to worry about lining up those criss crossing straps! The shoes I paired with the outfit from ZOZ were part of the Penumbra Fashion Event that just ended so there may be a slight delay seeing them in the store, but I’m sure it won’t be long.

Another new item I’m wearing today is a skin from Izzie’s called Patty. Isn’t she pretty? I’m wearing an eyeliner over the eyeshadow and a pretty lipstick as well as the face only freckles option tattoo layer, which are all included! One thing that isn’t included or available (YET) is an applier for the Lena Lush Body. But wait! If there’s no applier how did you get such a FLAWLESS look to your skin? Well, I’m using the Izzie’s Lolas and Azz appliers on my Lena body! WHAT?! HOW DID YOU DO THAT? Say hello to the Omega Applier System! WARNING! I’m about to get all technical on how to use an applier conversion kit. If you’re not interested in all that, skip to the last paragraph before the shopping list.


The Omega system uses a conversion process that allows you to wear clothing made for boobs and azzes with other mesh body parts. It may sound confusing at first, but anyone who has worn the Ghetto Booty (like me) is use to moving NCs around and this is the exact same process. First you need to get the Omega system that matches the mesh body part you want to wear, in this case the kit for the Kitties Lair Lena Mesh Body. Open the kit, rez your mesh body on the ground and move the script from the Omega folder into the contents of your body. Pick up the body and wear it. You are now good to go for ALL Lolas appliers. Just wear the Lolas applier, click it and watch it go on your body. Easy! The butts have never been as user friendly as the boobs, so there is another step to take to get butt appliers on your body. In the Omega folder there is a Dev Kit. Open that up and now you have even more applier options. Find the Omega Combo Bottom Applier in the folder and rez it on the ground. Now find the azz applier you want to wear and rez it on the ground. While in edit mode on the azz applier, move the config NC to your inventory. I move them to the clothing folder of the outfit I want to wear so I know what and where it is. Most are just called CONFIG NC which can get confusing if you just drop them all into your NC folder. Next edit your Omega Bottom Applier and delete the NC that’s already inside. LEAVE THE SCRIPT! Now drop the azz applier NC into the Omega Bottom Applier. While still in edit mode, you can rename the applier on the General Tab to make it easier to know what it is later. Once you pick up the Omega applier it will look no mod cuz of the script that’s inside so unless you want all appliers to say Bottom Applier, rename it before you pick it up. Now you’re ready to wear the Omega applier, click it and watch it go on your body. Yea! That’s the process for wearing clothes with the Omega System, but I’m wearing a skin. Does that make a difference? Yes, just a little bit. Enter the Omega Skin Applier Kit!


ANOTHER KIT? Yep. Luckily it’s all included once you buy the Omega Kit for your body part. Just need to open the skin applier kit and now you have even MORE applier options. To convert a skin like I did with Izzie’s Patty, rez the Omega Body (Upper Skin), Legs (Lower Skin) and Nipple Appliers on the ground. Now rez your skin’s Lolas and Azz appliers on the ground. The azz is simple. Just follow the clothes conversion from above to move the NC from your skin’s azz applier to your inventory then into the Legs Applier. Done. Boobs are more fun to convert, but aren’t boobs always more fun anyway? With my skin there is a base and then nipple options. While in edit mode for the Lolas Appliers, edit linked parts and click on the button for the base skin. Move that NC to your inventory then into the Body applier. Pick that up and you’re done with the Body applier. If the nipples are already on the skin itself, you really are done. Just attach the Body and Leg appliers you just made, click and watch your body transform! I like nipple options so I took it one step further. I edited linked parts on the Lolas applier, clicked the button for the nipple I wanted and pulled that NC out to my inventory then into the Nipple applier. Pick it up, attach it, click it and watch those nipples go BAM! Don’t worry, once you do this a few times, the conversion becomes very simple.


What if you like the Lena Body (or another body part), want to wear your fave clothes and skins and don’t want to deal with a conversion kit? Send a NC to your favorite skin and clothing designers and respectfully ask them to take a look at the mesh body part you wear. There are so many options out there and designers can’t be expected to make an applier for every single option there is. It takes too long for one thing and they might not be aware of the body part for another. In case they aren’t aware of the body part, the NC can come in handy. I contacted Izzie about a Lena body applier and she hadn’t heard about it cuz let’s face it, everyone is talking about Slink Physique, Belleza Venus and The Mesh Project. Let your fave designers know there are other options out there! But WAIT! If you can convert your skin with Omega, why would you need Izzie to make an applier? Many reasons. First, I don’t want to have to convert everything I wear! It’s so much easier to wear the Lena applier, click it and go. Second, I want more options! If there is a Lena body applier, she could make cleavage and no cleavage options, body freckles, the no nipple option she offers for those of you needing to be a little more conservative, even something going on in the hooha area in the form hair or not. SO MANY OPTIONS! Also, a conversion is never going to as perfect as an applier made specifically for the body. Some skin appliers can’t be converted (one I tried put the nipple on my belly button) so in that case I NEED a Lena applier. Finally, I want to support the mesh body by supporting the designers who create for it. The body will not survive or be updated if no one is wearing it for lack of clothing and skin options. So NC those designers, especially Izzie Button cuz I told her to expect all the NCs, asking for the Lena applier! Really, she’s expecting your NCs so don’t let me down out there! I think I talked enough today, but I hope it was helpful and now on to the credits!

