Welcome To The Show

Welcome To The Show

Hair:taketomi-Eulalia (Kawaii Project )
Skin:VCO-Nina Skin
Eyes:Buzzeri-Aura Eyes-Rose
Eye shadow:NOX. Muse Shadow-Black (IDK Event)
Eyelashes:Glam Affair – Shironuri Lashes-Coal
Hat:Enfant Terrible-Showstar Hat Red RARE (Tag Gacha Event)
Choker:Enfant Terrible-Star choker Black (Tag Gacha Event)
Corset:Enfant Terrible-Showstar Corset-Black (Tag Gacha Event)
Shoulder:Enfant Terrible-Showstar shoulder-Black (Tag Gacha Event )
Stockings:CerberusXing-Ripped Stockings (On9 Event)
Shoes:CerberusXing-Sexy Massacre-Rusty (On9 Event)
Person:ContraptioN-The Gainsley’s Mobrid Collection: Tomas (Tag Gacha Event )

For more infomation and pictures of gacha prizes please visited the event website Click Here


1.Go to Gachatopia to find the Starting Point. Join the trade group for help and trading

2. Grab a HUD located at the Starting Point

3. Wear the HUD and accept the request to teleport then follow the directions in local chat to activate it

4.After you have activated your HUD you can spin to get to the first store

5.Play the gacha and collect a Mystery Coupon RARE if you can! Or spin your HUD to go to the next machine

6.Tag the board next to the machine so your HUD knows you were there

7.Visit all 50 stores and play for prizes. Tag every board to unlock the Bonus Room

8.Visit the Bonus Room to find even more bonus gacha! Tag the board there to unlock the Coupon Room

9.Visit the Coupon Room to redeem any Mystery Coupons you have won

10. When you get there, hold your Mystery Coupon in your hand and click the store vendor that matches your coupon

11.Receive your Mystery Rare then head back out for more!

12.Use your HUD as a teleporter to explore the locations until midnight slt the last day of the event!


Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tami hair- For Black Fashion Fair

Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Strigoi

Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace :: DRUUNA :: For Black Fashion Fair

Lingerie: LUST - MyCute Set Black For Black Fashion Fair

Rings: Izzie's - Celestial Midi Rings For Black Fashion Fair

Bracelet: Izzie's - Take A Bow Bracelet Gacha For Black Fashion Fair

Shoes: :::ChicChica::: Blacky shoes ( Black )  For Black Fashion Fair

Mirror: :CP: Old Memories Mirror - Dark

Poses: My Pouf {me+purple} For Black Fashion Fair


Hair: *Soonsiki! Soul - Gift Group
Top: [Cherry] - Emma Crop Top - Ouija @ Black Fashion Fair - New 
Pants: {Six Essence} Lovers Jeans - Jeans - New
Shoes: {Six Essence}Sia Black ( Slink High) @ The Black Dot Project Event - New

::GABRIEL:: An Leather outfit

GB An Leather outfit

GB  An Leather outfit .1
Outfit….. ::GB:: An Leather outfit (KUSTOM9) New
Hair….. *Dura-Girl*48
Shoes….. Bens Boutique – Star Pumps


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Post 570 - Infiniti : Servitude

Heey everyone.  So I decided this post should be a little naughty and maybe not so safe for work.  But my naughty parts are covered! I seen this pose and I asked my oh so PG boyfriend if he would dare do this with me and he did! I am a very bad influence on him.  I know.  Its ok he will get over it right? 

So Brandi Monroe, the owner of Infiniti is in the Pose Fair 2015! I am so excited for her, she is in a lot of events, and has been around for a little bit now, and I remember when her store first opened.  I feel like that mom when her baby flys away, while its not my store, I have had the pleasure of talking to Brandi a few times and she is a total sweet heart.  So for me her poses are top notch.  And I am happy for her success.

As you can see ... this is a very naughty pose and can be taken from many different angles and looks, and backgrounds, there are so many things you could do with this pose and it would be awesome.  I suggest you head over to both Pose Fair and check out her other poses, and then head to her store and get the amazing items there, because you wont be sorry.  They are so well made, and the prices are awesome.

. Infiniti . - Servitude - Couples Pose | Brandi Monroe | Pose Fair 2015

Common questions about BDSM – Part 2

My plans today for writing got pretty much scuppered and for this you can thank the weather. It has been absolute gorgeous spring weather around here which much meant that my mind has been on other things.

Add to this having to run into town to get my phone sorted – this meant that most of my time today that I had originally planned to devote to writing was gone faster then I could tell a really bad pun.

So last week blog was very well received with some comments that asked me to pay more attention at specific parts of the BDSM culture. I have already planned to do that next week. But this week I wanted to finish the second part of the common questions about BDSM.

This week has another 9 questions (I thought there were ten, but apparently I totally forget to count when it gets past midnight). And interestingly enough the seemed to rather flow into one another as you will see. Perhaps the last question is a little bit out of sorts but with the time looming onwards (I am really not used to staying up past twelve o’clock these days); to move things around will probably mean that I have to rewrite a large part of my blog. So you have to live with this

In the mean time my answers to nine more common questions about BDSM!

