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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

I had to put out there one more challenge for designers after i saw a particular episode of Game Of Thrones and i have to say that whoever is in charge of the costumes of the show is doing a hell of a great job. Let me show you a particular scene that immediately got my attention.

The actress above is called Indira Varma that gracefully took the part to play as Ellaria Sand, the beloved paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell (the hot dude beside her!). Now let's take a look of her wardrobe. The piece that screamed out most is the stunning head jewelry she is wearing in this scene. Simple and super pretty but will this look good in Second Life? I truly believe so, BUT the designer must be willing to do the hair together with this type of jewelry as one set. If the jewelry piece come by itself will be a royal pain to make it look properly plus the needed details will not be there (such as folds, shadows, etc).
Let's take a look at her body now. The cloak is..awful! This is one negative thing i have to say about her costume and maybe because i personally hate any kind of pointy shoulder pads. Now the dress, is a whole another thing. The dress itself is perfect and sexy in all ways and would make a great dress to use in SL roleplay worlds and i believe it won't be very hard to reproduce it.

With all the Dornish love going on i had to make my own dornish scene with a very special friend of mine that actually plays Prince of Martell in a Game of Thrones Roleplay Sim: Blackwater Bay. After long hours of trying to decide what to wear and lot's of laughs this was the result. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did and thank you A'irik for accepting the invitation. <3

*On Her*

Hair from Clawtooth (275L) *Edited*

"Tarna" Dress, Bracelets and Belt from Luas (150L)

"Hind - Red&Purple" SLink Flats Addon from Aisling (188L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Fats and Texture HUD with 6 Texture Options for the Different Parts of the Flats. Available in Black&Grey, Red&Purple, Blue&Green, Browns and White&Pearl)

"Zahidah's Crown - Gold" from Keystone (275L. Available in Gold, Gold/Silver, Onyx, Silver/Onyx and Silver)

"Cadeyrn" Leg Armor from The Forge (399L. Includes Mesh Lower Left Armor, Mesh Lower Right Armor, Mesh Upper Left Armor, Mesh Upper Right Armor. Available in Black, Gold and Silver) 

"Feather Collar - Gold" from The Forge (599L for Fatpack. Includes Unrigged Mesh Collar in Red, Black, Bronze, Gold, Gold/White and Silver) 

"Sun On A Stick" Flag Pole from GSpot (250L. Includes 7 Flag Colors. Available in Bronze and Black)
*On Him*

"Aeros Avatar Teghran" Skin and Shape from Aeros Avatars (2000L)

"Eternal" Eyes from IKON (150L)

Hair from Lelutka "Blake" and CaTwa "TNT-V2" (280L and  250L)

"Taper Ears" from Mandala (897L) 

"Cataclysm Tattoo" from Fallen Gods Inc. (550L)

Fur from CheerNo (50L, Part of "Prince" Outfit)

"Corsett Armor" Neck Wear from Yasum (199L)

"Stomach Belt - Male" from The Forge (350L. Includes Stomach Belt Mesh Rigged in 6 Standard Sizes. Mod and Copy. Available for Male or Female)

"Boadicea Belt" from The Forge (350L. Includes Tintable Gem version and Belt. Available in Silver, Gold and Bronze. Available the Multi Texture "Boadicea Belt" with Texture HUD with 7 Different Texture Options for all Parts of The Belt, Low Script Memory and Deletable for 1000L)

 "Viking Bracers - Black/Silver" from The Forge (Available at Mainstore Gacha Machine)

Waist Hems from B@R (190L)

"Temptation Boots" from Yasum (299L)

"Sinra - Vintage Gold" Necklace from Mandala (377L)

"Eye Patch" from Asphyxia (99L)

"Talon Ring - Green/Silver" from On A Lark (Available at Mainstore Gacha Machine)

"House Martell - Gold" Ring from The Forge (Available at The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Available are Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell, Arryn, Martell, Greyjoy and Tully in Gold, Gold/Black and Silver/Gold)

"Martell Circlet" *Common* Headband from Luminary (Available at The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Includes Mesh Headband with Copy and Mod Permissions)

Ricielli - Crystal Line


Top: Mesh Satin Top/ White - Ricielli
Shorts: Mesh Asymmetrical Shorts/ Black - Ricielli
Earrings & Necklace: Vine - Crystal Line
Belt: Braided belt - Ricielli
Bag: Birkin Bag/ Black - Ricielli

SAS – Tani & Serenity Style – Warm Bistro

New from Sashca’s Designs comes the totally fun and season approved Tani Dress Duo.  The Tani Dress comes in 10 different colour combinations, with each colour featuring a blocked and non-blocked option.  That’s two dresses in one pack ladies!  The dress combo also includes optional Butterfly Hat, perfect to let your spring feelings fly!  And from Serenity Style comes the Warm Bistro Set.  The set includes table, chairs (with sitting and drinking animations),  cookie tray with cups and jar and a vintage suitcase to decor.  Totally cute for your kitchen or garden patio!

SAS - Tani - Aqua & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Aqua Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Black & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Black Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Fuchsia & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Fuchsia Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Lavender & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Lavender Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Lemon & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Lemon Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Orange & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Orange Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Pink & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Pink Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Purple & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Purple Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Red & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - Red Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - White & Serenity Style - Bistro Set SAS - Tani - White Block & Serenity Style - Bistro Set


Skin: Deluxe Body Factory | Zoey | Exquisite Fair Creme| Face #1 Cleavage
Shape: Anna Shapes | Christie | Available at Designer Circle – Round 77
Hair: Exile | Shine | Wildcards
Outfit: Sascha’s Designs | Tani
Shoes: SNAP | Dolly Pumps | Snow
Hands: SLINK
Nails: ~{ZOZ}~ | Wild Silver Polish | Available at COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room
Poses: Glitterati
Props: Serenity Style | Warm Bistro Set

Truth - Cristal Line - Evie's Closet


Hair: Junia - Truth
Necklace & earrings: Vine - Crystal Line
Dress: Miriel (plum) - Evie's Closet (MM Board)
Shape - Ricielli
Skin - Al Vulo
Lipstick - [PF]
Pose: Ricielli
Place - Little Village

Gift for April

If you are not a member of the Glitterati by Sapphire group, surely April's delightful group gift and generously discounted item will entice you to join!

