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scarlet creative collabor88

Oh gosh, this round of collabor88 is almost over and I havent shared with you the new build from Scarlet Creative ! Here it is, in all its glory – Jasmine is the name and it’s a really unusual design. Charlotte says its a mix of Moroccan & Russian country house and I can certainly see those influences. You do get a choice, colourful as above, or a more neutral toned one. 188Lfor one or both for just 288L !

scarlet creative NEW collabor88

There are some beautiful details on this build (all mesh btw) Inside the colourful one there are shelves inset to the walls, and some vibrant jade / teal colours on the walls. I just Charlottes textures, so alive and warm !

scarlet creative NEW!

Outside the detailing follows on with these intricate designs on the tops of the arched windows. Very rustic yet also remind me of those Russian Winter palaces in the children’s book illustrations. Inside is airy and spacious, plenty of rooms, including one that Id love to have time to decorate as sort of indoor garden area . Thanks Charlotte <3


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Hangin Around The Neighborhood!

Canopy Daybed is our latest release for The Neighborhood!

You'll find it for only 200L$ until 11:59pm SLT tonight, after which it goes up to 325L$!

3 land impact, copy & mod unique couch with 3 tintable faces  that have 5 base texture options each.

It has 6 sets of couple and 6 sets of sitting animations, all suitable for PG environments.

New Guy On The Block: Logan

Meet Logan, he's wearing this new skin by ..::SAMURAI HQ::...with the Dura Hair # 52 in Dark Brown which was just released, free new eyes from Mayfly, a fresh tattoo from [Ner .Ink]and the new anchor necklace Gabriel released at TMD.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

On Him (=> If no SLURL is linked, click sidebar store/event logo for a teleport!) 
Hair: *Dura-Boy*52 (Dark Brown) (New Release!) 
Hairbase: [LANEVO]HAIRBASE – No.02 (long) (Dura Dark Brown) 
Skin & Beard: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Logan Basic Skins and MOD Shape Bundle (New Release! 5 skin tones, available with a modifiable Shape. Appliers sold separately!) 
Eyes:Mayfly- Keshie Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes - Monet Dusk Shadow) 
Feet: SLink- Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat 
Necklace:Gabriel ::GB::anchor necklace (New @ TMD 8/14, available in silver, gold and black) 
Tattoo:[Ner .Ink]Stay True (New Release!Comes with Appliers) 
Pants:L&B - S'wear "Classic" Mens Cargo Shorts (New Release! Comes with a texture change HUD to choose from 20 different designs) 
Shoes:..::ILLI::..SLink Kenneth Open Sneakers with HUD (New @ TFF!)

Ducknipple, Grumble, Essenz, Wow Skins @ District 5, New Feel, Essenz @ La Metallique, more from Krave Inc., Collabor88 and Designer Circle!

In this Post, Lilliana has visited District 5, Krave Inc. The Great Summer Bash, La Metallique Fair, Collabor88, and Designer Circle.  In this same Post, she’s showing some Sponsors like Ducknipple, Grumble, Essenz, Wow Skins and Feel.

Now the breakdown of Lilliana’s look of the Day.  The Dress is Ducknipple’s Mesh Suspect Dress with 12 color change HUD, the Clutch Bag Grumble’s Mesh Pearl Zag Clutch in Black, the Skin is .::WoW Skins::.. Becky 03 in Dark TanThese first few items are not only some of Lilli’s Sponsor Designers, but are all items exclusively being sold at District 5!

Lilli’s Sandals are made by another Sponsor Essenz. Palermo is for Slink High Feet), and an Exclusive for La Metallique Fair.  The Tattoo which actually also looks like Stocking are inhale’s DreamBIG exclusive for Krave Inc. The Great Summer Bash.  The Hair is New Magika called Meadow, Lilli is wearing the [01] Fat Pack.   The Earrings by my last Sponsor Feel. The Ear Accessory’s are called  Ball & Chain and come with a HUD, changes Metal and Gem Colors.