Dress – Pink Sugah – Unaware (@ Lubbly Jubblies)
Shoes – ZOZ – Maddy Heels

Hair, Skin and Makeup:
Hair – Truth – Shae (NEW)
Skin – Izzie’s – Patty in Peach with freckles, eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and strawberry lipstick (NEW)*
*Used the Omega system for the KL Lena Body

Purse – Pink Acid – Holographic Faux Python Cluthc ( @ The Gacha Mania, RARE)
Ring – #ForeverFamous – Safari Ring (@ The Thrift Shop)
Nail Applier – The {Wicked} Peach – Fishtail

Scene Items:
The Domineaux Effect – Victorian Garden Pathway Kit
3D Trees – weeping willow AUTUMN
Urban Jungle – Fire Escape Kit
Thistle – Park Slope Townhouse (@ Home & Garden Expo, Sim 1)
Fanatik Architecture – Rocks & Cliffs WALES Rock 5

Scene Pose: the pose shop. – 37 (@ The Thrift Shop)

Single Poses: .Infiniti.

Everyday Body Credits found HERE:
Shape – Custom
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies
Eyes – Ikon – Hope – Chocolate (NEW)
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Casual
Feet – Slink AvEnhanced Feet – High
Body – Kitties Lair – Lena Lush Mesh Body

Taco Tuesday

mesh hoodie: ::HEYDRA:: - Kyle, comes with texture change HUD - New Release!
mesh pants: ::BRAVURA:: - Dream Pants, comes with texture change HUD - New Release!
skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas body 3 tone 3 HB, shown with appliers
poses:  Image Essentials - subtle moves
hair: [INK] - Against
mustache: [INK] - Mustache for HF14 Gift - FREE (group required)
tattoo: . inhale . - Fright Night Zombified, shown with appliers
mesh hands & feet: Slink 
ears: Miss LT Creation Studio - FREE on Marketplace
mesh eyes: KMADD - FREE sampler pack
photos taken HERE

- 442 -

- Styling Card -

Glam Affair  Nivy Flowers Bride   @The Liaison Collaborative
little bones.    Willow Tree - Blondes   85L Per Play   @The Secret Affair
chocolate atelier  Viola *White*   New   @PENUMBRA Fashion Week AW14 - c.A Booth
Half Deer  Forest's Tale - Petals and Pearls Bracelet - White   75L Per Play   @The Arcade
Pure Poison  Broken Wings   @The Secret Affair

- Pose -

Del May  Deleted   @Del May

- 442 -

Around the World in Eight Photos

Join us as we explore the world though the street photography tag on Here you’ll find no airport lineups, no grumpy customs agents, and you never get the middle seat.

On belgianstreets, photographer Andy Townend recently shot “stripfeest,” an annual comics festival held in Brussels, Belgium. We loved how Andy captures this young reader fully ensconced in his comic book. An avid photographer, Andy is also a regular contributor to The Daily Post‘s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Photo by Andy Towned

Photo by Andy Townend

We were intrigued by the untold stories in Michael Wilson’s photo, “the flower seller,” on his site, BrooklynBystander. Taken in Adelaide, South Australia, the photo below documents a brief moment of commerce. We look at it and wonder: who is it that these gentlemen bought flowers for — perhaps a friend, a relative, a lover, or maybe themselves?

Photo by Michael Wilson

Photo by Michael Wilson

Speaking of untold stories, the following moment of domesticity in the middle distance at Plebs Street Photography caught our eye. A woman, and a man working on a laptop, are both enjoying a bit of stolen warmth during Copenhagen Indian Summer. What is she doing? What is he working on? We love the way this photo allows us to imagine their story.

Photo by Plebs Street Photography

Photo by Plebs Street Photography

Matt Weber, a photographer who has documented New York City’s fleeting moments for the last 25 years, captured this subway performer’s serious glare and the polarizing effect this “subterranean gymnast” had on the passengers around him. If you were on this train car, would you be appreciative or apathetic?

