Angel Of Mine

Hair-TRUTH HAIR Esther -  variety (Uber)
Skin-[the Skinnery] Blair - Bare face (honey)
Eyes-IKON Ardent Eyes - Feldgrau
Dress-Tee*fy Aphrodite Dress White
Stockings-Izzie's - Heart Tattoo Tights (Store Anniversary Gift)
Shoes-Eudora 3D Liana Pumps Blacks (Slink High) (Uber)

Body-Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1

Necklaces-(Yummy) Layered Celestial Necklace - Silver (Uber)
Wings-+Half-Deer+ Empyrean Head Wings - Snow

Hold me

Hans lleva....

Chaqueta y camiseta: R3Volt- Savie Top [V2]
Pantalones: Absolute Vendetta-Straight Velvet Jeans
Botas: [Al-Hanna]- Pretty Boots 
Gafas: NS:: - Sunglasses- The Gacha Mania

Stravaganza lleva...
Chaleco: DOZZE - Authentic Nylon Vest
Pantalones: DOZZE - Casual Chinos 
Deportivas: DOZZE - Dare Mix Sneakers 

My heart belongs to you

Crom and Asset

At the moment my life feels a jumble , for months ( almost a year) I have been dealing with pain and nausea as I try identify and resolve a gastric /digestive issue that has me exhausted. After many tests I am still none the wiser , but the good news all along has been that there has been no clear markers for anything major, like cancer. My health has good days and dips when I feel unable to focus so it is good to remind myself that a lot of people have a lot of health challenges in their lives to overcome. However I was not expecting a reminder to come from so close to home. This time last week I found out my mother has gastric cancer, and it appears to be quite advanced. We find out more information every couple days and meanwhile we try to keep positive and support Mum through this uncertainty.

Poses by Purple Poses

So my blog post today is about some wonderful items I have received through the WLTB group and found at different stores or events around the grid ( more details at the end), but it is also an apology for my sudden erratic posting. I am sure there are many who can relate to the distraction of being unwell or having a loved one unwell. I am going to continue being in SL when I can and blogging the things that bring a smile to me,  as and when I can. Please forgive me if my posts are a little scattered in content and not quite as detailed or bubbling over with my imagination as they would usually be, its not that my heart isn’t in it it’s more that my mind is overfull. Please hang in there with me, knowing that there are people who read to my blog adds to the happiness that I gain from creating these posts about things that I enjoy in SL.


Glam Affair and Asset

I wanted to share this lovely dress from -CroM- for several reasons, one it’s so cute! It has a heart and how perfect in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.. and it’s a hunt prize and will only cost you 5L. See the image below for other prizes and grab the SLurl from the details.


Skin: Ellie America – 02 G, -Glam Affair – ( @ Uber)
Hair: Lamar Hair – Black & Whites, >Asset <
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Apex , IKON
Clothing: Zia Dress – Love , -CroM-
Jewelry: Obnoxious Hoops – Gold, (AMD)
ZMAN watch gold, FINESMITH ( 1 of the current group gifts- free to join group)
Accessories: Retro Bag (incl pose and no pose bag) – Black ,Garbaggio ( @ Trend3)
Shoes: Angel Slink Black, JD ( @ Uber)
Extras: Slink hands and feet with Clara polish from Pathos
Poses: Jane , Purple Poses
Location:  What a wonderful location I will be returning to explore some more!

Fire & Ice Sisters... The Deadly Horror Haute Combination!