Lil’s Necklace is part of the Jewelled Skull + Heart Set in Silver Black Diamonds by Maxi Gossamer.  Bracelets are C h a r y’s . Gaia Bangles in Silver, found at N-Twenty1.  The Nail Polish and Ring are part of a set by Baubles! by Phe called Gold Framed exclusively sold at the Designer Circle.  Speaking of the Designer Circle, I will have more from that Event coming up in newer Posts and last of course Poses used in the Post are Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack and Exclusive for Collabor88 Birthday Round!  Photo shoot site was the Koto Project SIM .:HERE:.

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #1_cropped

DRESS: Ducknipple Mesh Suspect Dress w.HUD,
Exclusive for District 5 (NEW)

CLUTCH:  Grumble Mesh Pearl Zag Clutch in Black,
Exclusive for District 5 (NEW)

TATTOO:  . inhale . DreamBIG,
Exclusive for Krave Inc. The Great Summer Bash (NEW)

SANDALS:  Essenz Palermo in Black (for Slink High Feet),
Exclusive for La Metallique Fair (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#1,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #2_cropped

POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#2,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #3_cropped

POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#3,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #7_cropped
POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#7,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #8_cropped

POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#8,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #5hs_cropped

HAIR:  Magika Meadow [01] Fat Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::.. Becky Dark Tan Skin Tone 03,
Exclusive for District 5 (NEW)

(Totally Modified)

EYES:  Poetic Colors Night Forest  Medium
from the Simply Dark Tones Set

EYELASHES:  *Gaeline Creations* Mesh Lashes Starlia

EARRINGS:  Feel Ball & Chain Ear Accessory (NEW)

NECKLACE:  Maxi Gossamer Jewelled Skull +
Heart Silver Black Diamond Set

BRACELETS:  C h a r y . Gaia Bangles in Silver,
Exclusive for N-Twenty1 (NEW)

NAIL POLISH & RING SET:  Baubles! by Phe Gold Framed
Polish & Ring Set, Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

Baubles! Polish HUD for DC
(Baubles! by Phe Gold Framed Polish HUD)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#5,
Exclusive for Collabor88(NEW)

District 5, Magika, Wow, Feel, MG, Ducknipple, Baubles, Grumble, Bracelets, Tat, Essenz #6hs_cropped

POSE:  Kirin Poses Athena Pose Pack, Pose#6,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

Empty bones (Lotd #28)

   Heys, this was supposed to be a quick look of the day thing but then i guess i was having too much fun doing the bones pattern, anyways, follows the info and tune :D

Skin-Glam Affair - Artemis - Asia 04 @ Collabor88    *NEW*
HairMOON{Hair}. Mirror Mirror  -Group Gift  *NEW*
Eyes: MINA - Eye Light Blue 1.0
Shape: Personal shape, not for sale.
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant  & Casual
Feet: Slink  AvEnhance Feet Female High
Nails: [ bubble ]  Lace Nails Set
Top & Cardi: [Aux]Loose Cardi & Top - Black @ Distrcit 5  
Skirt : :::insanya::: Ruffled Tutu -Cloudy
Shoes: Blah. (My StarShine Pumps) Melty Violet (Limited ) (SLink High) -Limited Edition
Socks: [ abrasive ] Sugarbone Thigh Highs ( Midnight )
Crown: [Glitzz] Dreams - Crown White (Gacha Item)
Headband:  [Glitzz] Dreams Headband-RARE  (Gacha Item)
Piercings:  [Glitzz] Dreams Piercing -RARE (Gacha Item)
Anklet :  [ bubble ] Chunky Beads Pastel Set  -Limited Edition Set, few available
Necklace : [ bubble ] Octopus Necklace @ The Candy Shop    *NEW*
Ring:[ bubble ] Octopus Ring @ The Candy Shop    *NEW*
Shoulder Pet : [SWaGGa]  Zorgie -Mistic RARE (Gacha Item)

Poses :*ED*   Alea 03, Debut- 02 & *PosESioN* Fatale Mirror Set-3,5
Pics taken at  District

Tune: Empty Bones

Birthday Outfit...

