Gothmas - Berry Nymph

Glasses clink against each one in gestures of thankfulness. 

Feast yourself with the finest wine.

Made with the exquisite berries that was cared by the hands of the Berry Nymph.

Drink, to your hearts content on these nights of Gothmas.

There are still time until January to visit Gothmas by Gaslight to purchase this pretty dress by The White Armory. It's fitmesh to acquire every shape without cluttering much of the inventory. The halo I'm wearing is the latest release by Thanks for All the Nebulae [TfAtN] for this month's The Witching Hour event. It's gacha so try your best in getting the halos and necklaces available. Have a merry Xmas dollz!

Body Pixels
Skin @ ~PixyStix~ - Penelope Bare 00
Hair @ Little Bones - Glass Leaf
Eyes @ Pin Me Down - Aeternium 18 (R) + Asternium 1 (L) [Available in GxG]
Eyeshadow @ {Dead Apples} - Tint My Lids Black [Group Gift]
Make up @ Beautiful Freak - Bitter Winter makeover Red [Available in GxG]
Tattoo @ Fallen Gods/Brier - Branches + Berries [Available in GxG]
Nails @ Beautiful Freak - Dead of Winter Manicure [Available in GxG]
Ear @ ::Axix:: - My Cherry Ear [past subscribo gift]

Dress @ The White Armory - Dream Weaver Gown set [Available in GxG]
Collar @ @->~ISD - Her Winter's Dream Collar Crimson [Available in GxG]
Bracelet @ House of Rain - Daggers [Available in GxG]
Horn @ ::Tableau Irresistible:: - White Snow Horn [Group Gift]
Halo @ [TfAtN] - Elemental Halo Air/Silver RARE [The Witching Hour gacha]

Pic 1 @ {NanTra} - Merry Deathmas Red Goblet [Available in GxG]
Pic 2 @ {NanTra} - Eternal Beauty [Available in GxG]

152. Thinking of Time

Clothing Tres Blah | Ione Romper | @N°21 (Dec 2014) Tres Blah | Lame Cropped Jacket | @N°21 (Dec 2014) Shoes Glamistry | Ramonda Heels – Exclusive Colors | @N°21 (Dec 2014) Accessories MG | … Continue reading

#385 You found me with Purple Moon and Dust

Christmas is so near, you can see the smiling faces on the children, the parents looking frantic as they look down on their lists ticking off  trying to remember what they need to get before the day. Christmas is different for everyone. It comes around so fast, all you have to do is blink, and next your celebrating NYE, asking for a better year and the many and various wishes that come with New Years Eve.

For many people, and maybe even for you, Christmas is marked also by painful memories and disappointments. Maybe you lost someone you love. Maybe you’re struggling with illness or facing financial issues. What’s meant to be a season of joy is one where many struggle with depression and loneliness. It can be so hard to be positive at Christmas, and what I tend to do, is look at the happy innocent children and their smiling faces and their hearts wish that Santa is not far away and all the lovely gifts that Santa is going to bring. If you know of someone that is in need, spare a few gifts/coins and bring the love and thanks to the world. Even though it may be a busy and frustrating day, just remember your loved ones, your friends, the ones that need help on this special day and remember the innocent eyes of the child squeezing their eyes shut in bed trying to be a good boy/girl as santa's sleigh bells draws near. Isn't it all about remembering?

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holiday. Hugs from Mischa xx

Destinations: - Purple Moon and Dust

Coat and Dress - :: PM :: Heidi Coat & Dress (New) 

Hair -TRUTH - London - Champagne

House - Dust Bunny .Hunter's retreat  . RARE @ N 21 Event (New) (see below Gacha items)
Chair - Scarlet Creative Foundry Antler Chair - @Shiny Shabby Event (New)
Tea - Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - My Cup of Tea
Pose from Chair above



✯Pants ⇉ D-Style - Krave Slim Jeans Male w.HUD/Plain [SLurl]

✯Jacket⇉ {Fe Style} CAMO89 Denim Jacket - [SLurl] - NEW




✯Sunglasses BUC X BENJAMINZ // BONES - "Noir" SUNGLASSES - [SLurl] - NEW

BODY : ⇊

Hair ⇉ [taketomi]_Takeshi_Blacks

New with Ana Markova

This post will show you a couple of the new designs from LG Ana Markova! She makes wonderful mesh clothing and slink shoes as well!  First up is the sexy Don’t Speak Mini Dress, it does come with a hud to change the dress color somewhat. The hair is called Piper from Lelutka and the jewelry set is called Heritage by Lazuri.

Don't Speak by Ana Markova

Don’t Speak by Ana Markova

lg ana markova don't speak_002

Next is the fun casual Sweet Escape outfit and just like the song, you will be singing along in it!