Horror Haute January is definitely well under way, and the theme this month has been all about the Japanese Horror Genre. Before I start on one of my usual rambles I will happily admit to you that I know NOTHING about this style of Horror. Dark and Macabre YES, but anything beyond The Ring and I am totally at a loss, so I feel fairly lucky when I say that a lot of these gorgeous items you can enjoy without knowing the stories behind them, and others have included their stories...
Two of the outfits that are available from the collection created very different looks as I was putting them together, and a thought struck me, they looked like sisters but more like a fire and ice version of each other... Hence Fire and Ice Sisters lol...
The skins of these two looks come from the same Horror Haute participant - [Stargazer Creations] - and although this is not the first time I have played about in these Yurei Skins, there are 8 different make-ups to choose from, a girl can be flippant and wear them all LOL...
That my friends, is where the similarities between the two sisters stops!
Ice Sister is wearing a gorgeous kimono from AfterMath Creations. Not only can you get yourself this really pretty, and scarily feminine by Horror Haute standards, outfit BUT you can also grab yourself flower ornamentation for the hair in two different styles - the bigger and more ostentatious of the two I am wearing here - a skin set, that I chose not to use so I would match the other sister but that you can see in the gorgeous photos of the outfit by Eldergoth Macabre's AnnabeleLee Dreadlow, AND if that wasn't enough you can also get yourself hair to match too - Yes the one Anna is wearing, and YES in three different colours!!!  Me being me and having a bit of an addiction to mixing and matching I chose to wear different hair, this being one of the new releases from Truth this week. You can grab yourself a copy of the Esther Hair from Uber right now!
The Fire Sister doesn't feel the need to wrap up so warm as her Icy sibling, and so she wears something that's far from traditional, being very short in the front with only a long trailing skirt back. This awesome outfit, which includes her crown of thorns by the way, comes from the store The Untitled. To finish her style off and make her seem just that tad different to her sibling, she wears the Yurei skin in version M02, one of the ones with a very strong make-up!
There is just one more thing that I want to mention here - and it is totally non-Horror Haute related - these hairstyles are like two different versions of each other, from two different stores almost. As I mentioned before the blue coloured one is from Truth, and available at Uber, but the red coloured one is from Ploom, and available at My Attic. The thing that I love about them both is that they are almost like the same style, one loose down your back, the other twisted over your shoulder but BOTH featuring that messy style braid too!
Possibly my least horrific Horror Haute photo EVER, but I will say these sisters aren't as sweet as they look... Fierce yes, Hidden Evil yes, and pure chaos hehe...  

What is she wearing;
Look 1:
Hair: Ploom - Siri (Available Now at My Attic)
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Yurei Skin in M02 (Available for Horror Haute January)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Outfit & Tiara: The Untitled - The Killer (Available for Horror Haute January)  
Look 2:
Hair: TRUTH - Esther (Available Now for Uber)
Skin: [Stargazer Creations] - Yurei Skin in M05 (Available for Horror Haute January)
Face Wounds: (Under the Eyes) Utopiah - Excessive Pain Makeup, AND, (Cheek) Fallen Doll - WickedFaceScar
Nose Piercing: DirtyStories - Heart Nose Piercing (Past Suicide Dollz Item)
Outfit & Hair Flowers: AfterMath Creations - Yuki Onna (Available for Horror Haute January)
Pose: Juxtapose - Mean Girls Pose

Back To The Future

Gabriel released a new coat set @ the current session of TMD which offers multiple dress options: You can wear it with or without the scarf, shirt and/or sweater. There are 6 coat colours to choose from, and you get a texture-change HUD for the scarf and shirt. The event still runs for a couple of days, so go get yours. 

Here are my pictures, enjoy! 

Rebel Heart..

On Me

Hair- =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Dina" Blondes 
Top- -Pixicat- Vintage.Set (Dark) 
Pants- .:Vein:. Latex Black 
Shoes-  maci ~ Belladonna Boots (wear or add & touch to unpack) 

Outpost 9: Biodome

Outpost 9: Biodome

27 January 2042
 Preservation of the samples we salvaged from Earth is going well. We managed to recultivate some of the plant samples we took.We are currently researching reproduction methods of these samples.
We are running out of cacao chews. If this happens, Scientist Zee will be most cranky. To quote her: “the chocolates betta be hya this damn week or AS LAWD IS MY WITNESS, O LAAAWD HELP YE ALL, FOR I AM PISSED!”.
We are yet to find out who this “Lawd” she keeps mentioning, perhaps it is colloquial human language. However, for our safety, please send more at the most SPEEDIEST convenience. 
Over and out.