The group gift for April is a lovely dress accented by elegant bows at the shoulders and sash at the waist!  The detailing of the delightful creation is unbelievable!  Believe me, this is a gift you don't want to risk missing out on!

I also mentioned a discount for group members!  The adorable Christy Thigh High boots include a HUD to easily match your skin tone, and are discounted to just L$75 for group members!  I think you will agree that is a very generous discount for such a wonderful creation!

The Glitterati by Sapphire group does have a joining fee of L$50; however, that is a worthy investment for access April's gift and discount, and for gaining access to past group gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Dress:  Glitterati by Sapphire -- April group gift
Boots:  Glitterati by Sapphire -- Christy Thigh High Boots
Jewelry:  Lazuri -- Multi-strand Necklace and Matching Earrings (free)
Hair:  Tameless Hair -- Becca
Skin:  7 Deadly S[k]ins -- April group gift
Shape:  Anna Shapes -- Eva
Pose:  The Muse Poses -- April 6
Location:  3D Trees, Zen Island

April 17, 2014


Cherry Blossom Tree ≫ 8f8 ≫ Single Young Sakura with Beads ≫ @ The Seasons Story
Petal ≫ FROZEN NIGHT ≫ FN*SAKURA petals on ground 2
Hair ≫ MIRONE ≫ :MIRONE: FAYE ≫ Closed
Kimono ≫ Sakka’s Studio
Lantern ≫ *nonino* ≫ * nonino * Lantern “SAKURA” ≫ Closed
Hair ≫ TRUTH ≫ TRUTH HAIR Felicity
Accessory(Hair) ≫ Sakka’s Studio ≫ ~Ss~Kanzashi ≫ Gacha
Kimono ≫ Sakka’s Studio ≫ UKIYOeGIRL Kimono KOMACHI ≫ @ JAPAN FAIR 2014

~Ss~ Kiseru-Ire(Japanese pipe case) Group Gift ≫ Sakka’s Studio


What I'm Wearing...

Skin: Pink Acid - Pink Acid & TheShops Camille Mocha (Basic) <3  @   Cosmetic Fair  ( TheShops & Visage appliers available)

Hair: [RA] Nicki Hair

Eyes: IKON

Hands: SLINK

Dress: .:AVALE:. Sandra .Roheline @ Monochromatic Fair

Necklace : (Yummy) Satin Bow & Pearls Set - White

Ring: Flawless - Eternity Wedding Ring
Headband: ::LC:: Pussy & Lace Headband White

Eye Makeup: Shakeup! Spring-Duo Eyeshadows @ Cosmetic Fair ( mesh head applier)

Nails: Flair - Nail Hud Add On - Slink Avatar Enhancement - Set 209 @ Cosmetic Fair

Poses:{NanTra} Purple Rain  @ Monochromatic Fair

Shark Bait




While I was doing the Easter Hunt at Paradisis, I noticed this cute striped mesh bikini was being offered at Ayiki as a free group gift. The side ties are already attached so no fussing with edit to place them correctly and it comes in sizes XXS-L. I was glad to see that the alpha player didn’t interfere with my skin. Oh and FYI…….. if you plan on surfing here, better wear a chainmail suit!


Swimsuit-Tropic Redline April Group gift 0L Ayiki

Hair-little bones.take everything (previously blogged here)

Location-La Isla Bonita






Heyyyyy everyone
This postie is for The Ho Depot.. 
I love posting things about The Ho Depot, idk why but I just love it. It makes me feel like I've achieved something with my blog and my pictures, anyhoo this outfit is from B.I.P. and comes in different colors so your not just stuck with one choice color
Hair: [LeLutka]-HELEN hair/Dark Brunette/*booN cornrows hairbase all colors pack
Bodysuit: "B.I.P" climax bodysuit top (White) THE HO DEPOT
Plasters: [E.F] Knees 'N Band Aids
Shoes: *Reign.- Never Royal Flip Flops- Zeebs



Hair: Damselfly - Derby - [NEW] @ Where Dreams Begin Event - [April 19th]
T-Shirt: Legal Insanity - Macoto T-Shirt Cute Face / (Animated) - [NEW] @ The Comics Fair
Pants: Amerie - Mesh Skinny Pants / Black
Shoes: Super Kingdom - Slip Ons


Jacket: R3volt - Kyler Jacket - [NEW]
Hands: Slink - Male Hands / Relaxed
Pants: Pumpkin - Sweat Pants / Black Leather
Shoes: 2Real - Glyderz


Hair: Damselfly - Jasper / Dark Brown - [NEW]
Sunglasses: Fnky - Pilot / Black
Shirt: Deadwool - Marlon T-Shirt / White Chalk - [NEW] [FITTED MESH]
Tattoo: Ner Ink - On The Face of Adversity - [NEW]
Bag: Xiaj - Eenie Leather Bag / Brown - [NEW] @ L'Accessoires
Pants: Pumpkin - Patched Skinnies / Blue
Boots: J's - Short Boots Laceup / Black


Here you can check out one of the new animated shirt's from Legal Insanity at The Comics Fair, tp over there and see the other different styles.. they are awesome ! :D