Photo by Matt Weber

Photo by Matt Weber

Another quick spin through the Reader takes us from New York City’s subway to the following quiet moment in Venice, Italy, courtesy of photographer Kyra Betteridge. Kyra captured these gondola drivers in repose, as they waited for their next customers. We love how the light in this photograph draws your eye directly to the drivers, in their bright, striped shirts. Check out more of Kyra’s work on her site, Kyra Betteridge Photography.

Photo by  Kyra Betteridge

Photo by Kyra Betteridge

At Life is a Vacation, Sangeeta wrestles with her emotions over the following photograph she took in Mandu, India, post-monsoon. The elderly woman struggling up the muddy, slippery incline reminded Sangeeta of her own nonagenarian grandmother.

Photo by Sangeeta

Photo by Sangeeta

Jessica Heckinger Nowak captures a different sort of solitude in this image of an accordion player in the streets of Paris, France. We love how if you focus your gaze on the player, the graffiti scribbled across the low wall resembles the flurry of musical notes we imagine emanating from his accordion. Interested in seeing more? Check out Jessica’s work at National Geographic.

Photo by Jessica Heckinger Nowak

Photo by Jessica Heckinger Nowak

Finally, we couldn’t resist these two cats in full relaxation mode in Athens, Greece, courtesy of the the blogger behind evinaseyes.

Photo by evinaseyes

Photo by evinaseyes

Tour the world from the comfort of your favorite comfy chair, courtesy of the photographers who share their work on For more, take a spin through the street photography tag in your Reader.

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More from the Four Seasons Market  this time its the turn of NiNight . I love this cosy jumper dress .  A very flexible addition to any fashion wardrobe.


Hair : .:EMO-tions:. * MERA LUNA * /flames

Skin : “The Skin You’re In” Dee Dee

Eyes : “The Skin You’re In” Lt Blue

Lashes : *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelash with hud.

Hands & Feet : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Nail Polish : La Boheme [LB DecoFringeGold] New in stock

Makeup : [Mock] Eyeshadow Glitter Pop Eshadow in Patina Spectacular 

Necklace : 22769 ~ [accessories] @ The Jewellery Fair Royal Couple Necklace Gold 

Dress: ..:: NN ::.. The Four Seasons Market Mesh Autumn Leaves Sweter Dress 7

Shoes : ~Karababy~ Carolina Rose – Champagne 

Pose : KaTink – Vanity 

Location : Home Windligth studio light.

Today’s Top 10 Hunts

HUNT SL I Feel You Feel HuntGood morning fabulous fans! Here’s a listing of what’s hot in the hunt world today: Tuesday, September 23.

Can you tell that Second Life is looking forward to Halloween? This is the first week that some Halloween themed hunts have popped into the Top 10. We all LOVE Halloween! Stay tuned because there are a lot more spooky hunts coming your way.

Just a reminder, that these are the 10 most popular viewed hunts over the past 48 hours or so. We don’t know how many people actually start (or finish) any given hunt and this ranking can (and probably will) change in a few hours.

See you out on the hunt!

Fab Free Xia Nishi

Whimsical Imaginarium - Royalty

Hello earthing, I'm Rehana Seljan㋡

[Styling Note]
+ Gown | Whimsical Imaginarium - Royalty @The Couturier's Docks
+ Jewelry | Zuri Jewelry - Madrid (Amethyst Beryl Olive Gold) - NEW!!
+ Nail | Nailed It - MvW Autumn Set (for Slink)
+ Hair | ploom - Kerry (Monotone)
+ Pose | PosESioN - Raquel Set

Fields of Gold - On a Lark for 25L Tuesday

The Thorn arm and leg wraps are simple, well made and cute and you get a HUD to swap the metal colours out to suit your taste and you can also get them in a Vine version.  The Thorn camisk is cute, sassy and sexy and you need to get it....especially as all these items are available today (23rd Sept) for 25L each only...after that they will go back up to normal price so be quick!
D!va - Jaden

!Curvalicious Shada Latte 1 ([Banned], WowMeh, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, Lola Tango, Physique Slink Hands and Feet Appliers) *


Ikon - Promise *

*GA* - Mesh Lashes Mysteria *


Lola Tango

:SMC: - LollipoZ - Dyer Marker

Hair: Peace & Love - LollipopZ (Mimi's Choice group Gift - Limited Time)
Outfit & Accessories
Dress: Short Sleeve Dress/ Blu - :SMC: (LB)
Books & Pose: Back to School Poses & Proper - Dyer Maker (GG in Store)