1. How can I tell my partner I want to try BDSM? By communicating with them and assuring them that you still love them. It sounds weird but really that is what is at the bottom of it. It does help of course that you know your partner quite well to bring it up. There are still an awful lot of misconceptions in peoples mind about what exactly BDSM is.

Now saying all that there are books that can help with this. I know at least that Jay Wiseman’s BDSM 101, The Loving Dominant and Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns have each of them a chapter on how to introduce your partner to BDSM.

And people will probably scoff at me, but fiction could play a role in this as well. Not necessary to point at it and go “this is what I want” but very much a more “have you ever heard of this book or that, well .. see, I am kinda into that as well”. If nothing else it offers an opening to talk about. Sometimes that is all it needs, an opening.

2. My partner confessed that they are into BDSM. What should I do? Listen to them? Talk to them? Realise that this person has come to you and opened their heart, full well knowing that many people will have an averse reaction to the idea of BDSM. They made themselves vulnerable to share something with you that is very important and deeply
personal to them. Thread lightly and kindly there.

Above all realise this, they are doing this because this is who they are. There is nothing wrong with them. They do not need to be  fixed, they are, who they are. No more or less a person then they have always been. Except in one fact; they have just opened themselves up and placed that trust in your hands. Talk to them, ask them questions, you will find that they can talk hours and hours about this (hey I am blogging about this for the last three years, if that is any proof you need).

With all this, it is also okay to realise that often people engage in a very light form of bdsm often without knowing what it is is. I mean, who hasn’t done a little bit of slap and tickle, especially tickling someone when they begged you to stop and all it does is to edge you on? Or who hasn’t liked it if their partner pushes their arms above their head while having sex? In a way that is part and parcel of BDSM, the only really difference is that people go in deeper detail regarding what they want out of it, how they want it, and even explore why they want it (even if the answer is “because it feels good!”).  We negotiate about it and consent to the activity rather then it being in a way a unspoken agreement.

3. Is it okay to say “no” to something my partner wants to do? Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt. In fact the entire world of BDSM hinges around the concept of consensual acts. You do what you like and learn what it is about. You agree to activities and can disagree not to want anything. You negotiate as I hinted at the end of last question.

Fact is this, within the BDSM lifestyle, or scene, or whatever word you want to use to describe it – “no” is a perfect valuable and acceptable word to use and anyone sneering at you for using it – should be looked at carefully.

BDSM in that sense goes even deeper. Not only have we got the ability to say no, we have all kinds of mechanisms in place to help us to guide what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. Last week I mentioned the use of safewords. Those words that have the power to stop a scene dead in its tracks if the word “no” does not suffices.

We also have hard limits, things we never ever ever want to do. We have soft limits, things we only want to with someone we deeply trust and after a lot of talking, negotiating and making sure everything can be done as safely as possible.

Again to repeat, yes, if you are not comfortable with doing something, saying no is perfectly acceptable.

4. How can I learn and educate myself about BDSM? There are books, so many books written about this subject.  As I already mentioned a couple of good ones are: Jay Wiseman’s  BDSM 101, Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns, The loving Dominant. And that is just really the tip of the iceberg. A fairly good comprehensive list of these can be found over at the BDSM Book News.

There is even more written in blogs and articles on the Internet. Wikipedia for this is a very good starting source. Google will help you as well. I have myself written two blog posts on this subject that will much echo what I have said here as well. They are “Home is where the books are” and “Teach and Learn, to thy own self

Of course, in time if you find you enjoy this and you want to speak more to people who have experience, you could always go and see if there are munches in your local area where you could meet people who are into this. Remember what I said about people who can talk about this for hours? Yeah exactly .. you will find them there.

5. What “causes” BDSM feelings? Oh my gosh, that is such a complicated question that I don’t think we ever truly will find out what it is that causes us to be this way. What makes someone like a certain colour is a question on par with that.

It is probably mostly a case of when nature meets nurture. There are little things in us, wired that way. I personally would not care to speculate any further. We all have our own reasons for liking what we are and as I am apt to say; each of us is unique.  We thus have each and our own varied reasoning in enjoying what we are enjoying. Which brings us to the next question:

6. Are people with a BDSM- inclination not actually all victims of childhood trauma or abuse? No; we are not. Some of us had traumatic experiences in life and some had not. I think if you look better at the cross section of people who are into BDSM compared to any other cross section of a random group, I would not at all be surprised if the numbers turn out to be reasonably the same.

So, the follow up question that begs to be asked is of course this: If there is no bigger then average amount of people who have been abused into BDSM where does this tale come from? Mostly the media and perhaps in the more outgoing stories that have been going around.

It is much easier to blame something like BDSM on having a traumatic childhood to show how damaged a person has become rather then simply acknowledging that someone is just the way they are and that other then that they are a good and well rounded human being.