Sweet Escape by Ana Markova

Sweet Escape by Ana Markova

lg ana markova sweet escape_002

The hair is called Sage also from Lelutka.

Clothing is from LG Ana Markova

All Poses are from Posesion.

Skin-Eva Radiance in Fair by Tuli

Eyes by Ikon.

Take care Lovelies! Til tomorrow <3

Trending with DE Boutique

As promised Lovelies, here are some great new looks from LG DE Boutique which is also part of the brand closing on the 27th. Deborah makes some great clothing which I do enjoy to wear all around SL.

First up we have the classy Cold World Dress. The dress is mesh and comes in sizes from XS to L. I paired it with hair from Exile and bracelets from Lazuri.

Cold World by DE Boutique

Cold World by DE Boutique

lg de boutique cold world_002

The next outfit is called Full Moon and it is a sexy little dress that flaunts all of your curves showing them to their fullest. This dress has a color change hud so you can change it between three different colors.

lg de boutique full moon dress_001 lg de boutique full moon dress_002

And last for this post is the Good Feeling Set and while it looks like two pieces, it is combined into one dress in SL. It has a casual feel to it and its nice to add some color into your wardrobe.

lg de boutique good feeling_002 lg de boutique good feeling_001

All clothing is from LG DE Boutique

Hair is from Exile

Poses are from Posesion-Eclipse

Skin-Eva Radiance in Fair by Tuli

Eyes are Hope in Oxidation by Ikon.

Newness at Liv Glam

Lovelies, I have a lot of things to show you from Liv Glam but you need to hurry in to grab these cute clothes because the brand is closing on December 27th!

First up is the sexy Black Widow Baby dress! The dress is a fun little mini number that has a hud to change the color of it. I paired it with the Jean hair from Wasabi Pills.

Black Widow  Baby by LG

Black Widow Baby by LG

liv glam black widow baby_002

Next we have From Under the Covers which is a casual sweater outfit to wear on those gloomy wintery days and I paired it with Vague hair from Lelutka.

From Under the Covers by LG

From Under the Covers by LG

lg from under the covers_002

Next up is the Do You Want to Bump Dress paired with the Lybra Boots from Liv Glam. The Safari necklace is from Gizza and the hair is called Kissing Strangers from Exile.

Do you want to Bump and Lybra Boots by LG

Do you want to Bump and Lybra Boots by LG

lg do you want to bump and lybra boots_002

One of my favorite outfits to wear is the Boderline dress which brings out my inner 1980 Madonna!

Boderline by LG

Boderline by LG

And if you are after a classy but still pretty business look, there is the new After Party dress set. I paired it with jewelry from Moondance Boutique and the hair is from Exile.



lg after party_002

All the poses used are from Posesion.

Skin is Eva Radiance in Fair by Tuli

and Eyes are Hope in Oxidation by Ikon.

Bear with me lovelies, I have a couple more posts to show you from the designers specifically.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

I'll be away for a few days but I wanted to make sure to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I hope you all are safe and happy on your travels!


The Look:

  • Mesh Body: Venus Rigged Mesh Body by Belleza (NOW AVAILABLE!)
  • Skin/Applier: Fae by Lara Hurley
  • Hair: Mira by Truth (NEW!)
  • Dress/Antlers: Miss Reindeer Outfit by Blueberry & Cloud 9 (NEW!)
  • Mesh Ears: Mandala
  • Septum Piercing: Lotus by Yummy
  • Earrings/Necklace: Cushion Gems by Yummy (NEW! @ N-21!)
  • Candy Cane: Muka (NEW! GROUP GIFT!)



Your World. Your Imagination.


今日の記事はセカンドライフ非技術系 Advent Calendar 2014の課題、セカンドライフの魅力を語れをテーマに書いています。そのため、どちらかというとSecondLife/セカンドライフという仮想世界にまだ足を踏み入れたことのない方、踏み込んではみたけれどすぐに離れてしまった方を対象として書いています。このブログに来てくださっている方はほぼユーザーだとは思いつつ、今日は駄文にお付き合いいただけたら幸いです。


Your World. Your Imagination.

このSecondLifeを作り上げている想像性を文章でどう説明すれば良いものかと考えたのですが、SLの様々なインタビュー記事や動画を作っていらっしゃるDraxtorさんのThe Drax Filesで、ちょうどWorld Makers(世界を作る人達)というインタビュー集を公開していらっしゃるので、こちらをいくつか抜粋してご紹介していきたいと思います。

まず、こちらはSecondLifeで女性用衣料店Mon tissuを営む方のインタビュー。






音楽関連でぜひご紹介したいのがFeed A Smileプロジェクト。




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