█ ▌║▌║ BLACK FASHION FAIR ║ ▌║▌█
by WeDo SL Events.

August 08 to 22


Black is a timeless color … this color through all epochs and never goes out of fashion.
It is a sophisticated, modern, urban color, among many other adjectives and synonyms we could give this color.

At this fair we want to show the power of black!
With imagination and creativity anything is possible.

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Personally, I can not wait!!
Check the tags for all the designers!

Have fun!

'In Your Dreams' ft ZOZ, Miss Canning, Tameless, WoW, Pomposity, {RS} Del May, Ikon, Slink

"A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
"Go to sleep, everything is all right"     Yeah right lol...
I don't think I've ever visited the Rowena Springflower Store before today, but I would definitely advise anyone to pay a visit - as well as fab new items such as this Pipper Dress which features a colour-change hud, there are load of lucky letter boards, Midnight Manias and Free Gifts - Group is free to join too.
Skin/shape here is a new release from WOW and is @ the Black Dot Project just now till 13th August. Lea is a sensual attractive skin, in 4 skin tones, milk, tan, bronze and dark tan. 5 different make ups, each one with cleavage option, eyebrows base, freckles option, shape copy/modify included!
Hair is from Tameless - this is Cecelia - Tameless have so many colour options you're spoiled for choice - there are 3 color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors.  All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L..
Gladiator Boots are from Miss Canning - they're for Slink High Feet and come in a six colour pack which includes ankle-only versions for $L299 - brilliant value when I've seen others at over 200$L for just one pair!
I always like to co-ordinate the nail color on my Slink Hands to outfits and this new applier from ZoZ is perfect - this is from the Shimmer Romance hud which you can find @ The Designer Circle until 2nd August. The Telephone Ring and Diamond Bangle are from Pomposity. Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee. Poses I used were from Del May and I took the pics @ Afterlife.

Hilly Haalan - Drew Outfit - New Release

Clique nas imagens para ampliar
Lala Hair -  ^;^CaTwA^;^ - New Release
Flexi Mesh hair ( Resize in Hud)
Rigged Mesh hair - 2 sizes
Flexi Parts- 1
Rigged Mesh Hair Without Bangs - 2 sizes
Rigged Mesh Bangs - 2 sizes
NonRigged Mesh Bangs With/W Bangs ( Resize in Hud)
Compatible With Lana Hair
MKT - InWorld
Ewa Skin - Al Vulo - NF
With Hands and Feet App
Drew Outfit - [hh] - New Release
Top - Mesh - 5 sizes
Pants - Mesh - 5 sizes
Cluth - With Pose - Stretch Script
Chain Heels For Slink Mid Feet
MKT - InWorld

Av Enhance Slink Feet and Hands - Slink - NF
Ankle Blender Layers - Grey - Red and Yellow
Feet Basic Nails HUD-Utilities - Feet-5 sizes Feet-OmniHUD v5 Feet
Alpha Layer Feet and Hands
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The 4° round at OMG sale room continues. The theme is rock and this outfit is very nice!
TopJ.Allen- Amy skull sweatshirt (not free; exclusive for OMG sale room)
ShortsJ.Allen- Alanis shorts (not free; exclusive for OMG sale room)
BootsFormis Designe- Outfit camy (dollarbie 5L at OMG sale room)
HairAnalog dog- pop scotch, full color pack (gift available at Hair Fair)
BubblegumPink Fuel- Yum bubblegum! (not free)
PoseBehaviorBody- Cherie parker (past gift)

Hair Fair is closed but you can find some free hairs at the Analog dog store. The boots are part of a dollarbie outfit  and if you go to the OMG sale room you will find many gifts / dollarbies... shhh, it's shopping time!
SL Frees & Offers

Retro Monday: “C-12: Final Resistance”

The saga of Crytek UK and the news cold-open continues… So… Crytek has finally come forward and said there was some recent financial troubles within the company. At least a “transitional phase” (citation: GamesIndustry.Biz) where they are moving to a … Continue reading


Bag: {ViSion} -S&F - Summer Mesh Bags
Bikini: {ViSion} -S&F - Swimwear Coco - Bikini 
Hands and Feet: Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Feet 
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha



HAIR-^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh C4 V2
SHOES-(HH)Melina Summer Booties Black  NEW RELEASE
TOP-[R3] - Zia Top [V2]- NEW RELEASE!!
PANTS-[R3] - Declan Jeans NEW RELEASE!!
SWEATER-[R3] - Waist Sweater [V2] Female NEW RELEASE!!

Cara Corset Dress FashionNatic NEW RELEASE!!


Hair - eXxEsS : INDRA Black

Skin - [HUSH] January - Shiver - Cream (db)

Dress - Cara Corset Dress FashionNatic NEW RELEASE!!
Cara Hud Controlled Corset Dress
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Mini Dress 
* Hud with 15 Texture styles Dress and 4 Texture styles Parts. 
* Lolas Tango Appliers (Optional) Try the demo First!!! 
* Alpha layer

Boots - Felicity Slink Boots Hugh Feet FashionNatic (ja postado)


I'm so proud and excited today !!
Belle Roussel , designer of CHOP ZUEY, joined MIMI'S CHOICE !

We made a beautiful selection for my store. All these jewels will be used in my BREAKFAST AT MIMI'S show, 10th of August !

Today , let me show you CONSECRATION set black and gold.
Included in the set:
Beaded choker necklace, Beaded long necklace, Cross pendant, Necklace brooch, earrings and 2 bracelets.
Here is your direct link to the vendor:

hair: Keep it Quiet , Vanity hair at Mimi's Choice
dress: leather glam dress orage at Mimi's Choice

While you're here take this amazing gift, offered by CHOP ZUEY !
3 wonderful bracelets !!!

As free as….

OK maybe not  free but 10 Lindens which is pretty darn cheap and that’s just to join the group itself so you never know what other goodies may come your way once Posh Pixels takes off.  I know very little about this shop as it’s literally just getting started, so at the moment there isn’t much to see but it’s lovely that already decent goodies have been put out.  There is a men s gift as well as this one for meeee but I haven’t checked that out yet and will send Baylen in for it.


Slight confession is that when I saw the styling of the peasant blouse it was a bit emmm another one of those tops but in all honesty I LOVE this look!!!! The addition of the cut off fabric pants in the earthy green compliments the acidic and in some light almost luminous yellow/green top.  Someone has a good eye for colour matching,  I mean how good does this look?

Very little in this shop at the moment so grab the GG and the LM and I’m pretty sure they will be stocking up as quickly as possible and from what little I do know this will be a shop of “all sorts” ie make up, clothes, prefabs, gifts, decor items and I love this type of shop as I always find something to tempt me.

Posh Pixels