7. Why is there such a social stigma on BDSM? People are always afraid of what they do not understand, what they can  not or do not want to comprehend. So anything that seems out of the ordinary, out of the comfort zone that is defined as their normality is something that can be potentially upsetting.

Add to that that in some cases BDSM plays against or deeply confirms certain social standards, either those from a long past, or from a more recent time; or portrays imagery that most people will not and do not like to be associated or reminded of, you have a already a mix ready to strike out at what is perceived to be erroneous in the more conventional minds.

In case of the BDSM roles, the media adds fuel to that fire by often portraying those role plays that are mostly in clash with traditionally established roles – such as the Dominatrix and the male submissive, or scenes involving pain without showing the thought, negotiation and after care that goes into it. And voila, soon people have the idea that if you are into BDSM you are either weak and not worthy, or someone who has a need to inflict the most horrendous activities on someone against their will.

8. Why are many people so secretive about their BDSM emotions? This is really very much in line with the question before. People are secretive about this because there is a huge social stigma on it.  If people think less of you because of something you do, then sooner rather then later you learn that you should keep your mouth shut about it.

That however is not the only thing about it. Because of the mentioned social stigma, people have been outed by others and as a result of that lost their jobs, their family and much more. All that combined makes people rather weary about coming to friends, lovers, and family.

Luckily nowadays, people are getting more open about the idea of alternative sexualities and with the rice in mainstream media (such as “The Secretary” and yes, “Fifty Shades of Grey”), people can be more open about it but painful lessons learned in the past are not easily forgotten by us. We remain weary for the time being and thread lightly where this is concerned.

9. I hear people who are very dominant in real life are actually submissive in bed. Is this true? I am sure there is some degree of truthfulness in this. However there is also some truth that people who are dominant in real life and like to be in control in real life are dominant in bed. It takes all sorts and we have seen all sorts.

Again, it comes down to the use of stereotypes that create attention. As human beings we seem to want to adhere to a status quo that levels everything out. So the idea that someone who is successful and powerful would be subjugated to a crawling submissive gives people something to laugh about.

But think about it – what does that say about society? Remember we talked about the social stigma? Why is it that male submissives are seen as week, as inferior? As a human race we have very much to learn about how to engage on a humane level with other human beings who are enjoying things that we are not used to. In that sense – for equality – we still have a long road ahead of us.

And with that I am going to start to wrap this up for this week. I hope you have enjoyed this. Next week I want to go a bit deeper in some of the points that have been raised in the comments of last week post and whatever comes this way this week in way of comments, questions and suggestions.

For now, I shall wish you all a wonderful evening and hopefully till next time

Stay safe, have fun.

#222 Alarms

222b 222Hair: *Dura-Boy*60 (Wood Bark)-WB by Chiaki Xue

Shirt: DOZZE – Vincent Casual Shirt by Zevock Trenkins
Pants: DOZZE – Cargo Shorts by Zevock Trenkins

Necklace: Wonton: Uncut Onyx Arabic Necklace by ExplicitFame (kustom9)
Sneakers: Wonton: Alexei Lowtop Sneakers / White by ExplicitFame (kustom9)

Fancy Decor: Plank Panels (stained) by Jake Vordun (Shiny Shabby 20th)
Fancy Decor: Mini House 1 by Jake Vordun (Shiny Shabby 20th)
Fancy Decor: Worn Rug by Jake Vordun (Shiny Shabby 20th)
[PM]Pixel Mode –   Alina Plate Rack by Tya Fallingbridge (Shiny Shabby 20th)
{Reverie} ‘A House is not a Motel’ Vintage [RARE] by Paolla Flux (Shiny Shabby 20th)

Post 569

Hiii everyone, I got something awesome to show you! I love Aphrodite/Heart Homes items.  I am sure you all know this by now.  This is the living room set you must have in your home this spring! You can find it at The Seasons Story ♥  The picture shows my take on the set in the living room mode.  What is cool about this set is that couch -- it turns into a sofa bed! Which makes this perfect for your guest room or for those of you that wants to save on prims and live in a loft like house! Its amazing and so well done and the poses are smooth.  There are some color choices you can make in this set.

On that if you don't want to buy the whole set that is OK too! You can get bits and pieces of this set.  So you know ... this set comes in a full PG and Full Adult set, so you have your choice of what you want to get.

I have linked a video below that was take by the Aphrodite team (I hope) since I took it off their site, I am crediting the vid to them.  Please make sure you go have a look at this set and all other items at their store, you will surely be impressed.

Check out the VIDEO

Blooming Spring in Paris
Made by Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Located at The Seasons Story
Their Main Store Here


Hair: little bones. Meander - 50L 
Dress: {Six Essence}Sexy Dress Black @ 5th Avenue - New
Heels: Bens Boutique - Rita High Heel All Color (Silver Chain) - PROMO 99L


Hair: .Reckless. - Cruz - Brown

Earphones: Earphone // MUSCHI

Phone: [ Z U L U ] Phone 5

Pants: BAIINS - Sweat nylon pants black *NEW*

Body: Niramyth Productions: Aesthetic Male Mesh Body - Enzo