Biodome: Self-made, see below for details

Structure: ✤Room 2042 – The [Den.] @ uber


  • Rock & Bamboo Garden – Organica
  • Parthenoid Statue – Chariot (previously known as Meta Theodora)
  • Bird Cage – 8f8
  • Aman flowers – G.O.D (Garden of Dreams)
  • ✤Autumn Bonsai – CerberusXing
  • TREE Japanese Maple (Small.Grey Pot) Pink – NeuroLab

Inside, downstairs:

Inside, upstairs:

  • ✤Astrid Elephant Ear plant – ARIA @ uber
  • hexaspots – triple, short – hate this
  • ✤Cindy ball chair – ARIA
  • ✤Cindy book shelf – ARIA
  • Caparra Wall Ivy Center Right – Trompe Loeil

Make the biodome

Simple Biodome

  • Rezz a sphere
  • Resize it to the size you need it for.
  • Hollow it out at 95%
  • Enter your hollowed sphere
  • Face-select only the inside face of the sphere (this way, only the inside has the texture, the outside shell is still a default plank texture).
  • Apply your chosen texture to this inside face. Mine was this one from E&D Engineering, my go to store for Sci-Fi/Industrial textures.
  • Still selecting the inside-face only, adjust the transparency % of that face, so that the sky is visible from inside. Play around with values until you get your desired see-throughness (that’s a word now, ok).





TOP: {ABC} Shredded Crop Top White [NEW]
PANTS: Foxes - Skinny Jeans - Blue
HEELS: 1992 // Pyramid Platforms (White) [KUSTOM 9]


LIPGLOSS: Izzie's - Glossy Lip Highlights 
MOLES: Visage Beauty Marks
EYE LINER: ::Modish:: Carina 
HAIRBASE: Paperbag. Twigs 
EYELASHES: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash


HAIR: MOON{Hair}. Untitled
NOSE RING: ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Nose Piercing Black


BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
HANDS: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Gesture
FEET: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) Mid
EYES: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Pitch {More Sparkle} [S]



Hazeyhazey- details 1
Skin- -Glam Affair -
Hair- Magika [Hair] Gone (Sabina Gully)
Eyes- IKON Deadshine Eyes – Blue (Ikon Innovia)
Eyeliner- -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01  (Amberly Boccaccio)
Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli (Brias Stardust) (Glam Affair Mouth Applier)

Dress- PEQE - Elwen (XS) (Inex Hax)
Thigh Highs- JD - Hold Ups Stripe Group Gift (davidefre)
Shoes- JD – Angel Slink (davidefre) @ Uber
Crown- ieQED rustic.accssories. (SigiFaust)
Collar- Luas Quala Collar Golden RARE  (AinaraLuas) @  The Secret Affair
Bracers- Luas Quala Bracer R Golden RARE  (AinaraLuas) @  The Secret Affair
Rings- **{FORMANAILS}** OPALIS-BLACK (Ivi Bing) @ Designer Circle

Detail photo poses- label motion : (anne Dakun)

Skin- -Glam Affair -
Hair- TRUTH HAIR Esther –  variety (Truth Hawks)
Eyes- IKON Vanity Eyes – Glass (Ikon Innovia)
Eyeliner- -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01  (Amberly Boccaccio)
Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli (Brias Stardust) (Glam Affair Mouth Applier)

Gown- *{Junbug}* Interstella [Ivory] @ Uber
Collar- Luas Quala Collar Golden RARE  (AinaraLuas) @  The Secret Affair
Bracers- Luas Quala Bracer R Golden RARE  (AinaraLuas) @  The Secret Affair
Necklace- MG – Necklace – Sirius Star Crystal (Maxi Gossamer)


I have a wedding coming up in RL and I have no idea what to wear.  I really wish I had this SL dress to wear in RL and then I would be sorted.

This Lenora dress is from Leri Miles Designs and is currently at My Attic @ The Deck in a variety of great colours.  I am wearing the Hunter tone.

I have matched the dress with the lovely Kindly Heels from Ducknipple.  Great match.
 I am also wearing the new hair from Truth called Nathalia.  I grabbed the demo off Marketplace to see if it suited me and then bought it from there.  Saves braving the lag at the store!

My jewellery is from ZURI Rayna and I have blogged it before, but is soooo stunning it was worth showing again.  It is the Sari Set and I love that it is colour-change so I can make it work with any outfit.