Today is my last night I went to buy a favorite outfit to wear
so I found a pretty overall with flowers,
simple but beautiful, most beauty things in life are simple, I added a cute flower crown
and yeap! I love fairies so I´m wearing fairy wings too...check credits!
Today is a loner is on a trip to Seattle so I´m not happy,
but since there´s no sl family around I decided to have a busy blogger day.
Have a nice day!

.....I´m wearing.....

Outfit: {Lil Big Me} - Floral Overalls Outfit (for Toddlee-Rama)
includes: t-shirt, leather sandals, overall and
 hairbows (I´m not wearing them, but just to let you know they are included in this outfit)
Hair: Olive fundraiser event - the Valena Hair - Hud 1
Bracelet: .trinket.- peace sign bracelets
Teeth: [PXL] - OpenMouth Pro+Baby teeth
Rings: [tea.s] - Little Love Ring - Rose
Nails: [ZOZ] KIDS - Gold Star Polish & Nails 2.5 (TD)
Crown: Amala - Nature's Crown
Wings: Olive - the Flutter my Fairy Wings FLF PACK- Lagoon Fade [Sparkles]

Special thanks


Tameless Remi - Mega Pack 

[hh] Suri Outfit Complete (SLink Mid Feet) incluye collar, corsette, pantalón, bolso y zapatos


Hanging Around

I was out doing what I do best (shopping) this morning.  I came across this tree with a ladder, so I thought I would investigate.  As I neared the top of the ladder it lead me to this cute little bed.  I sat up there for a while admiring the sim.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Tres Blah - Athena Dress - Rose
Hair: Exile - Letters and lipstick
Crown: Yummy - Golden Laurel Leaf Crown
Bracelet: Izzie's - Eternity Bracelet - Rose Brown 
Eye Makeup: Izzie's - Glitter Eye Make -Up gold

Today I Choose Joy

The best part about weekends is that all you need is a comfy shirt and a great pair of jeans to take you from place to place! [And a good cup of coffee, of course!]

Style - Today I Choose Joy

I am incredibly picky about jeans in SL. It's not uncommon to see me in the same dang jeans for ages. Luckily, I have awesome friends who introduce me to new places and people, and that's how I ended up trying out the Runway jeans from CARGO. I love these jeans! They fit just right and have the cutest booty! C'mon, ladies. You know that's what we look for in a pair of jeans! These come with a HUD that give you some variations in color, and you can change the cuff a couple of ways. The only thing that would make these more perfect for me is if the cuff had a long bootcut.

For a birthday gift, my awesome husband bought me the Slink Physique body! The alpha HUD recently got an upgrade, so if you already have the body, be sure to go get the update. I have mostly just used the hands and feet for a while now and didn't think I really needed the body. But I like to stay current when I can, so now I get to be like my girls and wear a mesh body. The one thing I like is that it's still ME, but just more smoothed out. I don't have any desire to be bigger, or have a bigger chest or butt, which is why I've stayed away from much more than the hands and feet so far. As you can see, my regular clothes fit pretty well over the body, and I was able to alpha out what I needed. The alpha parts are MUCH improved with the update, but there are still some parts I'd like to see added, like side boob and shoulder blades.

Have an awesome Saturday!!

In This Post:

Skin: Harley by Pink Fuel [There is a Physique applier!]
Hair: Rachel by Wasabi Pills
Physique Body, hands, and feet by Slink
Top: Joy T-Shirt by Emery
Jeans: Runway by CARGO
Shoes: Brienne Flats by
Purse: Sledge Leather Handbag by Zenith
Coffee Cup from the Cocoa-On-The-Go Cart by What Next
Pose: Bag Lady II by aDORKable Poses [Marketplace Only]

► CSR - Fi*Friday - New Release For Men ◄

ShortG I O M E N - Cargo Shorts HUD *CSR*
TattooTattooMania-envy kills *Fi*Friday* 55L
Shoes..::ILLI::.. SLink Kenneth Open Sneakers with HUD *New Release*

Pose[Expressive Poses] - Christian *New Release*